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Linpus Linux operating systems for new netbooks

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Are Linpus Linux Lite V2 Moblin and Quick Linpus OS ( Instant on ) the two new operating systems that Linpus Linux designed for netbooks(Dell Latitude D610 battery). The start times are the cornerstone of the versions : it is 10 for Quick OS. The collaboration with Acer Aspire One on the distrubution, seems to be the starting point for a new adventure. The new version of Linpus Linux Lite Moblin v2 is already available in the download on the official website (with a. iso 700 Mb) and officially unveiled at Computex 2009 in Taipei.

Let’s see some more details. The new open source version of Intel Moblin for netbook(Inspiron 1525 battery) has been released in version 2.0 beta and automatically taken as a result of agreements under management from Linux. In fact, Linpus Technologies has decided to enter by force in the market of netbooks with its latest distribution Linpus Lite, based on its engine Intel Moblin V2. Moblin is an operating system that already before the launch has many supporters, but many critics, The final aim is to create a new platform for developers but not the consumer at the point of allowing a full distribution of new applications for prototto .

Linpus on site, before Computex this was a special slogan : Linpus, the most popular Linux operating system space netbooks(Dell Inspiron 1501 battery), at Computex show some brand new open-source products for the consumer market : the OS update will be included Instant-on, and a first look at Moblin V2 Linpus Linux Lite Linpus interface is with Intel. In the specific details had reported that : “The source code for Moblin V2, and in particular the new UI, were released only recently and for this reason, the Linpus distribution will be the first on the market.”

The new version of Linpus Linux Lite will be able to boot in 15 seconds and the user experience will lead to a higher level, our live desktop will provide immediate access to your favorite sites and those visited IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad x61 tablet battery recently, communication tools, applications and multimedia content. The use of latest technology will allow users to benefit from a more vivid graphics, simulations and real-world physics. It will be much easier to remember and fun. Linpus integrate all the key functions of Moblin V2, including the user interface Intel. ” A new solution offered by the manufacturer in Taiwan that already is doing many downloads for the beta, almost like Windows 7.


How to Choose Best Web Hosting Service

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One of the crucial decisions that most online businesses have to make is choosing the best web hosting service provider.

Choosing the right kind of web hosting service can be a very daunting task at times as there are some very important features that you need to make sure of. Here you can find below what exactly to look for when choosing the best web hosting service.

Amount of web space: A web hosting service provider would usually assign you a certain amount of space on their server. You need to ensure that does it have the right amount of space for your website and your business requirements. You might want to expand your online business tomorrow and would require much more space. So it’s imperative for you that the web hosting company should be able to provide you with ample of space especially if your website is rich in graphics or has video clips.

FTP access: FTP access is very crucial since it provides the ability to upload new pages. Some web hosting service providers allow you to just design your web pages with their own personal web builder. This may be useful for beginners however you need to ensure if they provide you the facility to expand later when you enhance your online business capabilities.

Degree of reliability, security and speed of access: Speed, security and reliability are extremely important for the success of any online business. While choosing a reliable web hosting service you need to ensure that this is taken care of. A site that is not available, not updated on time or is down, will lose many online visitors. If an online visitor finds your site listed on a search engine, and he tries to access it but finds it down, he is sure to move on to the next link and you lose an important customer or visitor. Even slow working websites are very frustrating. So how do you know if a hosting company is reliable or not? By word of mouth or feedback from others! If that’s not possible then you can yourself try accessing your site during peak hours and non-peak hours too. Your site has to be secure of intruders at the same time, especially if it’s an ecommerce website.

Dependence and support: Does the web hosting service provide 24×7 supports? Do they respond rapidly to your issue? Can you depend on them? If you need 24-hour technical support that larger companies need then expect to pay substantially more. In fact, people are much more expensive than machines.

Pricing plans: Price is also one factor that you should look out for when choosing the best web hosting service. It’s not necessarily true that the most expensive hosts are the best. Simply compare prices and services before you finalize one.

Data transfer (Bandwidth): You also need to see if the hosting company provides you with sufficient bandwidth for efficient data transfer. After all it’s your website and you need to ensure that you are getting the best services for the money you invest.

The Battle of Technology – Linux Vs Windows

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The topic here is quite sensational. Both Linux and Windows have their followers. The question is- which is better? While Windows is known for its user friendly features, Linux wins hands down owing to its varied feature set. Let us compare the two biggies on the following parameters:

Consistency: Windows vs Linux

Windows does not quite have a consistent release history. Though Windows 95 created a revolution in personal computing, Windows 98 failed miserably. Windows Me could not do any better; it faded without even being noticed. Windows NT, developed to serve as a portable operating system, could not fare well, thanks to its complex functionality. Microsoft with the launch of Windows XP announced its comeback. Windows 7 is still to mark its presence

Linux, unlike its competitor, ensured consistent releases. It would not be wrong to say that each new version of Linux has better features than its predecessors.

Price: Windows vs Linux

Considering the current economic scenario, Microsoft did no good by shifting from Exchange to per seat/user license. This could be pretty expensive for small and medium businesses. Simply stated, a company having 50 users/ (seats) would have to pay for 50 individual licenses to Microsoft.

Open source software licenses do not cost anything. Groupware tools like Open-X-Change and eGroupware offer larger feature-set compared to their Microsoft counterpart. The only cost incurred would be of hardware. Be it a single user or hundreds of users, the cost is same for the software- FREE.

Hardware Compatibility: Windows vs Linux

Microsoft Vista was not compatible with most devices and systems. Hardware that would run at excellent speed slowed down while working with Microsoft Vista. Linux, on the contrary, showed commendable hardware compatibility. Xorg, for instance, proved to be a success.

Features: Windows vs Linux

While Windows 7 allows for faster transfer of large files, Linux offers faster booting, less memory usage, smaller install size, and broader hardware compatibility.