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Best Linux Poker Rooms

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Online Poker Games have become quite popular all around the world and people can play these games for free and real money as well. Linux users can also play poker online and can participate in most of the online poker rooms. Although, there are no exclusive linux poker rooms but there are many options for linux users through which they enjoy playing their favorite poker games.

WINE Installation is the top choice among the linux users. This option helps players to get the windows version emulated on their computers. Most linux computers can handle the emulation quite easily and in just a few minutes, you can install Wine on your computer, download the game software and start playing your favorite online poker games.

Best Linux Poker Rooms

Poker Stars.com is our number one recommended poker room for linux users. Although, this website doesn’t offer a linux download option, but players can install wine on their computers and use the windows software. After the wine installation, you can easily install and download the game software. Also, you will find that it runs great. USA Players Are Accepted.

FullTiltPoker.com is quite popular among the professional players and its excellent game software is a great choice for the players to watch pros playing at different poker games like No Limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi Lo. USA Players are accepted and linux users can easily play poker by installing wine on their computers.

Poker.Bwin.com is another best linux poker room that offers excellent promotions and a welcome bonus of 100% up to 0. They also offer a no download option for players who want to play poker directly through their browser without installing the WINE on their computers.

Hyper-V Virtual Dedicated Server vs Dedicated Server

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Now that Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platform is becoming acceptable in the marketplace, it is worthwhile to compare Hyper-V virtual dedicated servers with traditional dedicated servers. These options differ quite significantly in terms of management limitations, connectivity and their uses.

A dedicated server is actually a physical server that you could rent from a Managed Service Provider and includes a powerful hardware with related server software, a good bandwidth connection to the internet, and IP connectivity for a remote access. A dedicated server is able to be configured and operated from the company making use of it, and it saves costs in terms of staffing, security, bandwidth and administration of the network. It is more flexible for customization than shared hosting as the client has complete control over the hardware and operating system.

Hyper-V Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) are actual software implementations of dedicated servers implemented using the powerful virtualization platform from Microsoft called Hyper-V. VDS are sometimes also referred as VPS (Virtual Private Server). This system allows the client to benefit from the features of a dedicated server, but at a far more cost effective price. In this instance a physical server is split into multiple virtual servers or virtual machines that can be configured to share the desired level of server resources.

To describe precisely what a VPS or VDS is, we refer to the Wikipedia explanation – “A virtual private server is a method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers such that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.”

For all practical purposes, the end user can treat the VDS just like a regular dedicated server. A Hyper-V Virtual Dedicated Server provides a workable solution for the client for a low monthly cost, starting under /month.

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Choosing the Best Cheap Web Hosting Company

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When it comes to choosing the best cheap web hosting company, there are a few things that you have to ask yourself. These are questions that are going to help you locate the best cheap web hosting company to use. Most of the information that you have to ask yourself is going to be related to what kind of site you looking to run. Are you looking to run a business site or a personal site? Now let’s go over a few more questions that you are going to want to ask.

First of all, you are going to want to know how much you are willing to spend on your cheap web hosting. This is, of course, going to play a major role in the company that you choose. After you find a bunch of companies that are in your price range, then you can move on to what kind of features that you need to have. For example, one of the major questions you are going to have to ask yourself is how much space do you need? Of course, do not just think about how much space you need now. Think of how much space you may need further down the road.

You are also going to want to pay attention to how much traffic you think that you are going to be getting to your site. When speaking in web hosting terms to companies, this is referred to as bandwidth. It is very important that you get bandwidth that is big enough to support all of the traffic (or internet hits) that you are expecting to get on your web page. Once you reach your limit on bandwidth, then no one will be able to get on your site. If you are running a business online, this would be a very bad thing.

To answer some of these questions, you are going to have to look at how many features you are looking to put on that web page. For example, if you are just placing game guides online, then you would not need much space, because it is just text files that you are placing online. However, if you were going to run a photo web site and have a lot of different pictures up, then you would need more web hosting. This also plays a role in if people can download stuff from your site. If people are going to be able to download from your site, then you are going to have to make sure you have enough bandwidth for them to download.

Linux Hosting Services for Quality Business Solutions

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An introduction:

First of all we have to introduce in world wide hosting services provider – Hosting24hour.com is a leading web hosting services provider in the world. We offer all kinds of affordable quality Linux hosting services in our network to grow your business and web site hosting solutions. Before choosing reliable web hosting solutions for your company web site, you have taken a look at some points and not to confuse you about hosting services.

The web pages are designed with various software platforms. This can be done using the Windows or Linux platforms, too. How can a web page, developed with the UNIX or Linux operating system platforms as UNIX / Linux based hosting. There is no great difference between these two, and we can say that Linux web hosting is an updated version of the Linux / UNIX systems.

Choosing a web hosting solutions, there is an important decision. So important that it is quite surprising, this is often overlooked or disregarded. There are two main operating systems are Linux and Windows. Now we will discuss about advantages and disadvantages of both operating systems.

Which is better Windows or Linux Web Hosting?

On the Internet there is an enormous amount of argument over which operating system is best for web hosting solutions. The web hosting servers run the web site and the server software all run on a computer program known as the operating system. If you use a personal computer chances are that you are using Windows ME, XP, NT or some other similar computer program. This is your computer’s operating system. With web hosting servers they also need an operating system, and there are essentially two different competing versions. If you want more about these hosting system and better information about web hosting solutions visit at Hosting24hour.com

Windows Hosting:

All of the first Windows; Microsoft makes an operating system mainly for servers. This operating system allows for a true integration with Microsoft products and also allows web sites to Active Server Pages. Microsoft server also allows integration with its SQL database, which is a powerful database. The downside of Microsoft’s server software is that it costs several thousand dollars for each server. Possible options include Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server and Server 2003. Additional software will be extra costs such as: firewall, remote admin programs, ASP Encrypt, ASP Mail, and many other applications needed to make your server ready for production.

Windows hosting should be used if your site is using Microsoft features. If you plan to have a website that uses databases, you will also want to use Microsoft hosting. Web sites where you can interact with your visitors or customers used Windows hosting. Visitors can easily access database and implement online chat services and so many other interactive features.

With Windows hosting, web sites can use e-commerce functions. If someone has little or no experience webmaster, they should consider Windows hosting. Linux hosting services can be a little harder to manage for someone who does not have much experience but good one in web hosting solutions. Sites that are created on the Windows servers can be difficult to convert, so that they can easily be used on a Linux server. This may be something that you want, when planning your web site or the choice between Windows and Linux hosting.

Linux hosting:

The next version of web hosting solutions is the Linux hosting services is actually a common name with quality website hosting services for a variety of operating systems. Linux was developed by a community of people who come together to jointly write, for the most part of Linux. After this largely developed and refined, other parts are in the program in order to end what the end consumer wants.

Although the Windows hosting platforms are generally reliable, but Linux hosting services have a good reputation in particular for the provision of both stable and reliable web hosting solutions. Customers with sites on a Linux hosting server can be sure that their sites are safe. Linux hosting solutions are usually also very efficient and reliable. However, Linux web hosting becomes a top reputation for able, stable, secure and reliable hosting services. If your site is like a brochure, which is online, you may want to use Linux website hosting services for your company web site. The stability of Linux comes with quality website hosting such a website is very good. Linux hosting is also compatible with e-commerce functions for small business web hosting. Select a best affordable Linux hosting solution for your business at: Hosting24hour.com.

A large number of web hosting companies market Linux hosting solutions and you might have heard of a few: Red Hat, Debian, Slack ware, etc. Linux web hosting is good that it is compatible with the popular web programming language PHP. It is also favored by some best web hosting providers in that it generally has a good safety record and is usually on average to a stable operating system.

Linux software is usually free or inexpensive; APF firewall, Apache, Send mail, BIND and much more. We recommend that you use a virus scanner such as Clam-or F-Prot and Mail Scanner. Linux servers are difficult to manage, in comparison to Windows but provide quality website hosting for your business needs. Everything is done by remote shell access (such as Dos, remember Dos!). There is no right interfaces or buttons to click on – just a huge amount of commands. Although all this console power, you have much more control over your actual server compared to Windows.

Linux Hosting Services Features:

- PHP and MySQL support

- Apache Web Server

- Mod Rewrite Support

- Chmod file permissions

Yes, what is the best? Now it depends on your business or website need. If you want the tightest security you can then Linux hosting solutions are probably for you. But it is very technical to install, and you are not many extras. What about compatibility with PHP? You can see it is much effective as your operating system is the best, but which operating system is best for what I do.

Allows easy if you need to develop your site in ASP then you can use any one web hosting company. If you develop in PHP then definitely go with best Linux hosting Provider Company like Hosting24hour. They provide cheap Linux hosting, domain hosting services, powerful reseller web hosting plans and several shared web hosting packages.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting, web or shared hosting as is known, in some cases, than the most basic form of web hosting, as the most common Linux web hosting plans come with very basic resources and the server itself, they are among many different shared hosting accounts. Our shared web hosting solutions allows you to easily start in the Linux web hosting world, since most shared web hosting packages with some affordable web hosting services and the most common web hosting accounts are the cheapest form of web hosting to at the present time.

Shared hosting can be used for the hosting of websites basic research, not much traffic, as you will notice that you do not have much space or bandwidth, the basic common web hosting plans, shared web hosting packages can also as a development environment where you can test all the new sites or applications that you have before them in the use of a live and active web hosting environment.

Shared web hosting accounts are hosted in the normally high specification servers because of the nature of the common web hosting, the server hosting shared web hosting account easy targets for hackers and other malicious attackers. Although common web hosting servers are now safer than they are used, it is not a hacker much trouble to a shared hosting server that has weak security measures in place. However, the performance of a server during a malicious attack also depends on the server load at the time, which means that if one server was to attack if they have a high burden, it would still likely crash.

Web hosting:

Web hosting account also use other services in most cases so that you the complete web hosting experience, for example, you can access your shared web hosting account with a control panel or via FTP protocol.

Web hosting account in the form of backup web hosting hosted usually in highly reliable web hosting server with several disks in RAID configuration to ensure that no data is lost when one of the server’s hard disk fails or Encounters an error. Web hosting space accounts in the form of hosting hosted in the normally high specification servers, though the software may be used, because different web hosting needs to be as easy to manage for both the web hosting provider and web hosting services, as well as for those customers who rent a web hosting provider of web space. A high specification for use with web hosting space can also ensure that customers with a respectable amount of uptime.

Virtual hosting:

Virtual hosting is usually in the form of Virtual Private Hosting Server, which is widely regarded as fill for the large price gap between web hosting reseller for those who need to host several websites and dedicated hosting server. Although, as shared and Linux reseller hosting accounts you have the physical web hosting node with other VPS hosting servers, you have access to your own dedicated reseller hosting environment with your own resources guarantees which means that you are usually allowed to install any program you want on a VPS hosting servers. Virtual Private web hosting servers are the best web hosting solution for you if you want to start your own web hosting company, or seek to host the websites you for your web design clients, this is because If you want to install your own server-side components, or if you want to install your own software, then this can easily do without impact on other web users.

For standard virtual Linux website hosting account, you will notice that your web hosting provider gave you access to the control panel for Linux virtual hosting services. The control panel with affordable web hosting services to be taken into account, because they allow web hosting providers company to manage their Linux web hosting services with ease, and even the web hosting customers to manage their cheapest web hosting plan with ease.

The Best Host provider for you(Know your idiosyncrasies)

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The search of a credible host has been the most important factor that people and businesses consider when choosing a web hosting provider. It’s not only a difficult but time consuming to look for a reliable host that will serve your business just fine. Whether you’re going for a shared host, you want to be a reseller, you’re in need of a great dedicated server or you’re low on budget; you go through similar processes in choosing them. That’s why I’ve decided to give you some pointers as to choosing a web host company that’s not only reliable, but also suitable for that you want to achieve with your website. Besthostlead.com for suitable host for your business.

Host gator, Host rocket, blue host; these hosts host along with a few other host providers are one of the most popular host companies in the world. They have distinguished themselves as been capable of controlling a very large number of websites. However the fact that they are prominent does not necessarily make them the best and also may or may not be suitable for the kind of website you want to host. Below are some very salient things you need to consider when going for a host.

I expect that you already know what kind of business you want to run on your website because that makes it a whole lot easier for you to choose a suitable web host. I’ve heard people complain of the bad services they get from some so called “Best hosts”. The reason is not necessarily because these hosts are not good but because the customers have chosen the wrong host for the wrong kind of website. For instance if you’re looking to host an e-commerce website, then you have no business whatsoever joining the bandwagon of any host that does not sync with the idiosyncrasy of your website. I once had the same problem some years ago when I wanted to create an e-commerce store. I visited hosting forums, blogs, review sites and other places to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. Even though I took the right steps by visiting all this places, what I did not do was to conduct my search based on what I wanted to achieve with my site (e-commerce). So to cut the long story short I had problems. Can you imagine being given 1 database for a shopping website? After that debacle I stop judging a web host company based on its popularity or reputation.

While going to a review site or a host forum always make sure that the fact that some clients say that they’ve not had problem with a particular host does not mean that your story will be the same. Things you need to look out for in those host information sites is the review of host companies that are similar to your website. In order to get information about a suitable website for your business go to www.besthostlead.com .

How To Choose The Best Hosting Company

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With a myriad of web hosting providers out there, how do you choose the right one for you? It can be very confusing especially if you are new to website building. A lot of the features that they talk about are like a foreign language if you are new. The objective of this article is to help clear everything up and put get you up and running with your own website as quickly as possible the the best hosting company for you.

Of course, you want your site to be up as close to one-hundred percent of the time as possible. Frequent server crashes can cost you visitors and income if you are selling anything on your site. So investigate what kind of up time the hosting company guarantees. Speaking of server crashes, another thing that can take your site down is when your bandwidth runs out. Bandwidth is basically the amount of data that flows through your site. Just about everything that occurs on your site uses up bandwidth. This can be every time someone visits your site, and any media applications like streaming audio or video. The more action on your site, the more bandwidth gets used. If you are just maintaining a text-based information site that gets very little traffic, this won’t be a much of a factor. But if your hosting package runs out of bandwidth, your site will stay down until the end of the month unless you reach them with an extra payment. And if you get a big spike in visitors or run a lot of multimedia on your site, this can get expensive so make sure you get high bandwidth hosting or better yet unlimited bandwidth hosting in your package. The best hosting company will definitely offer this.

Now if your site should go down you definitely want to be able to reach support the moment you find out about it. You don’t want to have to email in a support ticket and then wait around for a few days. The best hosting company will offer technical support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This is also a crucial factor when you are a newbie at website building because you are almost guaranteed to get stumped on something no matter how straight forward the directions were. You will need an expert there who can guide you through it.

Along with having lot of bandwidth included in your package, you want to be certain you aren’t going to run into any other hidden charges in the future. The best hosting company will let you have plenty of domains on the same host so that you can host multiple websites. You may think you are only have one website. But the one you start might not be enough and you will want to put up others or you will just get the bug and want to add more sites for fun. You also want to make sure that they provide plenty of email addresses too. Many of the newer scripts for web applications require an SQL database so you want to make sure they have plenty of those. And definitely, you want to see to it that the software that the hosting provider uses is up to date and can handle the newest applications. That’s really all there is to it for hosting on most websites. For more information on choosing the best hosting company for you and where you can get a great package at a great price, see the resource below.

Choose Wisely: Charlotte Web Hosting Company

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A Charlotte Web Hosting Company should be committed to staying above the rest when it comes to ensuring the most advantageous of performance, security and progression of a client’s online presence. Those who are seeking web hosting want a service which dynamically manages all aspects of their hosted infrastructure with an emphasis on the online benefits worthy of helping their business and its needs.

When a company is researching different web hosting companies, they should choose the one that delivers the best web tools available. Many businesses select a specific Charlotte Web Hosting Company that offers them affordable plans while also delivering top-notch assistance. Who wouldn’t want that?

Charlotte Web Hosting services usually cover the following phases:

Colocation Managed Hosting

An aerodynamic Colocation center can help a small or large business seek faster and more economically ways of effective arranging their networks.

Most Charlotte Web Hosting Companies are state-of-the-art data facilities, which offer compliant and scalable area options for all Colocation needs. These data centers have been designed with several layers of power, safety, and support.

Charlotte Web Hosting Colocation Centers Deliver

Bandwidth Cooling Security Space Power

Providing clients with their own operating system or applications is made possible due to Charlotte Web Managed Hosting solutions. Companies which specialize in business hosting require top-quality network configurations, resources, complete redundancy, and robust features.

About CODANK Charlotte Web Design

CODANK is a top Charlotte Web Design and Internet Marketing Company located in Charlotte, NC. The company is dedicated to providing a broad range of web design services. CODANK specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic Design, Online Marketing, and Web Design and Development.

For more information, visit CODANK Charlotte Web Design and Internet Marketing Company at www.codank.com

Linux Commands – Basics and Usage

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Linux Commands are virtually same from one Linux distribution or version to another. In such a way the original pros do Linux administration is to function at the Linux command line and execute Linux commands. It can be difficult for someone new to Linux to lean and understand, how to run a Linux command, in order to help them we here give some Linux tips to learn fast how to use Linux commands while working at the Linux command line prompt.

Basically there are 3 main parts for a Linux command, they are; one is the Linux command name, second is various options that can be used with a Linux command and the third is the “item(s)” that uses the Linux command to run “on”.

Now let’s go a bit detail. When you execute a Linux command, spaces are usually used between: the name of the Linux command, the command options and the item used to run the command. The mentioned “item” could be a file user, Linux directory, or may be some other Linux software components. As for example, you can run the Linux command known as rm (remove) “on” a Linux directory; this will remove the directory from the Linux file system. You type in the name of the command, and also any other parts of the command, like options, and press the Enter key to run a Linux command.

These are some Tips:  Linux commands are run at the prompt line of the Linux command and this prompt you can see as] # at the left of the command. Here you need not type in the prompt, but you type the Linux command usually at the right of the prompt.  Tips: The Linux command prompt can also appear as:] $ or even as another symbol, instead of # or $ .

Linux Command Syntax is usually very confusing. To put things more complexed, every command has slightly different Syntax. You need to know what switch or options are to be used to enter a command. This will help you to turn a common command into a much powerful tool.

It is generally felt that Linux distributions are increasing and decreasing in popularity all the time.  If you are able to learn how to use Linux by just running the GUI utilities in one simple distro, and then you can usually stop using that particular distro. There is a need to learn all the aspect of GUI utilities of the next following distro. If you are quick to learn how to use particular commands, then you can easily learn how to use usually Linux for all distros!

A new user always need to get Linux training in the first hand, one may be often confused to decide what to particularly focus on. It is better to join a computer training institution which provides an advanced course in Linux. Take the help of the instructors to understand the commands properly. If there is any doubts then clarify then and there itself. Do the practical training part in the institution and get well versed in it.