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Fully Managed Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

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Basically, a dedicated server is a single server, mostly preferred by large businesses and dedicated solely to one single client. There are many advantages of dedicated server hosting such as easily customizable, Excellent Server Uptime, 24×7 tech support, freedom on email functionality, flexible, etc.

A dedicated server is an ideal website hosting solution for large businesses or websites having huge traffic. With dedicated server, you get fast data access and your huge traffic is easily accommodated.

Dedicated server hosting package comes with the two most popular operating system, Windows and Linux. Basically, windows dedicated servers are the best platform for a newbie as well as to host your business website. The Windows Servers comes with the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 which is the Microsoft’s OS.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

You can use the Windows Server 2003 for various things; making it the perfect server operating system. The Windows Server 2003 is already installed on the windows dedicated server. With windows dedicated server hosting you have a complete freedom to customize and configure your server specs and OS respectively.

If your requirement is to host MSSQL/ASP/ASP.net webpages, then you are on the right way. Windows dedicated server is the perfect solution for you as we all know that ASP and MSSQL being microsoft products.

Addition to this, there are various advantages of a Windows Server. You can use the windows server as a web server, simply by using IIS web server. It is an application included along with the microsoft windows server installation. Another benefit, that using the windows media server application you are able to host it as a media server.

Away from these advantageous features, the windows dedicated server also supports scripting language like PHP and MySQL database server.

This windows dedicated server is solely dedicated to you without sharing the resources with any other user, due to which security of your website and server increases. As it is non-shareable, the server runs faster than the VPS with same specification. Unlike, VPS the CPU used in windows dedicated server hosting responses much quickly as it is not split in n number of VPS.

Compare to other packages like shared web hosting or VPS hosting, the windows dedicated server hosting have much more privileges to add more resources according to your requirements. Thus, if you are looking a solution for your high traffic or a complex website then, do consider a Windows Dedicated Server Hosting.

4 Key Guidelines to Locate an Ideal Web Host

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No doubt, making a web site is not a playing sort of job. However, selection of web host is even more serious decision and cannot be taken lightly. Due to presence of several web hosts in the market of various ranges, it is quite difficult for the user to select out the ideal one. For selecting the best host the user should keep several alternatives in his/her hand and user should possess a clear mind set about the expectations from the host. Next are the four guidelines which make the user’s way to select the top web host a lot easier.

1. One should take the help of search engines like Google and Yahoo through keywords like “web host.” If the user carefully analyzes the search engine output then he/she can get the precise idea of types of web hosting options available in the market. Some category of people may think that the top ranking web hosts are no doubt the best, but this is not obligatory. Proper time devotion in the analysation of search results will provide the user an ample amount of hosts for comparison.

2. One should possess the knowledge of working nature of the site. Puzzled!!!! But it is an unavoidable fact that the user should have the information about the objectives of his/her site. If the user requires a site capable of loading a huge amount of large files, then his/her search ends on a host which offers huge amounts of space. Bandwidth is another factor to consider. Another important question arises is whether the site is a personal site, or a commercial site? If the user plans to produce revenue from his/her website, than doing more investment for ample storage space and bandwidth is an advisable thing. If the user possess an intention to make the site a blog and wishes to host it with a service like TypePad, then the user should search for a web host which provides him/her the facility of domain mapping.

3. The user should have a budget in his/her mind. Knowing about the actual budget will not only help the user to make quick decision but also saves a large amount of time. In the condition when a particular web host seems to be very much expensive, then one can rightly move onto the next one without any problem. Moreover, if the user knows about the budget contained with him he/she can easily select the best option (web host) in that particular price range. As few of the web hosts proposes additional space for as compare to others who do for the same price.

4. At the end, the user should ensure that the web host support should match his/her requirement. If the user is building the web site for the first occasion, then he/she may need a host who is eager to advice on the proceedings of building new sites. Some web hosts offers several sorts of help to the inexperienced users. While several others web hosts simply let users with anything they want to do without much indulging in the work.

One of the most crucial things is that, the user should be aware about his/her expectations from the host, while searching for it. The service of search engines like Google and Yahoo makes the search a lot easier, as the user know what he/she is exploring for. It is a matter of fact that, every web host offers something outstanding than others. The user should give priority to a web host which passes in the measurement of simplicity and customer service. One should always keep in mind that severely expensive and top most ranking of the host is not the passport of satisfaction of the customer. The user should begin the journey of searching the web host with a clear, sound and informed mind because then only he/she can reach to the desired speculation.

Linux VPS – Virtual Private Servers

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Linux VPS servers are a separate, virtual server who stands with other VPS servers on one physical server. With VPS server you have root access as a result of which you yourself can manage this server. YOU are therefore entirely free software which you wish on your own VPS install server. At your VPS server you get a web interface in which you can manage these. By means of this web interface you yourself can manage several things like for example her install. At each VPS server you get Control panel direct admin with a server permit free with o.a.CentOs5.x, apache2.x, php5.x, mysql5.x, mail server. VPS servers are ideal as between a step to their own dedicated server.

Vast information

Because each Linux VPS server are own granted quantity of memory, hard disk and data movement it use of other VPS servers will exert no influence then. Because of this are you insures of own guaranteed surroundings for your applications which you leap about in this. Because each VPS server its own surroundings have had these therefore own fought melding and addressing, functions and thereby hearing performance? Moreover it is possible for at each moment at upgrading to a larger parcel. Resources therefore more need you than are possible you by doing here have simple upgrade. VPS server are therefore ideal with you measure to grow.

Free name server at Direct Admin

Linux VPS servers with Direct Admin standard with name server access are provided to 2 of our root name servers. YOU do not have therefore yourself the name servers and the setup have been this way regulated ensure that Direct Admin automatically these servers for you have update so that you none looks round there to. Because of this you have therefore a side and ready webhosting platform to your arrangement.
Pay attention to the smallest parcel VPS 256 are not really arranged to do activities a lot hosting, the other parcels have been extremely arranged for that. This parcel is perfectly for test aims.

Also to use for

But for webhosting Linux VPS server has been not only arranged because you yourself have ROOT access can you with your server much more do. Think of test surroundings for software/mail server/voice server or each other desired Linux application. Because you by means of the control panel have rebuild function is it perfectly surroundings test software. It would not probably go this way if you want can you these way re building and have you a clean installation to your arrangement.

Quality hardware

We use servers along with two Xeon CPUs and as a hardware Dell 16GB memory. By are able commitments such powerful machines we to quality offer with such lots resources. By our vast contracts with Dell and our large stock of hardware we can give very fast response on hardware problems. Because of this we can guarantee you minimum 75% of CPU irrespective of your parcel choice to strength. The up to internal memory has been coupled to the chosen parcel. All prices VAT free keep of VAT in that tariff 0 are, therefore you pay no VAT. From the above no rights can be derived. Type and presses errors reserves.

For more information visit: NQ Host

Linux Web Hosting: a Comparative View of the Web Hosting Server With Others

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Indeed, complex features, like e-commerce, database utilities and bulky dynamic pages invite different nature of web hosting requirements than a much simpler and lighter web site. Obviously small scale web masters cannot afford to surpass their budgetary constraints in order to chase technology at its latest. In the given scenario, triggers on the search for cheap and efficient web hosting services for across the board scales and sizes of websites by their respective web masters. And as the quest for cheap web hosting services assumes pace, all hopes turn to Linux web host services for obvious reasons.  

Linux web hosting, being an open source software product, is not only substantially cheaper, but also provides a lot of scope for customizations and enhancements at advanced stages. Apparently, Linux – based hosting is most popular with small scale business owners vying to make it big on World Wide Web.  

Delving deeper into the advantages of Linux hosting over windows –based hosting reveals that there are different layers of reasons that put Linux –based web host services over and above the Windows –based web host services.  

To begin with, the licensing fee for Linux hosting plan is way lower than Windows hosting that contributes to its cheaper status.  

Further, Linux web hosting servers can support much more complex nature of websites with equal ease as they sustain the simpler websites. What’s most noteworthy about it is that quality is not at all compromised in the process.

Also, a Linux hosting server is conveniently convertible to a Windows based website without any hullabaloo.  

Linux web host services are compatible with all kinds of web – based database systems, including My-SQL and MS-SQL. Likewise, all kinds of open source scripting languages like My-SQL, PHP and Perl can easily communicate with your website through Linux web hosting.  

Not to mention, the extent of security offered by Linux based web hosting services is matchless, as compared to any other hosting service.  

Given the breadth of advantages of Linux web hosting, coupled with both technology and ambitions on a rise; it is ubiquitously witnessed on a global scale that there are more companies working on the Linux hosting, than on any other web host services. Linux web hosting is an easily predictable future of all web host services, because it is safe, fast, friendly and cheap.

SEO Reseller Program – 100% White Label

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A SEO Reseller Program is a program that is open to all. Most of the SEO business is getting a prominent way for many entrepreneurial individuals on the internet. The SEO Reseller believes in making money out of every plan by bringing a valuable search enhancement campaign.

SEO Reseller program is purely 100% white label program that mainly contains all the basic aspects of Search Engine Marketing.  The vast potential and emergence of internet as a mean of earning that most of people have realized its importance that why SEO has gained so much of popularity.

So if anybody wants to make serious money then   SEO Reseller Program is the best choice of selection to get you on the internet.

A SEO Reseller program mainly benefits three parties. By opting the white label SEO reseller program one can easily offer the best SEO services with confidence and guarantee as it gives the hundred percent outcomes.

Different SEO companies are offering the SEO reseller guide which contains the detailed brochure that contains the complete knowledge and information that can assist the client about the reseller program.

These guidelines will help the client in selecting the bets SEO reseller program as well as the client will get to know about its working and benefits related to SEO Reseller. The guide explains the SEO Services, SEO packages and will assist the client in getting the information regarding the reseller program that the particular SEO Company is offering.

White label SEO Reseller has certain guideline that a SEO company should follows in order to secure the client’s interest:

•             Assign the best proposal to their clients mentioning price and signed document

•             Manages the vendor signs ups proposal and send back to us.

•             Sales and market support

•             Accommodate the SEO proposals

•             Contains information regarding the selling material for business development and provide them to the Partner.

•             Reselling information of the SEO Services at any up-price cost.

•             Creating a well bonding with the vendors

•             Create and manages the SEO Partner Management Account with the Online Project Management System.

•             provide custom weekly reporting to the reseller under Reseller’s SEO Reporting Format

•             give the client information regarding payments of bills as per bill cycle

•             provide them a sense of relief as they are under SEO Reseller Company Brand Only


All this guideline can help the clients in selecting the best   Reseller program that can administers them the latest services and packages schemes.

Basic Advantages of Linux Server Hosting and Windows Server Hosting

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When you are going to hire a hosting service to build your website for your small business then you need to know the basic things of web hosting. You are the best person to judge that what required features are and what about your budget.

Commonly, this choice to host your website depends upon the scripting language that is used in your website. If languages like PHP, MySQL, or Perl are used in your website, Linux server hosting is preferable. But if you are thinking for ASP Dot Net scripting language then your finest choice would the window hosting.

If you need some interactive facilities like chat or searchable database, Linux may not be the best choice. Also, a Linux-based web server is not fully acquiescent with Windows technologies. If you are using any Windows-centric technologies like Visual Basic, then Windows-based servers would be the required choice for you.

Advantages of Linux server hosting

1. Linux is an open source software product and thus it does not need the high licensing fees that other operating systems do; you can freely download and use it at no cost.

2. A Linux website can easily be converted to a Windows website without much hassle. Also, the website can easily be changed as the requirement of the user grows.

3. Linux web hosting is very economical as Linux is a free operating system. Usually, only the cost of distribution is borne by the host or owner.

4. When the scripting language like PHP, MySQL, or Perl etc. are required for your website then Linux server hosting is the most reliable and cost effective solution for you. Unless heavy load of scripting language, this will not be traceable.

5. There are many kinds of databases that run on Linux hosting, but the most widespread most likely among web host providers are mSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL. These databases are relational by nature, and permit vastly optimized communication with your website for rapid reclamation of data.

6. By lots of circles Linux hosting is supposed to be much securing than Windows hosting, and for that reason only Linux server hosting is also the more popular choice for web designers and programmers.

Advantages of windows server hosting

1. .NET technologies like ASP dot net VB dot net are available on this platform. If you have a website built with Microsoft .NET technologies then you will have to choose a Windows server hosting plan.

2. If you need an enterprise class database there are some different features that run on a Linux platform but if you need Microsoft’s MSSQL database, a Windows hosting plan will be your best choice.

3. Access Databases are only obtainable with a Windows server hosting plan. Access can only run on a Microsoft Windows platform and thus it is unavailable on a Linux hosting. If your site needs particularly this feature then you will have to accept windows server hosting.

4. If you are using some of the Microsoft’s Sharepoint services a Windows Hosting plan is only reliable choice for you.

5. Windows plans typically much costly because of the license costs compulsory by Microsoft.

Normally, Linux server hosting plans are at least 20% economical than windows server hosting plans. If you need not to have any unique features for your website, like cart, searchable database etc, Linux server hosting is a finest alternative for your needs.

When you are required for specific Microsoft technologies, Windows hosting plans generally will be your favorable think. But for all small business owner needs Linux hosting plans will generally perform quite well for its cost effective features.

Pros and Cons of Linux. is it Right for your Business?

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What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system, like Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or Unix. It was created as a hobby by Linus Torvalds, a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland. What most people don’t know about Linux is that its source code is available to anyone. The Linux source code is called the kernel and it is the base of the Linux operating system. Because the source code or kernel is free, it has enabled hundreds of companies and individuals to release their own operating systems based on the Linux system. These operating systems or formats are often referred to as Linux distributions.

Each distribution has its own set of features and functionality that makes it unique. While Linux is generally considered free-ware and people associate that with no cost, that is not always the case. Some distributions are available for download for free and others are available on CD or floppy disk and have a small charge associated with them. You can find a list of distributions at http://www.linux.org/ and a list of applications at http://www.Linux.org/apps/

Because if the adaptability of Linux it has been embraced and supported by a number of operating systems and software programs. For example, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and other giants of the computing world have embraced Linux and support its ongoing development and openoffice.org and Mozilla run on Linux. US retailing giant Wal-Mart began selling Linux systems back in 2002 – if Wal-Mart isn’t mainstream, nothing is.

What are the benefits of Linux?

Many people fear that Linux is going to be difficult to work with or that it will be difficult to find software that will run on Linux however Linux is a very standard operating system, compatible with just about any software you need.

Beyond being a standard operating system, Linux supports open source software which makes it a very economical operating system, especially if you program your own software. It offers many free or low cost applications which include, basic desktop applications like web browsers, email programs, word processing programs, spreadsheets, graphics programs, and file managers.

Linux can easily operate as a central server for your business. With Linux, you can serve your own web pages up for public consumption and handle your own email.

Linux doesn’t require top of the line hardware though many recommend you have at least 256 MB of RAM and at least 4 GB of space in your hard drive.

Linux is considered to be extremely stable and doesn’t need to be rebooted periodically to maintain performance levels. Think about the last time you sat at your computer and it froze. Not fun, right? That doesn’t happen with Linux if it is configured correctly.

Linux isn’t going to be replaced anytime soon and when bugs are found in the system, a developer are quickly on the job and often times a solution is offered within a matter of hours, not months or years like many other operating systems.

Linux is also fast and can handle a number of tasks at the same time.

Linux also claims to be one of the most secure operating systems isn’t plagued with the viruses that other operating systems generally deal with.

Linux is free from having to upgrade it or deal with proprietary file formats and licensing fees. You don’t have to register it due to its open source format.

You can have both Linux and windows on your computer. (You’ll have to partition them on your hard drive and you can only boot them one at a time.)

Drawbacks of Linux

There is no 1800 customer service number to call. However, most distributions offer a support number or email to call if you find a bug. They also generally come with installation instructions.

You cannot run applications for MS windows on Linux. However, there are Linux emulators or applications that enable you to run some windows applications on your Linux system. They operate like a translator. Some of these ‘translation or emulator’ products are free and others are available for a price.

Linux is not able to run some advanced financial applications or reproduce some proprietary multimedia formats.

Tips and Advice:

Choose a popular distribution has a large developer community. A large developer community means that you’ll find the programs that you need easily and you will be able to install them with the same ease. The more well-known distributions have prepared programs in ‘packages’ that are easy to install. On top of this, there are tools designed especially for a particular distribution to manage these packages to make sure that programs run correctly right away. The website Distrowatch.com maintains a comprehensive list of the most popular distributions.

Get the latest version of your chosen distribution. The newer the Linux distribution version, the better the hardware support. The number of glitches you’ll get in the installation process decreases with the newness of the version of Linux you choose.

Consider paying for your Linux distribution. It is true that you can get a full-featured Linux operating system free of charge by downloading it from any number of sources. This is an excellent alternative to an operating system like Windows, which either comes pre-loaded with a newly purchased computer (which gets figured into the cost), is bought separately or copied ‘illegally’. In most people’s experience, the popular Linux distributions are easy to install. However, if you do run into some glitch (normally hardware related), you may have a frustrating experience. Although there are a number of excellent Linux support forums out there, personalized advice on your particular problem may be hard to find.

Use an appropriate computer. if you want to use Linux to do the same things that you would with Windows XP or Mac OS X, then you’ll need the newest computer you can get your hands on. Avoiding ‘elite’ video cards and new, exotic hardware will also work in your favor because you won’t have to deal with hardware support which may be inferior to hardware support from other operating systems.

Bottom Line:

Linux is a fantastic and powerful operating system that can handle most or all of your operating needs. It is secure, fast, reliable, and generally extremely cost effective. When purchased or obtained through a reliable distributor and installed and configured correctly there are virtually no drawbacks to running Linux. Additionally, you don’t have to give up your windows if you don’t want to.

MemberSpeed Content Management software can run on any Linux Any Linux based Hosting Platform (Preferably RHEL 3 or above).

Linux VPS – Why Is It Necessary?

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Do you own some website which experiences much traffic? Is it your wish to have control over what has been installed on the server where your website resides? Let’s see what Linux VPS actually is and why is it necessary for you.

The term Linux VPS is an acronym for Linux Virtual Personal Server. It is actually a virtual server that exists virtually or logically on the server. It is meant by the term virtual that the server actually runs inside host computer’s memory. There can be many virtual servers that can run on the host computer.

The question now is that why one should use a Linux VPS. One of the major reasons for this is that you may desire to run the packages which are not yet standard for the shared hosting. Another reason for this might be that you are in search of some more scalable solution as compared to the solution that is provided by the shared hosting. Additionally you might not have reached some point where a dedicated solution is what you need or you might not be in need of the collocated hosting.

There can be some major problems that you might face while switching to Linux VPS. One of these major problems is the memory that you require. You might run short of memory. The packages, given by most of the providers of hosting, usually start from 128 MB. While this much memory is not usually enough for some average user when you are running some web server, PHP and My SQL database server. At least about 256 MB space is what you require for running a web server with the above mentioned setup in order to run it in a smooth way.

You can also add a package for the statistics and the user count. In addition to this some antivirus, a firewall and an anti-spam for your email server may also be added by you. It would be better for you if you choose an overhead in the range of 512MB to 1024 MB.

So what do you think? Whether you should go for some expensive option? Do you think if you opt for an expensive hosting option you will get the desired stable environment? Yes it could do the same but you don’t need to as if something is expensive it does not mean that it is better. It might be better for you to have some cheaper hosting. You can search for the hosting providers that can provide it for you in cheapo rates. It is only the uptime that actually matters. If you can get your desired up time from some cheaper host then you should make your choice straight away. Help desks have always been in important issue as well. You might desire some help desk that can speak your native language. So you should look for the one who fulfills the requirement. Other points can also be important for you that might be concerned to your help desk.

For more information on linux vps and cheap vps visit: NQ Host

Cheap Is Not Always Best To Choose Linux Dedicated Servers

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Every day, the Linux operating system is becoming more popular and many people are going for it as it becomes more mature. One great thing about is that it is not affected by Trojans, malware or other harms. There is no better choice for you then if you are looking for a dedicated server because Linux dedicated servers are there for you to choose from and then your web hosting woes are going to be over.

As well as being one of the worlds top server operating systems, the Linux dedicated servers have over time become very popular the world over. This is because they are far cheaper as compared to their counterparts in the market. They are also readily available and what’s more, they give you some great service. In every place and at any time, you are going to be able to find web applications for the dedicated servers from Linux.

Granted, Linux dedicated servers management can be a difficult task as compared to other counterparts in the market but then no one said that all things should come easy. What you have here is a dedicated server that is a far more mature based on a system that has gradually been improved until it has become of age. Whatever web hosting company you choose to go with that does really offer good services; you are going to find the best team of professionals who manage the server services for your website.

There are very many web hosting choices in the market and some of them are very cheap. However you should know that cheap is not always the best and therefore you just have got to find a solution that is so favorable such that you can be able to enjoy the best services ever. Your website is very important because it practically is your business and therefore it has got to be in good hands. This one does not come any better than handing it over to a team that works with Linux dedicated servers to manage it for you. Look at their experience in dedicated servers’ web hosting before you hire them. The good thing is that the market is wide and you will be spoilt for choice. Just get the best.

Increased popularity

The good thing is that as the popularity of the Linux dedicated server grows daily, more choices of professionals are emerging in the market all offering dedicated server services based on Linux. This has increased competition a big deal between the players in the industry and daily, the fees are going lower. When looking for a company to host your web for you. Consider how reputable they are. Although it is still gaining steam, more users are posting reviews about the Linux dedicated server web hosting services that we have today and therefore you will be better put to know who is the best in the field if you read the posts. Cheap Dedicated Servers.

Visit http://www.ezzi.net/ for dedicated server, dedicated servers, virtual private server hosting, cheap dedicated servers and Linux dedicated servers.

Use of Cheap Web Hosting

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Anyone cannot deny an old age saying, “One gets what he/she pays for”.

When one talks about some aspects of life, and business, there is quite strength in this statement, but not much when it comes to web hosting industry. Many a times, one will not get what he/she deserve to get or invest the money for.

For instance, there was a client paying 0.00 a month for his web hosting account.

After observing his requirements the conclusion was that there is nothing extraordinary in the features required by the client, which can be available in the basic hosting plan i.e. below .

What can be the conclusion regarding this client? It is that he is not only overburdened by the huge monthly charges but also not receiving the basic support required by him.

No doubt, an acute example, but a horrible incidence which several users needs to counter in their life span.

Many years ago, there was no trace of web hosting existed in the industry. Almost entire websites were hosted via local ISP’s. If one talk about average basis, the monthly charges for hosting a website was .00. Usually, if any user asks for any technical query to ISP, their opinion would be to purchase a book or rather go for a class to sort out the query.

It was somewhere around 1996, when few of the “web hosting” companies emerged in the market. Their commitment was strictly on to hosting websites. That time they can easily offer a hosting package around .00 a month. In addition to it, they can easily provide technical assistance to meet user’s necessities.

With the emergence of the year 2005 new type of hosting termed as cheap web hosting raised in the market providing hosting services at a very low cost of even less than .00 a month.

Normally, cheap web hosting companies are latest companies in the market. This is due to the reason that it is quite daunting for the older companies to decline their cost as they possess a huge customer base which is ready to pay higher prices. This can adversely affect their expansion which cannot be a positive deal for many of the companies.

Thus what way low priced hosting companies provide hosting packages at such a cheap rate?

One of the reasons for this is that servers, hard drive space and bandwidth are quite cheap as compared to many years ago. This is one of the triumph cards for the web hosting companies.

Other reason is that cheap hosting providers adopts diverse business structure in comparison to older companies. Certainly, Web hosting business is severely competitive. Recently, the basis of competition is the tools and features provided to the user. When one talk about this sort of strategy the major draw back is that every user doesn’t require all the features provided by the concern hosting company. Several hosting providers deliver free backup services for all their clients without any biasness. Off course, Backups are expensive, and it is not required by everyone, but every user is compelled to pay for it due to concerned package offered to them.

In contrast, low priced hosting companies might offer user the basic features that is applied by everyone, but put forward weekly backups as an available but additional feature, putting the cost of backing up restricted to those users only who really demands it.

Certainly, sweet to hear, but what when it comes to service? Will the user receive swift and proficient customer support just in the monthly charges of .00?

The reply will be, unbelievable but generally is YES.

Certainly, one cannot expect all the cheap hosting providers to deliver an outstanding service. In contract one cannot expect very good service from the hosting providers who demands large amount for their service.

Still the success of a cheap hosting provider lies in the fact that how well it can maintain the trust of customer. A hosting provider full of abilities and potential will try their level best to care their present customers.