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Cheap Web Hosting in US

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Web is considered as the best source for alternate income, connecting the website with Google Ad sense may generate very good money sources. So everybody wants to build up the websites and thus earn money. But it’s not that easy as it seems to be. You need to develop a website for this and this is not like creating a doc file. But working in new applications like CMS (Content Management System) made it very easier.

There are lot of Web hosting service providers which develops the websites in few hours as the way you want to design. So due to this alternate source of income with no work pressure no Boss the phrase ‘Cheap Web Hosting’ itself returns 220,000 searches last month. So this means that people seems to be attracted towards cheap web hosting just because of these pay per click publishers. If you have your website with a good ranking and you connect it with Google Ad Sense then the credited Advertisements will be moved to your traffic and you will be rewarded by the Google credits.

Type of Web Hosting

Before selecting the cheap web hosting services first you need to go through its types. Basically there are two types of web hosting services which are Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Being a Microsoft product “Windows hosting” is much more popular than Linux hosting as many people don’t even know what Linux is? Let’s read some reviews about Linux hosting and Windows hosting.

Linux Hosting

Linux is an open source platform so it’s very easy to maintain. Linux ensures more security than Windows; it’s more reliable and highly stable in nature. This property makes Linux hosting very easy and cheap to maintain so almost it is free for the clients or the Domain registrars charge very nominal fee for hosting the domain. Linux is monitored by the users and they can update their Operating System and if it is selected by the lead programmers then it adds up more features to the Server.

Windows Hosting

Windows web hosting is more preferred over Linux by the clients. There are many reasons for it like Windows is the product of Microsoft which is the most trusted brands in the IT industry so service providers takes advantage of it. Secondly most of the applications are developed in Windows and people have myth about hosting that their particular domain can only be hosted in Windows web hosting services. And the most important thing is that it’s very difficult to maintain the windows hosting so it redirect its maintenance part to webmasters which charge more money from their clients.

The good part about it is that it’s easy to navigate and control the features of it and with the experience of Microsoft in people’s mind more Windows based applications are developed.

The Ultimate Hosting Plan

Well selecting the best hosting plan is very hectic as there is over 35K web hosting service providers, so clients have many options to go through with. First of all you need to decide what kind of service do you want? Windows based or Linux based. After making up your mind analyze the whole market to get the hottest deal for your domain. Your money is very important so study the feedbacks of a particular cheap Web hosting service provider and than only buy the domain.

1u linux server; choosing the right server

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When you are considering a server for the first time, you can go several ways.  Instead of asking “which is the best unit?”, you should ask “which is the best unit for your business?”.  You need to be aware of what operating system you are going to use.  These operating systems stretch from Microsoft’s Windows all the way to the open source community’s  linux platform.  The applications that you need to run determines which OS platform is appropriate for a server.

Open source software gives you and your computer experts the freedom to make changes, both big and small. By using the open source operating system, it makes you part of a growing community that will give you access to fixes and new ideas that will make your system run better.  By purchasing a 1u linux server, the benefits you will get from the additional technical sophistication will not only answer your problems, but anticipate and head off any of the potential problems a business encounters. The 1u server owes this adaptability to its continued use of open source software.


With linux leading the way in the open source community, the small businessman has a wonderful investment opportunity with the 1u linux server.  Be sure to check with the company who is going to do the installation of your new equipment.  They can guide you through all of the steps you are going to need to get your new 1u server.  This way, you can be sure that you will have the right options for your new customization.  This kind of adaptability is exactly why you thought about open source software in the first place.

Basic Web Hosting Needs and Linux Hosting Server Advantages

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While browsing through the internet it does not matter which kind of server is used for hosting your site? Different web servers are utilized for various purpose of many website. The opinions of the various customers differ and thus they choose web servers according to their needs to promote their site ahead of the others in their required market area.

If your website has complex features or you have an e-commerce site that has typical database functionalities with enormous dynamic pages of your services or products, then the type of your web server will depend on your requirements.

Small business firms who have tiny budget to promote themselves generally require these following things to host their site. These basic things of a host can be very crucial for those who are going to introduce their new business into their required business market arena.

1. Web Space: Web space should be given the first importance from your end. This is the place where your all files like html pages, images, video files will be stored. Nowadays web host packages propose enough disk space to host your site at your budget.

2. Databases hosting: Hosting the database of your website is really very crucial for your budget. If you don’t have any special fascination about MS-SQL then you should choose My-SQL database, because it will work more or less same as MS-SQL databases but the expenditure to hosting the database or server will be exceptionally less.

3. POP3 e-Mail Access: For a professional appearance of your business you need an e-mail account from the same domain name of yours. Nowadays most of the webs hosts are give you a POP3 email account setup for your business use along with their packages. When choosing your hosting plan just you need to overview it.

4. Security: Secured hosting plans should require for any kind of web business. All small business owners are seeking more or less web security for growing their business into their business market area through internet. Thus this issue should be checked before choosing any web hosting firm.

5. 24/7 support service: It is quite natural to face problems while hosting your site or it may be possible that your web server unfortunately may go down any moment. Thus you need to hire those web hosting firms who will guarantee the 24/7 customer support service to their clients.

6. Price: People are searching for cheap web hosting packages to host their website and this is necessary from their own view point. Thus for all small business owners Linux web hosting packages are competitively cheaper than others.

Linux web hosting is cheaper. The reason must be searched in licensing costs that are lower from Windows hosting plans and in the ability of Linux hosting servers to support higher web sites as per server ratio without compromising the quality of service.

Advantages of Linux server hosting

1. Linux web hosting packages are competitively cheaper than others hosting packages.

2. Linux web servers can hold vast web sites without negotiating the quality of service.

3. As Linux is known as open source software product it can afford less licensing cost which in turn reduces the hosting fees.

4. Linux website can easily bee converted to any Windows based site with no disturbance.

5. While using the Linux hosting you can easily access all cheaper web database systems like My-SQL database which can reduce the expenditure.

6. Inexpensive scripting language like My-SQL, PHP, Perl etc. are also accessible for your website while hosting your site from Linux server.

7. It is generally known that Linux web hosting servers are much secured than any other hosting servers. The security issue is satisfactorily organized in Linux hosting.