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Tips and Considerations When Using a Free Web Hosting Service to Host Your Web Site

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Near are many free hosting sites state to provide hosting to your a tangled web location exclusive of charge. Habitually they impose restrictions, either cost you featuring in spell, or else swap your on the house a tangled web pages outline by displaying banners, pop-ups, or else other form of advertisement. Whilst you look pro free web hosting services from search engine, you ought to take letter with the aim of near are in addition many marketable hosting companies with the aim of advertise to offer on the house hosting services. However, habitually they go with a catch, such to the same degree expenditure an undue amount to bad buy a domain given name or else other service. They are not really on the house in point of fact. The on the house on the house hosting tips to the same degree affirmed beneath yearn for display you how to locate a superior on the house a tangled web host and the things you need to consider whilst spread pro it.

How accomplish the on the house a tangled web hosts concoct money?

The on the house a tangled web hosting companies often concoct money through other ways, such to the same degree putting pop-ups, banners or else other advertisement on your on the house a tangled web pages. Selected yearn for ask you to click on banners through their sign-up process or else featuring in control panel, or else completely make an exhibition of banners featuring in the column boss folio featuring in hopes you yearn for click their Ads. Selected create a center of attention visitors with on the house hosting services featuring in hopes you yearn for upgrade and throw away pro vanguard skin texture. Reliable on the house a tangled web hosting providers yearn for drive you emails with ads attached, or else can even be snapped up your email. One more draw near with the aim of is suitable widespread is requiring you to write down a reliable amount of “quality” stake on forum. Featuring in such a way this help them to create on the house content and therefore being able to display additional ads.

Are on the house a tangled web hosts trustworthy?

Understanding is with the aim of in the main they are a lesser amount of trustworthy, although near are still exceptions. If the on the house host is earning money from ads, banner or else other sources of takings promptly from their on the house service, so therefore additional likely they yearn for stay featuring in sphere. This in addition bases on the guess rebuff single abuse their a tangled web hosting head waiter by activities like hacking or else spam, which may well stay likely to happens to original on the house host with additional liberal policies of accepting users from anywhere. It is better to go for a very selective on the house host company which lone accepts quality sites.

Who ought to expenditure on the house a tangled web hosts?

On the house hosting is not apt pro businesses if you retain domain hosting from an ad-free host. Other reasons pro using on the house hosting websites can stay to discover the necessary skills of how to host your location, to build a individual website to display pictures to your contacts and private, to build a linking folio to one more a tangled web location of yours, or else to test original scripts on diverse a tangled web hosting environments.

How to locate superior on the house a tangled web hosting companies?

The superlative place to start with is a quality on the house a tangled web host directory – a a tangled web location which specializes featuring in citation lone on the house a tangled web hosting services. Superior directories yearn for add original in sequence and remove outdated hosts each week but near are in addition directories which almost in no way keep informed, resultant nearly everyone of their relations and data are outdated. The hindrance is on the house hosts swap habitually, it is not rare with the aim of selected completely fold up featuring in a lesser amount of than a time, making it hard to keep the on the house host directory up-to-date. Single recommended directory is “Free a tangled web Hosting” which has a detailed register of completed 600 on the house a tangled web hosting providers with ratings, user reviews, and a searchable file. The directory is updated habitually, and the vanguard on the house a tangled web hosting search has completed 40 options, serving you to locate the on the house package with diverse skin texture such to the same degree PHP, CGI, MySQL, SSI, ASP, FrontPage head waiter extensions, and even a cpanel.

Other property to locate on the house a tangled web hosts include in sequence from freebies sites, search engines, forums…And the rest. Selected ISP yearn for in addition go with on the house a tangled web hosting service.

Tips pro ruling the best free web hosting provider

Single necessary rule is not to go for a on the house hosting prepare with additional skin texture than you need, and in addition accomplish selected make inquiries ahead of to consider it if the company is receiving revenue from the on the house hosting service to preserve sphere. To the same degree mentioned previously, better try to join a additional selective on the house host if likely. Check other sites hosted near to locate banned come again? Type of ads are running, and the head waiter break the speed limit. Read the vocabulary of Service and host skin texture to concoct really your location is known sufficient bandwidth, sufficient a tangled web liberty and column size limit, and slightly scripting options you might need. Refer to the on the house hosting directories pro the reviews and ratings to the same degree commented by other users. If you accomplish not retain your own domain given name, you yearn for need a on the house URL forwarding service so you can swap your host soon whilst obligatory.

Recommended on the house a tangled web host

It is not stress-free to suggest single to the same degree diverse population retain diverse priorities and the a tangled web hosting quality can vary from spell to spell. In addition selected population poverty on the house hosting with your own purchased domain given name, and others might not stay planning to bad buy a unique domain.

Beneath are two widespread on the house a tangled web hosts, and their key skin texture.

1.GoDaddy – It is probably the biggest domain and a tangled web hosting providers featuring in US. Registration of dot com domain given name can stay to the same degree low to the same degree .99 and the domain renewal fee is in the main a lesser amount of than a time. Formerly you register a domain given name from GoDaddy you acquire 10GB of on the house a tangled web liberty. It in addition comes with a on the house location planner called Website Tonight with the aim of allow you to build a 5 folio website, a blog or else photo photograph album online exclusive of skills of HTML.

2. 50Webs – It offers 60MB a tangled web luggage compartment, ad lib bandwidth and POP3 email. You can upload your location column via a column manger or else FTP. Rebuff advertisement or else pop-ups yearn for stay revealed on your a tangled web pages. 50Webs provides on the house subdomain pro your location, or else you can turn over your own domain to it. You can expenditure it pro multiple domains and subdomains under the same hosting balance.

Six Steps to a More Secure Linux Server

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I’ve worked as a remote Linux System Administrator for quite a while, and one thing that I’ve noticed is that many “administrators” out there don’t know how to configure or secure a server properly. This article is a quick reference on some of the more important (and easy) security or configuration tweaks that any administrator should do for their server. These six steps can dramatically increase the security and stability of any Linux server. The best part about these tips, is that they are all quick and easy to do as well, with each step taking less than 15 minutes!

1.) Security Updates Not Installed
Nearly every server that I work on is not running the latest (and most secure) software. Yes, Linux is a great Operating System- but all software has security problems. Enabling the installation of automatic updates via a cron script or similar is the easiest and most foolproof way to ensure that your server isn’t compromised. There really isn’t any excuse not to install the latest security updates- older packages are saved in the package archives in case there is a stability or compatibility issue, and the updated packages are logged as they are updated.

2.) Disable root login via SSH, and password authentication
Admittedly, I’ve been guilty of this myself sometimes. Let’s face it, everyone likes being able to quickly and easily log into their servers, and change settings. However, if you’re using password authentication, what’s to keep someone else from logging into your server? In addition, you should not use password authentication on your Linux server, to prevent others from logging into your Linux server. Instead, enable RSA signed authorization keys. This is more secure, since an attacker will not be able to guess or brute force a login session with your server.

3.) Disable or filter extra services
This is the second biggest issue that I see working with new client’s servers. Often, the system administrator who setup their Linux server did not perform a necessary final step- filter incoming connections that aren’t necessary. I’ve seen everything from the daytime service running, to MySQL listening for connections on a remote IP. If a Linux administrator is not familiar with iptables, there are several tutorials out there that will show someone how to create even a basic firewall ruleset. In addition, disabling unnecessary services is a basic step in server optimization as well- why run extra services that tie up resources if they aren’t needed?

4.) Test accounts or guest accounts still active
Another glaring security issue (and an often exploited one) is that a client will still have test user accounts running (often with extremely easy passwords, such as test) once a software solution is deployed to a production server. I don’t need to go into the security ramifications with this one- make sure that you get rid of those guest or test accounts!

5.) Advertising banners left on
We all love advertising, don’t we? However, advertising to the world that the version of Apache or Sendmail that you run on your Linux server is 3 years old is not the type of attention that you want. Simply disabling the server banners will help hide your server from the basic script-dependent attackers. Besides, why help the bad guys determine what software your server is running?

6.) PHP errors or application errors
I’m pretty confident that we have all seen an error or two displayed on a website. Some errors that are displayed are not a security issue at all, for instance Javascript errors. However, some errors are security issues (PHP is particularly bad with this), because they disclose sensitive information. The easiest way around this is to disable displaying errors in PHP (or your web applications). Otherwise, an attacker may be given information about your website’s database details, or file locations.

These issues are the top 6 security issues that I see on a daily basis in my work. You can all check your server or servers for these quick issues (these tips take almost no time at all), and dramatically increase the security of your server. However, if you have any problems implementing these security steps, please feel free to contact me.

Install BFD on Windows Dedicated server Hosting

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There will always be hackers and spammers looking to bring your machine down, so it is important that your servers are fully secured and you will have the correct resources so that your server will be secured from this attack. Installing some softwares for the server security is one of the steps to keep the your server secured from the hackers and spammers who are looking for your Dedicated Servers. Also installing BFD for Brute force hack attempts will help you to secure your server. You should have APF firewall installed on your server for installing BFD as if you do not have that this will not work.

Following are some of the steps which will help you to install BFD on your Windows Dedicated servers:

1) Login to the root and cd root/downloads (where you have store your files)

2) Use the SSH command of wget as follows:

wget http://www.rfxnetworks.com/downloads/bfd-current.tar.gz

3) Use the SSH command of tar as follows:

tar –xvzf bfd-current.tar.gz

4) Use the SSH command of cd as follows:

5) Run the ./install.sh file.

6) Once this is complete, you’ll receive the following message that alerts to you a proper installation:

.: BFD installed
Install path: /usr/local/bfd
Config path: /usr/local/bfd/conf.bfd
Executable path: /usr/local/sbin/bfd

7) Now, edit the configuration file: pico /usr/local/bfd/conf.bfd

Enable brute force hack attempt alerts:


Find: EMAIL_USR=”root” CHANGE TO: EMAIL_USR=”your@yourdomain.com”

9) Save the changes: Ctrl+X then Y

10) Prevent locking yourself out!

pico -w /usr/local/bfd/ignore.hosts and add your own trusted IPs

11) Save the changes: Ctrl+X then Y

Note : BFD uses APF’ cli insert feature and as such will override any allow_hosts.rules entries users have in-place. So be sure to add your trusted ip addresses to the ignore file to prevent locking yourself out.

9. Run the program!
/usr/local/sbin/bfd -s

10. Customize your applicatoins brute force configuration
Check out the rules directory in your /usr/local/bfd

Here you’ll find all kinds of pre-made rules for popular services such as Apache, and ProFTPD w00t!
You can customize them or create new rules for enhanced brute force detection and prevent attacks If you have any clue about shell scripting.

The Difference in Professional Web Hosting

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For one, let us look at what exactly constitutes a web hosting service, and what it is, is a type of internet hosting that allows specific individuals and of course companies from all over the world to make their own website accessible through the world wide web, and of course, when you need to do this, the first thing that you need to do is to contact a web hosting company and get yourself some professional web hosting elements that you would be able to get through.

This is the first step you need to take, and the next one you need to take is really the ability to find one that is professional and the question is how to do that. Well for one, you might want to look at their client list, because this is one of the telltale signs that you have a company that has some credit among the players in the industry.

The larger their client list, the better it is, but of course, you have to take some steps to actually verify this with them or some of the clients. But of course, most of the time, professional companies will not fraud their own data, as this is detrimental to their own cause. What you can do of course is actually try and get around this fact by simply comparing their names on the many discussion points on the web, or try asking around through forums and other dialogue portals on the web, and the feedback that you should be getting back will be able to help you decide which company you are going to take.

One other way that you can do this is, is to look at factors like what kind of hardware they are packing, and the more options and the more horsepower they can give, you often the better it is. One mark of a professional company is that it is able to give the end consumer the ability to choose the kind of elements that they need, and this is really important when it comes to choosing a professional web hosting company. The more choice you have gives you the ability to tailor make your own presence online, and this of course is quite important when it comes to this.

Another thing is of course the kind of customer service that you will be getting, and if you are only offered limited service through aspects like email, then you know something is amiss. The best kind of support is the one that allows you to contact them directly through phone, and this is important when it comes to the point that you are going to be able some help when something goes wrong, especially when you are running intensive back end websites that are running plenty of data. These are some of the things that you need to look out for when looking at ways to bump up your own choices for professional web hosting for your own web presence online.

Get to Know More About the Linux Host Hobbit

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If you are thinking of availing of a virtual host plan, you can choose from a dedicated server or a shared server. While there are some website developers who go for the former, there are a lot of individuals who choose to avail of a shared hosting plan. This decision to stick to the latter is due to various reasons. The general benefit that you will be able to get from your shared host is the opportunity to get low-cost services. What is more, there are several other benefits and privileges that come with your decision to go for this type of server.

Linux – Your Cheap Alternative at The Magic Host

There are various web hosting companies who offer affordable hosting plans to their clients with free setup services. One of these companies is The Magic Host, which provides operating systems like Oracle, Solaris, Linux, and Windows. Among these O.S., Linux offers cheaper alternatives. There are four Linux host plans, which are:

• Linux Host-Dwarf – which has 200GB bandwidth, and 50GB disk space, along with free domain name and setup

• Linux Host-Hobbit – 2,000GB bandwidth and 200GB disk space, along with free domain name and setup

• Linux Host-Elven – 3,000GB bandwidth and 300GB disk space, along with free domain name and setup

• Linux Host Wizard – 400GB disk space and 4,000GB bandwidth

You are not obligated to pay for set-up fees when you choose these hosting plans. Within a span of thirty days, you are allowed to get your money back if you are not contented with the services of The Magic Host.

The Magic Host – Offering You Free Setup Services and Cheap Hosting Prices

The Magic Host offers budget host plans. This type of plan is very appropriate for you when you are tied to the long terms of the previous plans of your hosting provider. If there are some terms which you are tired of, you can choose another hosting company to buy out these terms. Or else, you can also buy terms from other web hosting providers. Other than providing you the privilege to buy out other terms, you can also avail of the following from The Magic Host:

• Host your website without setup fees.

• Host your multiple websites, if you have more than one site. This service is offered without costing you.

• You can choose from various reseller terms and privileges at low prices.

When you go for the Linux Host Hobbit, there are various package features offered to you. The first is your private disk space which consists of 200GB. On the other hand, the bandwidth of the Hobbit for each month is 2,000GB. Your disk space and bandwidth are upgradeable according to your requirements. This Linux hosting plan is also comprised of triple backup. This means that your hosting provider stores data for you without asking for charges. Its multiple websites and databases are unlimited; as with its sub domains and its FTP accounts. You can avail of a free domain name throughout the whole term of your plan because you’re the registrant. Since the host plans of Linux has lesser number of accounts with a maximum number of 150 accounts, your server control is less complicated.

Linux is a cheap host which offers you reseller privileges. The first is a dedicated IP, followed by a private nameserver. There is also a WHM for the cPanel, and a WHMCS ticket and billing system. This reseller host (new) also has a rapid SSL or WildCard. You can avail of a customized design for your website. Another privilege that you can get from your Linux Host Hobbit is the submission of article or directory. You can also get an account as a Directi Reseller, along with a Directi Live Chat. What is more, you are offered with RV Skin. If you want to purchase more domains, you can do so for .49 per year. When you want an affiliate program, you will get a 0 signup bonus.

Linux replace Windows in the data center

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source from:http://laptop-battery-wholesale.com/blog/

Linux Foundation recently published a survey of 1,948 users found that, Windows replace Unix as the preferred operating system,the course is now being used by Linux again.

Linux in the data center as fast as the performance and Windows – both of which are the fastest growing data center operating system, because the price is usually high because of Unix. Conducted by the Linux Foundation’s latest survey found that, at least in the middle of a large Linux users, Linux same price as expensive Windows appeared to grow rapidly.

But Linux is difficult to depict the position in the data center the exact picture.Because no company owns it, and various Linux versions are available for free download, can not track the number of download or installation. Linux Foundation can only resort to some well-known Linux users, industrial users such as its subordinate members of the Committee, and chosen by the Yoeman Technology Group, out of more than 1,900 companies and government Linux users.

In the past decade, Linux’s growth is mostly due to a lot of users from sun’s Solaris,IBM,AIX,HP-UX and other Unix system migration with the rules. The latest survey found that the “migration from Windows to Linux is beyond the number of migration comes from a number of Unix,” the report said the number of migrating from Windows accounted for 37%, while the migration from a variety of Unix versions of the number of accounts 31%.

Reported that 76% of respondents in the next 12 months to add more Linux servers, with this comparison, only 41% of enterprises plan to increase the Windows server. In the next five years, will accelerate this trend: 79.4% of the enterprises plan to add more Linux servers; only 21% of companies plan to add a Windows server. 44% of companies said they plan to maintain the existing number of Windows servers, or in the next 12 months to gradually reduce the number.

In addition, 66% of respondents said they currently deploy Linux to deploy new servers mainly, but not replace the existing system, which indicates that deployment of new applications, Linux leader.”This is not to seize market share in the development of Linux platform for future development is the best proof,” Yeoman Technology Group’s report said.

In the survey, Linux is changing workloads, 60% of the respondents said that from the past, they are to Linux “for more mission-critical workloads.”

Although the cost is still an important factor in the adoption of Linux, but the survey respondents generally agreed that safety and technical advantages of Linux has become the primary consideration of their choice. A primary consideration in completing the time, 68% of respondents believe that a technical advantage, 65% of companies considered to be TCO, 64% is considered safe.In asking whether the economic downturn is to promote the organization’s reasons for the adoption of Linux, 40% of companies considered, 59% of the enterprises that are not.

“Training employees to use Linux has proved cheaper than buying the software’s multi-patent licensing,” a cost-sensitive of the respondents that commented. But some people say, “Our strategy has been to prefer Linux. Economic recession will not change this strategy.”

Linux kernel will continue to Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton, under the leadership of the Linux open source projects continue to develop, and most significantly for the future development of user confidence in the progress: 86.5% of respondents believe that Linux will continue to be performance improved.

Only 26% of respondents expected to be involved in the next 12 months, cloud computing, but in these respondents, 70% said they would be the preferred Linux cloud operating system.

36% said they are using desktop Linux, which is somewhat surprising, because many companies are only allowed to deploy Linux in a small area, and less willing to large-scale deployment. Linux is usually the developer’s desktop. Report, “few companies to deploy more than 400 Linux desktops, but said they are implementing an enterprise deployment of 8,000 desktops goal.”

Only 13% of respondents to the Linux source code has a positive contribution, but 38% said they have been tested for the source code available, and submitted a bug report.


source from:http://laptop-battery-wholesale.com/blog/



Are Ventrilo Servers Right for You?

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If you’re interested in competing in the world of online gaming, one of the things you should remember is that good communication is a winner. Ventrilo, one of the most feature filled VoIP applications, is common in online gaming. It could improve your odds of a win next time you enter a game. Group communication is vital to defeating the other team, conquering the next dungeon, or taking down the next boss.

It’s been shown that if you communicate effectively, you’ll be more competitive, both online and offline. Ventrilo servers can be used by almost any group that needs to communicate; both young and old will reap the benefits. While it was originally intended for gamers, Ventrilo has been effectively used to finish group projects and communicate important business matters. No one should ignore the benefits that Ventrilo servers have to offer.

You can use Ventrilo with a microphone and speakers. However, you should be aware that quality will improve if you have a proper headset. While this might not seem like an expenditure you want to make at first, you’ll be glad you decided to invest in one when you experience the clearer sound and better microphone pickup they can offer. There’s no more dealing with words being garbled and lost, as may happen on lower quality microphones.

Remember that latency isn’t everything. It’s important to play on a network that has the lowest level of packet loss, instead. When you’re looking for a game server or Ventrilo servers, look carefully at the network that you’re thinking about. Your sound and game play will improve if you’re a higher quality server.

If you’ve never used Ventrilo before, you’ll find the process relatively easy. All you have to do is visit the website and download client software to get started. Mac and Windows versions are available. The step by step installation program will get Ventrilo up and working on your computer. Then, just launch the program and create your preferred user name. Make sure your headset and microphone are on and positioned where you want them, and that the volume is comfortable.

Once your end is set up, it’s time to connect to the Ventrilo server. Enter the server’s IP address (given to you by the owner of the server), as well as the port number. Then, just connect to the server. If you have trouble, you may need to check out the help section or contact your server provider. Some providers will even troubleshoot servers they don’t host!

Once you’ve managed to log into the server, clicking the setup button will allow you to configure your session. You can adjust sound settings, or set up the “push to talk” feature, which allows you to set up a key on your keyboard to turn recording on and off.

Ventrilo servers could be the thing your team needs to really be competitive in your favorite game. Check out your options and see how this great VoIP application could make your gaming a lot more effective.

Advantages of a Dedicated Windows and Linux Server Hosting

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If you are relatively new to the world of the Internet, you may wonder at the price difference between a shared Web hosting service and a dedicated Windows and Linux web hosting service. These days, many websites opt for shared Web hosting. The reason for this is simple. Shared Web hosting services are generally very cost-effective. But it is important to know why a dedicated hosting service is more expensive.

What are the advantages of a dedicated Windows and Linux server?

Shared Web hosting services are inexpensive because they make use of a single physical server to host more than a thousand web sites. Since the resources of a single server are shared between all the websites hosted on the server, the cost factor comes down. However, certain other factors like performance, reliability, disk space, bandwidth and security may also be compromised. Shared Web hosting services are recommended for those people who have minimal Web needs. Individuals and very small business enterprises can consider making use of shared Web hosting services.

In a dedicated server, your web site rests entirely on a single server. All the resources of the Web server work to keep your web site in good running condition. You will be leasing pre-configured, state-of-the-art equipment. Unlike virtual servers where a particular technology is used to share the Web server in such a way that each website seems like it has its own virtual server, in the case of a dedicated server, your web site actually has a Web server servicing it. Some dedicated hosting solutions also allow for hosting multiple sites on a single machine. In such a case, a world-class network connection is used so that continual network monitoring is possible to ensure the availability of the website.

In case you need custom software or require greater server control, then a dedicated hosting service is highly recommended. A dedicated Windows and Linux server allows you to have complete control over your web server. You can pick the operating system of your choice, configure it, individualize settings and customize it to answer all your e-commerce needs.

Users with high end Web needs will be happy with the performance of dedicated servers since these can easily accommodate the deployment of complex applications, streaming media and high end e-mail solutions. Dedicated servers are highly recommended for those people who have some degree of knowledge in Web technologies. Advanced users can select specific features such as CPU speed, hardware competence and other requirements. This maximizes your ROI since you only need to make use of those resources that your web site needs.

A Low Power Modern Linux Desktop With Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox Edition

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One huge advantage of Linux is it’s flexibility.  Different pieces of open source software can be put together in order to make it work on certain types of hardware.  One graphical user interface that is good for older hardware is Fluxbox.  It uses so little resources that even a machine that is nearly 10 years old can run it well.  The problem is that very few distributions actually have a Fluxbox edition.  Linux Mint 8 has now come out with their Fluxbox edition meaning it’s one of the most modern and up to date versions of Linux that is using Fluxbox.

Linux Mint is a distribution that is based on Ubuntu.  There are a few differences.  First, it looks better than Ubuntu.  Instead of the brown and orange colors, it uses greens and blacks to create a pretty slick looking desktop.  It also comes with proprietary plugins already installed like Flash and Java as well as the codex that you will need to play certain music formats on your computer.  While you can install these manually with Ubuntu, Mint has it done when you install the distribution.

Fluxbox can be added onto any Linux distribution.  The problem is that you will have to configure it to work well.  While this can be done by expert users, newer users have a hard time knowing all the pieces that you will need to make it work properly.  Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox has all this already done for you setting it up so that everything works that way you need it to.

While it is made for older hardware, you might not be a huge fan of interfaces like Gnome and KDE.  Fluxbox and XFCE are some popular alternatives to these.  The advantage of Fluxbox is that it’s so simple that it doesn’t get in the way like other interfaces tend to do.  You can use this edition even on a high power machine if that is something you want.

Something About Niche Hosting

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One cannot deny the fact that, the reach of internet is vast and through out the world and when it comes to marketing scenario the customer is consider being ultimate. He/she is an individual who comes to the market with well defined objectives and requirements. Thus it is a challenge for a hosting provider to aim customer’s well defined objectives. Web host needs to move straight forwards with the certain strategy focusing on the futures such as price, uptime, reliability, support etc.

A few time ago there was a research conducted about the selling aspect of the hosting industry. Can a low priced host perform well? How nice it will be if a low priced host will propose features like maximum bandwidth and disk space. At the end the conclusion was that the largest host would be the low priced host with the maximum bandwidth and disk space, with an outstanding support and placing advertisements all over the client’s site. It can be useful for several people, but the Return of Investment (ROI) may consume the entire life-time of a person.

The web hosting industry contains majority of SMEs. For them large investments in marketing may not provide results as per expectations. Still one can find several web hosts in the market who have flourished themselves from a mere reseller hosting system to a thousand servers within a little spare of time. It is quite surprising that the number of hosts selling at low price was zero. They had done nothing but created a niche market for their purpose.

One web host concentrated merely on resellers and termed it as private label reseller programs. They gave out additional amount of disk space and bandwidth and demanded for additional charge. Their merits – slighter customers, advanced cash turnover and comparatively smaller support requests as the resellers takes care of their own customers. Another web host concentrated merely on webmasters. In fact, Webmasters usually possess more than one site. Hosting cannot be considered their main business and they demand a reasonable solution. In addition to it, the majority of webmasters have the technical knowledge and in comparison they require a community where interaction with other webmasters is possible.

Everyone knows that in a little span of time identical things take the place in market and adopts the standardization of industry. This is again test the way to effectively control the market by the host. They can take the step to concentrate on merely on certain services of hosting. For instance, email only hosting. This can be very helpful for the people for whom email is highly decisive. The user may go for the emails on another server which is totally dedicated to emails only. Thus, if by chance the prime site faces downtime, they still have an alternative route to get the mails. One can take backup hosting as another suitable example. At this juncture, the web host would backup the whole information related to a site in a frequent period of time.

Web hosting provider can also concentrate on definite languages and software which are very well-liked. There is not majority of hosts offering Java Servlets, Postgresql, and Zope. If one takes the example of only Zope hosting then it definitely escort all the Zope developers to apply and as well as propose the Zope community a web hosting provider who is specialized in field of Zope hosting.

Everyone knows that price of broadband had declined by the time, it also created a ray of optimism in the mind of web hosts that due to this the market of application hosting also gets popularity. One can find new market of large and small corporate who never thinks badly in keeping their data in secure networks. All requires is to log into their servers and access their data from any part of the globe. They search for the applications like Compiere or rather a groupware where user can easily access, share and pile up the data online. If there will be a requirement for paying premium for such services the Corporate would never mind. But, web hosts have to promise protection and dependability in such situations.

Merging some of the additional features in the offered package will definitely attract the customers to that hosting provider. It can include few of the software’s also.

One can put forward hosting services along with a post nuke, gallery and phpBB forum all packaged into one. Due to this the customer will receive both opportunity and time to concentrate on what he/she requires to do instead of wasting time on thinking the way to implement a CMS system or picture gallery.

There are many sites offering software such as ikonboard, eZpublish, phpShop, Zope, A-Cart etc along with their hosting package. After selecting the ideal one as per requirement user can create scripts to automate the process of installation. Thus, one can save the time wasting on ordering new things.

At the end, user needs not to take any step like investing a huge amount of money for the purpose of advertising with search engines or rather with web hosting directories. All requires is to advertise on the elected software’s home page and remain present on their forums/mailing lists to assist the client.