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Instructions to Set Up Linux Dedicated Servers Effortlessly

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Installing your own dedicated server can be a demanding as well as gratifying experience. As far as server configurations are concerned, Linux is the best dedicated server for this purpose. The reasons for having a dedicated server are many. You may be launching a web page to create an online identity of your home business and looking for saving money on hosting costs. You may also seek a family web page to demonstrate to friends or family members, or simply want to gain knowledge of how the Internet actually functions.

The foremost task in setting up Linux dedicated servers is to acquire a static Internet Protocol (IP) or dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) service. An IP address is a series of numbers applied to distinguish a specific computer or domain name on the Internet. Generally, dynamic IP addresses are allocated to the computers on the networks of domestic Internet connections. They can alter with the passage of time. If you’re interested in installing a home server, you have to either go for a static IP or a dynamic DNS service. Getting a static IP from your Internet Service Provider is the most common one.

The second task in the line is to register your desired domain name. This name will be associated with your numerical IP address. You should assign a domain name that is easy to remember. The cyberspace is filled with countless domain name service providers. You can undertake a thorough research on the net to provide you the best deal suiting your needs.

Moving forward, select and download Linux from a distribution service. The number of Linux distributions is actually many bearing names such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Gentoo. Each distribution has finely distinctive characteristics that separate it from the rests. While Ubuntu underlines accessibility and its responsive community of users, Gentoo put stress on custom-made features. Red Hat gives extra more attention to its model supporting corporate structure. Whatever be the Linux distribution, the fundamental features remain the same for all. You can continue your pursuit to set up Linux dedicated servers by downloading a copy of your desired server edition (Ubuntu, Red Hat or Gentoo) and transferring it to a disc.

Set up your preferred variety of Linux. In case of Ubuntu, this is as straightforward as inserting the disc into your system and conforming to the on-screen instructions. However, distribution services such as Red Hat and Gentoo demand some more critical steps.

The succeeding task is to set up the server software program. What program you employ will deviate on the basis of what sort of server you want to generate, but in all likelihood you go for a web server. The most common software being used for a web server is Apache.  You can set up Apache by executing the appropriate command in your Linux terminal. However, the command may alter in case of a different Linux distribution.

As soon as the installation process is completed, you must be capable of viewing the default Apache homepage. If you have already got your domain name registered, you can straightway go to that. Setting up Linux dedicated servers culminates with the installation of the firewall. Your dedicated servers will require an effective firewall service to ensure safety.  

Linux VPS – Reliable and Fast

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Linux VPS is a new hosting option which is based on server partitioning. The web hosting server can now be partitioned virtually and provided to website owners or resellers who would have complete access and ownership of their share of the server. Each user would be able to control their part of the server independently. Most of the hosting companies today offer VPS hosting since it offers better flexibility, better control and functionality at a lower cost to the users.  

Why should you use this option?

Using Linux VPS can offer several different advantages to the users. You would be able to enjoy the best of shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting. VPS is created by splitting a server in such a way that every server would be able to run an operating system of its own. You would also be able to reboot your server without affecting the other accounts on the same server. The server partitions would be able to work like dedicated server. However, the resources would be shared. It is because of this reason that the costs are significantly lower than the dedicated servers. Every server would be flexible, secure as well as reliable, just as dedicated servers.  

Multi tenancy

Another benefit that you can enjoy by using VPS is multi tenancy. You can allocate different resources to your clients once you obtain VPS hosting. Resellers would be able to control the resources completely. They would be able to allocate different services to clients like email accounts and web space. This would allow the resellers to host various clients from a single server. The CPU resources can also be virtualized to make them appear as dedicated, stand alone servers for the clients. The administrator would also be able to control the resource levels efficiently through management of automated control panels.   

The benefits

There are several benefits of using Linux VPS. You would be able to enjoy cutting edge technology in servers. You can have large memory and complete customization as well as high end processors. The lag time for CPU between commands and executions would be zero. You would be able to use control panels like Directadmin and cPanel for full control of your server. The set up is very quick and quite easy and activation would be instant. You will also be able to enjoy complete security and privacy. To sum it up, VPS is a good option for those who want to enjoy multi tenancy, virtualization, resource management and clustering. It would allow you to enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting at lower costs. Using Linux VPS would be the best way to keep your hosting charges to a minimum and yet enjoy a wide range of features.

Google Droid – What is Android?

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Android, also know as Droid, is an operating system for last generation mobile phones. The OS has been developed by Google and is currently the most spread operating system for smartphones in the world, used by more than 33% of the market. Android also runs on tablets developed by Google Inc. as well.

The purchase of Android by Google happened six years ago, in 2005, and the first time it was distributed was in November 2007. The unveiling was announced with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance, which is a consortium of 80 IT companies working for mobile phones improvements. Most of the code for Android was released by Google under the Apache License, which makes Android licensed as free software.

The OS is based on the Linux kernel and is written with middleware, libraries and APIs in C language, and includes Java-compatible libraries as well. Like the other very popular OS on the market, Apple’s iOS, Android has a large database of third-party applications developed by independent programmers or companies, most of them written in Java. More than 250.000 applications are currently available in the Android Market ran by Google. The applications can also be downloaded from other sites, but it is recommended to use the versions from the official market of the OS.


Android is right now the most popular and best-selling smartphone platform in the world, according to Canalys and comScore. Google’s OS was the best sold in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Since its original release, several updates were made for Android. Each version of Android has a code number and a nickname, and the most recent versions are the following: 2.0 Eclair, 2.1 Eclair, 2.2 Froyo, 2.3 Gingerbread, 3.0 Honeycomb, 3.1 Honeycomb and 3.2 Honeycomb. The 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version is set to be released in Q4 of 2011, being currently in the development and testing process.

Android is mainly powered up by hardware from the ARM architecture. The Android-x86 project offers support for x86 and Google TV uses a special version of Android, working on x86 as well. The first smartphone to use Android was HTC Dream, released in October 2008. Google collaborated with HTC for its first Android device, Google Nexus One, while the 2010 version was made in collaboration with Samsung: Google Nexus S.

Though it works on the Linux kernel, Android had some security issues over the time. In August 2010, a SMS Trojan infected a large number of devices, while in March 2011 Google found 58 malicious applications in the Android Market, which were downloaded to around 260.000 devices. Most of the applications were hiding Trojans and infected many devices. The latest study made in August 2011 stated that around half a million Android users were infected by malware in the first half of 2011.

Nevertheless, Android still remains one of the most popular operating systems in the world, and the only competitor, Apple’s iOS, is still placed quite at a distance in the ranks.

The ideal cheap web hosting solution for business development in this era of e-commerce

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There are plenty of web hosting providers but hunting a cheap web hosting company that offer standard service becomes a challenge. Several reasons remain for choosing a company while we want to launch a web portal to initiate online presence. This is the time when leading companies are focusing on electronic commerce and e-trends are at a rise. For effective business decisions and fast communication with the high esteemed clients it is mandatory to have a proper website. Few essential issues like selection of a domain name, specification of particular space in the web are required for enhanced online presence.

Only the web hosting companies can provide accurately the necessary space. There remains freedom of choice when you approach the paid cheap web hosting companies. In Australia hundreds of web development and design companies offer web associated services. As electronic commerce have attained high success in the country, businesses wanted to make fast online presence and as a result demand of the web companies increased. It is heartening to consider that rates offered by these companies for web hosting are indeed lower than other adjacent nations. This has stirred the Asia-Pacific based businesses to knock the Sydney based web related service providers.

Selection of a domain name is a tricky part; there might be several relevant domain names. Usually the organizations use domain name that ends with “.org”. Similarly the educational institutes use “.edu. Different suitable domain names ending with specific extensions are assigned for different entities.  Small domain names can be remembered with ease. Again, hyphens should be avoided for user’s convenience. These tips are generally offered the web associated service providers.  The rates are portrayed in the portals of the reputed domain providers who help in hosting websites. Just a comparative analysis before selection of a company is advisable.

The organizations attempt to offer e-mail facilities to the employees and for this it is required to book space in the servers. A consultation with the cheap web hosting companies can be the ideal way of identifying the required parameters to gain an edge over the competitor businesses. This way it also becomes possible to get a fair idea of the rates on offer. Many of the free webs hosting providers have strict space limits, this is the prime inconvenience. Without proper space it becomes impossible to cater suitable sites for business development.

Plenty of cheap hosting packages are offered and with a little self research we can find an overview of the comprehensive list of budgets. The one-stop solution providers are plenty at Sydney. These companies with ease help with required disk spaces and customized e-mail facilities. In case of any doubts or confusion regarding the services it is best to punch in the toll free customer care numbers.

All You Need to Know About Linux VPS Hosting

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Linux servers are fast and on demand transfer the allocation of disk space and bandwidth to particular VPS account. Another advantage of Linux VPS solutions is that there is no effect of any user’s operation on other virtual servers. This makes your account and websites even more secure.

Linux VPShosting also has major efficiency benefits are resources can be efficiently allocated to different clients. Within a VPS, the administrator or reseller can also sub delegate resources which further allows hosting multiple websites from single server. These resources are controlled by the administrator through a control panel.

However, before finalizing your choice on VPS hosting, or for that matter shared or dedicated hosting, it is necessary to know some technical requirements. It could also be helpful to choose the right resources for your website and cut unnecessary cost. One of the main factors depends on traffic to your site in any given day, or the number of visitors at any given time. Hosting can also vary depending on the disk size, speed and types of information hosted on your website.


A generic rule, but not always applicable, is to base your hosting choice as detailed below:

0 – 300 visitors a day = Shared Hosting

300 – 5000 visitors a day = VPS

5000+ visitors = Dedicated server

Beyond these, one should also need to know some characteristic before choosing any VPS plan:

Number of CPUs


Total disk space

Disk Space Allotted

Amount of Bandwidth

IP Address

Administrative Panel Management

Backup servers

Choosing Linux VPS gives same benefits similar to a dedicated server but with a lower cost. A VPS system offers simple resource management, multi-tenancy and much more. It gives the equal priority, and arguably better managed priorities, to all applications as that of Windows hosting.

A Linux VPS is a vastly effective form of hosting with a range of features, security and flexibility enabling customers to get the most out of the money paid.


About Giga Tux:

GigaTux is a hosting company with a primary focus on offering our users an excellent service. GigaTux was launched in February 2007 in the UK. Each one of these locations are hand picked to provide very impressive connectivity, with a very low latency, high bandwidth connection. This website is hosted on a GigaTux server in London, UK using our Virtual Private Server product.

Opt For Linux Hosting and Avail Greater Cost Advantage

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The two giants in platforms that take over the industry of web hosting today are Windows and Linux. Almost the entire web hosting service community employs Windows or Linux operating system as their web server. These two platforms share their respective advantages and disadvantages in connection with their own setups. Currently, there is a need to make a decision in order to choose the best system that is based on the requirement for an Internet application. In addition, before coming up with your decision, there is a need to realize the capabilities of these platforms to facilitate the website hosting options. It is crucial to recognize only the aspects that are deemed necessary in coming up with the appropriate decision to ensure a satisfactory choice.

Today, people are adopting the Linux web hosting because of the benefits associated with it. One of the best benefits a user can avail of with Linux web hosting is the surprisingly low cost services. The fact is Linux provides a free operating system. In effect, while enjoying the Linux web server, the only cost you are paying is the domain name. Furthermore, in most cases the hosting is a lot cheaper, if not totally free of charge. However, most novice users who are not aware of this fact are adopting the Windows system as their dependable web server. The reason is Windows have a reputation in the market, which they tend to capitalize in order to charge large amount of fees. On the other hand, even if Linux is comparably good, it might not get the attention of new users because of their preference of the Windows system. The disadvantage is on the lost opportunity to avail of the services for a greater cost advantage.

It is evident that the Linux hosting servers are becoming stable and trustworthy. However, there are some weaknesses that are linked to Windows server, which will add in the demands to install additional tools for the purposes of maintaining integrity of data placed on these servers. The reason behind the Windows based servers preference is on the ease of a user-friendly operating system. Microsoft implements useful navigation technique in their operating system to make it simple. The Linux system is having some difficulties about executing simple jobs. Nevertheless, the Linux system is gaining attention because of its affordability as well as security.

A Step By Step Approach To Finding The Cheapest Web Hosting

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There is a profusion of web hosting providers offering their services to website owners, each claiming to be the best and providing several packages to meet the diverse requirements of their consumers. Amidst this chaos, it can be extremely difficult to find a hosting provider and plan that suits your needs. So, if you are in the market for cheap hosting with impressive quality, here are some tips on how you can find just the right hosting company.

Make as list of your hosting needs: This is one of the first things that you need to do in order to ensure that you only pay for what you need. The first few crucial factors to consider will the anticipated traffic, which will determine the amount of bandwidth that you ought to purchase and the extent of disk space that will be requires; this will depend on the amount of data that you intend to store. For instance, most hosting providers will let you host several websites through a single account; however, you need to have a clear idea not only about the number of sites but also how large they are going to be.

For instance, for a single site, you could easily buy shared hosting at less than ; however, if you intend to have 10 websites, the deal with be expensive at in cumulative hosting charges.

Never rely on a single web hosting provider: Even if you have found the most reputable establishment online; it never hurts to have a back up and that is precisely what you do when you use the services of two hosting providers for your websites. So, if one fails to live up to its end of the bargain, you do not have to start from square one and will already have a hosting provider that you can shift to.


Don’t make price the only constraint: Although the cut throat competition in the hosting market has certainly slashed rates, and almost everybody is looking for a cheap deal, it would be a big mistake to base your decision solely on the price of hosting. We have all heard the adage, “You only get what you pay for.” Carefully investigate what the other website owners have to say about an establishment, analyze their services and products in comparison to their rates, and then make a purchasing decision

Check online for reviews on cheap hosting packages: The internet allows people an easy and far reaching medium to express their opinions. You can be certain that they will not shy away from talking about a company that has burned them. So, before buying the claims of a company about their cheapest hosting package, read the online reviews about such a plan.

Go for a bundle: This option will be particularly apt if you are a budding internet marketer; a lot of internet marketing communities offer free hosting as part of their subscription package. Not only will your hosting needs be served but also you can get something extra such as free e-books, software, training material and more.

Do you need answers? Get in touch with their customer support: When you get in touch with the customer support of a company even before you buy from them just because you have a few questions, it a wonderful way to gauge their commitment to customer service. You can be a reasonably sure that if a company does not bother to provide fantastic service even in the initial stages, they will not bother to do so once they get your money in their coffers. 

Also, you will be able to ascertain the responsiveness of the customer service team. After all, regardless of your technical expertise, there will be times when you will require tech support. If it takes the company two days to respond back this would mean your site being offline or delivering half baked service for 48 hours

Let their website prove the merit of the company: Take a good look at the website of the company; is it well made, professional looking and easy to navigate? Does it have customer reviews that point to a positive experience that others have had with the company? A shoddily made site is a tell tale sign of the company’s callous attitude, so you may want to avoid such an establishment.

Finally, it is imperative to understand that while doing your homework will take sometime and effort; it will be worth every minute that you invest in it because you will be able to find a cheap and reliable hosting provider.


What Is A Managed Server Provider?

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In business, everything has to be digital, or else, your company would be left out. While it is necessary to have a network server, it is also highly recommended to have another trusted company to managed servers. If you are already decided to seek out managed server providers, here are some things to anticipate when working with them. Before choosing a managed server provider always look for the following things below:

Basically, you can save up space. Self-managed servers require in-house equipment that may occupy substantial amount of space. In contrast, managed server providers provide the necessary equipment. However, they would let you rent out some devices such as special routers and communication gears.

Primarily, having managed servers reduces the intensity of the complex work in maintaining it. It occupies certain period of time to maintain the server such as clearing up the bugs, and updating everything from software installation to file sorting. As a result, lesser time are allotted to; say for example, production department. Less time means you have plently of time to spare.


Managed server provider meets any unforeseen details of the client to increase the capability and performance of web hosting. It lessens the complexity posed to clients of tasks required in managed servers. Nevertheless, it takes the entire tedious job in web site and server administration.

Managed server provider supply all the necessary information needed by its client. It meets up all the benefits that its client may have and provides services even beyond its cost. It effectively utilizes the cost of web hosting and proves that it is the better option rather than purchasing in-house equipment.

One of the risks in putting up a website and managing server is security. Viruses may attack the server. Security is a major factor which can not be neglected so easily.

Therefore, it is better to invest in outsourcing managed server provider than in-house equipment because the former is more beneficial than the latter. So now you know what things you have to remember before choosing a managed server  provider because your money and time is very precious.

Solid Reasons Why VPS Is Better Than Shared Hosting

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Chances are that your web host provider might have resorted to some maintenance work at the least expected time, resulting into loss of traffic and revenue for you. The point here is shared hosting comes with its share of pros and cons. Since the server is shared by numerous users, one can enjoy low cost hosting, but one can’t keep the above mentioned issues at bay, which may occasionally trouble a web owner. The issue worsens when a website is blacklisted and the whole server is refrained from sending mails until the matter is fixed.

The dependency factor associated with shared hosting is one of its prime drawbacks, which is not the case with cloud hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting. In case of cloud servers, multiple servers are made available for users, so if one cloud server crashes down, users can switch to another server to ensure that their website doesn’t experience downtime. Likewise, if you are deeply troubled with any of the above mentioned issues associated with shared hosting, you should give a serious thought to VPS hosting.

In a shared hosting environment, hundreds of users share a single server. Chances are that some customers might have added hundreds of sub-domains. With increased use of resources, all users experience server issues such as slow speed, server crash, downtime etc. On a VPS set up; you will not be sharing your server with other users. You will have an isolated server, which means that you will be able to keep yourself immune from the above said issues to a great extent. In a VPS hosting environment, you will be allocated a fixed amount of resources such as server space, memory, disk space etc, which can be effectively utilized by your websites.


Customer reviews and testimonials found on the Internet suggest that most users were able to experience significant improvement in their website performance after moving on to VPS from a shared hosting set up. The best part is that one can host unlimited websites under VPS hosting package without running into problems. One is also able to enjoy complete control over server maintenance period. One can schedule server maintenance as per one’s convenience, which is not the case with shared hosting. In other words, you don’t have to stay at the mercy of your web host provider in a VPS hosting set up.

VPS hosting also enables one to run additional programs. In a shared hosting environment, this cannot be achieved because running additional programs may affect other users who are sharing the same server. Not to forget the fact that you will be allocated a dedicated IP address in VPS hosting. This will ensure that you are not penalized when someone’s website is blacklisted for any reason. Overall, shared hosting is a preferred choice for tiny websites. However, those who can afford an upgrade should consider VPS hosting for security reasons and optimum website performance.

A VPS allows all the benefits of dedicated hosting at much lower costs. For dynamic websites author recommends VPS or cloud hosting rather than shared hosting.


Talking About the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers

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The top 10 web hosts are considered to be top from the rest because of their unique capabilities as a web hosting provider. Normally, the popularity of a particular web hosting provider is judged on the basis of many factors such as : number of awards won, the review’s of other websites and also the Alexa traffic ranking etc. Some of the web hosting category awards for 2007, are as follows: 1) Best budget web hosting. 2) Best blog web hosting. 3) Best forum web hosting. 4) Best unix web hosting. 5) Best windows web hosting. 6) Best php web hosting. 7) Best email web hosting. 8) Best e-commerce web hosting. 9) Best multiple domain web hosting. 10) Best reseller web hosting. 11) Best virtual private server hosting. 12) Best dedicated server hosting.

To identify a web host, can be a very difficult experience since there are so many web hosts available nowadays. All of them sound good and reliable. However, I am going to talk about the top 10 web hosting providers and based on the basis of their features and other factors, who can then decide which one is suitable for you.

1) Bluhost web hosting provider ranks first among the top 10 web hosting providers. It is affordable and provides reliable web hosting solutions. Bluehost hosting plan consists of free domain name, free setup, free yahoo search marketing credit, free google Adwords credit, 24/7 support plan and a 30 day money back policy is also being provided. You can enjoy the facility of hosting unlimited domains in one account. A professional web hosting plan is being provided for .95 a month.

2) Yahoo web hosting provider is considered as the most reliable hosting provider. It stands second among the top 10 web hosting providers. The plan includes free domain name, 0 yahoo credit and google credit offer.

3) Hostmonster: is known for its cheap unix hosting. It ranks third among the top 10 web hosting provider. It offers a free domain forever. It includes yahoo credit and google credit.

4) HostingPad: is known for its cheap unix hosting. It is the fourth among the top 10 web hosting provider. The package includes free domain forever, yahoo credit and google credit.

5) Vistapages: is fifth among the top 10 web hosting provider. The package includes a free domain facility and yahoo credit. It is known for its cheap web hosting facility.

6) FastNext: is the sixth among the 10 web hosting provider. It is popular as a cheap reseller hosting provider. It includes 500gb space and free domain name.

7) Lunarpages: stands seventh among the top 10 web hosting provider and is known for its best shared hosting facility. It provides free domain forever and facilitates hosting of 11 domains.

8) Startlogic: is considered as the best value hosting provider. It stands eight among the top 10 web hosting provider. It offers free domain name, can allow a hosting facility of 50 domains. It provides easy to use professional multiple domain web hosting solutions, free domain, free setup, free yahoo search marketing credit.

9) Dot5hosting: is considered as the best budget hosting provider among the top 10 web hosting provider. It is a professional and reliable web hosting provider. The package includes free domain, free setup, free . Yahoo search marketing, credit, 24/7 support facility and 30 day money back policy. Also, you can host up to 6 domains in one account. The Dot5hosting plan starts from .95 a month.

10) 1and 1: This hosting provider stands tenth among the top 10 web hosting provider. It is known for its cheap web hosting plan. It offers a space of 120gb, 2 free domains is being provided and also offers yahoo credit and google credit.

The top 10 web hosting rankings are given based on their best price, host reliability, uptime, its key features, customer support facility, past and current user feedbacks, user – friendliness and their hosting awards.