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Windows Dedicated Server ? Important Factors for Selecting the Right Server

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Online businesses are earning a lot of popularity these days. As these job opportunities are able to provide many benefits for the owners, more and more people are getting into this business domain. However, if you are planning to build your career in online industry, there are few important aspects that you have to know, especially if you are a beginner. Firstly, it is very important to build a good website that will suit your business. Moreover, you should also know how to increase the traffic flow to your site. When you are starting an online business, you should know methods that will help you to grab the attention of onlookers. Therefore, it is very important to have a dedicated server, which will help you to obtain the right web traffic to your site.


Even though, there are different types of servers available in the market today, Windows Dedicated Server are earning a lot of popularity. They are not only helping the online business owners to control the traffic flow, but also helping them to bring more power into their hands. However, when you are looking for Windows dedicated server for your system, it is very important things that you have to consider. When you are looking for a genuine dedicated server, you will basically find two options in front of your. Even though there are different types of servers, Windows and Linux are the best option for you. These are some of the well known companies in the world, which are capable of providing quality servers for their customers. There are also few companies that are providing different types of offers and discounts on dedicated servers.


When you are looking for a dedicated server, it is also quite imperative to consider the reliability as well as reputation of the company that you are opting for. There are also some important factors such as reliability, disk space, customer service and support that you have to focus when looking for a dedicated server for your company. Moreover, if you are selecting a genuine windows dedicated server, make sure you have these things in your mind.





How to Find Cheap Linux Web Hosting?

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It is worthwhile to do your research earlier than you begin to discover a Linux web host. This piece of writing gives you an abstraction on the fundamental differences amid Windows and Linux hosting. With latest abstruse advancements, the differences are accepting blurred day by day, but an accomplished band still exists in the midst of Linux and Windows web hosting services.

When deciding Linux web hosts there are numeral of things that be obliged to be taken into contemplation. These contrast from the amount we are eager to give to the software and accouterments characteristics of the server. An aphorism of deride back acrimonious a host is that a bargain does not beggarly necessarily good. In fact, in the web hosting world, usually “you get what you pay for”. So don’t be bamboozled by the aboriginal host that gives you absolute assets for an actual low price. Most likely they will bestow you a bad account and lots of downtime.

Any web server is not just like a Desktop of your personal computer – it has to accomplish a large number of complicated tasks in a abbreviate time. In addition, to build up your website and web applications alive 24×7, you accept to accumulate the server alive about the clock. Consequently, adherence is of prime accent back it comes to Linux web hosting.

If you are in allegation of a website hosting service and you accept done some searches for that on the internet, probability is that you come into view some casework that assertion to action able similar web hosting casework at extremely affordable charges or low rates. A number of users get puzzled after hearing such low-priced internet site hosting service.

They ask rather admiration that if the bargain website accumulator service providers affirmation that their service will be of the specialized level, how appear again are they able to propose it so economically. Just after that people start measuring up everything, like from the expensive service provider to the inexpensive service provider. This is the reason we could be mistaken, as we think in incorrect way. Incorrect idea and thought like, either those service providers who action their casework at economical ante charge be compromising at affection or those account providers who are not economical charge be charging extra. In this mystification, many of us achieve some bad intelligent decisions and end up with severe internet site stationing problems with their website projects.

While it is not all-important that a bargain or cheap Linux website hosting service provider will be negotiating at excellence and not so accessible on the receptacle service provider will be accusing additional, it is, on the other hand, not the case for all time. Correct that some swindlers have finished up bad called the two types: Honest, acceptable cost-effective website accumulator providers and not so discounted ones. though, if those who are in allegation of a website stationing service study to distinguish among swindlers and authentic economical service providers, they will be in a lot enhanced point to attainment a good, cheap Linux website storage supplier.

Cheap Hosting Solutions-How To Find The Best Hosting On A Budget

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Cheap hosting solutions are popular commodity today, because with the increasing amount of people using the Internet, this also brings about the amount people who want to get their websites be hosted. Of course, website hosting is not something that most people get excited about; therefore, most people want a cheap hosting company in order to get their website hosted quickly and easily.

The majority of people don’t consider the ramifications of this down the road; basically they want to get their website up and running as soon as possible. Of course, you don’t need to pay a lot of money to get good hosting, but oftentimes cheap hosting is not the best option for you, depending on who you go with.

You often times get what you pay for. Unfortunately, cheap hosting solutions companies have developed a reputation of having shoddy customer service and usually unsecured Web servers.

Therefore, your website will always be a risk of being hacked. However, if you are determined to go with a cheap hosting company, here’s some important tips and information to keep in mind.

Remember, before you go with any cheap hosting solutions, it is crucial to know exactly what you need in a hosting company. This include things such as your website features, Internet program programming language you will need, database connectivity features, e-mail addresses, domain name, how much traffic you expect yet, etc.

Of course, the only way to know how good the hosting companies’ customer service is before going with them is either to contact them yourself or read customer reviews on them. Reading customer reviews is probably the best option because when you call somebody yourself, you sometimes get a much different experience than what it will be down the road.

For instance, you might call the company and have a good experience your first call, when they are trying to make the sale; however, there might be the last time you ever hear from them. You need to have a good bodywork in order to know whether or not a cheap hosting solutions company is really is as reliable as they claim.

Reading customer reviews is a great way to do this, because you’ll tap in and knowledge of people who are either current or past customers of the particular company you are looking into, and can find out how reliable they are. There are many sites that are designed specifically to review hosting companies, and it really doesn’t take a whole lot of work to find these; just a quick Google search will usually suffice.

One more quick tip: know what kind of hosting you need, whether it be a virtual private server or shared hosting. While I don’t have time to go into the specifics here, keep in mind that a virtual private server (VPS) gives you much more space on your hosting providers’ server, is more secure, but also costs more money.

If you are a full time internet marketer, and plan on doing a lot of business online, this is definitely something you want to consider investing in. The bottom line truth is that not all hosting companies are created equal. It does take some research to find the best one.

Obviously, unless you are a super techy, hosting probably doesn’t excite you; it’s just a necessary thing you have to do to get your site online. Use these tips to find the best cheap hosting solutions as quickly as possible.

Web Hosting Comparison

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It’s important to get a web hosting comparison when you are looking at purchasing a web hosting company. There are so many web hosting companies out there and most of them provide a similar service, so which is the best web hosting company for you.

                                                    Do you need Web Hosting?

If you want to have a website which can be accessed by an online user from any computer around the world with an Internet connection, then you need web hosting. It takes a complicated and expensive network of servers to host any website so the expense of subscribing to a web hosting company is definitely worth it.There are three technical categories to web hosting ,they are:

- Shared Hosting – Shared hosting is when you rent a portion of a server – like renting an office room in an office building.  Usually shared hosting packages are sufficient for basic web sites.

- Dedicated Hosting – This is when you rent an entire server – like renting an entire office building.  Once you have your server you can put whatever you would like on it, your choice of applications, your choice of data. 

- Co-located Hosting – This is when you actually buy the server, hardware, and software.  Your server is then monitored and connected to the web from a data center.

Take the time to check and compare the top 5 web hosting companies to see which one suits your needs best.

Listed below are common client goals, and the type(s) of hosting solutions that best match those goals:


The Top 5 Web Hosting Comparison


  iPage Web Hosting Great values for money and with a complete package starting at a low price of .50 per month.Really good for beginners, bloggers and small business’s looking for a low priced web hosting co.

HostGator Web Hosting A well established web hosting company without the frills, you get what you see. Has 3 hosting plans 

Hatching Plan-single domain, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, starting at .95 per month

 Baby Plan-multi domain with unlimited hosting,diskspace and bandwidth. Starting at .95 per month

Business Plan- unlimited hosting,disk space , bandwidth, toll free number. Starting at .95 per month

Go Daddy Web Hosting Go Daddy has been around for years and offers so many extras, not so easy for a newbie to navigate, always offering special discounts.  Also has 3 plans 

Economy has 10 GB Space,100 Email Accounts, 300GB Transfer Starting at .09 per month

Deluxe Plan has 150GB space, 1500GB transfer , 500 email accounts From .94 per month

Unlimited Plan has Unlimited space and transfer, 1000 email accounts, unlimited my SQL databases From .74 per month

InMotion Web Hosting InMotion has been around for more than 10 years, although a little more expensive, they offer a great range in their 2 plans. Personal / Cheap Value PlanStarts at .00 per month.Business Class has 3 packages: Launch from .95 per month. Power from .95/month. Pro from .95 /month

Start Logic Web Hosting Start Logic have three very good plans, an excellent technical support if needed.

 Personal Logic has 60 GB storage, 600 GB transfer Starts at .95 per month.

Pro Logic has unlmited GB of transfer and Storage, unlimited domains. Starts at .95 per monthVS Logic has unlimited domain hosting, 20 GB disk space, 1 TB transfer. Starts at .95 per month.

I hope this information on how to  compare web hosting companies has been helpful to you.

Key Comparisons of Linux Vs. Windows Servers

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For someone who is fairly new to web hosting, choosing the platform you are going to use for your server can be a difficult and even mind-boggling decision. Although there are several obscure choices still available, the most widely used Operating Systems (OSs) are the enterprise, or server, versions of Linux and Windows.
There seems to be a limitless source of information regarding hosting, but it seems that the waters have been muddied by many authors’ self-important personal opinions. This has resulted in some of the issues becoming rather unclear to intermediate users. Some technology bloggers have put quite a few hours, even years, into research on the subject, only to conclude that it really does not matter what server you decide to use. They claim that you should just make sure to choose a really good web host, instead of worrying about the type of server software they are running.
Are they right? Does it matter what kind of server hosts your site? Why? What is the difference between the two OSs, anyway?
Cost considerations
Microsoft manufactures and owns the rights to the entire Windows OS, from the recently retired XP to various flavors of Vista. Linux, on the other hand, is “open source” software and is usually free. What that means is that it can be more costly to install and run a Windows server, but this really would not affect you unless you are setting up the server personally – and if your eyes are glued to this article then it’s a safe assumption that you are not doing so.
What this article will do for you is give you the rundown on how to make the right decision about the web-hosting server you choose. The costs inherent in running a server do not always affect the price of the hosting package as you might suspect. The fact that a single Windows server would be more costly to set up and run doesn’t apply to a web-hosting firm that has installed several dozen or more. Getting the Window hosting package is usually a bit more expensive than the Linux hosting package, but not so much that you should disqualify it on price alone.
Make no assumptions
Individuals often assume that just because their PC operates on Windows, they should purchase a Windows hosting package. Not necessarily. Gaining access to your web account will usually be done through FTP or a control panel, and all servers support these methods. The most important difference in administrative site access is that some FTP commands are a bit different in Linux than in Windows and, of course, the FTP programs will usually be created for only one or the other.
Think about how you intend to put the server to use. Make your decision based on those facts. The web features that will run just fine on both platforms include PHP and the e-mail protocols, IMAP and POP. On the other hand, using ASP, Frontpage, the .Net environment, Access, Windows Streaming Media or other Microsoft technologies will likely require a Windows host. Linux offers only limited support, or none at all, when it comes to these technologies, meaning your “workaround cost” will be quite high and may lack the features you need.
Stability and growth
Different server platforms’ reliability and stability records have been raised in many discussions, some rather contentious. The focus of many anti-MS rants has been that Windows is not a secure environment and is only popular because it is the OS for the majority of home-based PCs. As the most commonly used system, Windows has flaws and people tend to spend a lot of time looking for them, as well as exploiting them for harm.
However, Linux may just be the most common server type out there and, surprisingly, the success rate for hackers has been higher than expected, although not as high as for Windows. After all is said and done, the platforms and their security boil down to systems administration and server company management. If security is the main focus for you, then be sure to take the time to investigate the company that is hosting your site. Make sure that they have a reputation that is corroborated by other companies, not just their own marketing materials. This way you will have fewer worries about the server you are using.
Too close to call?
When it comes to the performance of the two servers, there is not a huge difference. Linux has been known to perform faster than Windows on some “cookie cutter” hosts that install Windows in its default, “all in one” package. Linux distributors, using an open-source application with more flexibility, can implement “extensible” packages with greater customizability. In normal situations, the performance of the two is comparable, but if system functionality is most important to you, this may have an impact on your final decision. Which direction that will send you depends on what you wish to compare, as the OSs do have some different strengths and weaknesses.
It is arguably a better use of your time to look for a good host rather than a good server model or OS. Linux and Windows developers are always working on ways to improve both systems. At this point they seem to be roughly equivalent when it comes to the security, features and reliability expected by the average home and small business user. This is not likely to change for some time. You must base your decision on the factors most important to you and your business, and in this neck-and-neck horse race, a clear winner is impossible to call. Eventually you will just have to saddle up with one or the other, and hit the track.