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Linux Distribution: A Brief Introduction

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A Linux distribution is also known as the GNU/Linux distribution by some. It is basically a family member of the Unix-like software distributions and these distributions are called “distros”. Linux kernel lies as the basis of these distributions. They contain a number of software applications comprising database applications, media players, spreadsheets and word processors. The Linux operating system consists of the Linux kernel along with a set of utilities and libraries from the GNU and the X Window System for graphic support.

Some Linux distributions may be optimized for size and may not come with X. These use compact alternatives to the GNU utilities, which may include dietlibc, uclibc or busybox. At present, there are more than 300 Linux distributions and many of them are in the active mode. This means that these distributions are being constantly studied, and revised to be improved. The Linux distributions are available in different forms because most of the kernels and supporting packages used are combination of open source and free software. They may take the form of a fully featured desktop or server operating system or can also be used in minimal environments. This is the reason why they are widely used in embedded systems and for things like booting from a floppy disk.

Actually, leaving aside the custom software aspect, the word distribution here simply means a specific assortment of some applications that are installed on top of a set of libraries, along with a version of the kernel. This is created in such a manner that the “out-of-the-box” capabilities are met with most of the requirements of its specific end-user base. There are many kinds of Linux distributions, such as community, corporation and others. The known ones including Fedora (Red Hat), Mandriva Linux, Ubuntu (Canonical Ltd.), and openSUSE (Novell) are backed commercially. The community distributors consist of Gentoo and Debian. The others are driven by neither a community nor a corporation. The most famous one is Slackware.

A basic Linux distribution for desktop consists of a Linux kernel, GNU libraries and tools, documentation, additional software, window manager, a window system and a desktop environment. Most of the software and sources that form a part of this operating system are free software and open source. This means that the users can compile the original code or can modify as per their own needs. Nevertheless, in some cases the software might not be available in the source code form.

Before the Linux distributions came into existence, a would-be Linux user had to be a Unix expert. A would-be user had to be aware of the details about the placement and configuration of the files in that system. This distribution has made the task of using Linux as the operating system easier.

Summary: Linux distribution works on the Linux kernel and some other software applications. With its emergence, it has become easier for the users to use it as an operating system on desktops and laptops. There are three types of distributions: community based, corporation based and others. Being made from the open source, the user can made certain modifications too.

7 Webhost Features That Simply Rock!

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Okay here’s the thing. There are plenty of good webhosting companies out there but far fewer ones that can be called excellent.
So what differentiates a great webhosting company from one that is merely good? Well let’s go ahead and answer that but first a very brief refresher course on webhosting.

Webhosting is little more than a place where you can store the various files that make up your website or blog. The main difference between webhost storage and that of your computer is that the files on your computer are locally stored whereas those on a webhosting server (fancy term for a storage computer) are located remotely and are readily accessible to the internet.

Thus whenever anybody wants to see your blog or website, a request for a particular file (webpage) is sent to the webhost server, which retrieves the file and directs it to their internet browser thereby enabling them to see it.

And that really is all that webhosting is. When you pay a webhost you are basically renting space for your blog or website. That said, it cannot be denied that web hosting has certainly come a long way and these days with so much web hosting competition out there it is difficult for companies to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

However some web hosting companies undoubtedly stand head and shoulders above the rest, which so happens to be the focus of this article; comparing the merely good webhosting companies from the great! Many features of webhosting that used to mandate a premium fee are now standard on most webhosts so we are going to focus our attention on those features that distinguish the excellent webhost from the merely good!

Features Of A Good Webhost

1. Uptime: This parameter reflects the amount of time your webhosting server is up and running. Put simply when your webhost’s server is up and running your blog or website is accessible to anybody who wants to check it out. When the webhosting server is down your blog is down too and inaccessible.

Any decent webhost should be able to guarantee a server uptime of at least 97%. The best web hosting services can typically guarantee 99% server uptime.

2.  Support: Ever heard that saying that a webhost is only as good as its support? Well it’s true. Plenty of web hosting companies proudly boast 24/7 technical support but far too often this is rarely the case. 24/7 webhost support is really important especially since problems tend to arise at the most inconvenient of times.
A good web hosting company should have nothing less than 24/7 support. Trust me when that fateful day skids round the horizon when you desperately need technical support (at the most inconvenient of times of course) you’ll be grateful you had the presence of mind to choose a webhost that actually does have genuine 24/7 support!

3. Storage: The amount of storage you need will be determined by the type of blog or website you are hosting. Obviously if you are running a commerce oriented site you’ll need more storage than say a personal site. The good news these days is that most decent web hosting services provide more than enough storage requirements for even the most basic of plans!

4. Bandwidth:  this parameter is the measure of the amount of data allowed to flow across your site. Once again the amount of dataflow will be determined by the type of site you are hosting. However with the rise of social media a huge spike of dataflow can happen to even the smallest of blogs. When that happens unless your webhosting plan provides for ample bandwidth then your blog will simply crash from all that traffic congestion!

Once again a good number of webhosting companies boast “unlimited bandwidth” but there are very few that actually deliver on such a claim without adding on some jacked-up fee!

5. Cost:  There’s not much to say here except that these days good web hosting shouldn’t and generally doesn’t cost an-arm-and-a-leg! In fact for less than /month there’s no reason why you cannot get excellent webhosting.

6. Email:  Yeah, yawn! Everybody these days offers hundreds (if not thousands of POP3 addresses) but let’s be honest how many of us will ever get to use that number. However it’s better to have the option than not, but never let it be the deciding factor for choosing one webhost over the next.
Any and every half-decent webhost will provide you with more than enough email addresses than you could possibly ever need!

Okay that pretty much covers the basic features you can expect from a good webhost, now let’s look at those indispensible features characteristic of excellent webhosting companies.

Features of Excellent Webhosting Companies

It is worth noting that the following listed features are found not only in premium webhost plans but also in the most basic of plans typically offered by excellent webhosting services!
1. Free Domain Name:  You no longer need to register your new domain name with a domain register service and incur an extra expense. Why? Because the best webhosts actually give you a permanent free domain name with their basic hosting plan!

2.  Domain Privacy:  So what is domain privacy? Well once you register a domain name unless it is registered as private anybody and their pet hamster can find out that site belongs to you. Such a situation leaves your site open to spam and other ill-intentioned activities of miscreants. Registering your domain with privacy keeps if off the public radar, the only catch being that domain name register services usually slap you with an added fee for it!

These days though the best webhosts not only allow you to register a domain name for free with even their most basic webhosting plans but they also throw in domain privacy free-of-charge into the package! Cool huh?

3. Storage:  A great webhost won’t skimp on storage and will offer you unlimited storage even with their basic webhosting plans.

4. Hosting Unlimited Domains:  This to me is perhaps the most exciting and appealing feature characteristic of any grade A webhost. So what exactly is hosting of unlimited domains?
Well has there ever been a time that you wished to host an entirely different domain but in the end you didn’t because of financial constrictions (you couldn’t afford paying for another webhosting package). Well, those days are gone! Now with unlimited domain webhosting you can actually host as many domains as you wish for the same single price that you are paying for one domain!

And believe me there will come that time when you wish to have a separate new domain (this is especially true if your domains are business or commerce related!)

5. Dedicated Server Upgrade:  The very best web hosting services make it simple and inexpensive to upgrade from a shared server (all basic webhost plans are on shared servers) to a dedicated server. The question then is why and when would you ever need a dedicated server?

Well let’s assume that you sell stuff on your website, over time it gets more well-known and popular until lo and behold comes that glorious day when you’re getting a flood of traffic. Now on a shared server only a portion of that web traffic is going to get through because of bandwidth constrictions (as mentioned earlier). If the traffic volume gets too great then your website is going to crash and thus be inaccessible.

Also remember that on a shared server you are sharing your webhosting with thousands of other webmasters who are also doing their very best to drive as much traffic to their own websites and blogs. What that means is that all that web traffic on a shared server is going to get bottlenecked and slow down the response time of your site.

What is the response time? The time it takes for someone to type the URL of your blog into their browser to that moment when it loads and they can see it. The worst case scenario caused by web traffic congestion on a shared webhosting server is when it takes ages for your domain to show in a websurfer’s browser (commonly known as “hanging” in the industry) and they simply leave!

Still think that you might not need a dedicated server somewhere down the line? Now your typical average webhost will use dedicated-server web hosting as an excuse to plunder and pillage your wallet under the false pretense they are offering so-called premium business web hosting! (This kind of webhosting typically sets you back 0 and upwards a month).
The very best web hosting companies however will allow you to seamlessly upgrade to dedicated-server hosting for as little as /year (yes I did say 30 dollars per year not per month)!

6.  0 Advertising Credit Coupons:  Webhosting competition is so fierce these days that many webhosts typically offer you up to 0 credit worth of free PPC (pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords) at signup! Isn’t competition just great?

7. One-click Hassle Free Installment of WordPress:  I’m sure you have probably heard of WordPress and if you haven’t let me just say it is the best blogging platform out there. WordPress has enabled millions of non-techies to become webmasters in their own right!

How does WordPress do that?

Well put simply with the use of themes WordPress has made the web designer and their exorbitant fees redundant, and since all one has to do on a blog is type in text, there is no need for web language and coding, so the days of requiring a webmaster to manage your site are long gone too!

The one downside to WordPress was the initial hurdle of installing it.

Well that hassle is a thing of the past too. These days the very best webhosts make it so simple to install WordPress in just one simple click!

These are just some of the mouthwatering features offered by the very best yet affordable webhosts out there.

For more features about a webhost that rocks click here:  Webhost

What to look for in professional web hosting services?

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If you are planning to give your business online presence, and are looking for professional web hosting services, here are few important things you must look for in web hosting services:

The first and the most important thing to look for in professional web hosting services is the disk space and bandwidth provided by the web hosting company. Disk space is the amount of space that the web hosting company gives you to host your site on its server. More is the disk space, better for you. This is because large bandwidth allows you to add large amount of content and images to your site and transfer large amount of data from the servers every month.
Unlimited bandwidth and disk space also helps bring large amount of traffic to a site. Web users like to visit those sites that have good amount of valuable content and images.

When using professional web hosting services, find out the quality and nature of servers that the web hosting company is using. Does the web hosting company offer shared servers or does it use dedicated servers? In case of shared servers, the servers are shared by several websites for hosting their individual websites. In dedicated servers, each company gets a single server. If you have limited web hosting needs and budget, you may go for shared web hosting but of you have a large website, it is better to for dedicated web hosting.
Also, make sure that the servers are of the top quality and meet the latest industry standards. Poor quality servers would ultimately affect the functioning of your site.

Find out the qualification and experience of the web hosting service providers. Good web hosting companies have a team of highly qualified and dedicated technicians and web developers who have extensive knowledge about web hosting and are able to meet the specific web hosting needs and requirements of their vast clientele.

Further, before selecting any particular web hosting company, make sure that the professional web hosting service providers offer 24/7 technical support or live chat facility to resolve your web hosting queries any time of the day or night. It would ensure that no matter what, your site would always be there, up and working for your target audience.

If you are wondering where you can find such web hosting services, just log on to up4host.net The website belongs to a leading web hosting company that offers professional web hosting services at competitive rates. It is also an e-commerce web design company and offers professional web designing services to help its customers get the most out of their online presence.

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Select a Best Web Site Hosting service

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Select a Best Web Site Hosting service

Best Web Site Hosting service

So, you know how to create HTML files (web pages) and want to start a website. You have a domain name but don’t know where to store the files (web host). You find countless web hosting companies offering a wide range of products but you can’t make heads or tails of all the features to decide which plan is right for you.

Does this sound like you?
If so, this article was written for you. Hopefully after reading it, you will have a better understanding of all the terms associated with web hosting and find a hosting company that is right for your business.

File Storage Space
usually hosting companies sell different packages centered around storage space. Storage space is specified in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), or gigabytes (GB); a megabyte is 1000 kilobytes and a gigabyte is 1000 megabytes.

How much storage space do you need? Well, that depends on what you are planning to do with your website. If you have only a few pages of text and little to no graphics or images, a 25 MB should be more than you will ever need. Most hosting packages start at 25 MB of storage space. When comparing web hosting companies for file storage space, be sure to check their terms and conditions to make sure they do not charge another setup fee for upgrading to a package with more space.

Bandwidth is the measure of how much data flows through your site. It is usually expressed in GB transferred per month. If you are expecting a lot of hits (millions of page views) to your site you will need to get the most bandwidth you can afford. For new web sites it may take a while to get up to a significant bandwidth. If you find you are approaching the bandwidth limit, you can always upgrade to a plan with higher bandwidth. Some plans allow you to increase your monthly bandwidth for an additional monthly charge.

Most hosting plans include a significant number of POP e-mail accounts and unlimited e-mail forwarding.

POP accounts can be accessed with your current e-mail program and some hosts may include a web mail interface for your POP accounts. If you have several people that work for your web site/business and want them to have their own e-mail address, you will need to select a hosting plan with enough POP accounts.

E-mail forwarding is when e-mail that is addressed to your website gets redirected to another e-mail address that you specify.

Shared vs. Dedicated
When comparing hosting plans, you may notice plans for shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting simply means that your web site will be hosted with other websites on the same server or machine. Shared hosting is good for the average web site where speed is not a priority.

A dedicated server is just that, a server that is dedicated to your website. The advantages of a dedicated server are speed and control. The disadvantage is cost, you will usually have to pay a much larger monthly fee for having a dedicated hosting plan. If you know nothing about Unix, Linux, or network administration make sure to get a managed dedicated server. The hosting company will take care of all the security and software patches/updates that arise over time.

Make sure to review the hosting company’s terms and FAQ concerning their dedicated servers to determine if their service is right for you.


MySQL is used for creating and maintaining web based databases. If you anticipating having some data on your site that your users might want to sort you will probably need to find a web host that supports MySQL. Some hosting companies specify how many databases you can have on your site and charge an additional monthly fee if you want more. You will have to determine how many databases you will need and select the appropriate web hosting plan.

Server Operating System (OS)
For most basic websites you will not have worry about which OS your web hosting company is using. Most plans are running on either UNIX or Linux. For some unique web site features, you may need a Windows based server.

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Web Hosting Reviews ? How to Find the Best Web Hosting Providers

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Are you aware that the best way to make your online business truly successful is by way of a website? In this regard, you have to create and develop a website, which can help your business boom in terms of success. However, building up a website to make your business successful is not that easy. Thus, you will need the help of some web hosting companies, which can make everything a piece of cake on your part. The most excellent way to end up with the best web hosting providers is through web hosting reviews available online.

As a matter of fact, there are already tons of reviews about web hosting providers in the World Wide Web nowadays. Reading all those articles is definitely time-consuming, so choose some specific web hosting reviews, which you need to read. Just make sure that your chosen reviews are all factual and trustworthy. This is essential in order for you to easily arrive at the best web hosting service providers possible. Furthermore, you also have to check if your selected reviews include important things about the services being offered by a particular web hosting provider. Some of these things are as follows:

• Web Hosting Provider’s Reliability: The online reviews, which you should read must reveal the reliability state of a certain web-hosting provider. It should describe the provider’s bandwidth capacity, speed consistency, and disk space that can surely allow easy access of web users or visitors to your website.

• Web Hosting Provider’s Support: The available web hosting reviews in these days bring to light the support being offered by most of the web hosting providers. There are actually two kinds of support, which a particular provider can present. The first one is the technical support. This kind of support is intended to help you troubleshoot or fix some technical problems, which may inevitably arise on your online business’ website. The second kind of support is the customer service support, which is designed and developed to meet the needs of your web users or visitors as well as online clients.

• Web Hosting Provider’s Price: The price of the web hosting provider is also an important thing, which online reviews usually include. Being aware on the prices of various providers let you choose the best web hosting providers that do come in affordable prices only. Besides, there are already plenty of well-priced service providers which are in existence in these times. All you need to do is to exert some of your efforts in finding such kinds of web hosting service providers.

Indeed, web hosting reviews include lots of important things about a wide range of web hosting providers which you need to know. Some of which are already revealed above. You just have to see to it to only read well-written and truthfully written online reviews. In doing so, you can be certain that ending up today with the best web hosting providers instantly is really possible. After all, there are already hundreds and thousands of dependable reviews available online.

Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting, Reseller Hosting Packages, Linux VPS Package Hosting and Email Hosting Packages

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When you have your own website, you may get confused whether you want to avail of a shared host plan or not. Deciding over this is something which you think over carefully. There are some web hosting services which are offered at expensive costs, while there are some services which are provided for a low price. When you choose a cheap host plan over a plan which requires a lot of budget, you will be able to get various benefits.

Linux hosting is an alternative to using Microsoft Windows-based technology for operating a website. Linux is an open-source operating system, which means the code that makes it run is publicly available. This means computer experts all over the world can share ways of improving how the system works. Although it is more complicated to understand than Windows, most computer experts say Linux is much more reliable and less likely to ‘crash’. This makes it particularly useful for running websites.

Web Hosting is today’s one of the prime requirements. Emerged from simple HTML pages hosting to a full blown web based hosted applications, creating several useful facilities for the people.

Linux platform has been constructed by Community based efforts and with the assistance of several IT companies like Red Hat and Mandrake it has been specially designed for professional application. Due to such a backup unit Linux Server is known for its strong, inexpensive and protected platform.

Linux operating system for computers remains one of the most common examples of free software services available for users. Linux is also known as GNU / Linux. Linux was designed by individuals who proposed the system first for their individual needs that were not been met by a major commercial operating system such as Windows. Best of all is that all of Linux code and source coding is also available to the general public for free use, and for modification purposes as well. Linux has gained strong support from major computer base companies such as IBM and Novell among others. Many personal users and large firms started choosing Linux as well. Linux is quickly gaining steam in the corporate world. Why? Here are the four answers: cost, effectiveness, security, and reliability.

Web hosting account also use other services in most cases so that you the complete web hosting experience, for example, you can access your shared web hosting account with a control panel or via FTP protocol.

Web hosting account in the form of backup web hosting hosted usually in highly reliable web hosting server with several disks in RAID configuration to ensure that no data is lost when one of the server’s hard disk fails or Encounters an error. Web hosting space accounts in the form of hosting hosted in the normally high specification servers, though the software may be used, because different web hosting needs to be as easy to manage for both the web hosting provider and web hosting services, as well as for those customers who rent a web hosting provider of web space. A high specification for use with web hosting space can also ensure that customers with a respectable amount of uptime.

Call us to know more about Reseller Hosting Packages, Linux VPS Package Hosting, Email Hosting Packages, Domain Name Registration and Linux Hosting Packages!

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Where Can You Find the best cheap web hosting?

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When you’re looking for the best cheap web hosting service online, you should keep a lot of things in mind. For one thing, the cheapest web hosting isn’t always the best. Also, “best” is always relative. There’s no one surefire formula to what every web developer should have. Before shopping for the best cheap web hosting provider online, you should first define what’s best for you and your online business. A website dedicated to promoting a restaurant would definitely have different demands from a website which sells random goods.

Determine how much storage space you need

Most people who shop for the best cheap web hosting service online are blinded by big storage spaces they don’t actually need. Unless you know the technicalities behind your website’s upkeep, you might be paying double for features which you don’t actually need. On the other hand, while you may be blinded by a cheap a month offer, the storage space for this web site hosting service might not be enough for what your business demands.

Generally, simple website layouts only require a minimum of 5MB storage space. If you think that a provider has the best cheap web hosting service online just because they can offer 500MB of space, think again. Will you be able to maximize this storage space for that your website holds? Does flash imaging, for example, promote page rankings, or does it only hinder your website’s popularity because of slow downloads? When you’re shopping for web hosting services online, you should always weight the benefits and the price of the package. Since you’re essentially running a business, don’t spend more than you intended to in the beginning, and don’t spend more than you can earn back at the end of the day.

Support and independence

Every active webmaster should also look for web hosting services which give just the right amount of independence and support. While a 24/7 technical support group is enticing, you would also want to have independent control of your website. You wouldn’t want to have to go through the technical support group every time you make small changes to your website.

Some web hosting services only have a limited Monday to Friday call center support team. However, most of them do allow more control to their clients. When your control panel is pretty complete in itself, and you’re well versed when it comes to website designing anyway, you should consider web hosting services which have stronger control panels although they don’t have 24/7 technical support centers.

Most web hosting services also have their own website builders. While this is fine for beginners who don’t really know much about html and CSS codes, there should also be an option for you to be able to upload pages which you’ve designed from popular third party softwares. Otherwise, your designing capabilities will be limited.

Before signing up any contract with any web hosting provider, you should make sure that you agree with all the terms and conditions. It’s actually advisable to sign up for monthly subscriptions as opposed to annual ones. Monthly subscriptions allow you to move from one web hosting service to another when you’re less than happy with what you’re getting.  

You Can Find Cheap Dedicated Server Plans In A Directory

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If you have spent any time at all searching for a web host, you know there exists a wide range of different options.  However, the most common choice is that between a shared server or a dedicated server plan.  What’s the difference? Actually, it can be summed up quite simply.  Shared server plans revolve around you purchasing space on a server that is shared with other businesses.  All system resources are shared between the user pool on each server.  Dedicated server plans are different – you have access to the entire server and all of its resources, without having to share them.

Obviously, dedicated server plans are the better option.  How do you find them, though?  How do you determine which plans are the most affordable and which offer the most services?  Actually, you can find cheap dedicated server plans in a directory online.  What do these directories do?  They can be valuable tools in your search for the most affordable, most beneficial web hosting package possible.

When you find cheap dedicated server plans in a directory, you are able to gain access to an immense amount of information about each host, instantly.  For example, through such a directory, you will be provided with information such as the base price for the server plan, as well as the company name, a link to the company’s website and a link to read reviews about the company’s service.  Each of these is a vital component in the larger picture – determining which company is the best choice for your needs.

Obviously, not all companies offering cheap dedicated server plans are the same.  The services offered differ considerably from one company to another, just as the prices for their plans do.  However, when you find a quality directory, you will be able to make a direct comparison of the various service providers out there, without having to spend several hours comparing just a few companies.  This equates to enormous savings in terms of time spent and allows you to find the host you need with a minimum amount of hassle.

With the help of the right directory, you can easily compare companies, service plans, rates for dedicated server hosting, operating systems offered and find feedback from real customers that can help you make the right decision.  Not using such a directory can cause some serious problems, though.

Guidelines and Merits About Reseller Web Hosting

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What can be the best advantage of a web hosting reseller? It is that one can gain few additional bucks’ collateral to web hosting. One can even make it as a full time source. Few of the web hosting resellers delivers a very good amount.

Selecting a correct Reseller web hosting:

It is not if one look for a web hosting reseller according to his/her requirement. One should search for a hosting reseller one whom one can rely upon, delivering excellent customer support. A good web hosting reseller provides all the necessary tools that are required for a successful website which helps in boosting one’s business.

What one would understand by the term Reseller Web Hosting?

A reseller will get a reseller hosting account through Reseller web hosting which later resell space and bandwidth to his/her own clients. This type of service demands a lump of space and bandwidth.

What the term Web Hosting Reseller denotes?

It refers to a person or a company that acts like an agent to resell the products and services related to hosting companies. Such a reseller can receive commissions and/or discounts from the respective web hosting Reseller Company. These resellers even get the right to build their own custom web reseller accounts for the purpose of re-sell the product to their respective customers.

One should know that to deal with a reseller web hosting company, he/she has to sacrifice some of the rights. One should need to ensure that he/she may not have to counter with the trouble of downtime. If this problem arises one may loose the link of crucial emails and/or sales coming through valuable clients.

If the quest ends on a right selection one can achieve heights in the reseller web hosting service sector. One can provide hosting service to the customers and conclude web site building at the same time. That’s the reason one should hunt for a web hosting company that puts the option of multiple hosting accounts along with their web hosting reseller services. After that, a web creator can involve in the hosting services of their client’s sites directly from their own respective reseller web hosting account.

One should verify carefully the recommendations of all clients as well as reference sites before finalizing a reseller web host. One can even ask from the users who are using the services of web reseller hosting companies.

Last but not the least; one should also look if all the important features and services are available that one can offer to attract his/her customers. Thus these all are necessary things which one should consider while selecting a quality web hosting reseller.

Important Tips for Web Hosting

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After the registration of domain name selection of web host is another rational step a user need to consider. Though, finding an ideal host is a daunting task. One can find several companies offering web-hosting services to the clients. While locating keyword web hosting in the search engines one will find more than 100 million outputs!

One cannot deny the fact, for a successful online presence a dependable web hosting is must. Online presence and accessibility of a web site is must. If not, one should remain ready to loose clients and prospects. For an instance, if one compare this with a traditional business.


One should select a web hosting deal according to his/her site. One cannot fulfill his/her requirements from same hosting deal for a personal web site, web site meant for email newsletter subscription and archives, e-commerce site or web forum. Web hosting can be divided into four prime categories:

1. Virtual (shared) hosting,

2. Dedicated server,

3. Collocation server and

4. Reseller hosting.

Two most applicable hosting are virtual (shared) hosting and dedicated server.

What is Virtual (shared) hosting? It is a condition in which several web sites share one server. It is a low cost hosting because price is divided between several users. One can locate a standard virtual hosting at a rate of 0 a year.

In a Dedicated server hosting company lease the whole web server from a particular web hosting company. The site of web server is the web hosting company. One can opt dedicated server as a suitable option who does not wish to share a server with other web masters. One can find a dedicated server in two forms managed and un-managed. If one talk about managed server, company will take care of all the setups of user’s server. However, in unmanaged server user needs to take care of all these by him/her self. The benefit of this sort of hosting is that one can fully lodge web hosting as per his/her requirements. Moreover, for a site with ample amount of visitors a dedicated server is the only rational choice. Due to higher cost, starting from 0 per month, those companies that know the worth of Internet business generally use it.

One can say that Collocation server is quite identical to dedicated server. Disparity lies in the fact that company doesn’t take the web server on lease. Their own web server is placed in the web hosting company. In addition to it, company has material access to their web server, which is not available while talking about a dedicated server.

If one mention about Reseller hosting it is aimed to those companies only wishes to begin their own web hosting business.


There are many factors which a user needs to consider to prevent any future miss happens:

Web space:

Requirement of Web space vary from site to site. Off course, if user requirement is only a web site containing basic information about him/her and his/her work excluding the use of web applications, then space of 50 MB is quite sufficient. However, a complex e-commerce site along with numerous products in one’s database demands a capacity of 1 GB.


The term Bandwidth refers to data transferred from user’s web site and that comprise of graphic details, images, banners and files for download. One should have accurate knowledge of Content before going for an amount of bandwidth. When one talks about the majority of sites, bandwidth of 10 GB a month is quite sufficient, though for few other sites like sites related to desktop wallpapers can frequently consumes even hundreds of GB a month.

Up time or visibility:

It symbolizes time articulated in percents displaying the period a site remained online. One should not be cheerful because someone assured him/her to provide say for 98% up time because it is not going to fulfill his/her requirement. One should get at least 99.7% uptime. Believe it or not, it definitely matters.

Email accounts:

Email accounts are an integrated and crucial part of web hosting package. It is quite interesting to know for how much will one get only a so called catch –all forwarding which means that all emails sent to somewhere@mydomain.com will arrive to one’s email address or one can set-up email accounts for several users? Also the thing is for how much? Is it intended for 5, 10, 100 or limitless email accounts? In addition to it, there is no harm to verify whether user get a so-called POP3 email address (“real” email address), web mail or rather both? If one has a POP3 email address then he/she can check his/her emails via favorite email client and web mail facilitate the user to inquire his/her emails at any place demanding just a computer and Internet connection.

Form of Server, tools and control panel:

When one mention the two generally utilized hosting then the name of Unix-based or Windows platform comes first. It matters for the result program languages, databases and scripts that one can apply. When one talks about Unix-based platform, general selection is relayed to PHP language along with MySQL, however, when it comes to Windows platform ASP or ASP.NET language will be along with SQL Server. One should enquire that is database is available with package or not, if yes, then how many? Nowadays, contemporary web site must be database-driven.

Too, one should have full knowledge related to tools coming along with web hosting package, if there is only applications for web statistics, file manager and things it is not an concern issue.

Technical support:

A crucial aspect while selecting a web hosting particularly for a user without having adequate technical skills is technical support. A proper technical support does not take a responsive time more then a day. This is not liable only to selection of web hosting company, but, crucial to any of the company selling products and services, Software Company can be one of the examples.

The coordination of few of the companies is so well thought-out that it takes only 1 hour to give response to user’s queries! Through their source of contact one can predict about the future response. Do the concern company has only email support or also have phone support? Does they provide a toll-free number? Do they offer the facility of trouble-ticket system? Working time is another crucial aspect. What is their strategy of providing technical support is it during working hours only i.e. 9 to 17 or does they provide the facility of 24×7 technical support? An ideal way to detect their professionalism one can create a list of fake queries, drop a line to them and hang around to know their reply time.


Several web hosting and software companies have this smart way to increase their customer strength. Testimonials section contains the approval of satisfied customers, attracting more people to their service. This section is not completely reliable. Several hosting companies offer their clients to analyze their portfolio, instead of doing that one should contact webmasters who are taking the service of concern host and register their opinions. One can take help of several sites for further information regarding best web hosting deals and suggestions.