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How Sam Ockman1 built a profitable Linux business in a year

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When Sam Ockham started reselling Linux a year ago, he ran into so man-y puzzled expressions he bought a self-help marketing book—Ice To The Eskimos; How To Market A Product Nobody Wants. Today, Colman’s Penguin Computing is so busy he never even makes sales calls. Ice To The Eskimos sits frozen on his shelf.”

Ockman, the company’s 25-year-old president, begins a recent day with a double espresso5 and a fruit salad on San Francisco’s colorful Market Street. A true hacker, he makes his own hours—usually 11 a. m. to 1 a. m. — and keeps things casual. He wears flannel shirts, blue jeans and a cap a-dorned6 with the Linux penguin.

After graduating two years ago from Stanford University7, Ockham took a job as software director at VA8 Research Inc. , a Mountain Links Of London Charms View, Calif. , Linux systems integrator. He soon caught the entrepreneurial bug and left last April to run his own shop.

Ockham financed the start of Penguin with credit cards, ,000 in savings and a ,000 loan from his parents. Business is so good, Ockham will be able to easily repay his parents by the agreed-upon June deadline9.

In fact, in just one year, Penguin has become a profitable, multimillion-dollar company. The ambitious Ockham is looking for $ 500,000 in venture capital to grow even faster. He’s also anxious to bring on a COO and CFO to manage the burgeoning10 operation.

To keep up with the growth in sales, Ockham is always on the lookout for new hires. Sitting at his desk, he sifts” through a fat folder full of resumes. He picks up the phone and starts checking references. Ockham quizzes the reference about the potential employee, then asks: “So what do you do?” Turns out he’s a Unix systems administrator, but expensive, with a salary range of ,000 to ,000. Three weeks later, Ockham hires both him and the applicant12. New hires are put to work immediately.

In March , Penguin started offering support to help ease the perception that Linux is a risky choice with no reliable support. ” A 24/7 package with next-day, on-site support goes for 10 percent of a system’s cost. For a 15 percent fee, Penguin will provide round-the-clock14 support and pledges to be at a client’s site in four hours. Vice president Allison Huynh says the services are popular and could grow to 30 percent of the company’s business.

Linux enthusiasts brag that the OS does not need Links Of London constant attention , but real-time customer support still is sorely15 needed. “Tech support is a precious commodity,” says Robert Conroy, 28, tech support manager, who opens the shop at 6 a. m. to answer calls.

Even though he has a staff of 20, Ockham is frequently called on to man the help desk. He took several calls one recent day. That’s just fine with Ockham. He likes being on the front lines of the battle between Windows and Linux. He firmly believes he’s on the edge of what he calls “the next para¬digm16 shift. “


Web Hosting Company- an incredible institution to promote your business

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Web Hosting, since its evolution, has been swaying the whole world. In 1991 a new era of Web Hosting emerged in front of the world. Internet that was previously used for academic purposes has now begun to be utilized for the business promotion. Several Web Hosting Companies come forward to provide Web Hosting Service. Previously the use of internet was very complicated and every user was provided with his dedicated server but with the advancement of technology, the operation of internet became easy and a number of Web Hosting Company evolved with an idea of acquiring their own servers and renting space to their customers on that server. As the time progressed, new innovations were introduced in the Web Hosting Companies and a competition emerged among them. Today the Web Hosting Company has emerged into a massive industry that is expanding to provide Web Hosting space to its users at minimum rates.

Web Hosting Company not only allows a company to acquire space on the internet but also helps them to display their products all over the world. Web Hosting Company has provided an easy and effective way of promotion. Web Hosting Company provides it users a range of Web Hosting Service that can be used by them. Web Hosting thus offering a profitable business attracts a large number of entrepreneurs to establish their own Web Hosting Company. So going for Web Hosting Company you need to look for: -

¨       Reliability: – The Web Hosting Company you are choosing should be reliable in providing its services. It should be clear in its terms and conditions so that any of its hidden terms may not cause you any trouble later on.

¨       Experience: – The Web Hosting Company should possess enough experience in Web Hosting so that it can guide you and your company on the right track.

Reputation: – The Web Hosting Company needs to be a well reputed and should owe a caliber to take your company’s name in top ranking, only then it would be able to serve your purpose of Web Hosting. Uptime: – The server of the Web Hosting Company must be working 24/7 throughout the whole year. A minute’s link interruption can cause an irrevocable loss to your company. Web building tools: – The Web Hosting Company can provide its customers web building and operational tools that can help even a novice to generate his own website and further assists him in its management. Backup: – A Web Hosting Company ought to keep a backup of all the contents of its user so that any loss of data by an error can be replaced by the backup data thus saving its customer from any inconvenience. ·         Technology: – The Web Hosting Company should possess the latest range of hardware and software as obsolete technology can prove harmful to customer’s business.

For choosing a right kind of Web Hosting Company one can check out the trial version of the Web Hosting Service as it can help a lot in taking precise decisions.

Web Hosting Company has thus provided a new shape to the present business world. It has taken corporate sector to a new level where it is spreading its arms to every corner of the world. IWI Hosting is one of the most reliable Web Hosting Company which is reputed for providing latest quality Web Hosting Service. For more information visit: www.iwihosting.com

How to Select Good and Cheap Web Hosting Package? – an Important Consideration to Start Home Based Business Online

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You might have heard advices saying that you need to pay more to get a high quality business web hosting. That is not true. Cheap web hosting package does not mean low quality. With the right guide and tips, you can get as low cost as .95/month with tip-top quality products and services. This article will lead you how to select a reliable and cheap web hosting package.

A Word on Free Web Hosting

Using free web hosting is ideal if your web site is meant for hobby or other non-profit purposes. However, if it is meant to start home based business, you should get your own domain and have full control on it. For more details, please read article : What is Free Web Site? ¡V The Free Web Site background .

Important considerations when selecting web hosting provider.

(Remember, getting cheap web hosting package does not need to compromise on its quality.)


You should expect your web site to be up at all time. Down time should be a rare occasion. Technically, it should be up at least 99% of the time. Frequent or prolong down time could be harmful to your web site in a few ways.

- Search engines do not like lost links. They are likely to panelize those sites which contain loss links. The implication is that those sites that provides back links to you may suffer if your site is down often. Thus, many established web sites, and web directories would install link checker software to auto-check whether the sites they link out are still valid. If your site is down for a period of time, it can be interpreted as your site no longer exists and the link will be removed. Thus, you can loss your back links.

- You may loss loyal visitors who bookmarked your page. They may remove the bookmark.

- It will leave a bad image to your potential customers. They will loss confidence in your site if they always encounter site-not-found problem.


Online visitors are not very patient. If your web site is loading slowly, they will just leave.

Cheap web hosting packages normally come with shared server and on tier-1 connection. However, they may not be slow. It depends on the server¡¦s speed and how heavy it is loaded. Some hosting companies provide multiple servers with Load Balancing System. Its speed could be comparable with the dedicated server. So, look out for these features.


Look out for the security features the hosting company provides. Good web hosting providers should help to protect your site from virus or spammers attacks. You should expect features such as Firewall protection and Spam Assassin are included free of charge.

Some web hosting providers also provide free backup facility for you to backup your sites, which is very desirable.


You should consider the capacity given by the plan before you sign up. Features relating to capacity are:

- Disk Space

- Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)

- Number of sub-domains

- Number of File Transfer (FTP) Accounts

- Number of Domains (with dedicated IP Addresses)

Sufficient capacity enable you to develop many web sites by a single plan or even function as a host for a free-web-hosting site.

It is essisental important to consider all these features together as a group. (Be aware of some tricks web hosting provider use. For instance, they may offer you with many or even unlimited sub-domains but do not give you enough Disk Space or Bandwidth to support the volume and the traffic. You may end up having to buy additional Space or Bandwidth from them which can cost you dearly.)

- Disk space

Unless your web site requires big, complicated graphics or animations that take up a lot of spaces, usually a few megabytes will be enough to set up… However, to create more web sites using sub-domains, space requirements will need to multiply accordingly.

- Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)

Data Transfer represents the amount of data can be transfer to and from the hosting server per month. If you web page take 1 megabyte space, and you have got 100 visitors (ie. 100 times of downloading your page) in a month, you would have used 100 megabytes of Data Transfer.

This is important. The success of your web site depends on the popularity and the volume of your visitors. If your traffic exceeded your bandwidth, your web hosting provider will ask you to buy extra bandwidth, or you will face the consequences of having your site brought down.

You should expect at least 10GB of bandwidth to give allowance for future grow. Do not believe in ¡§unlimited data transfer¡¨ promises! Web hosting providers have to pay for it. There were cases reported that some webmasters got charged for being exceeding the ¡§unlimited bandwidth¡¨ usage. There is always catches somewhere to hidden their charges. So, to avoid the hidden cost, do not follow the ¡§unlimited¡¨ promises.

You need to consider the Bandwidth needs especially if you are planning to share your host plan with a group of people.

- Number of sub-domains

Sub-domain works like an independent web site. The difference is that it does not have its own IP address. To the search engine, this site belongs to the registered domain site with the dedicated IP address.

- Number of File Transfer (FTP) Accounts

Having FTP Access enables you to transfer files in and out of your web site easily. You can also build your web site with your own site builder software and publish it thru FTP access.

Some web hosting providers also provide you with multiple FTP Accounts. You can create FTP Accounts; assign them to different persons, with the access to different directories or sub-domains. With these features, your family members or friends to build their web sites under your account without extra charge. You can also run your web site as a Free-Web-Hosting provider.

- Number of Domains (with dedicated IP Addresses) hosting in a package

Some web hosting providers offer plans with multiple domains (with dedicated IP addresses). This can really save cost thru economics of scale. One strategy to promote web site is to build multiple sites and interlinks them. If the IP Address is different, search engines will consider the links as external back links. (Be aware of some hosting promises with multiple domains but only allow 1 dedicated IP Address. Those are not real domains since search engines recognize web sites by the IP Addresses.)

Technical Support

It should be 24/7. Mode of support at least should have Toll Free Phone Line and the Ticket Logging System. More ideally if they have Live Chat System. Personally I find Live Chat most helpful. International toll free line support is required if you are located outside the hosting country (usually means outside USA).

How established is the Web Hosting Provider

This is another important consideration. Competition in the hosting business is very fierce. If hosting companies can¡¦t make profit, they are likely to close down within first 3 years. Web sites that hosted with them will also disappear with them. Check to ensure the web hosting provider is established for more than 3 years (or better still, 5 years) will lower this risk.

Other Facilities

Following are some other handy facilities to look out for:

- Email facilities

You should be given the access to create your email accounts under your domain name, such as yourname@yourdomain.com. Helpful email facilities include Auto-Responder (to automatically reply emails to the senders.) and catch-all (to receive all messages to your domain with non-valid accounts.) etc.

- Site Builder

A free and easy-to-use site builder will be very helpful if you are not familiar with web site building.

Follow the above guideline and put in some efforts to search, you will be able to find some high quality and affordable web hosting providers. I strongly suggest you also read my article on hosting review and recommendation :
Web Hosting Review. It will save you some time of searching or at least you can make comparison with the hosting packages you find.

* Copyright 2007 by Jonah Leow, tophomebusinessprograms.com. All rights reserved. You may publish the article provided you retain its full content including the links.

Getting the Best Cheap Web Hosting Solution For Your Online Business

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If you have always wanted to start your own online enterprise but don’t know where to start, it is important for you to begin with the basics. One of the most essential things you need to think about when planning to manage a workable site on the Internet is your web host. Since cheap web hosting is already made available nowadays, almost everyone planning to manage their own websites can do so with ease. Gone are the days when the only alternatives available to website owners were expensive hosting plans that cost hundreds of dollars.

Nonetheless, before choosing the affordable hosting provider for your business, doing a thorough background check on any potential hosting provider is important. You cannot simply choose the first inexpensive web host that comes your way. It is important for you to compare one hosting provider against another, in order to find the hosting company that provides tailor-made solutions for your business.

A cheap web hosting company can be valuable only when it offers reliability at all costs. You would not want to collaborate with a web host that cannot be accessed during instances of downtimes and technical troubles. If a hosting company offers cut-rate monthly fees but is not able to assist their clientele through any verification, then you need to move on to another. With a little effort and discernment, you will eventually find the hosting company that is not only cost-effective but highly dependable as well.

You must also look into the offered services offered by companies per hosting plan. Since most cheap web hosting companies will make available a range of inexpensive plans, you should look into the specifics provided by each package. This includes the bandwidth, disk space, customer support, technical tools, ease of control panel, fees, business hosting features like shopping cart and SSL certificates, among others.

Furthermore, it is best not to confuse cheap hosting with free hosting. Even when you are required to pay an affordable fee with cheap hosting, you will still have a considerable degree of control over your site. With free web hosting, your account can be canceled without prior notice, and may not accommodate updates for your site in the future. The advantage to this however is getting 100% free hosting for your blog or website.

With the many options available on the web, it can be quite difficult finding the cheap web hosting solution provider that you can work with for the long-term. Many hosting companies promise one exceptional package after another, and many of these providers are quick to claim that their respective offerings are the best. If you want to make sure that you are sticking with the right choice, you can make an in-depth research on the web. Another alternative is reading up on web hosting reviews, so you will know what to expect from the hosting provider early on.

Advantages of Server Colocation for Small Business

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Server colocation is the process by which small business or individuals can place their servers in a facility that comes with good network connectivity. This provides a chance for these business or people to save more money while still administrating their data. In addition to this, they will be subject to more advantages.

One of the advantages that business owners can accrue is obtaining better connectivity at a cheaper price. Many companies offering colocation services have not only robust networks but also bigger and more efficient bandwidth meaning that they will easily access information at any time.

Most colocation services providers have installed different types of facilities that can ensure that the server is not only safe from damage but also protected from unauthorized access. This means that they have invested in different kinds of security measures including appropriate HVAC systems, firewalls as well as metal detectors and glass breakage sensors, in order to ensure that the system is safe.

The other great benefit of considering server colocation is that the users will save on costs as compared to hosting it in their building. The installation and maintenance of all the necessary facilities, in addition to the personnel required for this project may cost the company a lot of money and therefore, they should consider collocation in order to cut down on costs and concentrate on the other aspects of the business.

Clients will also be able to obtain the advantage of 24/7 operations as most providers offer this in addition to others. This means that the server will be frequently inspected and maintained to ensure that it is in good working condition. The personnel of these providers are well trained in their fields and therefore are up to date on the different aspects affecting the equipment. Other companies provide each client a dedicated team of experts who will help them in dealing with the technical problems that may arise while using their facilities.

Since the server will still be the client’s property, they will have the chance to carry out all the things they consider necessary including upgrading their systems as time goes by. They will be aided by the experts in the technological changes as per the needs of the company.

The ideal cheap web hosting solution for business development in this era of e-commerce

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There are plenty of web hosting providers but hunting a cheap web hosting company that offer standard service becomes a challenge. Several reasons remain for choosing a company while we want to launch a web portal to initiate online presence. This is the time when leading companies are focusing on electronic commerce and e-trends are at a rise. For effective business decisions and fast communication with the high esteemed clients it is mandatory to have a proper website. Few essential issues like selection of a domain name, specification of particular space in the web are required for enhanced online presence.

Only the web hosting companies can provide accurately the necessary space. There remains freedom of choice when you approach the paid cheap web hosting companies. In Australia hundreds of web development and design companies offer web associated services. As electronic commerce have attained high success in the country, businesses wanted to make fast online presence and as a result demand of the web companies increased. It is heartening to consider that rates offered by these companies for web hosting are indeed lower than other adjacent nations. This has stirred the Asia-Pacific based businesses to knock the Sydney based web related service providers.

Selection of a domain name is a tricky part; there might be several relevant domain names. Usually the organizations use domain name that ends with “.org”. Similarly the educational institutes use “.edu. Different suitable domain names ending with specific extensions are assigned for different entities.  Small domain names can be remembered with ease. Again, hyphens should be avoided for user’s convenience. These tips are generally offered the web associated service providers.  The rates are portrayed in the portals of the reputed domain providers who help in hosting websites. Just a comparative analysis before selection of a company is advisable.

The organizations attempt to offer e-mail facilities to the employees and for this it is required to book space in the servers. A consultation with the cheap web hosting companies can be the ideal way of identifying the required parameters to gain an edge over the competitor businesses. This way it also becomes possible to get a fair idea of the rates on offer. Many of the free webs hosting providers have strict space limits, this is the prime inconvenience. Without proper space it becomes impossible to cater suitable sites for business development.

Plenty of cheap hosting packages are offered and with a little self research we can find an overview of the comprehensive list of budgets. The one-stop solution providers are plenty at Sydney. These companies with ease help with required disk spaces and customized e-mail facilities. In case of any doubts or confusion regarding the services it is best to punch in the toll free customer care numbers.

Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting Vs. Godaddy – Compare Godaddy And Yahoo Small Business – Web Hosting Comparison

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Reviews & Discount Coupon

Web host awarded the “Best Web Hosting OF The Year”


GoDaddy vs. Yahoo Small Business

Need help deciding between GoDaddy and Yahoo Small Business?

Whether you’re looking for a place to park your personal home page or establish a professional internet presence for your business, Yahoo Small Business and GoDaddy will exceed your expectations as they have been exceeding their customers’ expectations for years.



Compare GoDaddy and Yahoo Small Business at:



Their experts have been evaluating web hosting service providers for years, and now they provide you with the most reliable results. They present the information in an easy to understand format that helps the consumer make the best choice.


How to Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Provider?

There are many websites which display a couple of web hosting companies as the best and leave people confused without being helpful. For most people, the problem with buying web space is that they don’t really know what they’re looking at when they buy it. They buy the first package they see, thinking they are all alike. To make things even more confusing, some hosting companies are cheating and lying to their customers!


First, take into consideration that web hosting is a global service. It does not matter what country you are located in. It is good to note that the cost of hosting services in most countries is generally a little more expensive in comparison to the same services in Canada and the United States. Specifically, American web hosts offer a much better value for money than any local hosting.

Web Host: a Webspace Provider Who Meets Your Significant Online Business Requirement

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Most of you may probably think that a web space stores HTML, videos and image in a web site and these are viewed by a web surfer. But a web space also includes more than just simple HTML files. Webspace provider makes sure that your website includes FrontPage Extensions, CGI programs, JavaScript files and email accounts, along with website log files and PHP files. FrontPage extensions support features such as e-mail processing, counters, data collection and data processing features. FrontPage extensions are script files that run on the web server and broaden the functionality of the software.

Web host play an essential part in your internet business. Whether it is home based or commercial business, your webspace provider (a.k.a.) has the perfect solution for storing or uploading company data on servers. Basically, a web hosting solution can be categorised into three types, co-located server hosting, dedicated hosting, and shared hosting. This categorisation helps company to determine the exact solution for their business.

Most middle-sized or large sized firms may choose dedicated hosting solutions for their hosting needs. The server is located offsite and is maintained by the webspace provider. Large-sized organisations would rather opt for Co-located server hosting. This type of hosting solution costs more as the firm needs to purchase more than one server for their use. Monitoring of the server is also required.

The best and most prevalent web hosting option is shared hosting. It is inexpensive and monitors a majority of small business sites. Here, Web host may also provide customers to develop their own ecommerce sites through design templates and other tools.

Every webspace provider also ensures to track the number of visitors who come and navigate through a particular web site. They do this with the help of log files.

Web host also include email accounts. These appear corporate email accounts that are important for the business, as customers contact for quotes or sales information via these emails.

Nowadays, as disk space is cheap, most web hosting companies are including hundreds of gigabytes of web storage. But it is important to have a right plan for your business requirements. If you are planning to host a large web site, only then you should look for a web hosting plan that offers hundred Gigabytes of storage capacity.

Smit Mathur is an expert for writing Articles and is currently working for Aussie Webhost. For more information related to Web host, webspace provider Please visit: http://www.aussiewebhost.com.au/

Useful Guidelines To Select Low Cost Web Hosting Services For Online Business

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There are numerous free and low cost web hosting services offered in the cyberspace. Each service boasts its own positive and negative points. While some services provide you ready-made templates so you do not need to write code or design your website from the beginning, others provide you customized services by allowing you to design or code yourself on a blank page. This article sheds light on how to decide which low cost web hosting service serves your purpose well.

Before selecting a hosting service provider, you should first specify the objective of your website. Will it be a private homepage, newsletter for a social club, business enterprise website, or online commercial store? Comprehending the objective of your website will assist you in fixing the characteristics and practicality that you require.

The next in the line is to make up your mind on design elements and features that your site demands. For example, you may feel the necessity to display a lot of images of your club’s activities on various social occasions or you may need to integrate PayPal functionality to your online store.

Carefully go through the reviews of various low cost web hosting services, posted on particular websites, to check whether they fulfill your requirements. For instance, if your site will present many pictures, storage space is a worrying factor. Different providers let you enjoy different volumes of storage space at no cost. Further space can be hired once in a month or year.


Make sure whether your low cost web hosting service offers you the choice to append HTML code to your template. This particular element can be significant even if you intend to make use of a template and execute no coding. Online photo sharing websites such as Flickr permit you to exhibit pictures on websites by merely cutting and pasting pre-set HTML code. This assists you solve the extra storage space concern.

Templates can prove to be handy. They offer a decent, professional appearance for your website. Novices can derive the most benefit from these templates if they or their companies do not have or cannot meet the expense of a web designer, or if they want a rapidly designed and similar looking website.

However, before choosing a template, you must take the future into consideration. How much growth will your site experience within the next year? Will your chosen template design be able to hold its appropriateness after one year? Will it be unproblematic to alter or custom-make? Make yourself prepared now to save your time, effort and money, afterwards.

The majority free and low cost web hosting services let you to produce a sub-domain name for your site. There are also services that let you to produce a standard name. A number of services, however, possess your name. Understand the user agreement fully if possession of the site’s name is of apprehension to you. In many cases, free hosting services post advertisements on your site. Find out if this is suitable. Do not plan and design your site in a hurry. As countless web hosting services are free or low-priced, take your time to create a trial site on a couple of hosting services in order to determine which service is most beneficial for you.

Get your business moving with inexpensive web hosting

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Web hosting is the most critical aspect of an online business, representing one of the major costs involved in operating an online entrepreneurship. Nowadays, finding an inexpensive web hosting in the market is not as difficult a job task, as it appears. There are cheap and affordable monthly web hosting plans available for as low as USD 10 or lesser. So, one can easily start a website with such low start-up cost or overhead costs.

There are plentiful affordable options available to choose from in the market these days that it is actually the right time to entice more and more customers, build your brand value, establish a target audience on a wider scale and enhance the business competitiveness, by creating a website of your own. After the economy has recovered from recession, customers are investing more and thus, an online storefront can attract bigger profits than ever imagined. With a help of an inexpensive web hosting for the hosting of your website, you can effectively pull the attention of your potential clients towards your website and ensure your business’s success. The more the web traffic, the more potential customers the business can expect.

Inexpensive web hosting is very advantageous for hosting sales pages, offers and special promotional schemes by internet marketers. With the rise in online enterprises worldwide, more and more people would prefer inexpensive web hosting solutions to enhance their business opportunities. Also people engaged into direct marketing business can benefit a lot from inexpensive web hosting, for hosting their lead capture pages and attract potential clients into their business. People into advertising industry can fetch more sales through online presence.

With the varied inexpensive web hosting packages available in this cut-throat industry, business owners can choose the most effective web hosting plan that suits their website requirements.