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Does Web Hosting Make a Great Article Subject?

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Too Much Information

Upon further investigation it could be said that as far as there being enough information about Web Hosting, there is not. The subject covering Web Hosting is both extensive and interesting and of great enjoyment to many people. This is easily realized with a quick search of Google or Yahoo on the exact topic of Web Hosting or any of its’ other keywords surrounding the subject of Web Hosting. Whatever subject you are interested in, even if it is about Web Hosting or any other off shoot topics relating to Web Hosting, you will be sure to find an enthusiastic readership if you are just prepared to get writing and share your knowledge on your preferred topic even if it has nothing at all to do with Web Hosting.

Finally, in order to answer my initial question. “Does Web Hosting make a great article subject?” Then the answer would be an affirmatory ‘YES.’ Of course it does as does any other subject on any other topic imaginable.

The fact is there is almost endless ways someone might discuss Web Hosting withought sounding boring or loosing the readers interest. Seriously the government continually tell us all how to live and seem to make it sound like a great idea when they do, anyway thousands and sometimes millions believe them and follow what they say, right or wrong. Telling your readers about Web Hosting, Travel or even Websites if it is at all original and well presented and at the very least, with care and genuine interest of your own will continually make the subjects about Travel,.

Travel and even Web Hosting not only popular but much followed by a world that is in love with information about many things even on Web Hosting


Choosing A Best Web Hosting Provider

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As there are so many web hosting providers on the Internet, so it is much difficult to decide the right one. For your business it is very important to choose a right web host. You definitely desire a reliable web host for your business. This means that, when you will choose your web hosting provider, the charge should not be the only thing you think about.  To find a superior web hosting provider, you have to analyze some web hosting reviews and also you have to visit some web hosting demo site. You can start your analysis from the site http://www.ixwebhostingreview.org, where over 60 web hosting are reviewed with model demo sites.

When you are searching for someone to host your website you may be confused, because there are so many different companies to choose from. But, if you know a little basic on web hosting then you will not face any problem to choose a reputable web hosting provider.

The most important issue about your prospective web hosting providers is the amount of server uptime they guarantee. We note that, most reputable web hosting companies strive for minimum 99% uptime. If the servers of your hosting company are down again and again, then you will lose visitors and traffic and obviously income. A first-rate hosting company must have scores of satisfied clients. So, don’t forget to check customer reviews and feedback. You can see these on their website or searching on the internet.

Hosting space is another issue to concern. If you are planning to host lots of videos and images, then you need much space and in that case you have to plan accordingly. If you are not sure that how much space you may require, ensure that your web hosting provider permits to upgrade into other hosting plans.

Another important subject for your web hosting plan is bandwidth. This is simply determines the amount of data you are allowed to transfer each month for your visitors to use and view your website. Moreover, if your website contains a lot of multimedia files, you will require more bandwidth.  Easiness of hosting plan upgrade is also absolutely an important consideration here.

If you are concerning on both storage space and bandwidth, next you have to think about money without sacrificing any feature. Some hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth, which are too good but their prices are extremely high as a result they are not suitable for you. So, don’t forget to read the ‘fine print’ in the ‘Terms of Service’ agreement.

Ensure that your chosen web hosting provider offers all the facts that you may require to manage your website properly. If you have any confusion before purchasing, you should clear it by asking them. Moreover, this is a good way to judge the customer service of your selected web hosting company.

Finally, before signing up to their hosting services, it is important to find the web hosting coupon and web hosting deal. For more details you can visit http://www.ixwebhostingreview.org/web-hosting-coupons/ where over 30 web hosting coupons are available. You can compare and choose the best web hosting provider.

Web Hosting : Linux vs. Windows

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The Basics of Linux & Windows : Linux (and its close relation
Unix) and Windows 2000 (and its close cousin Windows NT) are
types of software (known as operating systems) that web servers
use to do the kind of things that web servers do. You do not
need to know any real detail of either to make a decision as to
which you need but here a few guidelines.

Just because you use a windows desktop PC doesn’t mean you have
to opt for Windows web hosting (and the reverse is true as
well). The operating system you use on your desktop has little
to do with your choice of web hosts. As long as you understand
how to use your FTP or web publishing software, your can use
either operating system.

But what is important is that you know what you want your
website to do and what you want to offer on it. This is what
will ultimately help determine the type of web hosting that will
work best for you. As mentioned earlier, interactive websites
usually rely on ASP, PHP, or Perl type languages.

Linux Web Hosting or Windows 2000 Web Hosting ? Make your Choice

When it comes to Web hosting, Linux has, for some time, been
widely considered the best OS for Web servers. It’s typically
found to be the most reliable, stable and efficient system and,
as such, it’s commonly used for the demanding environment of Web
and mail servers. Indeed,Most of the clients websites of aalpha
NET runs on the Linux OS precisely because of this traditional

The million-dollar question is what application are you looking
to use for your hosting? Consider the tools and scripting
languages you plan to use – if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux
is the way forward. If apps are Microsoft-specific, then Windows
is what you need.

If your site, like most web sites, is what might be termed
“brochure-ware” then Linux servers are ideal. By brochure-ware I
mean a site that offers the kind of information that in the past
might have been provided on paper in the form of brochures,
newsletters or data sheets. Brochure-ware sites will offer some
interaction through enquiry forms and can certainly incorporate
online purchasing and other routine e-commerce functions.

If however your site incorporates an online searchable database
or interactive chat facilities then Windows 2000 or NT will be a
better bet in most cases. It will cost a bit more but you’ll get
that back in reduced development time and simply better

The following are the advantages of using Linux based web server
compared to Windows based web server :

Stable: Linux/Unix operating systems has traditionally been
believed to be very stable and robust. A web site housed on a
Linux operating system will have very high up-time (of the order
of 99.9%). Of course, other factors such as power supply,
network admin skills, and network load etc. also matter when it
comes to maintaining the system uptime.

Low cost of ownership: The Linux OS comes free of cost (or at
very insignificant cost, usually cost of distribution). Also, it
has full fledged server, and desk top applications that comes
free along with the OS. These server applications (such as FTP,
Web Server, DNS Server, File Server etc.) being free, are also
very stable.

Ease of use : When it comes to web hosting, it is easy to host
on Linux web servers. The process of uploading and hosting is
almost same for both Linux and Windows web servers. If you want
to use a Windows based tool such as Front Page for uploading a
web site on to a Linux based web server, make sure that the
Front Page extensions are enabled. This is only required if you
are uploading using HTTP feature (http://www.yourwebsite.com) of
Front Page. Front Page also makes it possible to upload a web
site using FTP. You need to select ftp://www.yourwebsite.com for
up loading using front page FTP option. Note that if you select
“Front Page Extensions” during web site design, you must enable
Front Page extensions on a Linux web server also. These days,
all Linux web servers are coming with installable Front Page
extensions, and this should pose no problem for hosting on a
Linux platform.

You can use almost all types of file extensions (or scripts)
when using Linux web server. Commonly, the following extensions
are supported: .cgi, .html, .htm, .pl, .php, .shtml, .xml, and
others. Basically it means that you can host web sites that use
different types of server side scripts including .cgi, .pl,
..php, and .asp (with plug-in).

Easy to move between hosts : A web site designed to be hosted on
a Linux based web server can be hosted on a Windows web server
easily, where as the reverse is not always true.

Most widely used : Linux/Unix based web hosting is most widely
used compared to Windows based web hosting.

Scalability : A web site is dynamic. Usually, a web site starts
with a few pages of html and grows over a period of time to suit
the customers requirements. It is preferable to design a web
site keeping this requirements in mind. A web site designed for
compatibility with a Linux/Unix based web server meets the
scalability requirement easily without making any site wide
design changes.

On the downside, Linux based web server is not fully compatible
with Microsoft technologies. If you are using any specialized
applications or VB for development of your web site, it is
preferable to host with a Windows based web server.

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Linux VPS – Is It Better than Shared Hosting?

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Linux VPS is one of the latest hosting options that is available today for users. Initially the choices had been limited to shared hosting or dedicated hosting. If you already have an online company or are planning to start with one then you would have to think carefully about the hosting plans that you would want to use. Every hosting option will have its own pros and cons and you would have to evaluate each of them against your own needs.  

Shared Hosting

A lot of people today are choosing Linux VPS against shared hosting. Shared hosting had been the most popular and the least expensive option so far where a very large but single hard drive is shared by dozens of websites. However, shared hosting might not always be suitable for everyone and for all sites. Sites that have high amount of traffic would not find shared hosting suitable since it would not be possible for the server to isolate every website from the others that share the same server. The websites that are really large use dedicated server where only one server is used by one company.  

Would VPS be a Good Option?

If your needs lie somewhere in between what shared hosting and dedicated servers offer then Linux VPS would be a good option for you. When you compare it to a private server or a dedicated server, the cost of VPS is very low. This server is also a better option than shared hosting since it offers several options, more flexibility and more freedom to the users. Basically, businesses that are too large to use shared hosting and too small for dedicated servers would find VPS to be their best choice. If you are planning to expand in the future, then even if you are a start up you might want to think of VPS.  

Better Performance

Unlike shared servers, the performance of your site would not be dependent on the neighbouring accounts when you use VPS. With VPS you would have guaranteed resources. You would be able to get predictability and reliability. You would not be affected by your neighbouring accounts since each account would be different. Also, this type of server would be very rich when it comes to features. The functions that it offers are similar to that of a dedicated server. You would be able to customize your firewall configurations and you would have the flexibility to use any applicants you want. You will also have an IP address of your own along with root access. You can reboot your server whenever you want. Domains, panels, database, web and mail can also be customized. With so many options and benefits, Linux VPS is definitely better than shared hosting.

Recovering a Red Hat Linux System After a Power Outage

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Today, the Linux operating system has carved a niche of its own. It has got a dedicated category of users who will happily pay for it if it ever comes with a price tag. The Linux system is secure, reliable, fast, and does not require hardware/software drivers to install them on the system. Having said that, even such a robust operating system can face corruption. Corruption can occur due to various reasons such as power outages, corrupt file system, human errors, damaged operating system, etc. In such cases, you should try performing appropriate corrective measures to sort out the issue. However, if you are unable to do so then you should use a third-party Linux data recovery software to perform Linux recovery.

Consider a scenario wherein you are working on a Red Hat Linux system. Suddenly, there is a power outage and the system shuts down unexpectedly. When you try to switch on the system, you fail to do so.

The cause of this situation is that the Linux system has corrupted because of power outage.

If the problem is because of having a faulty hardware like bad hard drive or memory chip, the file system check may not be sufficient to resolve this problem. This happens particularly when the file system is corrupted. In such cases, the Red Hat boot process will produce an error message and guide you into a shell so that you can perform the file system repair yourself.

When the recovery shell dismounts all the file systems to mount the root file system in a read-only mode, you can perform full checks on it. To do this, you should run the e2fsck utility on the corrupted file system that will be able to resolve all the inconsistencies. Exit the shell and restart the system. The system will function normally now.

However, if you still are unable to recover the system then you should use a third-party Linux data recovery software to do the needful. Such read-only tools are able to recover the data safely without overwriting the existing data.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is a Linux recovery software that enables you to recover data from the corrupted Linux systems. It is supported by various Linux distributions such as Red Hat, SUSE, Debian, Caldera, Mandrake, Sorcerer, TurboLinux, Slackware, Gentoo, etc. This Linux data recovery software is able to perform ext2 recovery, ext3 recovery, and ext4 recovery. In addition, it can recover data from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 file systems as well. This Linux recovery software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.