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Cheap Reseller Hosting :: Benefits of Choosing Reseller Hosting

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Before going on the benefits of reseller hosting, it is necessary to know what exactly reseller hosting is? As a fact, reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner may split up their allotted hard drive space and bandwidth and resell web hosting. Hence, it acts as a middleman between parent web hosting company and the end customer. Here, the hosting technique generally requires a little knowledge of web hosting services in order to get started.

If you really want to host your website or planning to enter into the web hosting business and looking for right web-hosting plan, then no doubt reseller web hosting plan will be the best deal for you. This strategic plan covers various benefits counting costs, features, and plan. Some basic benefits of this hosting plan includes:

Reseller web hosting allows the major benefit of revenue stream generation for the companies who don`t have the time, money, or resources to maintain their own servers and data centers. Furthermore, it is a great business opportunity for those who want to create a stand-alone business venture, or for those with other parallel businesses who can take advantage of the chance to sell hosting with their services.

Since the reseller is leasing time on a server, this means they can pick and choose a server that will do well for the customer, both in terms of price and stability.

Additionally, troubleshooting servers is usually a matter for the Web host, not the middleman. Therefore, the reseller can concentrate on issues like customer service and consulting, rather than having to dedicate time to server administration. This can result in savings for the client.

There are also times where a reseller can also be more scalable than a typical hosting firm. A true Web host is limited by its hardware; if a client suddenly requires an upgrade the host is not prepared for, the only way the host will be able to satisfy the customer is by upgrading its hardware, which can be expensive, and time consuming for both sides. In such case, the reseller host, however, can simply choose to locate with a different Web host that will better suit the customer’s needs.

The other most additional benefit of reseller hosting is that its durability. If you want to host large number of websites at one time at a reasonable price, then going with the reseller hosting plan will be the good approach.

The reseller-hosting plan is also beneficial for your business purpose. A reseller host is only as good as its partnerships and staff, as is any typical Web hosting firm. Most resellers begin their lives as small organizations, contracting out many of their services to other companies. As the host becomes larger, the range of services offered in-house increases, allowing the reseller more control over these aspects of its business.

No matter what type of business you own, you might benefit by offering reseller hosting. Reseller hosting enables you to sell cheap web hosting packages to your customers. You can sell all types of hosting, but be sure to narrow your ads to reach your target audience.

Resellers possess the opportunity to offer other services, to be used in conjunction with web hosting accounts. These include merchant accounts, SSL Certificates, search engine optimization, and domain name registration, which all may provide additional income for the reseller.

What is so SPECIAL on ASPHostDirectory.com Reseller Hosting?

We know that finding a cheap, reliable web host is not a simple task so we’ve put all the information you need in one place to help you make your decision. At ASPHostDirectory, we pride ourselves in our commitment to our customers and want to make sure they have all the details they need before making that big decision.

We will work tirelessly to provide a refreshing and friendly level of customer service. We believe in creativity, innovation, and a competitive spirit in all that we do. We are sound, honest company who feels that business is more than just the bottom line. We consider every business opportunity a chance to engage and interact with our customers and our community. Neither our clients nor our employees are a commodity. They are part of our family.

The followings are the top 10 reasons you should trust your online business and hosting needs to us:

- FREE domain for Life -ASPHostDirectory gives you your own free domain name for life with our Professional Hosting Plan and 3 free domains with any of Reseller Hosting Plan! There’s no need to panic about renewing your domain as ASPHostDirectory will automatically do this for you to ensure you never lose the all important identity of your site
- 99,9% Uptime Guarantee – ASPHostDirectory promises it’s customers 99.9% network uptime! We are so concerned about uptime that we set up our own company to monitor people’s uptime for them called ASPHostDirectory Uptime
- 24/7-based Support – We never fall asleep and we run a service that is opening 24/7 a year. Even everyone is on holiday during Easter or Christmast/New Year, we are always behind our desk serving our customers
- Customer Tailored Support – if you compare our hosting plans to others you will see that we are offering a much better deal in every aspect; performance, disk quotas, bandwidth allocation, databases, security, control panel features, e-mail services, real-time stats, and service
- Money Back Guarantee – ASPHostDirectory offers a ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee with all our plans for any cancellations made within the first 30 days of ordering. Our cancellation policy is very simple – if you cancel your account within 30 days of first signing up we will provide you with a full refund
- Experts in Reseller Hosting – Given the scale of our environment, we have recruited and developed some of the best talent in the hosting technology that you are using. Our team is strong because of the experience and talents of the individuals who make up ASPHostDirectory
- Daily Backup Service – We realise that your website is very important to your business and hence, we never ever forget to create a daily backup. Your database and website are backup every night into a permanent remote tape drive to ensure that they are always safe and secure. The backup is always ready and available anytime you need it
- Easy Site Administration – With our powerful control panel, you can always administer most of your site features easily without even needing to contact for our Support Team. Additionally, you can also install more than 100 FREE applications directly via our Control  Panel in 1 minute!

Happy Hosting!

Cheap Web Hosting Services From UK Web Hosting Companies

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Web hosting, a survival pipeline to alive in web. Few years ago, Web hosting refers to just taking space into web to make your website alive. But now days, Web hosting does not means only space but something more. Now people get much aware of necessity of Web hosting and also become so conscious about their investment not only in Web Hosting but indulging everything. They want big profit out of small investment with effective, quality results. Same case is happened while selecting Web hosting services uk , cheap web hosting services is in the demand with high ROI.

The Web hut Of UK comes to your hut with all solution of not only Web hosting services uk but cheapest web hosting services providing their services not in UK but worldwide. The Web Hut of UK, Cheap Reseller hosting companies also offer a wide variety range Reseller hosting accounting services, low cost website hosting.

Buy cheap web hosting at Web Hut that is a scalable multi server web hosting solution which will provide you error free 24 hour availability on the web with high quality performance.

We also offer Reseller hosting account services not in UK but in overseas also resulting in combining world in one path.

In this Computers era, if your website is having the right hosting solution, your website can make all the difference in the world. But with thousands of web hosting companies in the market place it can be difficult but not impossible to know which web site hosting companies truly give a tremendous hosting solution at a cost effective price. Our company, an Affordable Web hosting company of UK provides cheap web hosting services that we’ve hand picked based on the overall sell hosting value web hosting service requires.

Web Hosting Companies – Cheap Web hosting Services UK

Today this services is available at every part of world like one can get web hosting UK, cheap web hosting companies UK and many more. There are different apparatus and procedures to host your website through our affordable web hosting companies UK, from locating your website in www i.e. world wide web to their all 24 hour maintenance package you select. We provide complete affordable Web Hosting Services along with bringing an earth-shattering output. We have complete cheap website hosting solution for you not in UK but overseas also. Our broad range of web hosting services includes Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting account, Semi Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Server Hosting and more.

Our plan has always been to improve the growing incursion of businesses and home users who require an online presence by offering high-quality, low-cost hosting within their budget. Our escalation ventures upon our pleased customers referring our service to their friends, colleagues and associates. You can trust us unquestionably to make you contented! We have had many customers who started with our basic shared hosting plan and then upgraded all the way up to a fully managed dedicated server. We understand your requirements and make the upgrade process swift and trouble free without any downtime.

Our company count at top of all web hosting Companies in UK offers point-up packed hosting solutions with dominant service and unrivalled 24×7 supports to ensure total peace of mind and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Many hosting providers claim to offer 24×7 supports which is not the case very often. We maintain its own in-house experienced technical support team to ensure that you receive reliable, friendly support at any time of day or night. For more information about cheap web hosting services, Reseller Hosting account, sell hosting, low cost website hosting, cheapest webhost, visit www.thewebhut.co.uk

How to Select Good and Cheap Web Hosting Package? – an Important Consideration to Start Home Based Business Online

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You might have heard advices saying that you need to pay more to get a high quality business web hosting. That is not true. Cheap web hosting package does not mean low quality. With the right guide and tips, you can get as low cost as .95/month with tip-top quality products and services. This article will lead you how to select a reliable and cheap web hosting package.

A Word on Free Web Hosting

Using free web hosting is ideal if your web site is meant for hobby or other non-profit purposes. However, if it is meant to start home based business, you should get your own domain and have full control on it. For more details, please read article : What is Free Web Site? ¡V The Free Web Site background .

Important considerations when selecting web hosting provider.

(Remember, getting cheap web hosting package does not need to compromise on its quality.)


You should expect your web site to be up at all time. Down time should be a rare occasion. Technically, it should be up at least 99% of the time. Frequent or prolong down time could be harmful to your web site in a few ways.

- Search engines do not like lost links. They are likely to panelize those sites which contain loss links. The implication is that those sites that provides back links to you may suffer if your site is down often. Thus, many established web sites, and web directories would install link checker software to auto-check whether the sites they link out are still valid. If your site is down for a period of time, it can be interpreted as your site no longer exists and the link will be removed. Thus, you can loss your back links.

- You may loss loyal visitors who bookmarked your page. They may remove the bookmark.

- It will leave a bad image to your potential customers. They will loss confidence in your site if they always encounter site-not-found problem.


Online visitors are not very patient. If your web site is loading slowly, they will just leave.

Cheap web hosting packages normally come with shared server and on tier-1 connection. However, they may not be slow. It depends on the server¡¦s speed and how heavy it is loaded. Some hosting companies provide multiple servers with Load Balancing System. Its speed could be comparable with the dedicated server. So, look out for these features.


Look out for the security features the hosting company provides. Good web hosting providers should help to protect your site from virus or spammers attacks. You should expect features such as Firewall protection and Spam Assassin are included free of charge.

Some web hosting providers also provide free backup facility for you to backup your sites, which is very desirable.


You should consider the capacity given by the plan before you sign up. Features relating to capacity are:

- Disk Space

- Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)

- Number of sub-domains

- Number of File Transfer (FTP) Accounts

- Number of Domains (with dedicated IP Addresses)

Sufficient capacity enable you to develop many web sites by a single plan or even function as a host for a free-web-hosting site.

It is essisental important to consider all these features together as a group. (Be aware of some tricks web hosting provider use. For instance, they may offer you with many or even unlimited sub-domains but do not give you enough Disk Space or Bandwidth to support the volume and the traffic. You may end up having to buy additional Space or Bandwidth from them which can cost you dearly.)

- Disk space

Unless your web site requires big, complicated graphics or animations that take up a lot of spaces, usually a few megabytes will be enough to set up… However, to create more web sites using sub-domains, space requirements will need to multiply accordingly.

- Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)

Data Transfer represents the amount of data can be transfer to and from the hosting server per month. If you web page take 1 megabyte space, and you have got 100 visitors (ie. 100 times of downloading your page) in a month, you would have used 100 megabytes of Data Transfer.

This is important. The success of your web site depends on the popularity and the volume of your visitors. If your traffic exceeded your bandwidth, your web hosting provider will ask you to buy extra bandwidth, or you will face the consequences of having your site brought down.

You should expect at least 10GB of bandwidth to give allowance for future grow. Do not believe in ¡§unlimited data transfer¡¨ promises! Web hosting providers have to pay for it. There were cases reported that some webmasters got charged for being exceeding the ¡§unlimited bandwidth¡¨ usage. There is always catches somewhere to hidden their charges. So, to avoid the hidden cost, do not follow the ¡§unlimited¡¨ promises.

You need to consider the Bandwidth needs especially if you are planning to share your host plan with a group of people.

- Number of sub-domains

Sub-domain works like an independent web site. The difference is that it does not have its own IP address. To the search engine, this site belongs to the registered domain site with the dedicated IP address.

- Number of File Transfer (FTP) Accounts

Having FTP Access enables you to transfer files in and out of your web site easily. You can also build your web site with your own site builder software and publish it thru FTP access.

Some web hosting providers also provide you with multiple FTP Accounts. You can create FTP Accounts; assign them to different persons, with the access to different directories or sub-domains. With these features, your family members or friends to build their web sites under your account without extra charge. You can also run your web site as a Free-Web-Hosting provider.

- Number of Domains (with dedicated IP Addresses) hosting in a package

Some web hosting providers offer plans with multiple domains (with dedicated IP addresses). This can really save cost thru economics of scale. One strategy to promote web site is to build multiple sites and interlinks them. If the IP Address is different, search engines will consider the links as external back links. (Be aware of some hosting promises with multiple domains but only allow 1 dedicated IP Address. Those are not real domains since search engines recognize web sites by the IP Addresses.)

Technical Support

It should be 24/7. Mode of support at least should have Toll Free Phone Line and the Ticket Logging System. More ideally if they have Live Chat System. Personally I find Live Chat most helpful. International toll free line support is required if you are located outside the hosting country (usually means outside USA).

How established is the Web Hosting Provider

This is another important consideration. Competition in the hosting business is very fierce. If hosting companies can¡¦t make profit, they are likely to close down within first 3 years. Web sites that hosted with them will also disappear with them. Check to ensure the web hosting provider is established for more than 3 years (or better still, 5 years) will lower this risk.

Other Facilities

Following are some other handy facilities to look out for:

- Email facilities

You should be given the access to create your email accounts under your domain name, such as yourname@yourdomain.com. Helpful email facilities include Auto-Responder (to automatically reply emails to the senders.) and catch-all (to receive all messages to your domain with non-valid accounts.) etc.

- Site Builder

A free and easy-to-use site builder will be very helpful if you are not familiar with web site building.

Follow the above guideline and put in some efforts to search, you will be able to find some high quality and affordable web hosting providers. I strongly suggest you also read my article on hosting review and recommendation :
Web Hosting Review. It will save you some time of searching or at least you can make comparison with the hosting packages you find.

* Copyright 2007 by Jonah Leow, tophomebusinessprograms.com. All rights reserved. You may publish the article provided you retain its full content including the links.

Things You Did Not Know About Best Cheap Web Hosting

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When you are about to launch a personal web site, the first thing you need to worry about is the web hosting provider. You will definitely find dozens or even hundreds of cheap web hosting providers that will offer you various web-hosting services. The problem is when you want to find the best cheap web hosting services. Depending on your needs you will be able to choose the right web hosting provider. If you have in mind to launch a small personal site or one for a small business, the cheap web hosting services will be OK for you.

Be smart

The best cheap hosting usually is the one on shared servers, and it is commonly known as virtual hosting. The advantage is that you can place small site among with other major sites, without anyone virtually knowing it. In addition, if you are a beginner, with shared web hosting services, you will not have to pay for networking hardware, a dedicated server, and web site development. This won’t be necessary if you are just launching a small web site.

Also, the best cheap web hosting providers allow you to share these resources with other sites of the same size. Once you do that, because all the costs will be shared, you will be able to save money on a monthly basis. Yet, the best solution is to choose the web site hosting providers that offer dedicated servers. This is quite important if you want to avoid server downtimes, caused by another web site. So, if you want to keep your web site operable all the time, the dedicated server is the best solution.

Get great services at low costs

The best cheap web hosting providers will be able to offer customer support online 24 hours a day seven days a week. Moreover, because the web hosting services are getting cheaper and cheaper, with some proper research, you will be able to find web site hosting providers that will also offer other benefits besides the small cost. The amount of traffic they offer, the domain names or the space you are provided for your web site must be the guidelines in finding the best cheap web hosting services.

Stay safe

Before accepting any offer for cheap web site hosting provider, make sure that they offer good technical support. Don’t put your web site into the hands of a web hosting company without a proven track record, you need to be aware that every minute your site is down (and you may even not know it), you could be losing hundreds of dollars in online income. The best cheap web hosting services will certainly do not allow this to happen.

How to Find Cheap Linux Web Hosting?

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It is worthwhile to do your research earlier than you begin to discover a Linux web host. This piece of writing gives you an abstraction on the fundamental differences amid Windows and Linux hosting. With latest abstruse advancements, the differences are accepting blurred day by day, but an accomplished band still exists in the midst of Linux and Windows web hosting services.

When deciding Linux web hosts there are numeral of things that be obliged to be taken into contemplation. These contrast from the amount we are eager to give to the software and accouterments characteristics of the server. An aphorism of deride back acrimonious a host is that a bargain does not beggarly necessarily good. In fact, in the web hosting world, usually “you get what you pay for”. So don’t be bamboozled by the aboriginal host that gives you absolute assets for an actual low price. Most likely they will bestow you a bad account and lots of downtime.

Any web server is not just like a Desktop of your personal computer – it has to accomplish a large number of complicated tasks in a abbreviate time. In addition, to build up your website and web applications alive 24×7, you accept to accumulate the server alive about the clock. Consequently, adherence is of prime accent back it comes to Linux web hosting.

If you are in allegation of a website hosting service and you accept done some searches for that on the internet, probability is that you come into view some casework that assertion to action able similar web hosting casework at extremely affordable charges or low rates. A number of users get puzzled after hearing such low-priced internet site hosting service.

They ask rather admiration that if the bargain website accumulator service providers affirmation that their service will be of the specialized level, how appear again are they able to propose it so economically. Just after that people start measuring up everything, like from the expensive service provider to the inexpensive service provider. This is the reason we could be mistaken, as we think in incorrect way. Incorrect idea and thought like, either those service providers who action their casework at economical ante charge be compromising at affection or those account providers who are not economical charge be charging extra. In this mystification, many of us achieve some bad intelligent decisions and end up with severe internet site stationing problems with their website projects.

While it is not all-important that a bargain or cheap Linux website hosting service provider will be negotiating at excellence and not so accessible on the receptacle service provider will be accusing additional, it is, on the other hand, not the case for all time. Correct that some swindlers have finished up bad called the two types: Honest, acceptable cost-effective website accumulator providers and not so discounted ones. though, if those who are in allegation of a website stationing service study to distinguish among swindlers and authentic economical service providers, they will be in a lot enhanced point to attainment a good, cheap Linux website storage supplier.

Cheap Hosting Solutions-How To Find The Best Hosting On A Budget

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Cheap hosting solutions are popular commodity today, because with the increasing amount of people using the Internet, this also brings about the amount people who want to get their websites be hosted. Of course, website hosting is not something that most people get excited about; therefore, most people want a cheap hosting company in order to get their website hosted quickly and easily.

The majority of people don’t consider the ramifications of this down the road; basically they want to get their website up and running as soon as possible. Of course, you don’t need to pay a lot of money to get good hosting, but oftentimes cheap hosting is not the best option for you, depending on who you go with.

You often times get what you pay for. Unfortunately, cheap hosting solutions companies have developed a reputation of having shoddy customer service and usually unsecured Web servers.

Therefore, your website will always be a risk of being hacked. However, if you are determined to go with a cheap hosting company, here’s some important tips and information to keep in mind.

Remember, before you go with any cheap hosting solutions, it is crucial to know exactly what you need in a hosting company. This include things such as your website features, Internet program programming language you will need, database connectivity features, e-mail addresses, domain name, how much traffic you expect yet, etc.

Of course, the only way to know how good the hosting companies’ customer service is before going with them is either to contact them yourself or read customer reviews on them. Reading customer reviews is probably the best option because when you call somebody yourself, you sometimes get a much different experience than what it will be down the road.

For instance, you might call the company and have a good experience your first call, when they are trying to make the sale; however, there might be the last time you ever hear from them. You need to have a good bodywork in order to know whether or not a cheap hosting solutions company is really is as reliable as they claim.

Reading customer reviews is a great way to do this, because you’ll tap in and knowledge of people who are either current or past customers of the particular company you are looking into, and can find out how reliable they are. There are many sites that are designed specifically to review hosting companies, and it really doesn’t take a whole lot of work to find these; just a quick Google search will usually suffice.

One more quick tip: know what kind of hosting you need, whether it be a virtual private server or shared hosting. While I don’t have time to go into the specifics here, keep in mind that a virtual private server (VPS) gives you much more space on your hosting providers’ server, is more secure, but also costs more money.

If you are a full time internet marketer, and plan on doing a lot of business online, this is definitely something you want to consider investing in. The bottom line truth is that not all hosting companies are created equal. It does take some research to find the best one.

Obviously, unless you are a super techy, hosting probably doesn’t excite you; it’s just a necessary thing you have to do to get your site online. Use these tips to find the best cheap hosting solutions as quickly as possible.

Web Hosting Advice | Cheap Web Hosting Provider Reviews | Affordable Web Hosting

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A web host is a service provider that places your web site on a computer which is connected to the internet. The term for this ‘computer’ is called a server.

If you plan to own a new website, you will need to host your website on a web server. When your website goes live on the web server, online users can then browse your website on the Internet. Company that provides the web servers to host your website is called web hosting providers.

A web hosting provider will typically have a fast connection to the Internet housed in a physical building called ‘data center’ and they may host thousands of web sites on many servers. The web host essentially rents out space to you so that you can get your website up on the world wide web.

Whether you are looking for business web hosting for a corporate site or cheap web hosting for a personal site, there are numerous web hosting provider that will help you to accomplish for the same. These web hosting services are an Internet based service offering online arrangements to store data, descriptions through Web. There are varied numbers of web hosting companies among which some provide free web hosting service while some charges a fee.

Webhostingadvice.net offers advice for people of levels to assist in the process of choosing the best web hosting provider. Given the large amount of companies offering similar web hosting services, choosing a web host can be hard.

Webhostingadvice.net has conveniently selected the TOP 10 most affordable web hosts and placed them in a comparison chart for your benefit.

One of the most important factors is bandwidth or transfer. Bandwidth or transfer is measured by multiplying the size of your site with the number of visitors you get a month. Our experience with web hosts is that even cheap web hosting services will provide you with more than enough bandwidth or transfer.

Disk space is a key factor which you will encounter right at the beginning of your journey onto the web. Bigger sites which contain heavy files (sound files, images etc.) will require more disk space than smaller, simpler sites. Most sites are between 10-20kb which is more than enough for nearly any web hosting provider.

Probably the most important concern for a beginner is support. Before choosing a web host, make sure that you are comfortable with level of support provided. A cheap web host may only offer email support whilst a more sophisticated yet affordable web hosting provider will provide live chat, online tutorials, 24 hour phone support and forums. For those intending to conduct business online, immediate support is crucial – it can make or break your online business.

In addition to the above factors, you cannot avoid doing your own research. We encourage you to visit each host and analyze their services carefully. Many hosts offer a 30 day free trial period. This is a great way to test their service and make sure that it suits the needs of your website. Another suggestion is to speak to them personally and ask them the right questions about their service. You will be able to tell pretty quickly whether the particular host is responsive enough to your needs and is willing to accompany you in your online experience.

The web hosts that we’ve selected to put in the chart are the ones we believe are the all around best web hosting providers when taking all specifications into consideration including customer service and feedback. From our experience with these web hosts, they won’t let you down.

Getting the Best Cheap Web Hosting Solution For Your Online Business

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If you have always wanted to start your own online enterprise but don’t know where to start, it is important for you to begin with the basics. One of the most essential things you need to think about when planning to manage a workable site on the Internet is your web host. Since cheap web hosting is already made available nowadays, almost everyone planning to manage their own websites can do so with ease. Gone are the days when the only alternatives available to website owners were expensive hosting plans that cost hundreds of dollars.

Nonetheless, before choosing the affordable hosting provider for your business, doing a thorough background check on any potential hosting provider is important. You cannot simply choose the first inexpensive web host that comes your way. It is important for you to compare one hosting provider against another, in order to find the hosting company that provides tailor-made solutions for your business.

A cheap web hosting company can be valuable only when it offers reliability at all costs. You would not want to collaborate with a web host that cannot be accessed during instances of downtimes and technical troubles. If a hosting company offers cut-rate monthly fees but is not able to assist their clientele through any verification, then you need to move on to another. With a little effort and discernment, you will eventually find the hosting company that is not only cost-effective but highly dependable as well.

You must also look into the offered services offered by companies per hosting plan. Since most cheap web hosting companies will make available a range of inexpensive plans, you should look into the specifics provided by each package. This includes the bandwidth, disk space, customer support, technical tools, ease of control panel, fees, business hosting features like shopping cart and SSL certificates, among others.

Furthermore, it is best not to confuse cheap hosting with free hosting. Even when you are required to pay an affordable fee with cheap hosting, you will still have a considerable degree of control over your site. With free web hosting, your account can be canceled without prior notice, and may not accommodate updates for your site in the future. The advantage to this however is getting 100% free hosting for your blog or website.

With the many options available on the web, it can be quite difficult finding the cheap web hosting solution provider that you can work with for the long-term. Many hosting companies promise one exceptional package after another, and many of these providers are quick to claim that their respective offerings are the best. If you want to make sure that you are sticking with the right choice, you can make an in-depth research on the web. Another alternative is reading up on web hosting reviews, so you will know what to expect from the hosting provider early on.

Cheap dedicated server in India

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Though opting for a shared server benefits you in terms of total cost and expenditure, there are a plenty of aspects that a shared server fails to look into. Such requirements which cannot be met by a shared server can be alternatively managed by a dedicated server. In this article we shall talk about dedicated server, more precisely Dedicated Server India.

India has long served as key hosting services for companies round the world. The term “Dedicated server hosting in India” has become a common buzzword in the world of IT, today. Due to its cost-efficiency and high service value, dedicated server India has become a top choice of many small and mid-level companies. Dedicated server India, infact cheap dedicated server India gives some important advantages of good quality as well as high performance server.

With the adoption of new technology and modern facilities, India provides the best form of service to its customers. The server provider is responsible for the security aspect of the important sites as well as sensitive data, besides the company is provided the complete web server for its use. Other factors such as disk space, quality bandwidth, RAM, etc. belongs to the company owning the dedicated server.

A dedicated server can be counted as the best kind of web hosting for people handling a big or resource intensive websites; in this case since you have the entire server completely to yourself you can get your large traffic website managed. Consequences would be increased customer satisfaction metrics as you shall be able ascertain clients a high uptime, this means that your website shall be more readily available; this factor turns out to be the reason why larger companies are opting for the same.

India ranks among the top dedicated server providers and more and more numbers of customers are opting for the cheap dedicated server in India. There are other kinds of hosting services other than dedicated server as well as shared server and opting for a hosting provider solely depends upon the business requirements of the customer.

It should be noted here that although dedicated web hosting service is quite costly, it has a large number of positive factors associated with it. A website associated with a dedicated server is known to be more dependable in comparison to the website using a shared web hosting server. Dedicated server is apparently gaining popularity with the increase in competition and the demand for more reliability.

Good Quality & Cheap Web Hosting

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If you plan to own a new website, you will need to host your website on a web server. When your website goes live on the web server, online users can then browse your website on the Internet. Company that provides the web servers to host your website is called web hosting providers.

A web hosting provider will typically have a fast connection to the Internet housed in a physical building called ‘data center’ and they may host thousands of web sites on many servers. The web host essentially rents out space to you so that you can get your website up on the world wide web.

With a well-managed web host, you can free yourself from worrying the up-keep of complicated server technology and proper technical maintenance. That’s the whole purpose of the web hosting companies. You should leave the technical work to web hosting professional while you focus on your own internet business.

There are thousands of web hosting providers on the internet and how do you decide which one you should use? Sites like betahosts.com can help you by comparing all best hosting providers.

The features that web hosting companies are offering are getting quite standard nowadays. There are basic features that you’ll need in a web host. You can find out more here.

To give a web host a competitive edge over others, more attractive features are very necessary. You’ll find that many hosts are willing to give away free stuff that used to cost over per month.

These are some of the advanced features that our top hosts are offering.

Web Buider Many of our top 10 hosts offer powerful web builder program called SiteStudio. SiteStudio allows you to make sites without any html, FTP and HTTP knowledge. You can also build site on the fly while at home, school or even at work. Hostgator’s SiteStudio has over 500 ready-made templates for you to choose from.

Ecommerce Enabled If you are selling products on your site, you need a merchant account. A shopping cart is a useful tool if you have more than 1 product in different categories. SSL(Secured Sockets Layer) is a must-have if you need to receive valuable information such as your customers’ credit card information. PowWeb, Hostgator and Lunarpages provide osCommerce shopping cart and shared SSL for your ecommerce needs.

Marketing Package Most marketing package including search engine submission software, keyword generator and link checker. Some hosting companies like iPower have established partnership with Yahoo! Search (previously known as Overture) and Google Adwords to offer you pay-per-click credit to jump start your business.


The best marketing method is by far from word of mouth. If you sign up for a web host and are satisfied with the performance, most likely you’ll recommend to anyone who is looking for a good host. Big web hosting companies know about this concept so well that they would go all out to retain their existing customer. The more satisfied customers they have, the more popularity they’ll get. We take this as an important indicator of how good a host is. # There are a few factors that we judge the popularity of a particular web hosting provider.Number of existing customers. # The satisfaction level of their existing customers: We manage to get hold of their existing customers from the positive reviews they submitted through our host comment form, their comment in the 3rd party web hosting and inhouse forums and the customers’ comment found on other hosting directories. # The amount of pretigious hosting awards they won # Their sites Alexa traffic ranking

Netfirms top the popularity among our top 10 hosts. Network Reliability, Speed and Uptime Guarantee

In terms of reliability, we are looking at how redundant is the server, how often the companies backup the server and how well they handle emergency. “Redundant” means that if any of the Internet connections get interrupted, the alternate Internet connection will take over. PowWeb Load Balancing Technology is one of the best that we found to ensure your site is up 99.9% all the time.