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Webhosting Dos and Don’ts

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This is a short article that covers some of the dos and don’ts when you start looking for webhosting. As you might have already suspected, not all webhosting is created equally. While this isn’t necessarily a problem – there are many webhosting companies to choose from – finding the right one can be tricky.

So without further ado, let’s begin looking at some of the webhosting do’s and don’ts.

Do do your research before you register for any webhosting. While many companies that offer webhosting have the money to make huge media campaigns, this doesn’t reflect the quality of their webhosting. In other words, just because that Super Bowl commercial made you hungry for webhosting, that doesn’t mean they offer the one that is right for you.

Don’t get caught up in the special offers when you register for webhosting. It is common that they offer specials and other bonuses when you register for a new account. These usually lower the price of webhosting if you register for a longer time period. Example: you could save a few dollars if you register for a years worth of webhosting or longer.

Do register for the shortest period of time the webhosting company offers, usually one month. During this time, you will want to evaluate the webshosting, really test it out and see if it lives up to your expectations.

Don’t settle for sub par webhosting. Many companies claim that you can expect 99.9% up time with their webhosting. In the previous “do” I suggest that you only register for a month. If they hold true to their claim, the time you take to evaluate their webhosting will show you if this is true or not. I have been with numerous webhosting companies over the years. Some were able to meet such claims, others had several minutes of downtime a day.

Do ask for help if you need it. When you’re just starting out, there will be times when you could really use some help. Contact the webhosting company you’re evaluating and see if they can give you the answer. If they are unhelpful, or you feel you didn’t get the attention you deserve, look for other webhosting. Companies are just like the people that work there, they are all different. Some are willing to bend over backwards to help you, others couldn’t care less about you. If all that they want is your money, move on.

Don’t give up. As I have already mentioned, I have been with quite a few webhosting companies, not all of them great. But by weeding out the ones that didn’t work for me, I was able to find those that did. My current webhosting company even has a coupon code that lets you try their service for a penny. All you need to do is look around. Use common sense when you decide to try one and don’t get caught up with all of the bells and whistles.

Decide what you need from the webhosting and look for those that meet these requirements. If they don’t, put them aside and keep looking.

Is it better to register a domain with webhost?

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Most of the webhosts are offering the domain name registration along with other internet hosting services. There are far many reasons behind why a webhost would offer you to get your domain registered with the same. The main issue that the webhost want s to get in its favor is that it wants to retain the customers for a long time. Most of the webhosts available over the internet are doing their best to maximize their clients by presenting new and attractive offers. Most of such offers enchant the customers with either free domain name registration or registration at a very low price with the webhosting plan. Whenever a novice internet user comes up with searching for the webhosting and the domain name registration, there is always priority given to the facilitation. We think better getting a domain name registration from the same webhost we plan to make a deal with for the webhosting package. We find it feasible to get both of the things at the same place. It, in fact, most recommended by the new users but almost every experienced internet user knows whether it is good to get a domain registered with the same webhost or not. If we analyze the whole scenario, we would come to know with some of the facts that we can never afford to ignore. Let’s find these facts out of the box. The internet is overwhelmed with the number of companies providing webhosting services but most of them do not own domain name registration. They act as a middle man and charge you for the registration as well as earn commission from the domain registration companies at the same time. They just get their shares by getting your domain name registered on the register. So, you can avail the option to get the domain name registered directly from the registrars. Another reason that needs consideration while we are thinking of getting domain name registration is your future intention for the domains. You won’t ever like to keep on going with a webhosting service plan that fails to deliver you the desired performance. In such a painstaking scenario, you would prefer nothing but changing your webhost. It would get more problematic when you want to shift your domain to the other webhosting service. The internet users would be attracted by the webhosts by the free domain name registration offers. All what you need is to avoid that. So, there is always a need to get domain registration with a reputable and reliable domain registrar so that you might enjoy the whole of the controls of your domain rights. The webhosts try all their levels to retain a client and at the same time they try to make it more and more difficult to get the domain registration shifted to another webhosting plan. There are certain promotional and attractive offers that might make up your mind to register the domain with the webhosts but owing to the prospective difficulties that you might have to encounter, it is suggested never to register a domain with the webhost.

Shared Webhosting – An Affordable Solution For Your Business

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Shared webhosting is housing and serving files for a web site. For individuals or small to medium scale businesses that cannot afford to gain an extreme robust connection to the internet for their web site on their own. This is where the virtual or shared webhosting businesses come in. They provide the customers a way to outsource their Internet requirements in a more affordable way.

The shared webhosting service allows individuals and companies to share the cost of a fast Internet connection for serving files. This is the basic, entry-level fee-based hosting service available to the customer. Shared webhosting allows clients to host their website on a powerful server at a minimal monthly cost. Shared webhosting provides individual sites with connectivity and guaranteed uptime. Shared webhosting is designed to host small-scale e-commerce sites web pages. Shared webhosting is used by first-time webmasters because you can have a reliable Web presence without having advanced technical know-how. Shared webhosting is good for small-scale consumer because they are assured of transparent services, domain name for its website and set of email addresses.

Shared webhosting’s low cost makes it very attractive to the consumers. A minimal monthly fee for a shared webhosting service is preferable than a dial-up service. Most small-scale business and individuals choose shared webhosting because of its low price and it provides basic services. Another reason for shared webhosting popularity is its convenience. Site activation and set-up time in shared webhosting usually takes a few minutes after purchasing the services.

Shared webhosting services are usually bundled. With a minimal monthly fee, it offers multi-platform website solutions. Bundled services include: minimum amount of disk storage space for web pages, minimum amount of data transfer, email forwarding services with physical email boxes that allows you email aliases at your domain name, unlimited file transfer protocol (FTP) services. Shared webhosting alos provide access to Web statistics for you to gage the number of internet clients visiting your web site. This service usually includes raw statistical logs. Also, shared webhosting will include free 24X7 technical supports.

Other services in a shared webhosting are daily tape backup of web site, anonymous FTP server for you to provide public access via file transfer protocol format and CGI-BIN access to upload scripts that will add features to your website.

Shared webhosting is truly a great way to avail of fast internet connection for your website at a very minimal monthly cost.

Business Webhosting – Important Aspects To Consider To Get The Right Service

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There are a number of business webhosting services over the internet. It is important to choose a business webhosting service that caters to your needs. Do you require a business webhosting that is a dedicated server, a managed server or a shared server? A business website could be very simple or complicated depending on the entity. The business could sell one product and may only require a simple e-commerce site or a very complex pay per click engine complete with statistics and payment features.

There are a number (around thousands) of business webhosting services you can find online. These business hosting sites offer a number of features some even unfamiliar to you such as Miva Scripting, co-location services, virtual private servers, redundant backbone connection and many others. You must define your aim. And ask why you need a business webhosting company? This way you will only look for the services that you truly need for your business webhosting. And you will not end up paying for the services that you do not actually need.

A business webhosting site can fetch as low as – a month to thousands of dollars. The price range will usually depend on the dedicated servers and bandwidth capacity. Choosing a business webhosting service is a major consideration. This is because a down site or down time usually mean your business is down too.

You must consider a number of factors before committing to a business webhosting service. One factor is a business webhosting service must offer a money back, no questions guarantee. Another is an uptime guarantee. You should also consider the types of backups they offer. A business webhosting service should have redundant backbone connections to the internet or connected to the internet by more than one major backbone providers. A business webhosting service must offer 24-7 technical, phone and email support. You should also check the background of the business webhosting service, how long they have been in business and do they have business references of sites that they host. Also, a webhosting vendor should also make it easy for you to upgrade/down services. And finally, know if the webhosting service requires monthly or annual payments.

Choosing the right business webhosting service is essential for your business to grow. Your webhosting service could spell the difference between success and failure in your business. That is why great care should be exercised in choosing it.

Reasons Why Webhosts are Spreading Their Customers Across Servers

17.11.2009 (6:49 pm) – Filed under: Webhosting ::

As Hosting is a 24×7 business it is mainly a tough business. Everything like servers, bandwidth etc requires to be up and running 24×7. Redundancy in everything is the only solution in such a condition. One requires duplicating everything like having multiple power sources main power, UPS, generator, having multiple bandwidth providers etc. apart from this entire 100% uptime guarantee cannot be given. It is interesting to know that this kind of redundancy is wanted by web hosts from their providers. Nonetheless, hosting all their customers on a single server is the mistake made by many small hosts.

Having one high end server and filling them with as many accounts as possible is time and again considered better. Few reasons why a single server is preferred by webhosts -

1. Maintaining a single server is much easier.

2. Cost of buying multiple servers is more when compared to buying a single server.

3. Multiple O.S. Licenses and multiple control panel installations mean multiple servers. The cost of software is reduced.

4. More datacenter space is multiple servers while collocating.

5. A higher end server is considered better where customers look at the specs of a server.

6. Well-configured server when compared to poorly configured server can take more sites.

7. As the OS architecture is better a good OS such as NetBSD would take more sites.

When a single server can do the task no one would want to take multiple servers. Just selecting the right OS and configuring it by an expert is the only thing a webhost needs to do so that he/she can live a peaceful life hosting as many sites as he/she wants, perhaps even unlimited sites on a server. All this might sound too good to be true.

Most of the time even with over a 1000 sites thing looks very good. And thus it’s been decided by spammer to pay for a year and start spamming from the server. The sites start to take ages to load and the load is never below 20. All the sites will go down at one shot if the server crashes. Supposing server goes down in the morning hours of first day of the working week and the server has say about 1555 sites, then the webhost may end up with many cancellations and 755+ support tickets. Thus single servers may possibly mean:-

- As the number of support calls increases it means higher support costs.

- As the server is catering to more sites there can be higher server load. This would result in slower sites.

- As the number of users per server is higher there are more risks. More users per server is difficult to maintain.

Total throughput of the Ethernet card is another important aspect that many hosts forget when hosting on a single server. At any instant of time a single card would always have its limitations on amount of data it can push. If many of these sites are accessed at the same time, the Ethernet card would fail to push the data quickly when multiple sites are being hosted.

Lastly, lower-end servers consume less power than high-end servers. They are also heated up more than regular servers. This over heating leads to faster hardware failure.

On a typical server “How many sites can a webhost host?” No exact number is there for this. Just how many sites per server are ideal has to be determined by every host. Factors required to be considered to reach this figure: –

- The ratio of static to dynamic html sites on the server.

- Type of O.S. and software used.

- Different packages being offered by webhosts. Higher bandwidth, more mailing lists, databases etc. would mean higher server loads.

- Maintenance of servers. Servers that are not maintained on a regular basis have lesser sites hosted.

- Place where customers are located, as a lot of sites from the same time zone would have higher usage at the same time.

The load ought to generally be lesser than 1 for a single processor server. One can see the CPU load by using the w or top command on Linux. Or merely cat /proc/loadavg . 0.5 means that only half of the CPU time is utilized whereas the load average of 1 means the entire CPU cycle is being utilized by processes. Experiments determine the right load average.

A lot of importance should be given by webhosts to the amount of RAM as well as the type of network card used by the server. While taking server one should always go for high-end Ethernet cards. The maximum throughput of data would be ensured.

Web hosts cannot replicate the setting on servers because of the demand for different O.S. and control panels. Maintaining the servers will not be a problem if a good policy is in place. Webhost are allowed to broaden their offerings to the end users in terms of the O.S. and control panels offered by multiple servers.

Only when a server crashes or when a server is hacked the biggest benefit of having multiple servers is being understood. The number of trouble tickets is reduced in such cases, as every site that is hosted by the webhost is not affected. Instead of having an angry crowd of 1555+ customers at one shot it is better to have 250 customer sites down at a time in case of hardware failure. Multiple servers also mean that the webhost can spread the name servers across the servers.

7 Webhost Features That Simply Rock!

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Okay here’s the thing. There are plenty of good webhosting companies out there but far fewer ones that can be called excellent.
So what differentiates a great webhosting company from one that is merely good? Well let’s go ahead and answer that but first a very brief refresher course on webhosting.

Webhosting is little more than a place where you can store the various files that make up your website or blog. The main difference between webhost storage and that of your computer is that the files on your computer are locally stored whereas those on a webhosting server (fancy term for a storage computer) are located remotely and are readily accessible to the internet.

Thus whenever anybody wants to see your blog or website, a request for a particular file (webpage) is sent to the webhost server, which retrieves the file and directs it to their internet browser thereby enabling them to see it.

And that really is all that webhosting is. When you pay a webhost you are basically renting space for your blog or website. That said, it cannot be denied that web hosting has certainly come a long way and these days with so much web hosting competition out there it is difficult for companies to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

However some web hosting companies undoubtedly stand head and shoulders above the rest, which so happens to be the focus of this article; comparing the merely good webhosting companies from the great! Many features of webhosting that used to mandate a premium fee are now standard on most webhosts so we are going to focus our attention on those features that distinguish the excellent webhost from the merely good!

Features Of A Good Webhost

1. Uptime: This parameter reflects the amount of time your webhosting server is up and running. Put simply when your webhost’s server is up and running your blog or website is accessible to anybody who wants to check it out. When the webhosting server is down your blog is down too and inaccessible.

Any decent webhost should be able to guarantee a server uptime of at least 97%. The best web hosting services can typically guarantee 99% server uptime.

2.  Support: Ever heard that saying that a webhost is only as good as its support? Well it’s true. Plenty of web hosting companies proudly boast 24/7 technical support but far too often this is rarely the case. 24/7 webhost support is really important especially since problems tend to arise at the most inconvenient of times.
A good web hosting company should have nothing less than 24/7 support. Trust me when that fateful day skids round the horizon when you desperately need technical support (at the most inconvenient of times of course) you’ll be grateful you had the presence of mind to choose a webhost that actually does have genuine 24/7 support!

3. Storage: The amount of storage you need will be determined by the type of blog or website you are hosting. Obviously if you are running a commerce oriented site you’ll need more storage than say a personal site. The good news these days is that most decent web hosting services provide more than enough storage requirements for even the most basic of plans!

4. Bandwidth:  this parameter is the measure of the amount of data allowed to flow across your site. Once again the amount of dataflow will be determined by the type of site you are hosting. However with the rise of social media a huge spike of dataflow can happen to even the smallest of blogs. When that happens unless your webhosting plan provides for ample bandwidth then your blog will simply crash from all that traffic congestion!

Once again a good number of webhosting companies boast “unlimited bandwidth” but there are very few that actually deliver on such a claim without adding on some jacked-up fee!

5. Cost:  There’s not much to say here except that these days good web hosting shouldn’t and generally doesn’t cost an-arm-and-a-leg! In fact for less than /month there’s no reason why you cannot get excellent webhosting.

6. Email:  Yeah, yawn! Everybody these days offers hundreds (if not thousands of POP3 addresses) but let’s be honest how many of us will ever get to use that number. However it’s better to have the option than not, but never let it be the deciding factor for choosing one webhost over the next.
Any and every half-decent webhost will provide you with more than enough email addresses than you could possibly ever need!

Okay that pretty much covers the basic features you can expect from a good webhost, now let’s look at those indispensible features characteristic of excellent webhosting companies.

Features of Excellent Webhosting Companies

It is worth noting that the following listed features are found not only in premium webhost plans but also in the most basic of plans typically offered by excellent webhosting services!
1. Free Domain Name:  You no longer need to register your new domain name with a domain register service and incur an extra expense. Why? Because the best webhosts actually give you a permanent free domain name with their basic hosting plan!

2.  Domain Privacy:  So what is domain privacy? Well once you register a domain name unless it is registered as private anybody and their pet hamster can find out that site belongs to you. Such a situation leaves your site open to spam and other ill-intentioned activities of miscreants. Registering your domain with privacy keeps if off the public radar, the only catch being that domain name register services usually slap you with an added fee for it!

These days though the best webhosts not only allow you to register a domain name for free with even their most basic webhosting plans but they also throw in domain privacy free-of-charge into the package! Cool huh?

3. Storage:  A great webhost won’t skimp on storage and will offer you unlimited storage even with their basic webhosting plans.

4. Hosting Unlimited Domains:  This to me is perhaps the most exciting and appealing feature characteristic of any grade A webhost. So what exactly is hosting of unlimited domains?
Well has there ever been a time that you wished to host an entirely different domain but in the end you didn’t because of financial constrictions (you couldn’t afford paying for another webhosting package). Well, those days are gone! Now with unlimited domain webhosting you can actually host as many domains as you wish for the same single price that you are paying for one domain!

And believe me there will come that time when you wish to have a separate new domain (this is especially true if your domains are business or commerce related!)

5. Dedicated Server Upgrade:  The very best web hosting services make it simple and inexpensive to upgrade from a shared server (all basic webhost plans are on shared servers) to a dedicated server. The question then is why and when would you ever need a dedicated server?

Well let’s assume that you sell stuff on your website, over time it gets more well-known and popular until lo and behold comes that glorious day when you’re getting a flood of traffic. Now on a shared server only a portion of that web traffic is going to get through because of bandwidth constrictions (as mentioned earlier). If the traffic volume gets too great then your website is going to crash and thus be inaccessible.

Also remember that on a shared server you are sharing your webhosting with thousands of other webmasters who are also doing their very best to drive as much traffic to their own websites and blogs. What that means is that all that web traffic on a shared server is going to get bottlenecked and slow down the response time of your site.

What is the response time? The time it takes for someone to type the URL of your blog into their browser to that moment when it loads and they can see it. The worst case scenario caused by web traffic congestion on a shared webhosting server is when it takes ages for your domain to show in a websurfer’s browser (commonly known as “hanging” in the industry) and they simply leave!

Still think that you might not need a dedicated server somewhere down the line? Now your typical average webhost will use dedicated-server web hosting as an excuse to plunder and pillage your wallet under the false pretense they are offering so-called premium business web hosting! (This kind of webhosting typically sets you back 0 and upwards a month).
The very best web hosting companies however will allow you to seamlessly upgrade to dedicated-server hosting for as little as /year (yes I did say 30 dollars per year not per month)!

6.  0 Advertising Credit Coupons:  Webhosting competition is so fierce these days that many webhosts typically offer you up to 0 credit worth of free PPC (pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords) at signup! Isn’t competition just great?

7. One-click Hassle Free Installment of WordPress:  I’m sure you have probably heard of WordPress and if you haven’t let me just say it is the best blogging platform out there. WordPress has enabled millions of non-techies to become webmasters in their own right!

How does WordPress do that?

Well put simply with the use of themes WordPress has made the web designer and their exorbitant fees redundant, and since all one has to do on a blog is type in text, there is no need for web language and coding, so the days of requiring a webmaster to manage your site are long gone too!

The one downside to WordPress was the initial hurdle of installing it.

Well that hassle is a thing of the past too. These days the very best webhosts make it so simple to install WordPress in just one simple click!

These are just some of the mouthwatering features offered by the very best yet affordable webhosts out there.

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