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Going for the best hosting service provider

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As business world struggles to come emerge out of economic crunch shell, every little & big business requires to find affordable and effective methods to increase profits and make their importance felt. Why has it become very important to select a good hosting service provider? If this is your question and you are looking for a good dedicated server provider, it may be worthwhile to note that the providers of dedicated server in India are the best at facilitating top level services related to dedicated server.

It is significant for a business owner to realize that selecting web hosting service for business site a decision to be taken with high care & diligence. Reason being the site performance depends to great extent upon quality of hosting service plan. Best part could be considered that one can find cheap hosting plans & professional hosting plans (at slightly higher price), however the decision can be a bit hard since you need to consider some important factors.

Before opting for good hosting service provider you need to find out what kind of site needs to be hosted and you need to evaluate the security & other specifications such as price to be paid, accessibility and dependability of hosting solutions. Best options would be focused on dedicated web hosting as well as colocation web hosting. Before reading more, we need to evaluate the two terms to avoid any perplexity and develop clear understanding.

Managed web hosting or dedicated web hosting refers to a form of web hosting in which client offers hosting services by leasing entire server, unshared. Though it is costly, it is considered the best service for companies needing complete control and high security, access to server administrative functions. Furthermore, complete service management is handled by the hosting plan provider.

Colocation web hosting refers to a more economical option as compared to dedicated web hosting. The same can be suggested for those companies in which individuals have resources and need to upkeep server all the time.

After a proper analysis of the two you fill know that dedicated hosting is a lot better. With added security and other advantages it stands out as the better option! Though priced higher slightly, you have the option of lowering the costs by opting for affordable plans for dedicated hosting. For this you can take hosting plans from a dedicated server in India, India being a preferred destination for web hosting solutions offers best services at affordable rates.

Going for dedicated server in India or colocation in India can assist you lowering the operational costs and hiring specialists at lower rates. However it is suggested that you explore hosting plans to ensure everything is under control. You can follow these steps avail the benefits of an affordable web hosting solutions to stand ahead in the competition.

Inexpensive Web Hosting

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Are you looking for an inexpensive web hosting company that provides excellent service? There are so many web hosting companies on the internet and it can be difficult to find a reliable inexpensive web hosting company that you can trust.

There are many factors to consider when you are trying to choose an affordable web hosting provider. This decision can’t be made on price alone. If you make the wrong decision, this could cause major problems for your web site. In addition, you take the risk of losing potential profits.

When you are researching the different hosting services, you will usually see that they normally guarantee 99% uptime. This is critical because if your web site is down and if no one can reach your site, you could be losing possible revenue or even customers.

Bandwidth can be an important element if you have a large number of visitors coming to your site on a monthly basis. In addition, space is another factor if you are going to post video, photos and audio.

When you are looking for an inexpensive web hosting company, customer service is probably one of the most important features. You want a company that will provide you with excellent customer service if you have any problems. Moreover, you need to have a hosting service that will be attentive and understanding regarding your web hosting needs.

When you combine all of the above features, the following list was compiled of the best inexpensive web hosting services.

Host Excellence::

PC World Magazine rated host Excellence #1. If you have one domain to host, their basic plan is only .95/month for 5gb of disk space. Their next plan offers 25gb of disk space with the ability to host 8 domains for only .95/month. You can reach them 24/7.

IX Web Hosting::

They have received numerous awards for providing excellent customer service. They have received positive recognition from the Online Better Business Bureau. Under their basic plan, you will get 100gb of web space and 1,000gb of transfer for only .95/month. If you move up to their next plan, you will receive hosting for 8 domains with 300gb of web space and 1,500gb of transfer for just .45/month.

Host Gator::

Host Gator continues to receive very positive feedback in the online forums for providing excellent and reliable hosting. Under their basic plan, you will receive 3,500mb of disk space and 50gb of bandwidth for only /95/month. If you decide to move up one level, you can receive 5,000mb of disk space and 75gb of bandwidth for only .95/month.

There are numerous hosting companies on the internet. However, you will find inexpensive web hosting and great service from Host Excellence, IX Web Hosting and Host Gator.

Windows or Linux Hosting?

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The hosting server’s operating system. As you know, and if you don’t, you just found out, beside Microsoft Windows there are others operating systems, like Mac OS, Linux, Sun’s Solaris, etc. The most popular choices for hosting servers are: Linux/Unix with Apache as web server and Windows and its IIS service (Internet Information Server). Some say that Linux is the server of choice due to greater stability and security; others say that Windows is catching up on Linux. We are not here to get in a Linux-Windows fight.

When choosing a server type you have to consider the programming languages that will be used by you or your programmers’ team to build the site. Both type of described servers work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, which are the basic programming languages for any web site. ASPx, MSSQL are a language and database server used in Windows environments, while PHP and MySQL are mainly used on Linux based hosting servers. Conclusion: choose your server type based on the programming languages used to build up your web site.

Few Tips:

1. Understand the differing types of hosts: shared, collocated, unmanaged dedicated, and managed dedicated.

2. Go for stability, not just size. Research how long the hosting business has been in operation. See if they have recently changed ownership, and if they show positive cash flow.

3. The possession of fully redundant data centers. If you are considering doing business with a smaller hosting vendor, ensure that they have adequate power and connectivity capabilities. Inquire as to the number of lines the facility has. Do they possess an on-site generator? Does the generator receive regular checks and maintenance? What is the average utilization of the connections available?

4. How skilled is their staff? When you need customer service of a technical nature, you need it immediately, right? Find out the availability of their systems administrators.

5. Other customer’s reviews of the hosting services. Same as any business, the hosting vendor should be able to provide good references.

6. Is the potential host flexible? In the future, your needs may change. Can you upgrade services should the need arise?

7. Make sure that the host does not have blackholed IPs. The host that you want to do business with would not be one that promotes porn sites, spammers, or other security issues. You are considering associating your business with this host. Think about it.

8. Begin with and maintain a clear and written understanding of all services and all charges for them.

Advantages of Linux server hosting :

1. Linux is an open source software product and thus it does not need the high licensing fees that other operating systems do; you can freely download and use it at no cost.

2. A Linux website can easily be converted to a Windows website without much hassle. Also, the website can easily be changed as the requirement of the user grows.
3. Linux web hosting is very economical as Linux is a free operating system. Usually, only the cost of distribution is borne by the host or owner.

Advantages of windows server hosting:
1. .NET technologies like ASP dot net VB dot net are available on this platform. If you have a website built with Microsoft .NET technologies then you will have to choose a Windows server hosting plan.
2. If you need an enterprise class database there are some different features that run on a Linux platform but if you need Microsoft’s MSSQL database, a Windows hosting plan will be your best choice.
3. Access Databases are only obtainable with a Windows server hosting plan. Access can only run on a Microsoft Windows platform and thus it is unavailable on a Linux hosting. If your site needs particularly this feature then you will have to accept windows server hosting.


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Start for Web Hosting

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Even for a layman , its important to know the concept of web hosting. Visiting any website shows a web page that is downloaded from the web server onto the user’s web browser. Generally, web site is made up of many web pages and web page is made up of texts and graphic images. Now these pages are then stored and made available for the visitors on web servers.

So for a layman if his intention is to have is own web site, then the first step would be owing a host provider so as to host the website on web server. As soon as the website is online on the server, online users can browse that website through Internet. All this job of providing host facility is with the providers called web-hosting providers.

Any established web hosting provider can host even thousands of websites example, iPowerWeb is a popular web hosting company that hosts websites in amounts of lakhs i.e. 3 lakhs. Due to this reason only these hosting companies needs large number of web servers for storing the website. Thereafter all these web servers are connected to Internet and are kept in a physical center ‘data center’. As these web servers needs to be fully operational all the time so data centers are made fully secure having 24/7 environment and given protection from fire, HVAC temperature control, virus detections, computer data backup, redundant power backup and complete disaster recovery capabilities.

Now after knowing what is web hosting it is also important to know the different types of web host which are summarized below:

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, in shared hosting several websites share space on the common physical web servers. A physical web server can host thousands of websites at one time depending upon the web host. With so much pressure on web servers it tends to make one think that due to over burden perhaps the performance of web server gets affected. But that thinking is totally wrong as for this reason only web servers are equipped with high-end powerful computer so as to support large number of websites to some extent without any problem. However but it is even possible at time of over burden on web servers that the response is badly effected.

In order to get rid of this problem reputed and experienced host providers constantly keep on monitoring the performance of web servers and keeps on adding new web servers when and where required. As many websites share a same physical web server the cost is generally low with start from mere – per month and they also have to accept slower server response time.

Dedicated Hosting

As against shared hosting, in dedicated hosting a specific web server is allotted to one customer only. Due to one server the customer is having option to host his single/multiple web sites, can modify the configuration of software, can handle greater site traffic and can even scale the bandwidth when it is taken as necessary. It is because of this facility that dedicated hosting charges good amount which starts from and can range even upto0 to 0 monthly. So dedicated hosting is regularly used by extremely important web sites having high traffic.

Co-location hosting

The only difference between dedicated hosting and co-location hosting is that here in this case customers can own the web server hardware whereas in case of dedicated hosting customers can just rent the web server during the hosting period. So Co-location hosting provides more flexibility to its customers in respect of control and maintainence. Here in this case 24/7 server monitoring is also possible which can evade the problem of slow response. Because of all above benefits co-location hosting charges good amount depending upon monthly bandwidth and rack space required which is as high as 0 – 00 monthly.

Reseller hosting

The third type of hosting is reseller hosting where the provider offers web server storage space to third party at a discounted price, who again resell it to his own customer. Normally resellers include web consultants like web designers, developers or system Integration Company who after charging commission which is even upto 50%(taken as discount) can resell the web hosting. Resellers can set up their own hosting company and can decide for their own pricing structure with establishing their own branding.

In case of reseller hosting for reseller’s customers, the reseller is the web host provider. When some technical problem arises like down server or any access problem then in that case the resellers have to settle all with actual web host provider. However this is not the effective way as it leads to unnecessary waste of time due to various channels involved in the communication process like first customer contacts reseller and then reseller contacts actual web host provider and same is with the response it also comes back from the same process, so the problems pertains for a long time. Thus reseller hosting is not considered a good option unless user is having his own personal website or he is having an alternative for poor support from reseller.

Now with growing competition market is having abundant of resellers who are selling their services at a very low price. Due to this and other factors like even some web-hosting providers provide their own toll free numbers to their resellers for co-branded technical support, this makes the decision more difficult to choose which is the right choice.

Thus it is more important to act wisely and to not get attracted with marketing techniques employed by resellers like professional outlook of their website and other strategies like proving technical support in their own name which is actually provided by the provider and not by them but they tend to present it in such a way that they are providing that support.

The general distinguishing feature between resellers and hosting company is firstly the hosting price and secondly the company’s information including their balance sheet example iPowerWeb.com get their company’s information published where they mention their financial strength, their offices and highly equipped data centers. As against this resellers lack these assets and for price what they quote is generally below per month whereas providers charge between and .

Thus considering all these facts it can be concluded easily that due to a minute difference of several dollars one must not get struck in the web of resellers and must go for best facilities instead of getting harassment afterwards.

Webhosting Dos and Don’ts

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This is a short article that covers some of the dos and don’ts when you start looking for webhosting. As you might have already suspected, not all webhosting is created equally. While this isn’t necessarily a problem – there are many webhosting companies to choose from – finding the right one can be tricky.

So without further ado, let’s begin looking at some of the webhosting do’s and don’ts.

Do do your research before you register for any webhosting. While many companies that offer webhosting have the money to make huge media campaigns, this doesn’t reflect the quality of their webhosting. In other words, just because that Super Bowl commercial made you hungry for webhosting, that doesn’t mean they offer the one that is right for you.

Don’t get caught up in the special offers when you register for webhosting. It is common that they offer specials and other bonuses when you register for a new account. These usually lower the price of webhosting if you register for a longer time period. Example: you could save a few dollars if you register for a years worth of webhosting or longer.

Do register for the shortest period of time the webhosting company offers, usually one month. During this time, you will want to evaluate the webshosting, really test it out and see if it lives up to your expectations.

Don’t settle for sub par webhosting. Many companies claim that you can expect 99.9% up time with their webhosting. In the previous “do” I suggest that you only register for a month. If they hold true to their claim, the time you take to evaluate their webhosting will show you if this is true or not. I have been with numerous webhosting companies over the years. Some were able to meet such claims, others had several minutes of downtime a day.

Do ask for help if you need it. When you’re just starting out, there will be times when you could really use some help. Contact the webhosting company you’re evaluating and see if they can give you the answer. If they are unhelpful, or you feel you didn’t get the attention you deserve, look for other webhosting. Companies are just like the people that work there, they are all different. Some are willing to bend over backwards to help you, others couldn’t care less about you. If all that they want is your money, move on.

Don’t give up. As I have already mentioned, I have been with quite a few webhosting companies, not all of them great. But by weeding out the ones that didn’t work for me, I was able to find those that did. My current webhosting company even has a coupon code that lets you try their service for a penny. All you need to do is look around. Use common sense when you decide to try one and don’t get caught up with all of the bells and whistles.

Decide what you need from the webhosting and look for those that meet these requirements. If they don’t, put them aside and keep looking.