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Why Should You Host Your Application with a Linux Server

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A majority of users, even though they typically make use of technologies during any given day, are unsuspecting of the core web host devices. Most people don’t realize what server-side languages or scription are, nevermind how or why to use them.

If you decide on creating a website for your organization or company, you’ll need to run a solid web server to host your application. Despite the fact that you will be maintaining the code and files for your application, the network hosting provider will manage the server devices themselves. The application files, such as data and code, are written in coding languages that can be interpreted by a majority of computer systems. Currently the two most common platforms are Linux and MS Windows.

When choosing a web host platform for your web site, there are many aspects to consider. Some applications only run on certain systesms, or on languages supported on a specific system. Another important consideration is the costs.

Here are some of the advantages of using a Linux web server server:

When compatibility or portability is a priority, you need to be able to code once and install it on any platform. Linux allows you to develop code that will be portable on other platforms, such as Windows, as well. Additionally, many of the most typically used databases and applications run flawlessly in Linux. This also means tons of stability.
Cost – Linux software is totally free for developers to use or modify as they require. This is not just the operating software but all of the other applications that have been developed for it. This translates to entire suites of server applications that can be downloaded and put to use on the web server at no additional costs.
Linux has typically been known as a less simple operating system in comparison to Windows. In past years Linux has become much more simpler to use and support is thorough.
When it comes to security, nearly all Linux distributions are set. The software is typically maintained by a large number of open source programmers and is constantly being further developed.

Additionally, if you have applications or code written for the Windows platform, Linux should still be able to run your applications. As you can see there are many advantages to choosing a Linux server over a Microsoft Windows server, just make sure any current applications will be ready to run on a Linux server.

Points to be considered while choosing VPS server

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VPS server involves splitting of server wherein each virtual server gets their own operating system. Each server can be rebooted independently. Windows VPS India as well as Linux VPS India relatively cheap and high on quality. Hence, price is one of the factors that you must consider while going for virtual hosting in India. Besides the minor monthly charge you will also have to incur one – time set up fees. Cheap VPS India can bring in significant positive results for you as after installation you can sit back, relax and see your server giving the best performance.

Packages of virtual web hosting in India also have unique features; however there are some essential features that you must essentially look for, they can be listed as-

Capacity of RAM – the efficiency of Windows VPS India or Linux VPS India is dependent on the capacity of RAM. For running operating system and other applications you would require memory of at least 512 MB. If you want to host more than one website then you must go for 1 GB RAM. If you expect high traffic on your website then you must go for burstable RAM. It is the memory which is exclusively provided to you for dealing with high traffic inflow.

Processing capacity of CPU – the processing capacity of CPU should be high so that less time is taken for computation.

Network throughout – It is possible to find a cheap VPS India which has relatively high network throughout. Broader bandwidth helps your clients to receive information from the server quickly.

Control panel – you should ensure that you can use control panel easily. You should go for the companies which provide cPanel or Plesk. They are reliable control panel for virtual web hosting in India.

IP address – you will require at least 2 IP address, one for the server name and other for domain name. Normally, cheap VPS India provides 4 IP addresses. You should evaluate your requirements before you select hosting package.

Server uptime guarantee – when your server is down your website becomes inaccessible. More downtime implies that your business will suffer from more losses. Therefore, you must go for VPS hosting in India that offers 99.9% guarantee uptime.

There are three types of cheap VPS India in India – unmanaged, semi – managed and fully managed virtual private server. In case of unmanaged virtual server in India you have to handle all software and hardware issues. In semi – managed VPS plan you can customize some software application. In fully managed plan everything is managed by the hosting company.

There are many companies providing virtual hosting in India having state of art infrastructure and providing web hosting service at cost effective rate.

Best Home Linux Distributions For 2010

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HomeDistro (www.homedistro.com) has announce the top 10 list for the best Linux distributions for the home user. The purpose of HomeDistro is to put more focus using Linux on home computers. The home PC makes up over 70% of the desktop market and should not be ignored by developers and remaster geeks. The HomeDistro site reviews Linux distributions and ranks them for home PC use. This would include Notebook computers too.

There are some surprises on this years top 10 linux list. The top Linux distributions are ranked by the best combinations of reliability, simplicity, features, and speed. This is the first year we have “speed” as a major factor in the rankings. There are still millions of computers still in use that were sold when the economy was booming. Many of the recent major Linux distros with the KDE and Gnome desktop environments are sluggish on Pentium III and Pentium IV Celeron class computers from years ago.

The real surprise on this years list is ArchISO. Arch linux has always been a difficult distribution to install and configure. ArchISO makes Arch Linux a very user friendly distribution. The top distros on this years list are: Vector Standard, Linux Mint Xfce Community Edition, ArchISO Live CD, CrunchBang, DreamLinux, PCLinuxOS LXDE Edition, Zenwalk, PC/OS Linux, Salix OS (Bansai Linux), and SimplyMepis 8.0. You may have noticed that three of the distributions are based on Ubuntu, and three are based on Slackware Linux. Of course Ubuntu is based on Debian.

To see all the mini reviews, visit www.homedistro.com

Budget Web Hosting: What You Need to Know

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Budget web hosting is something that everyone is looking for these days. With the prices of web hosting ranging from very low to very high, how can you tell which is the right web hosting plan for you?

Web hosting services are as different as night and day. Selecting the one that will give you all that you need to accomplish your online plans is important. It is a complex operation to move multiple websites. If you can avoid it, of course you want to. Finding out after you sign on the dotted line and plunk down the cash that your web hosting plan won’t support your expansion or your future goals isn’t much fun.

How do you select the right plan for web hosting? How do you make sure that budget webhosting is going to serve you well? Budget web hosting plans are available for nearly every kind of website. Even if you have more than one domain you can sometimes get add on domain rights and use a budget plan in order to get good web hosting. The budget web hosts of today aren’t the hit and miss, too much down time plans that they used to be. Most are reliable good hosting. Many however offer you a few restrictions that you should be aware of.

Like anything else, comparison shopping is the key to getting good budget web hosting. Find several web hosts who have the kind of pricing that you’re interested in paying and then compare notes. Generally there are not a great many real differences but some will be just a little better than others.

Don’t let the price be your final guide. In the long haul, service and support is going to be as important to you as the price. Great support is worth spending a dollar or two more each month for your web hosting. Ask questions. Some of the comparisons you will definitely want to make and questions you will want to ask of your prospective host are:

What is your down time percentage?

How much web space do you offer?

Am I permitted multiple domains on the same server?

How many emails do I get?

What kind of support turnaround time do you offer?

Is your support for pay or free service?

What are the bandwidth restrictions?

May I speak with your other customers?(Ask for references. NOT testimonials, actual references of people that you may speak to, or at the very least, find out if there are actual people under those testimonials that you might email. A testimonial is an easy thing to write or have written)

At the end of the day, service is an important part of your web hosting package, even for budget webhosting. Find out what you can depend on and then choose the budget web host that will give you the best range of services as well as the broadest range of support.

Linux Operating System Errors and Resolution

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Linux is the most popular operating system so far as security and performance is concerned .It is a Unix-like operating system and is the best example of open source development and free software; generally all underlying Linux source code can be modified, redistributed and used freely by anyone. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 is the latest version of Linux operating system.

As we all know every operating system has its demerits or failures and can give errors at any time with out any prior information. There are some common error messages faced by Linux users while using this operating system. Some of the most common ones are the following:

• Unknown terminal type Linux.

• Unrecognized option ‘-m486′.

• bdflush not running

• cannot read table of mounted file systems

• Unknown terminal type Linux.

• Cannot initialize drive XYZ?

• EPERM Operation not permitted.

• Unrecognized option ‘-m486′.

• Modprobe can’t locate module, “XXX,” and similar messages.

• Mounting unchecked file system.

• EINTR Interrupted system call.

In most the situations given above a user faces any of the mentioned problems, it becomes difficult for him/her to access or manage his data. He/she won’t be able to do normal tasks which can otherwise be performed effortlessly. If the data which has been rendered inaccessible is important then it becomes essential to recover that data as soon as possible. In this case, he/she would need the help of Linux data recovery software.

Linux Data Recovery Software is an ultimate way out for all Linux related data recovery problems. It also recovers data from formatted hard drives also where file systems have been changed. It recovers lost logical drives and data from physical disk or any removable media.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Recovery software provides data recovery from Ext2, Ext2 and Reiser FS file systems of Linux operating system.