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Cheap Web Hosting Services From UK Web Hosting Companies

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Web hosting, a survival pipeline to alive in web. Few years ago, Web hosting refers to just taking space into web to make your website alive. But now days, Web hosting does not means only space but something more. Now people get much aware of necessity of Web hosting and also become so conscious about their investment not only in Web Hosting but indulging everything. They want big profit out of small investment with effective, quality results. Same case is happened while selecting Web hosting services uk , cheap web hosting services is in the demand with high ROI.

The Web hut Of UK comes to your hut with all solution of not only Web hosting services uk but cheapest web hosting services providing their services not in UK but worldwide. The Web Hut of UK, Cheap Reseller hosting companies also offer a wide variety range Reseller hosting accounting services, low cost website hosting.

Buy cheap web hosting at Web Hut that is a scalable multi server web hosting solution which will provide you error free 24 hour availability on the web with high quality performance.

We also offer Reseller hosting account services not in UK but in overseas also resulting in combining world in one path.

In this Computers era, if your website is having the right hosting solution, your website can make all the difference in the world. But with thousands of web hosting companies in the market place it can be difficult but not impossible to know which web site hosting companies truly give a tremendous hosting solution at a cost effective price. Our company, an Affordable Web hosting company of UK provides cheap web hosting services that we’ve hand picked based on the overall sell hosting value web hosting service requires.

Web Hosting Companies – Cheap Web hosting Services UK

Today this services is available at every part of world like one can get web hosting UK, cheap web hosting companies UK and many more. There are different apparatus and procedures to host your website through our affordable web hosting companies UK, from locating your website in www i.e. world wide web to their all 24 hour maintenance package you select. We provide complete affordable Web Hosting Services along with bringing an earth-shattering output. We have complete cheap website hosting solution for you not in UK but overseas also. Our broad range of web hosting services includes Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting account, Semi Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Server Hosting and more.

Our plan has always been to improve the growing incursion of businesses and home users who require an online presence by offering high-quality, low-cost hosting within their budget. Our escalation ventures upon our pleased customers referring our service to their friends, colleagues and associates. You can trust us unquestionably to make you contented! We have had many customers who started with our basic shared hosting plan and then upgraded all the way up to a fully managed dedicated server. We understand your requirements and make the upgrade process swift and trouble free without any downtime.

Our company count at top of all web hosting Companies in UK offers point-up packed hosting solutions with dominant service and unrivalled 24×7 supports to ensure total peace of mind and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Many hosting providers claim to offer 24×7 supports which is not the case very often. We maintain its own in-house experienced technical support team to ensure that you receive reliable, friendly support at any time of day or night. For more information about cheap web hosting services, Reseller Hosting account, sell hosting, low cost website hosting, cheapest webhost, visit www.thewebhut.co.uk

Why Ventrilo Servers From Maxfrag is the Right Choice for You

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Ventrilo is a VoIP (Voice over IP) client application which allows real-time communication through hosted Ventrilo Servers. It works independently of other applications (e.g. Video Games) so you can go from program to program without losing contact with others. A Ventrilo server is great for competitive gaming clans as well as for conference calls with a number of clients. Ventrilo Server Hosting is available in multiple locations ensuring a low-latency voice chat environment that is stable anywhere in the world!

With your new Ventrilo Server, you will have immediate access to our custom control panel. You have full control over your server (with no codec restrictions) without having to follow a complicated set of instructions to get everything working properly.

With MaxFrag’s reputation on the line with every customer, MaxFrag Ventrilo Servers are hosted on the best world wide networks to provide only the best quality servers available. MaxFrag’s pricing is perhaps the lowest in the industry while maintaining top rank service quality. If you’ve had a Ventrilo Server with less than perfect quality and performance, feel free to test a MaxFrag free demo Ventrilo Servers.

Ventrilo Servers are an essential part of multiplayer games. Good examples are: World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike. The reason why MaxFrag is so successful in the ventrilo server market is because they cater to the needs of the gamers. Most of them are retired gamers themselves.

If you are looking for the best customer service, along with low prices and high quality, then MaxFrag is the right choice for you.

Go to www.maxfrag.net and try it today!

Cheap Web Hosting, Affordable Linux/Windows Website Hosting from diyRoberts Hosting. Reliable hosting from

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diyRoberts Hosting Services was established in 2006 as an I.T. Support company that offered localised support to homes and businesses. Now, in 2010, it offers so much more than localised support.

As well as offering a dedicated and affordable support service throughout South Wales, we also offer Website Design and Website hosting. We aim to provide affordable and reliable services that meet our clients’ needs.

We are always trying to strive for the best so that our customers receive the best service. We believe that cheap web hosting is more than just providing web space and FTP access. Our aim is to provide individuals and businesses with everything they need to express themselves on the internet, be that through an idea or selling goods and services. Whatever you want to create a website for, your choice of web host is essential. The right web host will make the difference between a slow clunky site that has regular down time and a site that is always available and blisteringly fast!

Cheap web hosting is what diyRoberts Hosting specialise in. They have been established for over 4 years now and have grown drastically over that time. It has been said that they offer the best cheap web hosting for business website hosting. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction and 24/7 support. This is especially good for ecommerce customers as they need to know their online shop is available 24/7. Reliable hosting is needed by all businesses, individuals and charities and this is why we make sure the customer is happy with our service all of the time. We have gone one step further though, we’re not offering cheap domain web hosting and we’re offering a free domain with each of our web hosting packages. Our packages start at just £1.66 per month and go up to £2.66 per month for unlimited hosting.

Cheap unlimited web hosting is a speciality of diyRoberts Hosting services. We now offer this for only £2.66 per month with a free domain name of your choice! We offer Linux Web Hosting and Windows Website Hosting to business and private clients for all uses.

Not only are the prices of the individual packages the most competitive ones on the market but diyRoberts are now offering a free domain with each package purchased. Not only is diyRoberts one of the cheapest services available but also one of the most convenient and fastest. As soon as payment is received customers are able to access diyRoberts services and there is no waiting around for engineers to begin set-up proceedings.

How to buy the best hosting service from the web hosting server providers with free domain?

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It is very important for web hosting companies and users to know which website hosting provider should offer and which sectors should be included in a plan. This helps employers to recommend their customers the good quality of services and also helps the clients to choose the best provider.

Web hosting helps to create a website included with information, images, audio, video and a fuller explanation of the website’s object. Everybody will recognize your products, services and ideas over the Internet. The key purpose of hosting offers customers a space on the server where you store these files.

The downloaded record, codes, files on the disk make up the site. The bandwidth is vital part as it helps the website to handle large numbers of visitors as well as web traffic. You must know through your providers that how many visitors enter your site and how long they stay on the sites. This kind of information is extremely helpful for those who want to improve their site’s activities in all aspects.

Another significant benefit is that website hosting permits you to create an email account to the website, which explains the upper level of professionalism and develop the consistency of the customer. It can well understand that, despite the contact with customers via e-mail if you send the website address to the customer, they begin to depend on you, and question the credibility of the company.


Hosting helps to create database which is necessary for any kind of online business. Other attractive features that can be added to your website using a hosting server that are carts e-commerce sites, forums, communities and discussion groups. These features are very important to communicate with your customers and get their views on the website.

A successful server is sometime critical to the success of websites and hosting acts a significant role in this area. If the server crashes down from time to time, visitors can be in a problem to see the site, which is unwanted at all. Either it is a common hosting or a managed hosting server; one can get a lot of quality if the host provides a backup server.

It can be said in a short that, after developing or building a good website, one thing comes into your mind that how to establish your website with a good hosting server. Most of the people thing that domain-hosting is doesn’t matter. They buy poor services and suffer for a long time. They done all the good things to increase their visitors, but it don’t result well. That kind of poor hosting server doesn’t take too much server load, and as a result most of the time people don’t able to visit their website. Consequently, their business goes down day by day. On the other hand, if you buy a good hosting server you feel relaxed and get more visitors. So, for the betterment of your good business or service you must have a better web hosting service.

5 Reasons for home users to switch from Windows to Linux

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Looking to switch over to GNU/Linux, and confused if it is worth a try? Well, the answer is a definite ‘yes’. Linux based distributions have slowly but steadily gained their market share among desktop users – the kind of not-so-tech-savvy people who use computer for day-to-day purposes like browsing, multimedia, creating documents, presentations and so on.

Let me tell you the 5 most important reasons why you should switch to a Linux distribution

1. Cost effective

Why waste your money on Windows whereas you have the option to chose from numerous rock-solid Linux distributions that have stood the test of time? Perhaps it is time that you start saving them or use it for a better cause. You are free to select a Linux distro of your choice, download the ISO from the Internet, burn it into a CD and install from the same.

You not only save your money, but what you have is the freedom to select which OS is the best for you. And trust me, my friend when I say that you will never be out of options in the Linux community.

2. Works on old hardware

With every new release of Windows, you are forced to buy new hardware, increase your RAM, replace the processor, motherboard and so on. The computer you brought 2-3 years ago might be lying in the corner of your house ’cause its just ‘outdated’. This situation never arise if you are running Linux. Most of the Linux distros can be run smoothly in relatively old hardware and perform damn good.

3. Safe against viruses, trojans

I remember my old days when I always kept my Windows installation disk with me because I had to format the system once in every 2 weeks. The reasons were obvious – viruses, trojans, slow response, “This program has performed an illegal operation..” errors and so on. But I never had this problem since I switched over to Linux. Because of the difference in architecture, viruses written to function in Windows does not affect a Linux machine. More over, the user-level restrictions in Linux is far more superior than in Windows. So even if you run something (say, an external app) that you are not sure of, it is highly unlikely that it will cause any critical damage to your system.

4. There’s an open source alternative

Most home users are reluctant to leave MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Freecell, Solitaire behind because they have been using the same for years, and it is kinda difficult to switch all of a sudden. But the truth is, there is an open source alternative for almost all Windows applications that you use in your day-to-day work. One such list is available at http://www.linux.ie/newusers/alternatives.php

5. Free Support

You do not pay for the OS, nor for its support. All the leading Linux distros have huge user base, people who are willing to help newbies. They wouldn’t tease you or make fun of you. Just go to the forums or irc, and drop in your questions.. I am sure you will be surprised to see the number of people willing to help you for free!

So what are you waiting for? Download a copy of Fedora or Ubuntu and get started today! Say goodbye to Windows. Besides, who needs Gates and Windows?

Newbie – Can people post archive? ,How many GB to download my blog? , How Do I Remove the advertisements from my RSS feed? Linux Newbie Administrator

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blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

Linux Ads

RedHat Linux Command Network Traffic Monitor Windows Linux Linux Networking Linux VPS Hosting

3.5 Newsgroups

blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

Despite their drawbacks, newsgroups can be a very efficient way of finding the information you need.

Before going to the newsgroups, I would highly recommend the Google news archives (http://groups.google.com , once known as DejaNews). This is a huge archive of newsgroup postings and you can search it using nice search tools. This way, you can often find an answer to your question without going through tons of trash, and without exposing yourself to anger after posting a question which “was already asked ten times this week”. You may be surprised by the amount of information available through the google archive.

blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

There are several newsgroups devoted to Linux and they seem much better than other newsgroups (maybe they are better policed by the Linux experts?). Here is a short list:

news:comp.os.linux.announce (moderated–the postings are done by a moderator, who reviews them prior to the posting. Inspect the footer of any message for info on how to post.)




news:comp.os.linux.misc (miscellaneous)

news:comp.os.linux.advocacy (Use this one for discussion of pros and cons of Linux and perhaps a comparison of Linux with other operating systems. This is an excellent newsgroup if you like getting into endless arguments).

news:alt.linux.sux (Here you can read/write really all opinions on Linux.)


news:comp.os.linux.x (X-windows)

news:comp.os.unix (general UNIX newsgroup)

Please note that there is a newsgroup etiquette (“netiquette”), and you risk rejection and perhaps expose yourself to flames if you choose to break it. The major points:


Don’t post on a topic that is unrelated to the subject of the newsgroup;


Don’t post to many newsgroups at the same time (cross-post) ;


Use plain ASCII, don’t post attachments, pictures, html, etc.;


Don’t advertise (particularly commercial products) ;




Use a simple descriptive subject (“HELP” isn’t going to work) and briefly explain your problem. Include distribution and version number, and identify the hardware (USR 56K modem is wrong – list the model number).

To read newsgroups (also called usenet), you have to configure your access to a newsserver. The simplest may be to use mozilla (“edit”-”preferences”-”mail and newsgroups”) and specifying the news server (your Internet Service Provider, ISP, should have given the name of the server) and then add the appropriate newsgroup to your list of local “mailboxes”. If you don’t know the name of the news server, try: “news.my_isp_provider_name.and_domain”, or perhaps just “my_isp_provider_name.and_domain”.

For news reading, I prefer knode& (type in the X terminal). Installation and learning newsgroups was certainly worth my effort.

* License

Web Hosting Companies In India: What Makes Them Different From Millions Alike Them?

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If you search the net, you would be surprised to find that there are millions of web hosting companies across the world. All of them offer web hosting services to help interested people build and maintain their websites. But there is something that makes web hosting companies in India different from others. Web hosting companies India offer cheap web hosting services to cater to the web hosting needs of small and medium scale businesses.

One might argue that there are web hosting companies in other parts of the world as well that offer cheap hosting services. But, do they offer the same quality of service and guarantee customer satisfaction that web hosting companies in India do? Well, the answer is no. Cheap web hosting companies in India offer exceptionally high quality service such as server uptime, no server break downs, server back ups, optimal website space, great bandwidth, and much more.

All this is possible because web hosting companies in India have experienced and skilled professionals who work diligently to offer high quality web hosting services. They devise several ways to cut down their operational costs in order to bring down the cost of web hosting. To take just one example, cheap web hosting companies in India save costs on huge server rentals by having their own servers. Having and maintaining their own servers allows the cheap web hosting companies to offer better services as well.

Large and private servers allow the cheap web hosting companies to offer high server uptime and unlimited web space and bandwidth too. The clients are able to add unlimited content to their website and are able to enjoy huge traffic as the web users find their website relevant and useful.

Other than uptime server and unlimited bandwidth and website space, the cheap web hosting companies in India offer 24/7 technical assistance, great customer care support, and free templates, SEO tools, more E-mail Ids and much more.

There are quite a few web hosting companies in India that provide web designing as well. They ensure that their clients do not have to look elsewhere for web designing services. Such a web designing web hosting company India provides complete and comprehensive web development solutions.

If you wish to avail the services of one such company, consider Manashosting. A renowned web hosting company Bangalore, it offers the best, yet cheap web hosting services.

To know in detail about this web host in India, you may log on to manashosting.com

The Best Web Hosting Service – Features To Expect From Them

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To be qualified as the best web hosting service provider, you should expect 3 basic features from them. These features are good website uptime, service monitoring, and ample bandwidth or disk space.


Service Monitoring


The best web hosting service is definitely the one that monitors its own servers. Your website would be put into a server, which you would share with hundreds of other online sites hosted by the same provider. In specific times of the day, there could be inevitable and technical problems that may affect the operations of such servers. A good web host could voluntarily and responsibly monitor its own servers to make sure they are always up.


If you decide not to get a web host service from the best, you would have to expect suffering from unaddressed technical glitches. At the same time, you would have to monitor your own server yourself. You would certainly not like the idea. Why choose to do it on your own when there are web hosts that offer to do so for you? After all, it should be their responsibility being the server provider.


Website Uptime


No website is up 100% of the time and no web host could promise to do so no matter at what price. The best web hosting service is the one that could promise up to 99% uptime, at the best. On your search, do not settle with providers that could not promise good uptime provisions. Check for feedbacks from other users. You must stay away from providers with websites that are always down online.


Some of the best web hosting service providers even offer refund or money-back guarantees to compensate for downtimes or to assure reduced or minimal downtime frequency and duration. Several of them offer discounts as a form of compensation. Stay away from companies that apparently avoid taking responsibility for downtimes. Your website should be up most of the time, especially during times when traffic is usually high.


Ideal Disk Space And Bandwidth


Of course, the best web hosting service comes with ample or reasonable disk space and bandwidth. Again, do not fall as a victim to providers that promise unlimited space and bandwidth because it is not possible. Such businesses still pay for each gigabyte of space or bandwidth they use and distribute so it is impossible for them to give away web space for free. Do not be deceived by false advertising and promises.


The best web hosting service would not promise unlimited space and bandwidth. The greatest capacity could be up to 40 gigabytes and higher. If you choose the lower packages, make sure you could easily switch to the higher bandwidth plan without any hassle. Possibilities for expansion should also be considered for the sake of your online site. This is especially true if you intend to keep your website for the longest time.



Linux VPS – Moving from Your Shared Hosting Plan to VPS

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If you are planning to shift to Linux VPS from the shared hosting that you are currently using, then there are a few considerations that you will have to make. Selecting a hosting provider for VPS is an important decision. There are dozens of hosting companies that offer this service today and most of them offer the same kind of bandwidth, disk space, software, guarantee and customer support. However, the quality of service offered by each would be different.  

Selecting your hosting provider

Selecting the right hosting service provider for Linux VPS is a decision that you would have to invest some time in. Quite a lot of people today are shifting to this option from shared hosting normally because shared hosting does not provide good performance or bandwidth. VPS offers good flexibility, better performance and better control of the server. The best thing for you to do is to search online for the best hosting providers and check their reviews. It is wise to go for a service provider that has some experience in the field.  

Things to remember

There are a few things that you will have to remember when you go for Linux VPS from your shared hosting. There are several things that you will have to ask the service provider so that you would be able to get the best possible services and the best possible hosting plan. Ask if the software that would be provided to you and the bandwidth would meet your requirements. The disk space should be enough for you to store the data. You should also select a company that would provide you a guarantee of 99% uptime and offer round the clock assistance and support.  

Selecting the plan

Once you evaluate all the points, you can then decide if you should continue with your shared hosting plan or move up to VPS. You can then select one of the hosting providers and select the right plan with the right operating system. If you are looking for a cheaper option, Linux would be better since you would not have to pay any additional fees for the license. The last thing for you to do would be to make a complete list of the requirements of your system and then select a plan where you would be able to get all the facilities that you need along with a solid guarantee, technical support, no contract and good features.  

Selecting a hosting plan is not an easy job since you would be required to follow a good plan of action and keep various points in mind. However, with the tips and the suggestions that have been given here, it would be easier for you to choose the right plan for Linux VPS.

Get perfect Web Hosting from Top 10 Hosting companies

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Select the most affordable web hosting company from these top 10 hosting companies and sign up with the company to get their services. Make a little investigation over the internet and directories of web hosting companies to find out the top 10 hosting companies.

Web hosting companies offer space on their server and great internet connectivity to people signing up for hosting services. Earn basic knowledge about web hosting as it will help you find out the top 10 hosting companies. Check what type of technologies and techniques they use and how much they charge for web hosting. Internet will give you sufficient information about web hosting and references of well reputed hosting companies. Compare the rate tags of different web hosting companies to find out the best possible rate. Hosting makes your website more empowered and secured. It ensures that your website is getting no server or net-connectivity problems. Get good web hosting to double up the popularity of your website.

There are many web directories available online where you can get authentic information on best cheap web hosting companies. Apart from web directories, there will be many sites which offer discount coupons of many popular web hosting companies. Such companies will have good contacts of companies offering cheap web hosting services. Search around your city, inquire among friends and relatives and elaborate your search by turning to online. While selecting from many companies, make sure that the company you selected for web hosting services is highly reliable and reasonable in all aspects.

Best cheap webhosting is one of the well established and reputed web directories which offers contacts and price rates of almost all popular web hosting companies. The site gets you discount coupons of many web hosting companies such as bluehost, HOSTGATOR, FatCow, iPage and much more.