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What Is A Virtual Private Server

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A virtual private server is a dedicated or a full server divided into many. If a full server has 8gb of ram and if its divided into 8 each virtual private server will have around 1gb ram (Do note that the virtual private server will not have the full 1 gb ram as some memory is required for the partionining software).

A virtual private server costs more than a shared hosting but costs lesser than a dedicated server. Virtual private servers sold by vendors can be classified into two types managed, unmanaged. When You buy a managed server whatever configuration changes and os reinstalls will be done by the vendor. With unmamanaged servers, You are responsible for all changes. If You are new to virtual private servers I strongly recommend choosing a managed service. The cost difference is not really significant and will save You time and effort when something is required.

Usually a virtual private server has a control panel like cpanel which help managing the server easily. This usually costs extra and makes the job of managing servers a breeze.

A virtual private server is a dedicated or a full server divided into many. If a full server has 8gb of ram and if its divided into 8 each virtual private server will have around 1gb ram (Do note that the virtual private server will not have the full 1 gb ram as some memory is required for the partionining software).

A virtual private server costs more than a shared hosting but costs lesser than a dedicated server. Virtual private servers sold by vendors can be classified into two types managed, unmanaged. When You buy a managed server whatever configuration changes and os reinstalls will be done by the vendor. With unmamanaged servers, You are responsible for all changes. If You are new to virtual private servers I strongly recommend choosing a managed service. The cost difference is not really significant and will save You time and effort when something is required.

Usually a virtual private server has a control panel like cpanel which help managing the server easily. This usually costs extra and makes the job of managing servers a breeze.

HCL Ezeebee MAX 4991 Desktop Computers

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HCL computers are the most striking and distinct computer models. Power packed and marvellous in looks, the HCL desktop computers have always been the most preferred choice of computer users.

The HCL desktop computers are quite famous for their economical price and long lasting performance. Just going by their features, you will get to know that these desktop computers are a big retreat for perfection seekers. Standing one among the HCL machines, we have the HCL Ezeebee MAX 4991 that takes into use the Novel for the Linux desktop 9.

Further, it has been incorporated with Intel 945G chipset based system which is coupled by fabulous support Intel Pentium 4 processor. The memory taken into use by this machine is DDR2 RAM where as the central processing system is Intel Pentium D 3.20 GHz. further to save tremendous of data in this machine, it has got the support of Seagate Barracuda ST380817AS hard disk drive. Intel Integrated 82801GB ICH7 and UltraATA-133 is again counted as its successful pillars on which it has managed to deliver satisfactory performance very time when it is has been switched on.

The system is easily accessible as it incorporates 4 GB USB ports. For added convenience, the users are offered with RAM of 512MB along with 1.02 motherboard. The HCL Ezeebee MAX 4991 has been priced low and due to which it has become a favourable choice of many demanding users. The keyboard consists of 104 keys with 14 buttons for internet wherein the internet buttons are often replaced with multimedia PS. Users can also wish to avail 3 button optical USB mouse whereas the monitor comes along the machine boast of 17 inches CRT.

This system has been empowered with high definition audio supports sic channel output, which is coupled by realtek ALC662. Considering the best part is the availability of 2.0 Altec Lansing speakers that is something to end the buyers hunt on it. Discovering this HCL desktop computer priced the lowest in HCL desktop price list, this system is set quite exciting and economical.

To keep the users at complete peace of mind, this comes along with one-year onsite national warranty that can be further bargained at online sites. Costing just few thousands, this system will not burn a hole in your pocket and will surely be a smart pick on your part.

You can compare and buy HCL Ezeebee MAX 4991 price on popular shopping portal Naaptol.

The Top Ten Reasons for Learning Linux, Number 10 a Potpourri of Reasons

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And we now complete our series comparing Linux to Windows. This article lists and briefly describes several additional advantages of Linux. We would not be surprised if Linux buffs come up with still other advantages that are not mentioned here.

When you seriously get into Linux you become a member of a special community. Whenever you have a Linux problem you can go to an on-line forum. It usually isn’t very long before someone has the answer.

You have full access to the complete Linux operating system. You can learn how things actually work. If you enjoy working with some relatively sophisticated, mathematical issues Linux is for you. And remember, what seems to be geeky and oh-so theoretical can have very practical applications.

Plenty of jobs are available to Linux specialists, especially if they are skilled in other LAMP components (the web server Apache, the database management system MySQL, and the web programming language PHP) discussed in previous articles. Don’t fool yourself, you can’t get a job just by reading these advantages and running all the tutorials. But as the Chinese saying goes; a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and this step is a big one.

Linux is international. Among the government organizations that have switched to Linux are the German Agency for Labor, the French Ministry for Education, the American Library of Congress, the Portuguese Ministry of Justice, the Swedish Armed Forces, the Municipal Government of Berlin and Munich, Germany, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the New Zealand Ministry of Health, the United States Postal Service, the Federal Government of Brazil, Mexico City, the American National Security Agency which is developing its own security enhancements to Linux, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria, the United States Navy, and the Northern Territory of Australia. The list goes on.

Last, but not least you can have enjoy yourself with Linux. I’m not really talking about the games that come with Damn Small Linux or those that you can download. Linux offers different ways of doing things than does Microsoft Windows. You may like the Linux way of doing things and you may not. If you don’t like the Linux way, go back to Windows. You won’t be alone. But if you do like it, keep up the good work. Just remember, the sky is the limit even if you start with a 50 Megabyte version such as Damn Small Linux.

Tips For Linux Virtual Machines – System Admin

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Tips For Linux Virtual Machines – System Admin

As grasp in the Java Developers community, Java is a platform independent object oriented language which runs on each platform. That is why it’s very said for Java that “Compile once, run anywhere” language.

The Linux su command gets its name from the word superuser. The su command is run in a Linux terminal emulation window to log during and work because the root user, following logging in to a Linux desktop because a “regular” (non-root) user. Never log during to a Linux desktop as the root user.

LUGs give training and technical support and is going to help fresh users with operating system installations. They are also also pivotal in establishing the internet communities that incorporate widespread chatrooms and newsgroup usage. In addition there are also a number of specialist the internet and traditional print publications devoted entirely to Linux secrets, allowing users to keep up to date with every one the newes developments.

Two recent Linux news items are price noting. First, the mobile phone industry is strongly embracing Linux. When we determine Motorola, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone band together to standardize Linux for handies, we know the Linux pathogen has reached a crossroads from where it is able to infect the population at wide. Since the cell telephone business is highly keen, with margins thinner than Kate Moss, such a cable is interesting — because is any time competitors band along.

These commands is going to clear your screen. Really helpful if you’ve done numerous index lists and are also confused by the output on your screen. Simply kind transparent and regarding-execute your index listing command.

The philosophy behind Linux suggests that advocates promote the operating system and is going to as well warmly embrace any applications that is able to be used in conjunction with it. Anyone who gives a reliable fast messaging service throughout the Linux platform is able to be convinced that the news will quickly spread and be widely adopted.

Overview On Cheap Web Hosting ? Something That You Should Read

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Are you interested in employing a cheap web hosting plan to assist your work in the internet world? Everyone needs a web hosting plan in order to establish the website on the internet. In recent years, more and more companies are established on the internet to provide the web hosting services. On the other hand, more and more people are trying to establish a website on the internet both for personal purpose or business purposes. Therefore, cheap web hosting plans are possible.


This kind of web hosting plan will give the users a valuable chance to use the web hosting services at a low cost. For individuals or small businesses, money may be a focus when they are looking for the web hosting plans. Therefore, they will try to search for the useful information about the cheap plans and employ the cheap plans so as to save more money.


No doubt, cheap plans will probably be the future trend among the small business world. More cheap plans will be provided, and you have to understand how to choose the good cheap plans if you do want to hire one. As mentioned above, more and more people are trying to provide the cheap plans so some bad guys will try to provide poor services of cheap plans. This will disappoint many users and make them fear of the cheap plans.


For the cheap web hosting plans, the quality of customer service will be important. You may not have a lot of comprehensive tools in the website establishment process. However, the customer support can provide you a suitable set of solution to the problems. You can work well with the web hosts if you think that the web hosts can give you good guides in the services provided.


In fact, reliable web hosts should also give you money-back guarantee. As you know, you may not find that the cheap plans are good enough for your business website or personal website. Therefore, the provision of money-back guarantee will allow you to use the service and try to see whether the service fits you.


If can be a bit complicated for you to find the suitable web host. There are many of the web hosts in the world nowadays. Therefore, you should visit some forums and chat with other web hosting service buyers. They can give you a list of reliable cheap plans from famous web hosts. As mentioned above, cheap plans will be the trend in the future, so you can start with this kind of plan before you purchase those expensive plans.


To conclude, cheap plans about web hosting can be reliable and you should not think that cheap means poor service. If you can get rid of this kind of misunderstanding, you can surely employ suitable plans for your own business website or for your own personal website.

How to choose the best hosting company

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There are thousands of web hosting companies available in the market.They offer different types of plans and different prices. It can be hard to choose, especially if you are completely new to web hosting.

You have a lot of choices in the web hosting market and it can be very confusing to find one that meets your needs and your budget.

Usually, fast, reliable, web hosting at an affordable price with secure servers, and 24/7 technical support is what a customer really needs.

If you are a beginner in the Internet sphere look for the Hosting company with a simple, easy to follow site that help users to choose the best web hosting plan most suitable for a small site or for a large e-commerce website.

We would recommend you to choose a company with at least 5 years of professional experience in the IT industry,
a constantly-growing portfolio of web hosting services.Find the information about the history and partnerships of the company.

Before making a big decision read what the customers say about the level of professionalism of the company you are going to be with.

A reliable hosting company that provides the customers with an outstanding service receive different prestigious awards for their quality service, features and support to an incredible price.

If you decide to cancel your account at anytime the hosting company should refund you for the remainder of your term.

It’s extremely important to be able to reach the hosting company if your website begins experiencing problems.Choose a hosting company with a support team that will help you every step of the way 24×7 via phone, email and online chat.

The best hosting services will offer uptime of over 99%. They keep all servers up all the time.

Many hosting companies offer a variety of tools to help you create and edit a first-class website. These tools will help you build a real masterpiece.

On Internet market you can find hosting companies that provide a complete web hosting solution to business owners and individuals who desires full functionality on a small budget.But don’t choose only by price, select a Quality web host on Top 5 webhosting!

Determine exactly what you need and then use www.hostingnweb.com to find the right web hosting company and a plan that matches your needs.

Why Should You Prefer Linux Dedicated Servers?

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Dedicated server is the requirement of many businesses and companies. It is compulsory for the owners to look for the right trend and choose a perfect web host for giving you cheap dedicated servers. Being very frank, there are many less people preferring to Windows servers. Linux Dedicated Servers are widely accepted amongst people and you will find that most of the companies offer them and also, there are many clients who like these servers only. The main reason is stability of Linux OS. Linux provides a stable kind of attribute, which is not provided by other operating systems. The other OS related systems, like Windows based OS is that they need a reboot after a certain period of time. It also requires much different kind of things like management, de fragmentation and other applications. However, Linux dedicated servers do not need any such things and it continues operations in an easy manner. Moreover, Linux is easily accessible and provides security too. SSH program makes it simple for user for accessing the home folder and making alterations for any hosting plan.
If you are interested to get reliability, trust, flexibility and user friendliness, Linux dedicated servers are the best for your requirement. It is not easy to find a right server because you first have to seek for a good company. Cheap does not mean that there has to be a compromise made on quality, but it means that some companies provide cheap dedicated servers for websites, which give cost effective and affordable services to clients.

You first need to be sure about your requirements. Pen down your needs and then determine whether the cheap plan is going to suit you or not. You can make research on Internet and seek for different forums to get the right information about cheap dedicated servers. Linux dedicated servers will have some important features like:

# Support for protocols: The ultimate step for creation of any web page is to get the code written, execute it and then check its working. If any error occurs, you will be required to begin the work by initiating a protocol. You need a supported version of protocol or your web host needs to upgrade package.

# User friendliness and easy accessibility: You need to check whether the cheap dedicated servers give you access through FTP or SSH. Mainly, the dedicated servers need to have some kind of remote panel given by default with them.

# Latest and new standards: The creation of effectual web page or getting a server will make it ready to install Linux distribution on server. The server should be kept up to date and you can check with customer care regarding the similar issues.
It might appear attractive, but it is a tough option for choosing a Linux dedicated server and getting it managed by a web host. It is not easy to select a right company, but you need to make smart work and select the company giving you best solutions

Visit http://www.ezzi.net/ for dedicated server, dedicated servers, virtual private server hosting, cheap dedicated servers and Linux dedicated servers.

Cheap Web Site Hosting: Avail It To Grow Your Small Scale Business

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If you own a small or a mid-sized business, it is advisable to build an e-commerce website. An e-commerce website would help you target a large number of audiences and inform them about your products or services in a quick and cost-effective manner. By following Internet marketing techniques like search engine optimisation, you can ensure that your e-commerce website generates good sales leads.

You must be thinking if you can afford to build an e-commerce website or not. Well, there are several cheap website hosting companies in India that help small businesses in hosting their sites. They offer complete web hosting services like cheap website domain registration, shared web hosting India, as well as, dedicated web hosting, unlimited bandwidth space, and uptime server support at cheap rates. So, you can have an online presence without worrying about your limited resources.

There are quite a few cheap web hosting companies in India that offer professional website designing services too. Web design plays an important role in determining the success of any online business. If the web site design is attractive, it enjoys more web traffic. Cheap web hosting companies India therefore ensure that their client’s website has outstanding web design and stands out from others on the web.  

If you are looking for one such cheap website hosting Company India that can offer you both, web site hosting and web designing, you may consider Manashosting. Based in Bangalore, it is the cheapest web hosting company in India that has been offering cheap web site hosting and superior web designing services to businesses of all types and sizes for many years.

Though cheap, the web hosting services provided by Manashosting are the best. It offers free web site domain registration, unlimited bandwidth space, superior and uptime server support, Linux and Windows dedicated server, shared web hosting, reseller space packages, free templates, SEO tools, large e-mail space, 24/7 technical support, and much more.

Plus, Manashosting has a team of talented web designers who use the latest web designing tools for creating professional and persuasive websites that meet the web designing needs and requirements of their clients.

So, don’t think more. Just avail the cheapest web hosting services provided by this company and grow your business.

To know more about this cheapest web hosting India Company, the web hosting packages available, and more, please visit them at manashosting.com.

Affordable And Beneficial Shared Web Hosting Services

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If you are not familiar with the terminologies that are related to web hosting, you may get confused while selecting a web hosting plan. When researching on the Internet and collecting important details regarding web hosting plans, you have opportunities to come across a variety of web hosting services. You must have heard about shared web hosting, virtual private server and dedicated web hosting. These plans vary in cost and scope of service, as far as web hosting services are concerned.

Shared web hosting is the term used to refer to a certain hosting company that collects the sites of various users and places them in a single server. Every website owner is provided with a restricted space on the server and resources that can be utilized in order to supply enjoyable service. In shared hosting one server can host number of websites. Every user assigned some space on the server. Websites can be hundred or event thousands in numbers. All websites using all resources like disc space & processor speed, bandwidth, or same server.

Shared web hosting has certain advantages; some of them are listed below:

No maintenance cost – This plan comes with all inclusive cost, so don’t need to bother about setup and server maintenance.

Affordable Price – Shared web hosting plans are available at most affordable price. Numerous companies are providing shared hosting services at cheap prices. It is also the most common option in the industry. Its market share is also high as compared to other hosting options.

Rapid setup – In case of shared web hosting could be live within 24 hours after purchasing. Unlike dedicated host it could setup instantly. Here, you don’t need to be a technically sound person.

Ideal for small websites – It is the perfect options for starters and small websites.

Today, there are various website hosting companies which are dedicated to provide shared web hosting services at affordable price. The internet is the perfect resource to find a suitable and cost effective web hosting company for your web hosting services need.

Host Quack offer reliable and cost effectivewebsite hosting services that befits your needs. Whether you are looking for shared web hosting or VPS or dedicated web hosting services, host quack is the one stop solution for you.

Damn Small Linux Text Processing

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Damn Small Linux is an excellent tool for learning Linux commands and running the Linux operating system. But what if you don’t plan to be a computer nerd; can this software still be useful? The answer is a definite yes; you can make use of this tiny operating system whether or not you want to learn the sometimes gruesome details of operating systems. This article introduces the text editors that come with your free Damn Small Linux that runs on even obsolete Windows computers. You can use these applications to compose simple text or programs of any level of complexity.

Once you have downloaded and installed Damn Small Linux there are several equivalent ways of launching its text editors. You can click on the DSL button in the lower-left hand corner or on the Apps icon toward the top of the screen. Then open the Editors: there are four, Beaver, Nano, Notepad, and vi (actually vim). We will look at these editors in order plus an additional one.

Beaver is my choice for creating and editing the text files used in my Damn Small Linux tutorials. The name Beaver stands for Beaver is an Early AdVanced EditoR which is the kind of joke that many Linux and Unix people find funny. This editor is particularly useful for programming and web page editing. Beaver’s special features include color coding and the ability to convert text to Upper Case, Lower Case or to capitalize the first letter of every word. You can convert text among the following formats: Unix, DOS, and Mac. Programmers will be glad to know that Beaver formats code for the following programming languages: C/C++, HTML, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, and Bash. Unfortunately there is no Help function.

The nano program is especially used for email messages. It stems from the widely used Pico email program that is not available for some versions of Linux. I have not worked with nano but am told that many Linux and Unix people like it.

What the Damn Small Linux people call Notepad is actually another text processor that is similar to the DOS/Windows Notepad. I haven’t used it because Beaver is more powerful, and just about as easy to use.

The final application in this group is VIM, vi IMproved. The original vi was a very-widely used text editor for Unix and Linux systems. Today almost all Unix and Linux people work with other, more sophisticated text editors. When I teach Linux on systems other than Damn Small Linux I teach a reduced version of vi. This editor is cumbersome, but you make like the improved version. Damn Small Linux offers you a choice.

The Office folder includes Ted, a word processor which is compatible with Microsoft Word. Ted saves documents in RTF (rich text format) that can be read by Microsoft Word and other word processors including Open Office. Ted and Beaver belong to different worlds; you can’t take documents back and forth between these two applications.