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Four Reasons Why Windows Vps Hosting is Great for Game Developers

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Windows VPS Hosting plans are perfect for game developers aiming to make it big. With a Windows VPS Hosting account, game developers are able to use guaranteed resources to power their applications. No longer a secret, Windows VPS Hosting has been the source of web hosting for many game developers. Price, the ease of installing programs, and included tools make Windows VPS Hosting plans the best alternative to make. In this write-up, you’ll learn how Windows VPS Hosting plans assist game developers develop more games.

The Savings Windows VPS Hosting Offers To Game Developers

Windows VPS Hosting plans are great for budget conscious game developers. Less expensive than a dedicated server yet offering similar services, Windows VPS Hosting plans are the perfect method to minimize business expense. With shared hosting, game developers aren’t able to host several sites with complete control. Dedicated servers can provide the same feature yet they are more expensive. This is why Windows VPS Hosting plans are regarded as the middle service for game developers searching to manage their own hosting environment yet save on their web hosting bill.

How Windows VPS Hosting Offer Game Developers the Option to Install Programs

Windows VPS Hosting plans are the best choice for game developers wanting to use their favorite programs. Unlike shared hosting, game developers can install the applications necessary to finish tasks. ASP.NET users are freed from worrying if their favorite program will execute smoothly. Windows VPS Hosting can even dedicate space on your computer to power this application. Another program that can be installed on a Windows VPS Hosting account is ColdFusion. ColdFusion provides game developers the software development environment to create great games. There are literally tons of other programs that can be setup and ran smoothly on a Windows VPS Hosting account. Game developers are given endless possibilities.

The Many Tools Windows VPS Hosting Provide for Game Developers

Windows VPS Hosting plans provide lots of powerful tools meant to increase productivity and provide complete management for game developers. Virtuozzo, one of Windows VPS Hosting control panels, gives the account user the opportunity to manage their domains well. Virtuozzo enables game developers to migrate, monitor, backup, recover, and even troubleshoot and repair. Using a single OS, Virtuozzo makes it easy to manage and update data among game developers’ online environments. Developers are worry-free about OS updates or security patches because these are server administrators responsibilities.

Must Have Considerations When Selecting the Best Web Hosting Service for WordPress Blogs

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Are you one of the avid bloggers, could it be a paid job or just a hobby, who maintains plenty of blogs? Then you may be also one of those who had difficulty in selecting the best web hosting service that is compatible with WordPress platform. Though there are already plenty of similar web hosting services that offer variety of hosting service package such as limitless bandwidth.

WordPress is considered nowadays as the best blogging tool that is why when selecting the best web host for your wordpress blog, it is important to take the necessary considerations. Make sure that your host provides the requirements of the wordpress platform. The technical aspect is one of the very much important considerations before subscribing a web host. Make sure that the web host provides SQL and PHP support as this is what wordpress blog platform uses. Another important consideration is that, your selected host offers shared hosting. For sure, sooner or later, you will feel the need to run more wordpress blogs.

Doing some independent research when choosing a web host is also a wise move. Check out some web hosting review sites with performance ratings and personal feedback from actual users and subscribers. Some web hosting review sites provides a competitive selection of the most efficient, reliable, and affordable web hosting companies available in the market today. By doing this, you can gather ideas which web host is ideal for your wordpress blog. Spend ample time reading user reviews, praises and rages to confirm each web hosts performance. Just make sure that you are reading honest and genuine reviews because there are some bogus review sites made by the providers to attract customers.

It is easy to determine such types of review site; it only tells you of the positive side of their services. Not a single disadvantage is mentioned. While genuine webhosting review sites presents both the advantages and disadvantages of a certain web host because there can be no “100% uptime service”. It is also important to check the webhost’s downtime and uptime performance reports so you can have another factor to hold when deciding which webhost to get. Another must have consideration when selecting the best web hosting service for you wordpress blog is the availability of the customer service 24/7. It is really a problem if no one can attend your problem. In case of technical errors, it is such a relief when being able to contact your customer service representative.

So make sure to inquire and be well informed to what customer service your web host provides. Server errors which we often encounter over the internet are more often under the control of your web host. Of course you would not want your web site to remain with server error mode for a long time because this may result to some income losses. So check how fast a web host service respond to any inquiry or problem report. Try calling the webhost providers and observe how they handle customers during inquiries and problem reports.

Dedicated Linux Hosting – What you need to know

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Why a Dedicated Linux Hosting? Well, before getting into that, you must have some idea on what is Dedicated Server. Well, these are servers on rent. You can hire one and use it. The whole thing, it’s not just the space and mail service; the whole computer with all its software and operating system. Who needs them? The people who want more control over their server!!

Now, what actually happens is, some people setup up some systems as servers, and put it on rent. If you rent one, you are the temporary owner. Some of these are Windows based systems, some are Linux, and some are Free BSD or even Solaris. If the Operating System is Linux, then it is a Dedicated Linux Hosting.

Now, why would someone want a Dedicated Linux Hosting? Simple, for saving money! Cost is something which, demands special concern. Linux and almost all software on a Linux Operating System are free. And as server, Linux is more reliable than any other Operating Systems. Even most of the Super Computers, these days, have Linux as their Operating System, just because of their sheer power and versatility. If you have a windows hosting, most probably you have to pay an extra charge for it. And most probably, you will have to pay for each of the software you intend to use, unless, it is a freeware. But the windows based freeware are not that good in quality compared to Linux. So, on windows based hosting, you’ll have to pay for three things; the hosting, the Operating System and the server utility software. On a Dedicated Linux Hosting, last two are free.

Now, what about the support? On Linux, the support comes from vast majority of people. It maybe professional support service with cost or, a Linux wizard for free or, a user like you who faced the same problem or, a community support. So far, Linux has the largest support community. So, if you need any support for your Dedicated Linux Hosting, you can easily get it either free or with cost whichever way you want.

Most Dedicated Linux Hosting comes with Operating System patch and security update plan. So, even you don’t have to take the hassle to upgrade/apply patch, every time there is a new security vulnerability discovered. The hosting service will provide you this.

Cheap Dedicated Server: the Ins and Outs of Hosting Service Selection

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At this juncture I will go over the ins and outs of shared web hosting (administered and unmanaged), reseller server hosting, virtual private server packages, exclusive server hosting, and even arrangements your own sites on your own personalized servers. Stick on by!

Noticing a cheap dedicated server arrangements answer can be a harrowing experience particularly if you are brand new to this topic. Practically, hundreds of posts across the internet are being passed back and forth debating the merits of various individual-only setups services.

The bottomline is this, Finding a cheap individual-only hosting server purchase is not difficult. Here is the rule of thumb for beginners:

1. shared web hosting traditionally gives you less performance as you are Literally sharing your web hosting with many other accounts subscribers, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of them. Also, you will get less access to the technical aspects of the setups. Clearly this is a good answer for beginners.

2. reseller arrangements gives you a bit more flexibility, but ultimately all the shared accounts will be sharing resources such as CPU and Ram. You get a bit more control in that you can setup accounts and your own domain names. This is an attractive server hosting alternative for those with lower to medium trafficked sites.

3. virtual private server packages is pretty much the same as the previous options in terms of it still being a ‘shared’ answer, but it gives you far more control over your own arrangements environment, and giving you greater resources allocated solely for your needs. This is normally the step individuals pursue who do not need a full-blown individual-only server package off the bat.

4. personalized hosting is what it sounds like, you get the whole shebang, total access to your hosting machine and you are free to alter the server requirements to whatever you desire. You get better performance and flexibility.

Those previously talked about alternatives are for the most part what’s ready to website owners everywhere. It’s not always cut and dry in terms of how to choose the best packages solution. I.e. you should never base it solely on price. Reputation and years of operation of the firm are crucial points. Don’t entrust your ecommerce presence to undependable operations!

Reasons Why Webhosts are Spreading Their Customers Across Servers

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As Hosting is a 24×7 business it is mainly a tough business. Everything like servers, bandwidth etc requires to be up and running 24×7. Redundancy in everything is the only solution in such a condition. One requires duplicating everything like having multiple power sources main power, UPS, generator, having multiple bandwidth providers etc. apart from this entire 100% uptime guarantee cannot be given. It is interesting to know that this kind of redundancy is wanted by web hosts from their providers. Nonetheless, hosting all their customers on a single server is the mistake made by many small hosts.

Having one high end server and filling them with as many accounts as possible is time and again considered better. Few reasons why a single server is preferred by webhosts -

1. Maintaining a single server is much easier.

2. Cost of buying multiple servers is more when compared to buying a single server.

3. Multiple O.S. Licenses and multiple control panel installations mean multiple servers. The cost of software is reduced.

4. More datacenter space is multiple servers while collocating.

5. A higher end server is considered better where customers look at the specs of a server.

6. Well-configured server when compared to poorly configured server can take more sites.

7. As the OS architecture is better a good OS such as NetBSD would take more sites.

When a single server can do the task no one would want to take multiple servers. Just selecting the right OS and configuring it by an expert is the only thing a webhost needs to do so that he/she can live a peaceful life hosting as many sites as he/she wants, perhaps even unlimited sites on a server. All this might sound too good to be true.

Most of the time even with over a 1000 sites thing looks very good. And thus it’s been decided by spammer to pay for a year and start spamming from the server. The sites start to take ages to load and the load is never below 20. All the sites will go down at one shot if the server crashes. Supposing server goes down in the morning hours of first day of the working week and the server has say about 1555 sites, then the webhost may end up with many cancellations and 755+ support tickets. Thus single servers may possibly mean:-

- As the number of support calls increases it means higher support costs.

- As the server is catering to more sites there can be higher server load. This would result in slower sites.

- As the number of users per server is higher there are more risks. More users per server is difficult to maintain.

Total throughput of the Ethernet card is another important aspect that many hosts forget when hosting on a single server. At any instant of time a single card would always have its limitations on amount of data it can push. If many of these sites are accessed at the same time, the Ethernet card would fail to push the data quickly when multiple sites are being hosted.

Lastly, lower-end servers consume less power than high-end servers. They are also heated up more than regular servers. This over heating leads to faster hardware failure.

On a typical server “How many sites can a webhost host?” No exact number is there for this. Just how many sites per server are ideal has to be determined by every host. Factors required to be considered to reach this figure: –

- The ratio of static to dynamic html sites on the server.

- Type of O.S. and software used.

- Different packages being offered by webhosts. Higher bandwidth, more mailing lists, databases etc. would mean higher server loads.

- Maintenance of servers. Servers that are not maintained on a regular basis have lesser sites hosted.

- Place where customers are located, as a lot of sites from the same time zone would have higher usage at the same time.

The load ought to generally be lesser than 1 for a single processor server. One can see the CPU load by using the w or top command on Linux. Or merely cat /proc/loadavg . 0.5 means that only half of the CPU time is utilized whereas the load average of 1 means the entire CPU cycle is being utilized by processes. Experiments determine the right load average.

A lot of importance should be given by webhosts to the amount of RAM as well as the type of network card used by the server. While taking server one should always go for high-end Ethernet cards. The maximum throughput of data would be ensured.

Web hosts cannot replicate the setting on servers because of the demand for different O.S. and control panels. Maintaining the servers will not be a problem if a good policy is in place. Webhost are allowed to broaden their offerings to the end users in terms of the O.S. and control panels offered by multiple servers.

Only when a server crashes or when a server is hacked the biggest benefit of having multiple servers is being understood. The number of trouble tickets is reduced in such cases, as every site that is hosted by the webhost is not affected. Instead of having an angry crowd of 1555+ customers at one shot it is better to have 250 customer sites down at a time in case of hardware failure. Multiple servers also mean that the webhost can spread the name servers across the servers.

Linux Vs Windows – Which One To Pick?

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Choosing the appropriate operating system is based on the server`s function. Linux is powerful and has a versatile operating system while Windows is well-known for its easy to use operating system and versatility. Deciding the right server was certainly a trial as a decade ago, Microsoft`s Windows NT and Novell`s NetWare4 were prominently in use, but today NetWare has totally disappeared and the Linux version is found to be a good choice. Both Windows and Linux come in server and desktop editions.

Maintenance and security are one of the significant areas to comprehend the actual differences between the operating systems. Linux are commonly referred to as distributions, also known as `distros`, and are released around the same time frame using the same kernel version (operating system). Linux needs careful consideration of hardware drivers as the hardware newly released should be appropriate and this includes the motherboard as well. Linux installation should be done by people who have proper knowledge to run the operating system and its applications. Linux is stable and more secure than Windows.

On the other hand, Windows offers easy installation and runs even in default modes, besides it includes a series of drivers regardless of the hardware type and has the extensive variety of software. However it suffers with frequent security problems demanding critical patches involving rebooting. Moreover it is expensive right from the purchase price to the applications, besides ongoing maintenance is a must to keep it updated and stable.

The comparison of Linux vs. Window includes other considerations such as the price, specialized options and support. Linux has server oriented versions available with vendors and some are offered with 24/7 paid support. There are less expensive distribution versions obtainable at Mepis, Centos and Xandros and others, which are offered at a very low cost to get started, while Debian, Slackware, Mint, Mandriva, Fedora of Red Hat and Ubuntu are all free versions.

On the other side Microsoft Windows server is regular with 32 and 64 bit versions with specialized options such that it is ideal for small as well as medium sized businesses. However, the biggest hit is that Windows is buoyed up by a multi billion dollar company and is compatible with the majority of software, besides it is very easy in using and understanding that even an average user can make the best of it. Windows pricing varies dramatically based on the numbers purchased and on the yearly maintenance agreement or the licensing plan.

The significant difference in Linux version does not speak about the software quality or the drivers` availability, but the support offered. Depending upon the Linux distribution package, the user may get a quick and 24/7 paid support, and this should well suit any corporate environment. Purchasing the operating system and hardware together ensures the support for installed hardware, else it may be required researching to ensure the motherboard, network adapter, chipset and others are supported by the Linux version. The other non-Linux options include OpenSolaris and many variants of Berkley Software distribution.

Some factors to be considered when choosing a windows dedicated server

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A start up business can begin hosting its website in a shared server. But when the popularity of its shop increases naturally more traffic would flow into its websites which is mostly not supported by these shared servers. So it is always good that a growing business website move itself a dedicated server. It would really bring the power into the hands of the business as it would have an IP address of its own.


When thinking of a dedicated server two options that would come into our mind is that of the windows and Linux. Both are worldwide known companies but operate them from separate platform. Among us there would not be any who have never used a windows operating system and the windows as a brand is very much strong in our minds. This reliability or reputation is the main reason why businesses go in for a windows dedicated server. People trust in any of the windows product due to the quality that it has still maintained and is expected to continue with them. Even though windows dedicated server is much more in cost than a Linux server, it has more efficiency and supports a bigger number of applications. If a website uses ASP or .NET technology, then you should compulsorily choose a windows dedicated server as these are Microsoft applications and can work only on win web server platform. There are many applications like these which run only in a windows dedicated server.


Some of the factors that you should consider while choosing a windows dedicated server are

Reliability – The services that you get should be reliable and safe. It should be available at all time through the day for your website.
Customer service or support – the hosting company should give you the backing with a good customer support so as to ensure your data maintains its integrity
Disk space – there should sufficient space available within the server and it must be also in the expectation of the future growth of the company.

Host Unlimited Domains With Cheap Reseller Hosting

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The Cheap Reseller Hosting plans are designed for those who are resellers or for those enterprises who needs high performance for their websites. The reseller web hosting package is the most preferred option for resellers and offers you the maximum flexibility to monitor your clients alloted resources and to host multiple domains under one single account. You can all do this using the control panels provided with the respective hosting packages you choose.

The web reseller hosting packages are designed in such a way that it gives you the freedom to upgrade your plan whenever you require. All the profit of your reseller hosting business is all yours. The most important characteristics of a reseller web hosting provider is that they always remain in the background providing your end customers valuable 24 x 7 x 365 support while remaining invisible. The customers will feel that they are working only with you and nobody else is involved in this business.

Using the unique reseller panels you are able to create your own web hosting packages for your clients and decide the cost the way you like. Most of the resources are unlimited excluding diskspace and bandwidth.  You can host your multiple domains under one reseller hosting account. The Quad Core Xeon Processor with 4 GB RAM adds you a great power to enhance your website performance. In case of disasters, the hosting provider always has a mirror copy of your website data. There are two types of Reseller Packages:

Windows Reseller Hosting
Linux Reseller Hosting

The windows reseller provides you a Plesk Reseller Panel to manage all your hosting packages and 24x7x365 customer support to many server side scripts, databases and streaming support.

Whereas, with the Linux Reseller Hosting package a WHM Reseller Panel is offered to mange your hosting packages. It offers support for MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, many server side scripts and streaming support.

The Cheap reseller hosting is an ideal solution for both businesses and individuals, who wants to multiple domain hosting. Reseller hosting offers you 100% uptime for it’s network services and always ready to provide you constant and uninterrupted customer support round the clock.