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The importance of a good Server support

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For as little as one computer or a multiuse hardware or software combination, a server is an essential tool for many computer users, small-scale businesses, and virtually anyone who intends to maximize the potential of communicating, and handling businesses over the Internet. The server is a specially designed combination of hardware and software to give service to clients. It could be as small as a server operating system or it could be a dedicated hardware for bigger services. Ideally, it is any software or hardware that is capable of sharing a resource to one or more clients through Server support.

The qualities of a server can be closely analyzed in a personal computer but in an immensely bigger scale. It should have a faster CPU, A powerful RAM, and a large hard drive. One quality of a server that is very essential is its capacity to run almost nonstop, capable of providing services that is continuous once the server goes down, all the applications or websites that are supported or handled by that server will also go down unless there are backup servers that are capable of continuing the processes for a reliable service. The client and server relationship therefore needs Server support

Clients need Server support to get the most out of their web hosting benefits. Remember, in a server, there are a variety of tasks that could be done. Some of these are web hosting, web emails, File transfer protocol, instant messaging or chatting, online gaming, video streaming as well as audio communication, and database systems. Every process that is done in the Internet from the most basic aspects of internet usage require a Server support to guide clients about issues and problems as well as the development of the services to improve the performance of the tasks at hand.

As said above, one of the tasks of Server support is to provide web-hosting services. In web hosting, there is a multitude of intertwined aspects that are linked together to have an interactive web page or website. A website is not anymore a unidirectional dimension where a person can just read. This is not based on text only. The use of technology to connect to clients is essential and so Server support is needed. Some of these support aspects could be installing firewalls, managing email aspects, scripting, protecting the website, checking the traffic and assessing log files and fixing errors.

Of course it is not only in the Internet where Server support applies. The reliability of the hardware and all the circuitry in the physical server is essential and so Server support is a very important aspect. As discussed, a server is a system of interconnected databanks as well as computer software that run round the clock. Maintenance and troubleshooting happens every minute and this is essential so as to not let anything happen to the website processes of clients and other processes. Anything bad that happens in a server could make the clients lose their dollars and that is a big issue that has to be addressed all the time in Server support.

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SEO Reseller

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The concept of SEO reseller has come out of the term search engine optimization itself. One can say it is a kind of self explanatory word. It infers to the model of business adopted by SEO service providers in the recent times. But it should be understood that the basic principle behind SEO reseller is quite old. Delving deep into its intricacies make it clear that it is more or less the same model as is there in a franchisee based business model. In today’s time it is getting benefitted from the changing needs of businesses across the world.

The factor of internet has brought upon unbelievable changes in the business activities. One of the most essential parts of a business is presence over internet. It is just not feasible for a business to do without web visibility. However, it does not ends with visibility alone. You have to have proper online reputation management in place, lest you bear the risk of being left out of the race.

The race is that of making connect with the clients in the cost effective manner. That is why SEO process. However, delving deep into the intricacies of SEO practices we find that it is not that easy for a SEO provider to reach to every prospective client. This gives rise to the concept of SEO Reseller.

SEO reseller is a means of maximizing the sources of business for the primary service provider. There can be many ways of sharing the revenue. Based upon the agreed terms and conditions a   SEO Reseller  can work for a specific commission or a share of the deal itself. Nevertheless, this is something which can vary from case to case. But, one thing that should be very clear to the primary service provider is that a SEO Reseller is only an alternate source of getting to the client. The onus of providing quality service to the end client is that of Seo Company. If not, reseller will definitely loose the client, Seo Company too will in terms of goodwill loss and loss of revenue.

Taking a clue from the entire thought process it can very well be said that a SEO reseller is not meant to be an employee of the company. He can have numerous business interests. May be in a case or two the company can rely over the reseller up to some extent. But, a company can let the concept of   SEO Reseller replace its existing sales process only to its own peril.

However, in spite of its strategic limitations a SEO Reseller seems to be the most cost-effective mode of business acquisition for SEO companies without doing any investment in physical infrastructure.

Best 10 Web Hosting Companies

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A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting services that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own websites accessible via the world…

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Windows Vs LINUX — Rumble in the Computer

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Anyone who is uses computers today will be familiar with Windows and Linux as operating systems. Some prefer Windows because it is extremely easy to use – both hardware and software – and some prefer Linux because it is much more flexible is use; above all it is open source ware and hence it is free. Those who enjoy Linux are totally baffled as to why people would want to pay for something that you can get absolutely free.

Actually there is a simple and logical answer to this question. When the Windows was launched some 20 plus years ago, it caught like wild fire because it was all of a sudden so easy to use and so convenient to install. The best things that it maintained a constant identity – as the product of Windows, while on the other hand Linux went along under many names, such as Knoppix, Mandrake, SuSe, Windows, and so on. With each name (different companies) Linux as an operating system had slight variations. Hence, it was bothersome for people to keep track, and sometime use Linux due to this aspect.

Then comes the inherent difference between these operation systems. Technically speaking, you will find the GUI is optional in the Linux operations system while it is part and parcel of the Windows. The separation of the GUI directly affects the reliability and speed – not to mention efficiency – of a server and hence here Linux scores over the Windows.

Another major difference is in the way these operating systems handle their command prompts. While Windows uses similar command interpreters for its Windows 9x versions, the NT series have a different style but common to each other. Linux on the other hand, being a UNIX version has the capability of handling multiple command interpreters, which can be a boon, though it mostly favors Bourne Again Shell (BASH). The other interpreters that you will find in Linux are C Shell, ash, Korn shell and so on.

The best and most highlighted difference is the price tag attached to the operating systems. Windows is an expensive to say the least, operating system which comes with a copyrighted license, while Linux is free for all, easily downloadable anytime you want it. The downside here is that Linux has instruction which will tell you what to do – which may be why people are indeed reluctant to move away from Windows; though there are a few low cost Linux versions which come with automation and manuals.

Another plus in favor of Linux is the lack of any security requirement. The viruses, spy wares, malawares and what not you have it are all a product of Microsoft, for Windows. Hence, while you have to use high security firewalls with Windows, you are free from any such headaches with Linux.

Lastly, you have the difference of availability of software. The majority of the software that you find on the market are for Windows and they will not run on Linux unless Windows is somewhere configured as a subsystem which actually goes against the reason of using Linux in the first place.

Hence, till a suitable interface is found where Linux can be compatible with Windows without using Windows itself, have a few clear-cut instructions for first time users and sufficient information on its technicalities, people will prefer Windows to Linux, even if they have to pay to use it.

Linux VPS – Moving from Your Shared Hosting Plan to VPS

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If you are planning to shift to Linux VPS from the shared hosting that you are currently using, then there are a few considerations that you will have to make. Selecting a hosting provider for VPS is an important decision. There are dozens of hosting companies that offer this service today and most of them offer the same kind of bandwidth, disk space, software, guarantee and customer support. However, the quality of service offered by each would be different.  

Selecting your hosting provider

Selecting the right hosting service provider for Linux VPS is a decision that you would have to invest some time in. Quite a lot of people today are shifting to this option from shared hosting normally because shared hosting does not provide good performance or bandwidth. VPS offers good flexibility, better performance and better control of the server. The best thing for you to do is to search online for the best hosting providers and check their reviews. It is wise to go for a service provider that has some experience in the field.  

Things to remember

There are a few things that you will have to remember when you go for Linux VPS from your shared hosting. There are several things that you will have to ask the service provider so that you would be able to get the best possible services and the best possible hosting plan. Ask if the software that would be provided to you and the bandwidth would meet your requirements. The disk space should be enough for you to store the data. You should also select a company that would provide you a guarantee of 99% uptime and offer round the clock assistance and support.  

Selecting the plan

Once you evaluate all the points, you can then decide if you should continue with your shared hosting plan or move up to VPS. You can then select one of the hosting providers and select the right plan with the right operating system. If you are looking for a cheaper option, Linux would be better since you would not have to pay any additional fees for the license. The last thing for you to do would be to make a complete list of the requirements of your system and then select a plan where you would be able to get all the facilities that you need along with a solid guarantee, technical support, no contract and good features.  

Selecting a hosting plan is not an easy job since you would be required to follow a good plan of action and keep various points in mind. However, with the tips and the suggestions that have been given here, it would be easier for you to choose the right plan for Linux VPS.

Tips Of Finding The Best And Most Inexpensive Web Hosting

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If you happen to be interested in hosting your website you would of course need to find a good web hosting service. However, in case your budget is low you would then be forced into looking only for inexpensive web hosting because you would not be able to afford normal hosting rates. You do however need to determine whether the cheapest web hosting service is indeed the best option for you and so it will pay for you to delve a little deeper into the subject.

No Free Hosting

For those who do online business it is not recommended that they trust their hosting with a free hosting service because the options available will be limited such as needing to place certain ads on your site in order to pay for the expenses of hosting your website. Another downside to a free hosting plan is that you can be banned at any time which wills lays to waste all the time and effort that you have put in to promote your website.

It is far better to look at inexpensive web hosting since at least you won’t run the risk of being banned at any time. The fact of the matter is that inexpensive web hosting can often prove to be the right option – provided you are able to locate the right web hosting provider.

The first aspect to a good and inexpensive web hosting service is establishing the reliability of the hosting provider. Even if you are not paying much for your web hosting, you need to be sure that the service does not let you down as that will cost you a lot in terms of money, lost business as well as reputation and therefore you need to be sure that whichever inexpensive web hosting service you choose; it must be able to provide above ninety-nine percent uptime.

You can also safely choose an inexpensive web hosting service that assures you of quality customer support – both over the phone and via email. The service provider must be able to sort out your problems with minimum fuss and least amount of time so that you are able to derive maximum benefit from your online business.

Finally, even when it concerns inexpensive web hosting; you need to ensure that the service come with proper backup facilities that will help to ensure that your data is always safe – even when things go wrong. Finding affordable web hosting plan is another important consideration for you and besides the cost; such plan must also fit in well with your hosting requirements for it to be of any use to you.

Though not every inexpensive web hosting service comes with all the features that you need; it pays to opt for one that offers the best and most features that will help you get reliable service and at a cost that you can afford to pay.

Linux VPS – Things You Should Know About

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Linux VPS has been increasingly chosen as a hosting plan over the basic hosting services that have been available so far in the market. Shared hosting and dedicated servers are the two main options that had been available to users till now. Dedicated servers involve a large amount of investment as well as a lot of equipment. The equipment would definitely not be easy to manage and you would need a dedicated resource to handle the server for you. Shared hosting on the other hand is very easy to handle but it does not offer the same benefits as dedicated servers. VPS lies in the middle and around 90% of all websites would be able to accommodate a VPS plan in their needs. With only a few changes it is possible to optimize the server. It is quite powerful and yet does not cost as much as dedicated servers.  

Buy the right plan

Those who are planning to invest in Linux VPS should first ensure that they invest in the right plan. Do not go for a plan which has just 192 MB memory or RAM. With the system itself requiring as much as 150MB, there would not be much left for running your applications. You would need enough memory to use cPanel or WHM. These are very necessary since it would make it easier for you to manage the server.  

Security is important

Linux VPS would not be a server that is centrally managed where the hosting company would take care of server security. Security is something that you would have to think about yourself. There are quite a lot of guides and tutorials available online that you can refer to in order to make your server secure. You can also rely on experts to handle your security. The best thing to do if you are not an expert on security is to go for managed hosting rather than the unmanaged one.  

A cost effective solution

When you compare the cost of all the hosting services and compare it against the benefits that they offer, VPS would be the most cost effective solution that you would find. With dedicated server, the initial investment itself would be very high and you would have overhead for each slice of server along with RAM, the parent system overhead for managing the physical server. Shared servers would not be very expensive but again, they do not offer the same flexibility and advantages that VPS does so it might not be a good option for you.  

VPS is a customizable option, as much as a dedicated server is since it runs on its own distribution. Using root access you can do just about anything you want with your Linux VPS which is a major advantage.

What You Need to Know About Web Hosting Providers

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If you have ever before run your own website you are aware of the significance of determining the right web hosting provider. Customer care, bandwidth and also technical difficulties will not be a challenge with good web hosting providers. With website hosting the experience can never end up being entirely perfect, nonetheless a web hosting company that protects your expectations will always make it far more pleasant.

But how can you begin locating a web hosting company who matches your entire particular needs? Taking into consideration the multitude of hosting provider presently operating, the endeavor may seem daunting. But it is actually fairly easy so long as you simply stick to the subsequent guidelines.

The first step is to pick whether you ought to buy hosting or get a complimentary web hosting service. Zero cost companies aren’t all that lousy but they possess limited abilities and are also advertiser supported. For people who wish to utilize their website to its greatest ability, free services is probably best avoided. Rather, dealing with a fee-based service is suggested. But, that does not necessarily mean you pick just any old paid website.

Anytime employ a paid website hosting provider, you will need to only choose companies with a good amount of bandwidth. The majority of providers provide sufficient bandwidth to handle a substantial amount of activity and traffic with the website. You should make certain the hosting provider you choose delivers on your expectations. Or else the number one aim of your site may very well be threatened.

Is the web hosting provider recognized for being efficient when it comes to keeping up the site? It is impractical to say that a website can never go down. There’ll always be problems that occur where a site may perhaps falter and go down. The important thing will be to stay with the hosting companies that are known for remaining very efficient and not identified for being regularly off-line. You will not want to have to deal with these kind of problems when you’re creating a site. An additional issue you should take under consideration is the dependability of the service provider. Have they got a strong reputation for the maintenance of their websites? It’s unavoidable that at least every once in a while a site will crash. Search for the hosting companies who’ve the least degree of down time. The less off-line time your site suffers from, the more people can explore it. Of course, if your site is operating for company, more people equals more customers.

The availability of a tech support team is crucial. More accurately, you will want technical assistance twenty-four hours a day since you don’t anticipate whenever a issue may occur with the site. This is why constant access is important given that countless businesses are dependent on their website remaining fully operational continually in order for the business to achieve success.

Hosting that comes with domain and subdomain hosting is definitely a necessity as well. You never know when you may want to further develop the size and range of your website. Therefore, instant accessibility to the creation of subdomains is definitely a necessity. Top quality website hosting businesses will certainly deliver such subdomains and expansive web pages.

Remember that these strategies for deciding on a web hosting company are just an overview. You can include plenty of other tips to it as you wish to make certain you locate a service provider that is capable of satisfy your unique demands. The key factor when comparing web hosting providers is always that you choose one which satisfies your own specific needs.

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