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Inexpensive Web Hosting for Small Businesses and Churches

12.08.2013 (12:21 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

How would a small business or church go about finding inexpensive web hosting? It’s not as easy as you think. Just because a hosting provider advertises affordable and cheap shared web hosting packages , you need to really be an informed shopper to determine if they really offer inexpensive web hosting.

Any reseller can offer inexpensive web hosting starting at say, .95 per month, but following “inexpensive web hosting” tips may help you avoid the duds as you look for a place to host your small business, realty or church site.

A reputable web hosting site should include the following-

Inexpensive web hosting means just that, and you shouldn’t have to search far for the bottom line prices. Sometimes so called discount and inexpensive web hosting providers slip in hidden fees for services the average person would have thought were part of the total deal. Therefore, make sure you check the site carefully for what is included and what is not. If you have any questions, just ask the sales representative.

They should not have to sacrifice quality in terms of things like up time on the servers, professional technical assistance, storage space, email accounts and monthly bandwidth transfer.

The company that is honest will try to keep your business, but not hold you hostage if you choose to leave. For example, once I wanted to transfer my domain to a different host, and the “inexpensive we hosting company would not allow me to point my name servers to the new host. Imagine that! So make sure your host will allow you to do if you outgrow it (as in my case) or you just choose to leave.

On a personal note, I was really impressed with Bluehost.com in this regard, because after I wanted to leave, their tech staff even helped me switch the DNS name servers on my domain to my new host. Was that great of them or what?

Finally, a reputable company will come with a full money back guarantee after 30 days, and will also pro rate your money back on the remaining portion of your contract as a sign of good will. Anything less than that is a little bit shady in my book.

Overall, this is not an exhaustive list of things to look for in decent inexpensive web hosting. However, thinking about these issues before signing a contract may help ensure you get a good host for your business and save you time and money to boot.