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Tips to Make Your Linux VPS Work Effectively

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Every Linux VPS Server has its own limit when it comes to the system resources. It is somewhat limited to about 1GB of RAM. Clients always want their VPS (Virtual Private Servers) to be fast and much responsive as possible. Below are some quick tips to make the Linux VPS Servers work effectively.

Configuring MySQL cache sizes properly is one the common ways to expand the available RAM. If you noticed that your MySQL server instance is using too much memory, you can decrease the MYSQLcache sizes. And if its getting slower due to larger requests you can you can increase the chache size as per your needs.

One more way to increase the performance of the Linux VPS is to disable the control panels. Everyone likes to use the most popular control panels such as Cpanel & Plesk. But if you want to free your resources you should only use the control panels when necessary. You can install them again by running a small PHP script or using shell prompt. This will free up about 120MB of RAM.

Disable the unwanted features, modules and plug-ins such as Apache that are enabled in software packages. By disabling unnecessary modules or plugins will decrease the system memory that server softwares such as Apache requires, which will provide you more resources for the software that are more in need.

One of the top way to make your Linux VPS responsive is to disable the system services that are unnecessarly in use. The services which are not used not only consumes RAM and CPU space but they also make your server unsecured.

Apache server is a well-known for its role in the development of the World Wide Web and never been confusing to the clients. To free up the memory as per the needs check the memory apache is using and adjust the Startservers.

Hostgator – a Reliable Solution for Webhosting

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“If you want to be taken seriously and have continued success on the internet, it’s very important that you get your web hosting in order. Finding a great deal on web hosting with a small company with little-no reputation might seem like a good idea now – however, there are consequences to this. Having your site go down when you’re getting thousands of visitors a day is not pretty.

Hostgator is a popular webhosting company that had a lot of growth in the past 36 months. Hostgator has gone from hundreds of satisfied clients to tens of thousands today.

They have remained successful because they were basically founded for webmasters by webmasters. The founders of Hostgator understood the plight of webmasters and having to deal with constant downtime, bad service, and other annoyances that shouldn’t be part of the web hosting experience.

Fixing these problems and fixing them permanently is one of the reasons why Hostgator stays successful to this day.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Hostgator – their customer service is a key to their continued success. If you have a problem they can easily be contacted, getting you in touch with a real, friendly Hostgator customer service associate.

Hostgator also offers plenty of different plans which will tailor directly to your needs. If you want start small, go for Shared ‘Hatchling’ hosting starting at .95 a month for 50gb disk space and 200GB bandwidth.

If you’re interested in reselling webspace, you can act as an independent hosting company. Hostgators reseller rates are very competitive, check their website for their latest deals.

If your websites generate a huge amount of traffic, Hostgator has you covered there as well. Dedicated hosting starts at 4.00.

Hostgator’s downtime is nearly nonexistent. If you want to run a credible web enterprise, you can’t have your website down everyday.

Hostgator consistently gets good reviews because of the tremendous value they offer their customers. Overall, they are the company to choose when it comes to webhosting.”

Cheap Linux reseller hosting the right choice at lesser price and more security

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The increasing trend of reseller web hosting has made business firms to look out for the right kind of reseller hosting plan. Generally there are two types of web hosting Windows based and Linux based. While windows reseller hosting is a popular choice where websites are hosted on Microsoft Windows Internet Information Server, slowly and steadily Linux hosting is turning out to be a popular and cheaper alternative.

The windows server use Active Server Pages (ASP), MS SQL, Microsoft Access and Microsoft FrontPage, Linux include PHP, MY SQL, Apache Web server, Chmod file permissions etc. Although windows hosting is the preferred choice due to the fact that ASP technology offered by it is easy to use and the excellent customer support offered by it. Linux technology is catching up since it is emerging as a cheaper and safer option. Moreover Linux hosting is much better compatible with general e-commerce functionalities that are widely used by small companies.

Linux hosting is also an advantage when it comes to routine server maintenance and management. It is well understood fact that windows hosting requires more resources as compared to the Linux one. At the same time the availability of Linux on open source platform saves one from the high operating costs and the license fee required for a Windows server. Savings of about 20% in Linux hosting as compared to Windows hosting is tilting the scale towards cheap Linux reseller hosting along with the added advantage of unlimited email ids, FTP downloads, PHP, MySQL etc. The popular Linux based web hosting solutions on offer are Debian, RedHat and Slackware.

The other features that makes Linux platform a better option is its reliability and less probability of getting crashed.

Linux web hosting not only offers a quality reseller hosting package but at lesser price than windows platform. However before choosing a cheap Linux reseller hosting plan seek experts advice that will be able to guide you in achieving your goals in long run.

Linux web hosting with technically superior scripts as well as technologically sound programs is turning out to be the most sought after web hosting to give one’s company the right exposure effortlessly in a convenient and graceful manner.

There are several websites that offer affordable and dependable Linux based reseller web hosting services. The various plans offered by these companies include web spaces that are not only cheap but also offered unlimited space. These plans also include unlimited MYSSQL / MYSQL databases, unlimited bandwidths and equally unlimited download, email accounts, sound technical supports through AJAX, PERL, PHP, access to control panel and website builder and special packages for audio and video features.

The increasing use of online platforms by medium and small size companies in India have resulted in great demand for reliable and cheap web hosting services and the compatibility of Linux servers with majority of e-commerce functionalities have given a thumbs up to Linux based reseller hosting. The cheaper, reliable, safe and secure platform made available through Linux is boon to companies who want to save themselves from high operating and maintenance cost of Windows platform.

Responsibilities Played by a Best Web Hosting Company

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Most users perceive a web hosting provider as a company who offers server space,bandwidth and maximum uptime for websites.This is basically due to the lack of necessary knowledge or may be due to lack of research. Actually,there are many more responsibilities that a web hosting company needs to play on a day to day basis.And, a web host who successfully fulfills all these responsibilities is awarded as The Best Web Hosting Company.

The web hosting company that is capable of achieving customer demands plus fulfill all that is expected as a web hosting provider truly deserves to be the best webhosting company in the eyes of the customers.In return,the customers help in spreading the word of mouth via forums and web hosting review sites which further acts as a catalyst in the growth of the companies customer base and hence the profits.

As a basic expectation,a customer wants their website/s to be online and running with optimum performance so that whenever a user access it should be able to grab the information.Many responsibilities are played by a best web hosting company inorder to keep a users website up and running smoothly. Some of the basic responsibilities of a best web hosting company are listed below.

Monitoring the Servers : Most of the web hosting providers do monitor their servers round the clock,or atleast that is what that can be seen on their websites.But do they actually do it? We cannot be too sure about it. But if you observe a serious web hositng provider who aims to be the best web hosting provider,their servers are constantly monitored and so does the websites hosted on it.Usually web hosts offer server monitorin service with their Managed Web Hosting packages. This is a role played by the web host inorder to offer customer service to its users.There are various tasks such as scanning event logs, trace and rectify the issues related to the server and the website/s hosted on it.The best web hosting company monitors the servers round the clock.Such a hosting company uses complex monitoring scripts onto the servers.Incase there is a malfunction,an automatic email is immediately shooted to the respective server administration departments,who further investigate the problem takes necessary actions to rectify it with minimum waste of time.It is equally important to choose a web hosting provider who operates 24×7 as the problems can be addressed immediately without waste of time.

Software Installations : The web hosting provider is responsible for providing the necessary softwares and software licenses required for the client websites.In most cases the best web hosting provider takes care of the installation,testing,trouble shooting and the deployment of the softwares for the clients websites.

Software Updates and Security Patch uploads : The best web hosting providers often takes care of updating the softwares and installing necessary security patches.As a part of server security,the best web hosting provider would proactively install the security patches prior to the client requesting for it.

Upgrading the Hardware Components: Most of the web hosts who have earned recognition to be the best web hosting provider are often seen to offer flexibility for upgrading or downgrading the hosting packages. This is helpful from a customers point of view since,there are occassions when client websites suddenly start getting loads of traffic and the resources offfered by the web hosting package starts falling short.It is then that upgrading the package becomes crucial for websites smooth performance. Equally the upgrade process should be made simple and the customer should be moved to the new server as early as possible without facing any downtime.

Maintenance of the Hardware and Component Replacements: The hardware maintenance is usually taken care by the web hosting provider himself unless the customer has opted for Unmanaged web hosting packages.An ideal web hosting provider would replace the faulty hardware components within minutes from the time it has been reported.

Back-Up and Restoration: There are limited number of hosts that offer free backup services to its clients.They automate the process of back ups,which can be set according to user requirements.These backups can be restored on demand from the customers.A professional web hosting company also offers additional back up plans for some nominal additional charge that can be availed on request to the hosting provider.These servers are usually located away from the other servers or at different DC’s as a precautionary measure against various natural and online threats.

Secure Hardware : Since the server hardware is owned by the web hosting company,its security is their sole concern.These hardwares should be adequately protected against various threats.

The hosting providers that fulfill these criterias are usually fit for competing in the race for becoming the Best Web Hosting companies in the industry.

Linux PS3 How To

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So you wish to understand how to install Linux on your PS3, huh? Well if you do not know what Linux is, it is an operating system just like Windows. This programme is available for free online and there are various versions available to suit different wishes.

Installing linux on your PS3 could be a difficult process, if you do not know what you do. Linux For Ps3 Installer simplifies this process by offering simple step-by-step instructions, permitting installation to be completed within an hour mostly.

What you have got to do is format your drive. Before you do that its usually a good concept to backup everything on your console. That way you can easily restore the old settings if you run into Problems with the installation.

You also require a USB keyboard and mouse, because you can not go thru the Linux setup with a game controller. An ISO image burner is required for your Ubuntu Linux software. This is the only format that your PS3 recognizes. Do not worry just like the software needed you can download this online for free . Simply do a quick search on Google, and you could have many options to make a choice from.

Installing Linux on PS3 will be an easy process, once you have checked all these aspects. After you insert the DVD with Linux for beginning the installation process, what you will then have got to do is to pretty much follow the prompts of what next to do.

Now you can install Linux on your PS3 in a way that won’t void your warranty, and change it into a multitasking PC, and even have it run Microsoft Windows as an OS! What the hey does this mean? Let’s go over the main points here. First off let’s note that while you’ve got a Linux/PC running on your PS3 using the best Linux distro to date, you can download games for PS3, PC games, or other types as well… Even those old Nintendo games – remember those goodies? Download Ps3 Linux Magic and have Linux running on your PS3 fast and without headaches.

Want To Get The Best Web Hosting Plan? Learn How To Search For It!

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Do you have a web hosting plan in hand? If you have a website, you surely have purchase a web hosting plan. However, are you satisfied with the web hosting plan? If not, you should learn how to find the best web hosting plan. It is never too late for you to quit the existing plan and join a new one. As long as you are willing to work hard with the new plan, you could actually create a better website.

The first thing that you should consider when selecting the best web hosting plan is the experience of the web host. You may refer to some archive tools and see if the web hosting companies are experienced. With the archive information, you would be able to see the past of the web hosting company. If you could not find the names of those companies on the list, it is probably because the web hosting company is new to the market.

Usually, experienced web hosting companies are more reliable. As you know, the market of web hosting is full of competitors and it is difficult for poor web hosting companies to survive. Therefore, only the best web hosting companies could survive in the market for a decade or more. If you want to find the best web hosting company to work for your website, the age of it may be one of the criteria.

Another point that you could pay attention to is the Google PageRank or the Alexa Ranking. These rankings may sound meaningless to you. However, this is an indicator of the reliability of the web host. When Google or Alexa rank the website, they would pay attention to the web hosting company and include the reliability of the web hosting company into consideration. If the web host is actually small in scale, the ranking of your website would be low.

And some of the search engines actually would work in this way to ranking the websites in the results page as well. You know that there are millions of websites on the internet and many users would only pay attention to the first few pages of results page in the search engine. Therefore, finding the best web hosting company could give you a higher ranking in the search engine results page so that you could have more audience.

No doubt, you have to visit the website of those web hosting companies. If you see that the websites are not good in design, you actually would not be willing to purchase plans from it.

As you know, web hosting companies are important to help customers to create attractive websites. And if the websites of the web hosting companies are not attractive, how could they assist you to create attractive website?

Therefore, you should see if there are bugs of boring designs in the web hosting companies. If yes, the web hosting companies may not be the best web hosting company in the market so you should keep searching for the best one for your website.