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Windows Hosting – Advantages

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When you are going to build up a site in the Internet, you had better start from choosing a hosting provider. But before you select a hosting firm, you had better get acquainted with their main categories. Also you ought to know which of facilities of hosting you need.
Generally, this choice rides on the programming scripts which hosting can maintain. Say, if you use  MySQL or PHP, Perl on the site, you will choose a Linux platform. But if you need to use ASP,  you will for sure wale Windows hosting. Then, Windows-hosting is useful in case if you use Windows oriented technologies such as Visual Basic.
In general Windows hosting is a preference of those who could be divided  into two general sectors: those who understand nothing in hosting and consider that Windows hosting is supposed to be simpler for their understanding, and those who, on the contrary, are sure that they require Windows hosting accurately.

Benefits of Windows hosting

1.NET technologies, like ASP are available on the Windows platform. In case if you have a site developed on Microsoft. NET technologies, you have to choose Windows hosting.
2.ASP.NET technology is cunning itself, as the language is compiled. It has a lot of add-ons and can be in competition with any php or perl. Windows hosting can either support Net Framework, MSSQL.
One more benefit is that with Unix you will never operate to work properly with ASP and ASP.NET, but Windows can cooperate with practically all popular PHP/MySQL scripts & add-ons.
3. If you need a large database for a company, Windows hosting is a wise choice.
4. Access databases cooperate only with Windows hosting. Access can be started only with the Microsoft Windows platform, thus,  can’t work with Linux hosting. In case if the site assumes this function, you should contemporize to hosting on the Windows server.
5. If you use some of Microsoft’s Sharepoint tools, Windows hosting is the only trustworthy choice. Only Windows hosting supplies upstanding Microsoft-specific business solutions like Sharepoint Services, Microsoft CRM, Exchange.
6. You can administrate through Remote Desktop, this program nowadays is provided with all Windows XP versions. Thus, you do not need to upload any additional utilities like Radmin, VNC, etc. 

Windows hosting, normally, is more valuable because of expenditures on Microsoft licenses, but yet it supposes good support and handling.

Advantages of Virtual Dedicated Servers

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When your website grows out of the facilities provided by shared hosting services, the next natural progression is towards using Virtual Private Servers (VPS), aka virtual dedicated servers. Virtual dedicated servers use a special kind of partitioning technology that successfully creates several ‘virtual’ servers out of a single physical server. Every web site that is hooked on to a virtual dedicated server has a completely separate server space. The server behaves as if it was dedicated only to that website. Through this technology, hosting companies are able to create multiple servers using a single physical server. This reduces costs while providing maximum benefit to clients.

Virtual dedicated servers offer a number of advantages to the websites they service. Through this service, a website has full root access to the server. That means, you can do any one of the number of activities to customize your server. You may install software, add and update packages, host multiple sites and change server configuration. At the same time, security is never compromised because other clients do not have access to your section of the server.

Virtual dedicated servers are very attractive to website owners because they are a happy via media between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Many websites, particularly fledgling e-commerce sites, may have outgrown shared hosting but may find dedicated hosting too expensive for their needs. In this case, virtual dedicated servers provide all the facilities at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual dedicated hosting is targeted at businesses and enterprises that are on their way up. They are meant to be used as an intermediary step towards a highly successful online business. Therefore, virtual dedicated servers always offer an easy option to upgrade services. Generally, you would require less than a minute to upgrade your hosting account so that your website would have more disk space, memory or other facilities. Virtual dedicated servers come with an easy-to-use control panel that offers a highly powerful tool box that allows you easy access to powerful features.

Virtual dedicated servers are not without a few disadvantages. Of course, these disadvantages are comparative. When compared with a dedicated server, virtual dedicated servers offer less security. However, the amount of protection that virtual dedicated servers provide is much more than that provided by shared hosting services. Only if your website requires 100% protection, should you consider replacing virtual dedicated servers with a physical dedicated server. Another disadvantage is the fact that it is possible for you to alter your website accidentally or even crashed the server unwittingly. Even so, most dedicated servers provide excellent backup facilities.

The Important Advantages and Benefits With Linux Hosting

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The reliability of the Linux hosting is highly rewarding by web users who basically demand a stable environment to process and operates their applications and tasks. With Linux hosting, the number of times used may only be 50% of what other types of web hosting requires. Linux web hosting is popular for its efficiency and it runs a lot faster as well.


Also this has helped to save up a lot of loading time for the same amount of data. Because of its great flexibility and ability, it had become one of the most popular and preferable web hosting service which is recommended by many groups of web master today.


A Linux supported web host usually uses many open sources Linux operating systems to drive its web servers because of its open source features. Linux web hosting have many advantages because it can be run on a large range of other free and open source applications and scripts which make it very reliable and flexible. Even it can provide more applications and software as similar to Window hosting.


This open source nature driven down the cost of Linux hosting as compared to Window hosting. Linux hosting is an affordable web hosting solution in the long run because of the lot of different simple to use features and options that it can offer, on top of the high reliability and high speed data transfer ability which it controlled.


This has allowed your websites to get loads quickly on the Internet with essential data and information in a faster speed similarly to any other types of web hosting do. Linux web host services has become the popular services in many developers because it can offer a stable environment for a Website. Even though it requires small number of resources which are required to run its web server.


Following things can give you a brief idea about its performance


Linux web Hosting plan works well with the cPanel control panel, which is one of the most famous and user-friendly control panel in the web hosting industry.


Nowadays, Linux Hosting has been earning its world level popularity because of its open source roots and characteristics. You can securely that develops PHP and MySQL applications with Linux hosting. Linux is the great platform for PHP and MySQL websites and applications along with other types of web hosting, it is equally reliable, inexpensive and simple to use.


When you are finding for the best web hosting service, background researching of the specific web host is important. What mistake they always do? Which field they are weak in? For more information, check out web hosting reviews and with the help of hosting review sites you should find out the different people opinions about their services. However, this is not the only way to do you can directly contact with them and many of the leading hosting companies offers money back guarantee for a month so you can at least try their services. This can give you a clear picture of their performance.

The Advantages Of Linux Server Hosting

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Even with a huge amount of information about modern technologies as well as our daily use of computer equipment and software, most people are unaware of the differences in scripting languages and the variety of web hosting services available. Many may not even understand what web hosting or scripting languages mean!

In the simplest of terms when a business or individual has decided to create a website they will more than likely require the services of a web hosting company. Web hosts own the server equipment that keeps all of the data and files necessary for the site to run, look and perform as the website owner desires. The data and files are all going to be written with special programs and languages which are recognizable by computers around the world. Currently the two most common platforms are Linux and Windows.

There are reasons that a business or individual will need to know which of the platforms their hosting provider uses including the design of an existing site, the need for certain functions or applications and their own budget constraints.

The advantages of using Linux server hosting will generally include:


Compatibility – Linux web hosting allows for a full range of integration or compatibility with other operating software or applications. The software can run easily on a Windows server, while the reverse is not so easily done. Additionally, many of the most commonly used databases and applications work smoothly in Linux. This also means tons of stability.

Cost – Linux software is totally free for developers to use or modify as they require. This is not just the operating software but all of the other applications that have been written for it. This translates to entire suites of server applications that can be downloaded and put to use on the server at no additional costs.


Ease of Use – Linux initially earned a reputation as a bit more complicated than the familiar Windows OS, but today web developers and software writers have made the Linux applications incredibly easy to use and even modify for customized functions.


Security – The jury is still out on this issue, but most experts acknowledge Linux as the least prone to security issues and also the OS that delivers the most guaranteed amounts of uptime.


There are clearly many advantages for choosing a Linux server hosting provider, but the real key to knowing if it is the right choice for your needs is to simply compare it to the work that may have all ready been done for your site – if it is primarily Windows software or applications you may want to choose a Windows provider, but the beauty of Linux is that is perfectly capable of using the Windows language as well.

Basic Web Hosting Needs and Linux Hosting Server Advantages

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While browsing through the internet it does not matter which kind of server is used for hosting your site? Different web servers are utilized for various purpose of many website. The opinions of the various customers differ and thus they choose web servers according to their needs to promote their site ahead of the others in their required market area.

If your website has complex features or you have an e-commerce site that has typical database functionalities with enormous dynamic pages of your services or products, then the type of your web server will depend on your requirements.

Small business firms who have tiny budget to promote themselves generally require these following things to host their site. These basic things of a host can be very crucial for those who are going to introduce their new business into their required business market arena.

1. Web Space: Web space should be given the first importance from your end. This is the place where your all files like html pages, images, video files will be stored. Nowadays web host packages propose enough disk space to host your site at your budget.

2. Databases hosting: Hosting the database of your website is really very crucial for your budget. If you don’t have any special fascination about MS-SQL then you should choose My-SQL database, because it will work more or less same as MS-SQL databases but the expenditure to hosting the database or server will be exceptionally less.

3. POP3 e-Mail Access: For a professional appearance of your business you need an e-mail account from the same domain name of yours. Nowadays most of the webs hosts are give you a POP3 email account setup for your business use along with their packages. When choosing your hosting plan just you need to overview it.

4. Security: Secured hosting plans should require for any kind of web business. All small business owners are seeking more or less web security for growing their business into their business market area through internet. Thus this issue should be checked before choosing any web hosting firm.

5. 24/7 support service: It is quite natural to face problems while hosting your site or it may be possible that your web server unfortunately may go down any moment. Thus you need to hire those web hosting firms who will guarantee the 24/7 customer support service to their clients.

6. Price: People are searching for cheap web hosting packages to host their website and this is necessary from their own view point. Thus for all small business owners Linux web hosting packages are competitively cheaper than others.

Linux web hosting is cheaper. The reason must be searched in licensing costs that are lower from Windows hosting plans and in the ability of Linux hosting servers to support higher web sites as per server ratio without compromising the quality of service.

Advantages of Linux server hosting

1. Linux web hosting packages are competitively cheaper than others hosting packages.

2. Linux web servers can hold vast web sites without negotiating the quality of service.

3. As Linux is known as open source software product it can afford less licensing cost which in turn reduces the hosting fees.

4. Linux website can easily bee converted to any Windows based site with no disturbance.

5. While using the Linux hosting you can easily access all cheaper web database systems like My-SQL database which can reduce the expenditure.

6. Inexpensive scripting language like My-SQL, PHP, Perl etc. are also accessible for your website while hosting your site from Linux server.

7. It is generally known that Linux web hosting servers are much secured than any other hosting servers. The security issue is satisfactorily organized in Linux hosting.

Advantages of Server Colocation for Small Business

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Server colocation is the process by which small business or individuals can place their servers in a facility that comes with good network connectivity. This provides a chance for these business or people to save more money while still administrating their data. In addition to this, they will be subject to more advantages.

One of the advantages that business owners can accrue is obtaining better connectivity at a cheaper price. Many companies offering colocation services have not only robust networks but also bigger and more efficient bandwidth meaning that they will easily access information at any time.

Most colocation services providers have installed different types of facilities that can ensure that the server is not only safe from damage but also protected from unauthorized access. This means that they have invested in different kinds of security measures including appropriate HVAC systems, firewalls as well as metal detectors and glass breakage sensors, in order to ensure that the system is safe.

The other great benefit of considering server colocation is that the users will save on costs as compared to hosting it in their building. The installation and maintenance of all the necessary facilities, in addition to the personnel required for this project may cost the company a lot of money and therefore, they should consider collocation in order to cut down on costs and concentrate on the other aspects of the business.

Clients will also be able to obtain the advantage of 24/7 operations as most providers offer this in addition to others. This means that the server will be frequently inspected and maintained to ensure that it is in good working condition. The personnel of these providers are well trained in their fields and therefore are up to date on the different aspects affecting the equipment. Other companies provide each client a dedicated team of experts who will help them in dealing with the technical problems that may arise while using their facilities.

Since the server will still be the client’s property, they will have the chance to carry out all the things they consider necessary including upgrading their systems as time goes by. They will be aided by the experts in the technological changes as per the needs of the company.

Windows VPS or a Cheap VPS has lots of advantages

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VPS Hosting is the common choice now for small as well as medium scale enterprises. VPS Hosting is cost effective as well as feature rich so people find it more attractive as compared to dedicated servers as well as Shared Hosting solutions. It comes in two forms namely Windows VPS as well as Linux VPS. A Windows VPS is definitely more popular as it is compatible with lots of software and programs and hence it serves varied purposes for different requirements of businesses. It is more friendly with the user too as it is based on GUI and is not based on text commands. Windows VPS is also known as Cheap VPS as it is very cheap and so it is the best VPS among all.

VPS Hosting allows businesses as well as individuals to take the best advantage of it by offering various services. A Virtual Server is created by using Virtuozzo which is the basis of virtualization. With the help of Virtuozzo lots of Virtual Servers are created on a single physical server which also behave independently and have their own identity. Now your Virtual Server acts just like your dedicated server. Data is put on a VPS in the form of a Virtual Machine also known as VM.


Windows VPS or a Cheap VPS has lots of advantages

    * You do not have to maintain your server anymore. Your hosting provider will do it for you at no extra cost.

    * You can host multiple accounts on the same server which means that you can host multiple websites under the same Virtual Server.

    * There is no bad neighbor effect in case of a Cheap VPS solution even though they share the same physical server.

    * Your server is also updated by your hosting provider on a regular basis.

    * You have more resources available to yourself in case of a VPS. These resources can also be increased or decreased as per requirements.

    * People who want to set up their own hosting company can take the advantage form Cheap VPS Hosting as well. This is known as Reseller VPS Hosting.

    * Customization of your server is also possible in case of Windows VPS or Cheap VPS.

    * Also your servers are secured completely here in this hosting.

    * You get control over your server as well the root access to your server. Now you can reboot your server independently.

    * One of the biggest advantage of VPS Hosting is that it is cheap.

So a Windows VPS or Cheap VPS has a lot to offer and you can make the most out of it by selecting the right plan that suits your business requirements.

Also there is another form of virtual server hosting called as Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting (VDS) which is very similar to VPS Hosting. In VPS Hosting your data is put on a VM which is partitioned from each other. In case of VDS Hosting or Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting there is an administrative layer present above the VMs known as Hypervisor. This Hypervisor layer manages the server overall and use of its resources. The main function of a Hypervisor layer in Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting (VDS Hosting) is to monitor the usage of resources and increase the performance of the server.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

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If you’re not all that familiar with the many faces of web hosting, shared hosting is the most common form you will find. Companies like BlueHost, WebHostingPad, Fatcow – they all offer shared web hosting services. Shared hosting is the first choice for many individuals and small business owners.  In fact, most of the sites you run across thrive off this type of platform. While there are many benefits to such a solution, there are disadvantages you need to be aware of as well.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

Cost-efficiency – The cost benefits of shared hosting are all in the name. Because you are literally sharing server space with other web hosting customers, the provider is able to save money and offer a cheaper service. Combine this with a highly competitive market, and you can easily find yourself a shared hosting plan for less than a month. When considering all the features you can get nowadays, these affordable web hosting packages offer excellent value.

Simplicity – Shared web hosting actually describes the basic concept of managed hosting, which is generally refers to dedicated servers. What this means is that the host maintains the server and associated hardware in their data center. They provide you with connectivity and handle all the complex server administrative tasks. This is an ideal solution for anyone that doesn’t have the know-how or manpower to run a server or simply needs to focus on the vital aspects of their business. In addition to that, comprehensive tools such as control panel software and website builders also make the shared hosting environment much easier to grasp. Even the most technically challenged can succeed thanks to the rapid evolution of web hosting technology.

Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

System Crashes – I’m gonna give you the cold hard facts – although you can find yourself a respectable provider, the reliability of shared hosting will always be questionable. Even with proactive measures such as loading balancing, placing thousands of websites on a single server makes the machine susceptible to failure.

Performance Issues – Performance can also be an issue. Let’s say you’re experiencing moderate traffic while Joe Blow who is sharing the server with you gets a sudden burst of traffic. A neighborhood’s traffic can have a direct impact on your site, causing it to lag with pages that take forever to load. We’ve all experienced it so you know that slow web pages are a real drag.

Security – Security is another critical element that isn’t guaranteed in a shared hosting environment. Web hosting companies provide customers with a lot of power these days – way too much if you ask me. All it takes is one amateur webmaster to misuse .htaccess or another sensitive component and stir up all kinds of chaos on the server. If you’re not as proficient as once thought with development languages, your PHP-based web applications can be left insecure, providing intruders with a gateway to your data. Then there is always the threat of sharing server space with a hacker looking to compromising unknowing users like yourself. The worst part of all, you might not have a clue what’s going on until its too late.

This is not a knock on shared hosting, just a warning. The mere structure of this environment makes it vulnerable under a wide range of conditions.  The good is that with a little research, you can find yourself a reliable company with the knowledge and technology to ensure as few issues as possible.

Information about Linux web hosting and its advantages?

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Linux web hosting refers to hosting your website on a Linux platform. A lot of web hosting providers prefer offering Linux web hosting over others because it is extremely reliable and comparatively cost effective. Linux hosting package offers a number of advantages such as affordability, flexibility and stability and therefore remains quite a favorite with most website hosting providers.

Why we need Linux hosting?

Liux web hosting is preferred because there are quite a number of advantages attached to it. One of the important aspects of Linux web hosting which is also its biggest benefit is that Linux is an open source software product and hence does not require high licensing fees, which is the case with other operating systems. This is one of the reasons on why Linux webhosting services seems to be the ideal choice for many web hosting providers. This also works well for the web hosting providers because they don’t have to pay high license fees and are therefore able to offer cheap hosting packages. Since it is an open source therefore even reseller hosting providers find it beneficial because they can purchase the hosting and then further sell it to their clients too.

Difference between Linux and widows web hosting

If anyone is looking for a good web hosting package in India then they will find that most website hosting providers offer Linux web hosting which is any day more affordable, robust and flexible than any other platform such as Windows or Mac.

There are quite a few differences between Linux and Windows web hosting which also highlights the basic advantages that Linux may have over Windows.

Price: This is an important component when planning to take a web hosting package and most web hosting providers do have to offer a competitive price to stay ahead of their competitors. Since Linux is an open source platform and anyone can use it therefore most hosting providers prefer to offer Linux hosting because they can design competitive hosting packages.

Stability: It is well known fact that Linux is a more stable and a robust platform than Windows and is geared to meet a wide range of demanding situations. Where stability and performance is concerned, undoubtedly Linux web hosting scores over Windows in this regard completely.

Versatility: Linux is undoubtedly more versatile because a Linux website can easily be converted to a Windows website and it is also advantageous if different scripting languages like PHP, MySQL or Perl etc have to be used.

Linux hosting features and advantages Linux hosting packages do you have a lot of advantages and features that is unmatched by any other platform by most standards. Some of the leading advantages of Linux web hosting include:

It is undoubtedly very economical because of being an open source operating system and it is possible to sell cheap hosting packages and reseller hosting plans.
Linux web hosting is also more secure and robust and since it is open source therefore less prone to any kind of cyber attack.
It offers extreme flexibility because the website can be converted into a Windows website easily and it is compatible with different scripting languages and databases.

Advantages of Linux Vps Hosting Services

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Often, it so happens that small businesses struggling to make ends meet opt for shared hosting services at the beginning. But, as traffic starts to trickle in, grow and build into a deluge of customers, expanding companies experience the need to switch over to a better, faster and more powerful hosting service. While big companies may not be intimidated by the prohibitive cost of using dedicated servers, medium companies may find it difficult to bear the colossal cost. That is where Virtual private servers come in.


VPS hosting services allow companies to hire a virtual server. That means, this server will, for all practical purposes, act as a dedicated server. However, it is not a dedicated server in reality because the main server is divided into a number of partitions. Each part works as a virtual server. Thus, members are able to enjoy the same benefits as dedicated servers, while paying a fraction of the cost.


There are two kinds of VPS hosting services: Linux based and Windows based. Linux VPS hosting services are attractive because of the inherent power and flexibility of the Linux operating system. Linux VPS hosting provides an isolated environment on a server where the virtual server is able to share all the resources of the main server. Each Linux vps hosting server acts almost like a standalone server as far as the user is concerned. Thus, every virtual server can have its own applications without affecting the other virtual servers located on the same physical server. Each virtual server may be rebooted independently since it has its very own root access, IP address, users, files and processes. Each server even has its own mail and web server and control panel. This flexibility is possible because each virtual server has its own application and configuration files.


Any company that needs a dedicated hosting environment but does not have the resource to hire a dedicated server can make use of Linux VPS hosting services. Linux VPS servers are so powerful that they even allow you to run versatile applications like Asterix and Java.


Linux VPS hosting packages give the end user more power and control over their virtual servers, at significantly lower costs. In fact, companies that want to host unlimited domains, resell hosting or want to install a variety of applications can make use of the state-of-the-art features and flexibility offered by Linux.


Linux combines the concept of ease of use, simplicity, flexibility and customization. Thus, customers are able to get the most value for the money they shell out. Unlike Windows systems that show a great bias towards Windows applications, Linux lends equal support to all applications. Little wonder that many web experts believe that Linux is the future of web hosting!