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You Pay for The Best Web Hosting Company – Really?

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Are you really sure you are using the best web hosting? It’s normal that everybody shouts – ‘we are the best web hosting company in the world’ and you as a new customer with a desire to get best hosting service, pick one out among the hundreds available! Who dares to open up his limitations? Whether you are searching with the help of a web directory or through the regular search in a search engine, you are to be essentially cautious and have to have some knowledge about the characteristics of the best web hosting company.

Simply speaking, it is all about the best features of hosting that must be available with the web hosting company, if it has to be said the best web hosting company. It is found that companies promise to offer best service but cannot stick to its promise. Let us see how a company can prove as the best.

So, what is the true characteristics of the best web hosting?

You can see into 2 courses.

1) The professionalism to handle its clients proving its potentiality every time:

• How much strong is its clientele? A company cannot just claim the best with few satisfied clients. It has to serve many with same professional attitude.

• How much reliable is the company? The company has to prove its cent percent reliability through its clients. You have to find how the testimonials of the clients are!

• The support of the best is always the best. During handling hosting services you generally need to get the service provider’s support. The best web hosting company is always with its clients 24×7.

• The best web hosting company always tries to spread its service to all. Are companies that are providing true and best service is at an affordable cost?

Now we may have a look on another important side of the best web hosting company.

2) The technical aspects and the other is general aspects. First see what the technical matters are:

• Capability of providing required web space and bandwidth. Many companies promise to provide unlimited hosting space but they lack the infrastructure to maintain space and growing traffic.

• Are you going to get full access of your rented services (Cpanel, FTP etc)? Actually the best company will provide you the access to hosting matters while others go by loophole of the terms.

• Is your hosting service compatible to latest development needs? If you do not choose best service provider, hosting cannot be compatible to support video streaming, audio streaming, mailing list, live chat, wiki site and others.

• The best web hosting company is certain to provide you the maximum security of your account. You have to get SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and SSH (Secure Shell) and other security certificates which generally is not available with any service provider.

Above points take care of technical essential matters for web hosting services.

So I think you have understood what takes it to be the best! As a customer you are in search of a true hosting service provider which can stand by to all your needs. You need the best hosting company. It is you who will decide or vote the popular and the greatest. I can tell you only to search through a web directory or search engine very carefully the premium for you.

Top 5 Qualities of a Great Web Hosting Service

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“Having a hard time finding a great web hosting service for your website? Go ahead and look for these top five qualities in every potential service provider and soon you’ll find the web hosting company that’s right for you!

1. Provides Immediate Tech Support
Your web hosting company must always give 24/7 support in case you encounter technical and troubleshooting problems. They must have a team of IT experts who can solve any issue and get your website running again as soon as possible. You should also be able to contact your service provider any time, and they must quickly respond to your every need.

2. Affordable
An ideal service provider is reasonably-priced and offers different packages to suit their clients’ budget. But while it’s good to save on your expenses, you must never go with the cheapest hosting service without checking the quality because you won’t be satisfied. Always choose a company that guarantees affordable and top-notch assistance so you can truly maximize the money you’re paying for.

3. Reputable and Established
A good web hosting company must have a good reputation for being one of the most trusted service providers in your area. It’s important that they have several years of experience in the IT business so you can truly depend on their expertise. Also, try to get feedback and reviews from their past and current clients to give you an idea of the company’s performance.

4. Flexible and Advanced
As your business becomes more and more established, you will develop a greater demand for IT assistance. You’ll probably have to increase your online space, get faster bandwidth and avail of other tech support services. Make sure your web hosting company is flexible enough to provide the additional requirements whenever you need them. Also, your service provider must be constantly updated with the latest trends in technology so that you’re always using the most recent software applications.

5. Provides Quality Services
The most important characteristic of an ideal web hosting company is its ability to provide quality services to its clients. You’ll know if you’re with a good company because all their customers are completely satisfied, the staff treats you with utmost respect, and your needs are always prioritized.

Once you find a web hosting service that has the qualities mentioned above, set up an interview and learn more about the packages they offer. After verifying the company’s professional background and reputation, go ahead and hire them so you can start developing your website right away.” – by Rob J. Lawrence

Techwebhosting.com offers all of these qualities to their customers. Techwebhosting.com is located in Louisville, KY. Easy way to find Techwebhosting.com just google louisville web hosting

Techwebhosting.com, louisville web hosting

louisville web hosting

Advantages of Using Server Colocation in Your Web Hosting

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Web hosting is the term you might have heard for long time. Even now you may be pondering on the reality regarding the meaning of the name web hosting. This is the facility that determines the web address of your website. In fact this brings about a name to your website that is actually appreciated by all in accessing your website with Internet. You can type the web address in address bar or through major search engines to access the website. You will find several web hosting service providers who work on the internet in a group to offer web hosting services. All these hosting will bond at one point of the internet for interacting with each other and to over extensive selection of other facilities. This is termed as server colocation and the most common type of server colocation is Michigan server colocation. This facility is more utilized by small agencies with constrained spending budget as they are able to make use of all the facilities given by server colocation facility. This in a turn will help them to cut down many unwanted cost that can arise due to other means. Equally it provides countless benefits rather than using the prevalent web hosting services. Moreover, you get the benefit like rake space for server colocation instead of going via other way. Data centers will be given together with the rack space and this feature will allow them to have their own servers. Thus, the configuration can be easily upgraded whenever the company wants without causing any trouble. Also, you enjoy several benefits offered by server colocation service providers like Michigan server colocation. You can easily choose your configuration of the hardware to be linked together with the server in addition to your own selection of the software without causing any trouble. These companies will provide the facility of internet and also helps in maintaining the service as and when required by the client. You need to pay a monthly fee to the company as the part of server colocation service. The fees include usage charges as well as for regular maintenance services. The usage of server colocation services are ever-increasing daily owing to the facilities given by the service. Also the service is highly reliable due to the presence of redundancy property apart from the cheap service charge. The bandwidth is high thus aiding you to acquire the service within required speed and without compromising the high quality of the service. This also helps you in running with your private server rather than mixing with any other business servers and therefore you have got your own option of selecting your hardware and software without causing any obstacles in between. If you sign up with server colocation service provider, you get your own IP address from them.

Top 10 : Web Hosting Service Providers

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4.Yahoo Web Hosting


6.IX WebHosting





Note – These Ratings are determined on

1.How many people use this services and how happy they are with it.

2.The Rates and Services included

3.Server up time and Maintenance Problems

4.Reviews from websites such as top10webhosting.com, web-hosting-top.com, webhostinggeeks.com, top-10-web-hosting.com

5.The past Records of the service providers counts too

6.Free services like free domain name schemes to just sell the hosting are NOT counted

We have selected / reviewed 10 best web hosting companies from some of the world top webhosting companies. All the hosting services we reviewed are reliable web hosting company supporting Apache, Python, PHP 4 or 5, MySQL 4, Microsoft FrontPage extension and email (including webmail). Most runs on Linux and Windows.

Web Hosting services is a very competitive industry, some hosts are giving very cheap web hosting rate (as low as .95! ), including reduced first year fee, free months, discount coupon, free fist year, rebate and etc. You can easily find a very cheap hosting from ~ per month.

Listing are the best web hosting services support PHP, MySQL, Python, FrontPage web hosting and almost all of it are linux web hosting. Web hosting companies has been selected based on popularity, performance, feature, support quality and price. Higher rating hosting are usually has better feature over price ratio. All hosting plan below can host any domain name including .com, .org, .net, .co.uk, .co.jp, .tv, .ws , .com.au, .com.sg, .it and etc. and etc.

More on Top 10 Ratings of everything at Top 10 Ratings

Linux Server Hosting is Best for the Small Business Owners

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In this day’s websites normally requires simple web hosting plans for smooth performance of the website and email transfer that is essential. There are two modes of hosting planes are generally available, first is Linux hosting and second one is Windows hosting. Both have several advantages and disadvantages respectively but Depending upon small business owner’s requirements suitable managed hosting plan can be selected for a specific website.

Well in most of the normal situations, the general preference of small business owners for choosing web hosting plan moves towards the Linux server hosting plans rather than window server hosting, because there are numerous optimistic factor that influence people to choose it.

Expenditure Factor

The truth is that Linux hosting plans are much economical than Windows servers plans. For all small business people the web hosting price matters vastly. They wish to receive many options or you can say facilities at a tiny expenditure. Most of them not required supreme type of security and they also do not bother whether it is MS-SQL database server or some thing else to develop their database. Thus Linux server is the best option for them at really least cost with several kinds of features.

Open Source Factor

Linux is an Open Source code and enables people from all around the world to promote their own knowledge for its development. This is one of the main reasons where Linux servers have the power to eject Windows servers far away form competitive hosting industry. Now a day’s, due to its farthest adaptability Linux becomes a unique platform for lots of fresh technologies that are mostly used in competitive hosting industry. This means that a Linux server gives you numerous features than Windows servers can does.

Scripting Language Factor

There are many scripting language available on the Internet like Perl, Python, Java, and PHP to build your site. All these scripting languages and have been developed on Linux / UNIX web servers and they do not required Microsoft support to run them. But when you use those scripting languages which can be run on windows servers like ASP.Net then you require MS-SQL to develop the database and other supports of Microsoft. Now it is easily understandable that for small business owners Linux hosting is best to host their website into the internet.

Dependability Factor

Now a day’s Linux is vastly known as really steady and dependable. This means that Linux servers are little faster, easy to use and reputed as non crushable than a Windows server. Thus, Linux servers will provide more upgraded facilities for your website at a minimum outlay.

Familiarity and Executing Speed Factor

Linux servers have years of experience for providing services than Windows servers in hosting industry. There is no such recommendable difference in executing speed between Linux servers and Windows servers, but it is viewed that Linux servers are slightly quicker in processing normal website pages.

Efficiency Factor

Windows support ASP which is a programming language supported by Microsoft, which allows people to fabricate dynamic database motivated website pages by connecting with a MS-SQL server or Access server. It increase the production cost as well. Linux neither requires ASP language nor MS-SQL databases to build dynamic database driven website pages, because it simply uses MySQL database which is freely available.

Shared Web Hosting – NetandHost offers affordable Shared Web Hosting that fits your Need

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Shared Web Hosting includes web server that is shared by many users. Shared web hosting is less expensive than other types of hosting such as dedicated hosting. Shared web hosting generally has custom limits and most hosting providers have wide-ranging dependability features in place.

Shared web hosting normally make use of a web based control panel system. The majority of the shared web hosting companies makes use of their conventionally developed control panel. Shared web hosting can be adept in two ways i.e., name-based and IP-based. Though a few control panels are consent to a mix up of name-based and IP-based resting on single server.

In shared web hosting, the provider is normally accountable for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support, and other aspects of the shared web hosting service. Most servers are based on the Linux operating system and some providers offer Microsoft Windows-based solutions.

Shared web hosting is the most frequently used form of hosting. It proffers high-quality outcomes in a cost effective way. Shared web hosting often affords just the right quantity of service to maintain you in business for all requirements.

There are lots of Shared Web Hosting Providers in Chennai, India. The most significant factor to consider NetandHost is forever the trustworthiness of the shared web hosting provider and their repute in the shared web hosting industry and the capability to develop your business with your shared web host.

The main focal point is constantly providing unfailing technical support and high-quality hosting shared web hosting service for all its clients. Shared web hosting plans are wrapping up with a extensive collection of features and tools for web design and are able to meet up the online demands of beginners and advanced customers together. NetandHost offers reasonably priced shared web hosting plans that meet up your necessities.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies ? Know How to Select the Right Company

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As online businesses are considered as one of the lucrative businesses opportunities available in the market today, the number of people getting into this domain is becoming more and more each day. Most of the people who have ventured in this domain are able to make huge money out of it within a short span of time. However, if you are looking for an option to get into this domain, make sure you have knowledge on the necessary aspects you should consider. Selecting the right web hosting company is also one such important factor of an online business. As most of the people are finding it hard to select the right hosting company for their website, this review, which will give you information on the top 10 web hosting companies, has developed.

Although you will come across many service providers in the market today, only some are able to satisfy the needs of their customers. Therefore, when you are selecting accompany for the hosting needs, make sure you opt for the best available in the market today. Some of the top best companies available in the market today are iPage, Bluehost, JustHost, WebHostingPad, GreenGeeks, HostMonster, WebHostingHub, FatCow, GoDaddy as well as Inmotion. These companies are earning a lot of popularity due to the flawless and high quality service they provide for the customers. When you are taking the assistance of these companies, you will be able to talk with the experts, who will consider your needs, budget and provide the right deal that suits your website. They are also helping the customers by designing the right website, which suits the type of products and services they offer through their site.

If you are looking for these services of these companies, you just have to do a simple research online. These top 10 web hosting companies have their official websites on the internet, which will give you more information on different types of services provided by the company. When you get into these sites, you will come to know more about the cost as well as quality of the services they provide.

Simple Step for Choosing Great Web Host

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There are thousands of web hosts around today with thousands of plans to choose from making what was once a simple procedure seems like a daunting task for both newbie and pro alike. Whether you’re looking for your first host or looking to move on to a better one there are certain simple steps you must follow to succeed in choosing a great host. These simple steps include:

Right Platform

The first and most foremost step in choosing a web host is determining the platform the web server should run, usually a choice between Unix/Linux and Windows. Your choice is largely determined by your website and the technologies used to create it, generally a website created with Microsoft technologies (ASP, VB) will run on Windows servers while most other sites using open source technologies (PHP, Perl, Python etc) will run on Linux based systems.

Right Features

Once you’ve chosen your platform the next step is determining the features you’ll need from your web host. Take your time with this step as the feature lists of web hosts are getting longer and longer every day and while some plans may look similar on the surface, a good look at the feature lists may tell another story. Only you can determine the specific features you’ll need, but some key things to keep an eye on are:

Disk Space




Money Back Guarantee

Domains Allowed

Databases (Number & type)

CGI, PHP, Perl, Python, SSI


Email accounts

The list goes on and on, just remembers to take your time and make sure your new web host is going to provide you with everything you need.


Often budget is the only thing people consider when choosing their first web host, funds are usually tight and on the surface most hosts look very similar. Sometimes you get lucky and choose a good host, but more often than not it turns out to be a horror story.

Remember that the cost of your web hosting is more than just the monthly fee, think about the total cost of ownership. TCO includes lost sales due to downtime & slow speeds, downtime rebates, extra bandwidth charges, setup costs, extra feature costs, and your monthly fee.

Many hosts will require you to pay yearly to get the best price available though there are some that allow you to pay by the month and still get the best price, it’s really a matter of personal choice as to what payment method works best for you.

Customer Service

Customer service is another aspect that is often not forgettable while choosing a great web host. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than 24/7/365 service, your website needs to be running all the time so it’s no good if your hosting company doesn’t work during the holidays. Don’t take the web hosting companies word for it, they all claim 24/7 support but few back it up with consistent performance. Be sure to test them out at various times of the day and night via phone, email and live chat if they offer it.


An extensive knowledge base can be a real time saver as well as being an indication of the level of customer service supports and expertise you can expect to receive. Spend some time browsing the support sections of the website and see for yourself the level of support provided.


Do a whois on the web host’s domain name and find out the creation date, anything less than a year ago and the risk that they won’t be around next year increases. They could be a great host, but considering more then 95% of new hosts go out of business within a year that really isn’t something you should be taking a chance on.


It’s a fact of life that a web host cannot be online 100% of the time, servers need to be rebooted for security and software updates and any web host that doesn’t get updated faces the increased risk of being successfully hacked.

99.9% uptime guarantees are pretty standard in the industry however a guarantee is only as good as how it is defined and the company behind it. Look for no less than a full months free hosting should they not meet their guarantee, a prorated refund based on the amount of downtime is virtually worthless. Say you pay for a month of hosting and your site is down for 24 hours. They will refund you for one day of downtime, which ends up being about 33 cents.

Hence, it’s not a rocket science; just a little research and investigating that can save a lot of heartache in the future and can offer you a great web host.

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Cheap Web Space

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There are hundreds of web hosts advertising cheap web hosting prices. It’s not always best to choose the cheapest web host as many cheap hosts are not qualified to offer reliable services.

GoldPuma is a value based company striving to operate efficiently and cost effectively. They started small, and will continue to operate small in terms of effectiveness, in order to reduce unnecessary overheads. Their goal is to offer affordable and cheap web hosting services at the most reliable manner, and attract and retain value conscious customers.

Compare their prices with the competitors. They discount as much as 40% in prices of well known web hosting providers without sacrificing quality. They not only offer cheap web hosting, but also offer very feature rich hosting plans.

GoldPuma offers affordable web hosting, domain name registration, and web design services to individuals and small businesses. They do not charge initial setup fee or require long-term commitments. You simply pay for the services that you use on a monthly basis. They offer reliable, guaranteed and best-value web hosting and domain name services in the industry.

With GoldPuma, both Linux and Windows hosting is available for the same price.  GoldPuma Hosting provides “Dozens of FREE Add-on Applications” through their Hosting Connection platform, yet it is worth understanding that these free add-ons are free anywhere else as well, including popular software such as WordPress and Drupal. The advantage that GoldPuma presents is that they offer automated installation of these applications, which does provide added convenience and ease of use.

While many hosts provide unlimited databases, GoldPuma is one that does limit the number and size, yet for the average user this does not impose a problem. Their economy Windows/Linux plans (10 GB space, 300 GB bandwidth) can handle over 50,000 web pages and 300,000 monthly visitors.



     GoldPuma is overall a good host with valuable services and responsive support that is based on a solid company. They let their clients do monthly payments, so  why don’t you try their services for a month?


Dedicated Linux Server Hosting Can Help You Run Your Merchant Website Smoothly

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Do you plan to have a merchant website hosted online? It is certainly a great idea. A well built merchant website would be a great way of making excellent money online. However, you need to make sure that your website is as secure as possible. Nowadays, the internet is quite a dangerous place, with all those worms, viruses and hackers looking around for unprotected websites to exploit. This is one of the reason dedicated Linux servers are so popular these days. Being naturally resistant to hacking, these can keep your website safe from a lot of disasters. The nefarious netizens can do a lot of harm to your website, like stealing credentials and credit card details of people who buy items from your website, altering website content to something offensive, or even taking the site offline for several days. However, a website hosted on a dedicated Linux server would be able to resist these hackers to a great extent, mainly due to its high level security features. This is the reason that when you are looking to get your website hosted, the following criteria should be satisfied by the hosting service provider without fail:

Adequate storage space: There should be enough storage space to provide room for all of your webpages and associated media files. Remember that your website will grow in size as time progresses, and more disk space will be required to host all those files. There should be scope for expansion later on.
Rock solid security: In these days where cybercrime is rampant and hackers lurk around every corner of the World Wide Web, proper security for your website is of paramount importance. On a dedicated Linux server, security issues are few and far between, making these some of the most secure systems around.
Affordable service packages: Even dedicated Linux servers are quite inexpensive to rent compared to Windows® servers of similar capacities. This is because additional tools do not need to be installed on Linux servers for improving security. Most necessary tools are embedded within the operating system itself.

Finally, always choose a dedicated Linux server to host your website. You will receive much better technical service and priority based services. Besides, the features you get will make it more than worth the investment. So, don’t wait any further.