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Shared Web Hosting

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Shared hosting is often referred to as cheap, economical, budget, or personal web hosting. Any of these terms generally refer to shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is the most popular type of web hosting in the hosting market today with literally thousand of hosting providers in North America alone. Due to the low cost, budget web hosting is the hosting of choice for most personal and small business websites.

Shared web hosting refers to a server configuration where many web sites share a single server and all its associated resources including disk space, processing power, and RAM (memory). Costs are lower than other hosting solutions because the cost of server acquisition and maintenance is shared amongst all the websites on that server.


Often though, you will not see a web hosting company offering “Shared Web Hosting.” This is because shared hosting has some distinct disadvantages that the hosting companies do not want to advertise. That is why instead of shared, you will see terms like budget, or economical. The shared hosting packages offered by shared hosting providers are often given names like Starter, Personal, or Basic. Even words like Bronze, Silver and Gold plans usually indicate shared hosting plans. If the hosting plan does not specifically sat it’s a VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan or a dedicated server plan, then it is most likely shared web hosting.

Platforms and Software

Shared hosting is available on both Linux and Windows platforms, though not all hosting providers offer both. Some websites require one or the other depending on the server technologies used to develop the website. For example, ASP.NET is a server side scripting language used to develop database driven websites. Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) is a Microsoft database product. If you want to use these on your website you need to use Windows hosting because they are not supported by Linux. There are, however, equally powerful solutions for developing database driven sites on Linux such as PHP and MySQL, the core of many open source content management systems (CMS) like Drupal and Joomla.

Is Shared Hosting Worth the Cheap Price?

For most people and small business shared hosting is the right way to go, especially for a start-up business. The higher cost associated with a VPS plan or a dedicated server is not justified and the performance from a shared server is quite acceptable for most people. It is not the fastest or most robust service, but it is an acceptable solution that allows people to establish a web presence quickly and economically. Many web hosting companies offer online site builders with hundreds, or even thousands of templates that allow you to build and launch a website with little or no technical expertise. The important thing is to choose the hosting service that supports the technologies you or your developer will use to develop your website. If you are going to build the website yourself, then ask some question before signing up with a provider to make sure the customer support is there to answer your questions and provide assistance should you need it when building your site with their online site builder, and to answer any other questions you may have.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting
Easy to use
Quick set-up
Drawbacks of Shared Web Hosting
Less secure
Less robust
Shared IP address so ecommerce service must use a shared SSL certificate, or pay more for a dedicated IP address to handle encrypted ecommerce transactions

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Best Web Hosting Service as a Tool for Business Development

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Web hosting sites are one of the most appreciated methods for commercials, advertisements, and business ads. Most people would prefer to use web hosting sites as a tool of propagating products and services, so this means that web hosting sites are significantly embraced by business minded people or even those who have established names already.

You might be one of those people who are searching for the best web hosting providers to cater your needs and meet your requirement. Worst scenarios may also occur that your web host is constantly frustrating you with its poor performance. This scenario would surely bring you down. It’s time to find resolution. This article will show you a lists of best web hosting company (see list of best web hosting sites below). Check this out because you might just find one that will best showcase your business ads and services. These sites may also work well for any relative personal transactions.

- HostClear – Host Clear offers professional and best web hosting service. Enjoy its multiple services — Free Domain for Life, Anytime Money Back Guarantee, Unlimited Hosting Space, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited GB’s of Transfer, and Free Instant Setup. If you are searching for a web site that would quality any of your home or business transactions, this could be a best tool.

- Justhost.com – Just Host is a premier web hosting site which provides excellent service at an affordable cost. Technical assistant is attainable 24/7 making it a lot convenient for customer who needs technical help.

- Yahoo! – The prominent Yahoo! also provides web hosting services. It includes easy procedure for monitoring and maintenance. Some of its features include the following: unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, 1000 email addresses, exclusive online marketing discounts, domain name held free, customer support that is accessible 24/7, site design tools that are very easy to use, user friendly control panel, third part design tools are supported, advanced scripting and database tools, and photo, audio, and video galleries.

- Hostmonster – Hostmonster ventures web hosting with its web hosting plans. Highlighted key areas for this web hosting plan consist of the following: best support in the industry, front page extension, unlimited POP/Imap Email accounts, unlimited hosting space, free site builder, unlimited site bandwidth, SSL, FTP, Stats, free domain forever, SSH access (secure shell), CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL, and host unlimited domains.

- SuperGreen Hosting – Super Green is a unique web hosting site which caters a different aim and motive. Super Green is known to be an environmentally friendly hosting. Major factors were presented to allow customers evaluate SuperGreen’s functionality and performance. Perhaps you might want to know its features and services? To name a few, here are some: Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Hosting Space, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited Bandwidth, Professional Green Hosting, Use #1 Control Panel – cPanel, 100% guaranteeing carbon neutral friendly, and Energy Efficient Servers.

- Bluehost – Bluehost is another option to consider for web hosting. There is no question that this web hosting site is a giant player taking all the guts and confidence in delivering quality web hosting solution. It offers several services. Some of which are represented as follows: CGI/Databases, Free websites plug-in scripts, E-Commerce features, Multimedia features, World class technology, and Site promotion.

These are just few of many web hosting sites that you can choose. Pick your choice now after evaluating their efficiency.

Acquire the assistance of Affordable Web Hosting Company to promote your business

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When you are thinking of hosting your website online then you will feel the need of Affordable Web Hosting Service provider. Clients can access your website from internet. You can make more money by hosting your website online as this will advertise your company’s name. In the past years, Web Hosting was very expensive. As the time passes technology has upgraded and this will take the cost down. Now, Affordable Web Hosting has become the need of every industry. Affordable Web Hosting packages suit the all type of companies from small scale to large scale. You can choose package according to your company budget. You may find that some companies are providing their services at lesser cost. But it is your responsibility to see that whether Web Hosting Company provides you quality Web Hosting services at affordable prices. Your website should be up all the time. Whenever visitors want to access your website it should be available to them. Company will have to suffer loss if visitors are unable to access your website. So, Affordable Web Hosting Company should provide proper uptime to the website.

Affordable Web Hosting Company should provide proper customer support. Technical experts should be obtainable all the time. At any time clients may need help of expert so Affordable Web Hosting Company should have proper technical staff. You can check the Web Hosting review sites to take decision about which Affordable Web Hosting will best suit to your company. You should not waste your time in searching on other Web Hosting companies. You can focus your attention only on the Web Hosting services that are providing by these top Affordable Web Hosting companies. These review sites will help you in saving your time as you should not need to search on the websites that will not guarantee full satisfaction of Affordable Web Hosting. These review websites will give proper price range along with Affordable Web Hosting packages of top Affordable Web Hosting companies.

You can join to the forums and communities to gain the expert advice for Affordable Web Hosting Company. IT professionals and technical experts are the members of these forums. So they have gained experience of these Affordable Web Hosting companies. You can directly talk to them and they will guide you which Web Hosting Company will give you quality and Affordable Web Hosting Service. Web Hosting Company provides Affordable Web Hosting services by following rules of the company. Some Web Hosting companies provide Affordable Web Hosting services but not quality services. But some companies provide quality Web Hosting services but charge too much. But there are few Web Hosting Companies that are providing quality Web Hosting services at reasonable prices. IWIHosting is a popular Affordable Web Hosting Company which is famous for its consistent and reliable Web Hosting services. Our Web Hosting Company provides you Affordable Web Hosting. You will not face any problem while dealing with us. In case of any query about Affordable Web Hosting you can consult our executive through our website at: www.IWIHosting.com

What’s the Best Linux Distro

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Many individuals trying out linux for the primary time hold asking what’s the finest version of linux os to use. To reply this question, there really isn’t any such factor as the very best version of linux. When it all comes right down to it, linux is linux! The one main thing that modifications among the totally different linux distros is how you install packages and the quantity of programs that distro offers. A extra specific query to ask nonetheless, in relation to choosing what you believe to be the most effective linux distro is what is the linux distro going to be used for. For example you is perhaps organising a server, or probably a security auditor, or extra doubtless you might be establishing a home windows desktop replacement.

You are going to find many blended opinion on the subject of what people suppose the best version of linux is. One of the simplest ways to find a good version of linux is check out a linux reside cd, which is able to enable you strive a version of linux with out putting in the os. Another good approach to attempt linux without install is by install linux onto a flash drive, then reboot and boot from usb.

What I’m going to supply is my opinion, and my opinion solely on what I think is one of the best version of linux. In relation to a desktop replacement I choose Mandriva, for the main purpose that it is very easy to make use of, particularly when you never have had experience with linux before. Another excuse I choose Mandriva linux is as a result of it has a wide variety of drivers that will assist hardware in your computer.

The following finest linux distro for desktop replacement for my part is Ubuntu. Now if I used to be selecting a operating system to make use of in making a server, then I would select unix, but if I was using linux I would most likely select a type of pink hat linux, similar to fedora or centos. Ubuntu server edition is also one other good version of linux to make use of for a server distro.

In conclusion in relation to choosing a model of linux. The only factor that I can suggest it take a look at, test and test. Ultimately you can find a version of linux that you’ll be comfy with.

Linux VPS vs Windows VPS – Which One is Better?

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Linux VPS and Windows VPS are both very well known today. Web developers today extensively use VPS for their websites rather than dedicated servers since it offers them several cost benefits as well as great features. Since both of these are different operating systems, their VPS are also different. Windows is quite a commercial system while Linux is open source and free system. The prices of both are also quite different and choosing one that would be best for your needs would depend on a number of factors.  

Choose According to Your Requirements

Choosing Linux VPS or Windows should depend on the requirements of your website. Your website must be able to handle visitors of both types. Linux would be best for users who do not have very high requirements for their site and for those who are on a lower budget. Windows is used by a large number of people and would be able to server everyone who uses Windows. Linux would be less expensive than Windows and it also offers similar performance levels.  

Reliability and Ease of Use

If you are someone who is not very knowledgeable about the site administration, then Windows VPS would be a better option since the remote desktop access is easier to use. For using Linux based VPS you would need to know a little about the text commands. However, when it comes to reliability, Linux would offer you better reliability. Windows would not be able to provide you an uptime of 100% but Linux would not have any problems with this. Since Linux is open source, it can be modified in a way that it would be able to handle higher load as well as programs and software which would need less space.  

Choose One that is Suitable for Your Needs

Selecting between Linux VPS or Windows should depend ultimately on your own needs. While Windows does offer Microsoft SQL and Access support, you would have to pay for it unless you are happy with using limited features of the Express version. If budget is an important factor for you then Linux would always be a better choice than Windows. Linux would be good for users who want the power and the features of Windows VPS but without paying the high price for it.  

Choosing the right option for you would depend on your personal preferences, your needs and the kind of deal that you are able to find. A VPS hosting would anyways be able to offer you considerable savings and your operating system would be able to handle your requirements well. Research well on your own and evaluate your needs before deciding if Linux VPS is the right choice for you.

How to Get the Best Web Hosting Provider for Your Site

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Getting a great web host for your site is not an easy matter. A lot depends on what you are designing it for and the niche you will be using for the site. Cost is one consideration and services (like Cpanel or Fantastico) are another. If you are designing a small business website, you may have a structure of several levels of web pages versus a niche web site with one to a few or several pages.

Low cost budgeting hosts often offer no frills hosting at a reduced cost. You can build many websites with these but be aware that may be little in terms of support or services. These type of hosts are great for smaller sites with fewer pages and represent a great value to those who are looking to develop a website quickly or who may be building lots of sites at a time.

Full service internet hosting companies offer a more rounded list of services to their customers. Some offer a la carte options where you can pick the services you want while others offer different packages at several price levels. These are great for the person who wants the extra service of “how to do” when it comes to constructing a site. Also, there are add ons such as Fantastico scripts that can be useful when building content for the site.

I utilize the services of a full service internet hosting company that includes a specific internet traffic package in with the price of hosting. Many companies offer similar package deals with everything from designing your site to offering assistance with listing your site to the search engines and more. So make sure you look around and compare packages as well as cost when considering a host.

So what’s the best choice? Some factors to think about when choosing a host:


What is my chosen niche?

Am I building the site or hiring a professional to do it for me?

Will I need additional services such as a blog, forum or other content?

Will I be building a site with a few pages or will I be building a more complex site?

What can I afford to pay for hosting services?

Your finished web site should be a good source of traffic for your business if it is selected properly. A little time planning now will save you lots of headaches later down the road. Choosing the best web hosting provider for your new web site will be easy once you take the time to scope out all the details.

Want more information and reviews on choosing the best web hosting provider for your site? I offer more information and reviews at my main site ElridgeJones.com. While you’re there, check out my tips on learning search engine optimization.

The Best Offer To Have Best Linux Dedicated Servers

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Do you use Linux operating system; it is kind of for professionals who have expertise otherwise common people prefer windows operating system? Well, in short you have expertise in professionalism dealing with administration of a network or being an individual you are too smart to operate through Linux. Alright, do you know another important thing you could secure a Linux dedicated server now? You must be thinking it is kind of bad joke. It is not a joke all of you can choose the best Linux Dedicated Servers for your highly professional field that requires mastery to handle all problems professionally.

One of the world’s greatest Dedicated Server Hosting companies has come across with outstanding Linux Dedicated Servers for you. The most exciting news of this century has just been disclosed before you. What are you waiting for just order one of the greatest Dedicated Server Hosting Company’s rare Linux Dedicated Servers which are beyond faults. Every thing has been taken well care of. The newest Linux Dedicated Servers are full of wonderful controlling capacities to provide you an edge over all the hurdles which make your administration toughest to the nail job. From highly stable firewall inclusion to the greatest security provision these Linux Dedicated Servers have all that you have always craved for. The credible Dedicated Server Hosting company ezzi.net is offering you the incredible Dedicated Server Hosting offer because now the best Linux Dedicated Servers have come available for you with a blast. Therefore, enjoy the blasting opportunities of getting Linux Dedicated Servers which are with favorable Dedicated Server Hosting conditions. Who is daring enough to ignore such a remarkable offer when all the hurdles have been removed?

Any one with sound frame of mind would not ignore such a dashing offer of getting an opportunity to secure one of the best Linux Dedicated Servers which can make you a highly honorable Dedicated Server Hosting administrator as well besides grabbing you a chance to enjoy accelerated bandwidth speed. Yes, the dedicated hosting is also offering you to become a host who provides Dedicated Server Hosting to other fellows on the same time when yourselves using the service. Now, you can imagine the vastness and best of this unique Dedicated Server Hosting service. Enjoy your moments and bead them into your memory because this opportunity will never come again.

All those who have relied on our wonderful service of Linux Dedicated Servers’

Dedicated Server Hosting feel giddy because they have become diehard fans of it. It is one of the world’s unbelievable realities. No one would believe until he uses the Dedicated Server Hosting of ours. The other reason to not believe on such a chance is there are only few dedicated server hosting companies which offer Linux Dedicated Servers with such a remarkable making that is enough to revolutionize the lives of ordinary men. Therefore, if you are one of the Linux users you can enjoy the best dedicated servers of it now. Just blow off your bounds and contact online because such chances come but only a few times in life when you get what you always crave for.

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Top 5 Qualities of a Great Web Hosting Service

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Having a hard time finding a great web hosting service for your website? Go ahead and look for these top five qualities in every potential service provider and soon you’ll find the web hosting company that’s right for you!

1. Provides Immediate Tech Support
Your web hosting company must always give 24/7 support in case you encounter technical and troubleshooting problems. They must have a team of IT experts who can solve any issue and get your website running again as soon as possible. You should also be able to contact your service provider any time, and they must quickly respond to your every need.

2. Affordable
An ideal service provider is reasonably-priced and offers different packages to suit their clients’ budget. But while it’s good to save on your expenses, you must never go with the cheapest hosting service without checking the quality because you won’t be satisfied. Always choose a company that guarantees affordable and top-notch assistance so you can truly maximize the money you’re paying for.

3. Reputable and Established
A good web hosting company must have a good reputation for being one of the most trusted service providers in your area. It’s important that they have several years of experience in the IT business so you can truly depend on their expertise. Also, try to get feedback and reviews from their past and current clients to give you an idea of the company’s performance.

4. Flexible and Advanced
As your business becomes more and more established, you will develop a greater demand for IT assistance. You’ll probably have to increase your online space, get faster bandwidth and avail of other tech support services. Make sure your web hosting company is flexible enough to provide the additional requirements whenever you need them. Also, your service provider must be constantly updated with the latest trends in technology so that you’re always using the most recent software applications.

5. Provides Quality Services
The most important characteristic of an ideal web hosting company is its ability to provide quality services to its clients. You’ll know if you’re with a good company because all their customers are completely satisfied, the staff treats you with utmost respect, and your needs are always prioritized.

Once you find a web hosting service that has the qualities mentioned above, set up an interview and learn more about the packages they offer. After verifying the company’s professional background and reputation, go ahead and hire them so you can start developing your website right away.

Unlimited Hosting, Limited Advantage

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There are plenty of web hosts providing numerous shared hosting plans to webmasters. Some hosts have multiple plan levels to suit even a “single page” website to small & medium size businesses with full ecommerce features. There are some web hosts that also offer Unlimited Shared Web Hosting Plans. So what is “Unlimited Web Hosting” Plan? Let’s digg deep and find out more about the plan and its advantages.

What is Unlimited Web Hosting Plan?
Usually, Unlimited Web hosting plan refers to a web hosting plan that offers Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited monthly Disk Transfer or Bandwidth. With more and more web hosting companies offering Unlimited space and bandwidth, the competition has intensified and now many web hosts are offering unlimited domain hosting, unlimited sub-domain, unlimited email, unlimited mysql database, etc as a part of their Unlimited Hosting package.

Literally offering every feature with no restristions. These plans are also very competitively priced. One can sign up for such plan for under per month.

Such plans are very attractive and mean that the webmaster can venture out with no restrictions whatsoever. But these type of plans are surely unsustainable for any hosting company, so What’s the catch in Unlimited Hosting.

Unlimited Hosting and The Catch
If a web hosting company offers “Unlimited Hosting” plan and every one stores infinite data and attract tens of millions of visitors, then the hosting company would need have infinite number of data centers and servers to meet such usuage and demand. But do web hosts that offer unlimited plans really have such capacity? The answer is NO.

It’s technically and financially unsustainable and impossible. So When they offer Unlimited Hosting plan, the host ensures that there is always a way to restrict use. How do they do it? They do it by referring to their plan’s Terms of Service (ToS) and Fair Usage Policy (FUP). That’s the catch!

So the real advantage of “Unlimited hosting plans” is short lived when web hosts enforce fair use policy. What is fair use is dependent on so many factors and only known to the hosting company. So whenever they want to press FUP, they can to restrict almost any feature in the so called Unlimted Hosting.

Ways in which Unlimited Hosting advantages are limited by Web Hosts
As mentioned above, web hosts cite their ToS and Fair Use Policy to limit what it purports to be an Unlimited Hosting plan. Below are two most common means in which a web host may restrict or limit the Unlimited plan features:

CPU Trottling
In shared hosting, one server is used to hosts numerous webistes and in unlimited hosting, if a website is found to be using excessive server space or CPU memory on the server, the web host may limit the website’s disk space usage by trottling the site to, what it thinks is a fair share of the server. So believing that your website can post unlimited data on the server is banished.

Bandwidth Restrictions
Similar to CPU trottling, an abusive website may be restricted to use only a limited bandwidth per month and exceeding such limit would mean that the website would be unavailable to its visitors during the remainder of that month.

Above are just handful of methods to restrict the seemingly unrestricted hosting plan. In the real world, there is nothing called Unlimited web hosting. It’s part of the trick to make people sign up for hosting plan. So when choosing Unlimited Hosting you should be aware of the fact that a restriction on your use can be made by your web hosts. One should also note that web hosts, who follow the industry best practise, do not randomly restrict your use of disk space or bandwidth. So choose carefully and know what you want from an Unlimited Hosting before hand.

Looking For The Best Cheap Web Hosting

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It will not be wrong to say that the world has become a small place with the advancement of internet. We can feel the touch of internet is each and every aspects of our life. It has provided us a way through which we can communicate quite easily and in a fast way. It has provided an excellent tool to the business world. Be it either the transfer of important files or the transaction of money, everything has been made easy by the use of the internet. In today’s world a person who does not have any knowledge about the use of internet is actually way behind in the race. Even the same goes for the small and micro sized organizations. It is important that even a micro sized company should have a website of their own.

There are countless benefits in owing a website with a personal domain name. It not only provides a platform where we can represent our products and services. But it also allows us to expand our business in the most effective way. There are numerous companies around that offer the service of web hosting. Some may offer cheap rate, while some may offer huge discounts. But before you go for a web hosting service provider, you should always look for few things. You must check that whether the web hosting company offers good service or not. The quality of service offered by the web hosting company primarily determines the success and effectiveness of your website. Therefore it is important to check some details before you select a particular web hosting service provider. You should check everything in order to find the best cheap web hosting package out there.

The first and the foremost thing you need to decide are your needs and requirements. Your requirements will determine the amount of money you have to spend behind the web hosting service provider. If your requirements are quite low, you can go for the web hosting service providers that offers cheap packages for moderate users. But if your requirements are quite high, you need to choose a package which is designed for the big organizations.

But there are some aspects common between the good web hosting service providers. The first thing you need to check in the package offered by the web hosting service provider is the server up-time. Server up-time is the prime determining factor in the speed of a website. It is also known as the upload and download speed. A server with low server up-time usually means that the website will be pretty slow while accessing it. A slow website generally annoys the visitors, and leaves a bad impression in their mind. Therefore always go for the web hosting service providers with high server up-time.

The next thing you need to check is the disk space and the bandwidth offered by in web hosting package. It is always better to go for high bandwidth, as it allows you to make your website popular with video and audio files. Last but not the least; you should always make sure that the cheap web hosting package service provider has excellent customer support facility.