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Getting New Web Hosting Service for your Web Site

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Due to Various inefficiencies of Old Web Hosting provider like poor technical support, down web server, inability of old provider to met with your requirements, expensive web hosting service, an Online Business owner decided to go for a new Web Hosting provider. Because of all above-mentioned and many more not in the list you would opt for new web hosting service. So the next step is to transfer your web site from current web host to new web host which can be done by following the under mentioned steps. Transferring of Schedule For transferring the old web hosting, planning should be done in advance, atleast one month before so as to ensure smooth transfer, as transferring in less than one month can led to inaccessibility of your web site.

Registering new web hosting service.

Once the above step is complete, user must go for a new web hosting service and must sign it accordingly within 24 hours so as to enable new account earliest.

Taking Files Backup.

As soon as you created a new web hosting account, you should take back up of all your web files for the new provider. Generally you already have all files of your web site on your local computer still it is beneficial to backup all your files from old web server. Further including HTML files, backup of any script file, database file and even of server logs file should be taken. Thereafter create a directory structure similar to directory structure on web server and then load the file in their respective directory.

Uploading of files

You will receive a notification email from your new web-hosting provider after the notification of your new web hosting account. Information needed to set up a website including FTP server information all will be provided within that email. With the help of that FTP information user can now FTP his new web-hosting server and can upload all his files. First the user should create a directory structure and then can upload all his files in their respective directories. User can also install any script file or databases if used in his website and also should setup his email accounts with the help of administration panel.

After finishing of uploading of all the files and installation of script files or databases temporary URL can be used to test the new site. This temporary URL can be obtained from through notification email from new web hosting provider.

Testing of new website

The new website can be tested online by using temporarily URL directory. As different web hosting server require different server environment to work, that’s why user needs to verify all the scripts like CGI, Perl if they are working as per the requirement or not. Further all the hyperlinks should be tested in the normal web pages so as to confirm that no broken links are there. Your website hosted on the old web hosting provider is continued to be operational, even when you are testing through the temporary URL directory. Transferring of domain name After finishing of testing new website on the temporary URL and verification of its perfect execution, next step is to contact the new domain name registrar so as to change the old domain name server to point the new DNS of the web hosting provider. There after the user will get DNS information through email after he finishes the successful registration with new web hosting provider and also would get the information from website of his new web hosting provider. The purpose of Domain name servers is to control how to resolve the domain name. Commonly the domain names are in following format:



Some domain name registrar requires the IP addresses of the DNS. In this case you have to provide the IP addresses of your new DNS. For example:



DNS record to change and propagate through all the WHOIS servers takes typically 24 to 72 hours. Whois tools such as whois.com can be use on Internet to monitor the status of DNS transfer. New DNS will be displayed once the transfer is complete. Even minor modifications are possible like the user can upload his own file or picture to the new web-hosting server. When the user checks his homepage through the normal domain name he can notice the new home page, which makes sure that transfer of DNS is successful. Final Testing Now, your website on the new web hosting provider is officially transferred and online. You should repeat all the tests to ensure it is fully functional.Thereafter you can go ahead to terminate your old web hosting account after the final confirmation is received.

Getting the Best Cheap Web Hosting Solution For Your Online Business

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If you have always wanted to start your own online enterprise but don’t know where to start, it is important for you to begin with the basics. One of the most essential things you need to think about when planning to manage a workable site on the Internet is your web host. Since cheap web hosting is already made available nowadays, almost everyone planning to manage their own websites can do so with ease. Gone are the days when the only alternatives available to website owners were expensive hosting plans that cost hundreds of dollars.

Nonetheless, before choosing the affordable hosting provider for your business, doing a thorough background check on any potential hosting provider is important. You cannot simply choose the first inexpensive web host that comes your way. It is important for you to compare one hosting provider against another, in order to find the hosting company that provides tailor-made solutions for your business.

A cheap web hosting company can be valuable only when it offers reliability at all costs. You would not want to collaborate with a web host that cannot be accessed during instances of downtimes and technical troubles. If a hosting company offers cut-rate monthly fees but is not able to assist their clientele through any verification, then you need to move on to another. With a little effort and discernment, you will eventually find the hosting company that is not only cost-effective but highly dependable as well.

You must also look into the offered services offered by companies per hosting plan. Since most cheap web hosting companies will make available a range of inexpensive plans, you should look into the specifics provided by each package. This includes the bandwidth, disk space, customer support, technical tools, ease of control panel, fees, business hosting features like shopping cart and SSL certificates, among others.

Furthermore, it is best not to confuse cheap hosting with free hosting. Even when you are required to pay an affordable fee with cheap hosting, you will still have a considerable degree of control over your site. With free web hosting, your account can be canceled without prior notice, and may not accommodate updates for your site in the future. The advantage to this however is getting 100% free hosting for your blog or website.

With the many options available on the web, it can be quite difficult finding the cheap web hosting solution provider that you can work with for the long-term. Many hosting companies promise one exceptional package after another, and many of these providers are quick to claim that their respective offerings are the best. If you want to make sure that you are sticking with the right choice, you can make an in-depth research on the web. Another alternative is reading up on web hosting reviews, so you will know what to expect from the hosting provider early on.

Getting Cheap and Inexpensive Web Hosting

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You have done the challenging part, which was creating the Web site. The next step is to have it hosted so you can advertise your site to the public. But what is the reason that so many Web host seekers are snared by bad Web host companies? The largest factor to ponder is the cost, although quite a few other factors are involved as well. Everybody desires inexpensive Web hosting, but the bad news is that price is not the only thing you should go for.

Since there is a lot of competition with Web hosting companies trying to get your Web hosting money, the companies have to use their imagination to think of ways to persuade you that you will get the most for your money from their company, and in the end, they can offer you the most reasonably priced Web hosting package. Typically, they have thrown together several basic elements to make full ‘packages’ so that you have everything you require – plus some things you don’t – for one cheap, affordable cost.

Think about shared Web hosting when shopping for low cost Web hosting. When you search for a Web host provider, you will see that many providers use shared Web hosting. A server that has various Web sites using it at the same time is known as Shared Web hosting. You will have a specific amount of disk space on the server, which might allow you to host more than one Web site. It is very secure to use Shared Web hosting, although you may be using the server with a lot of other companies at the same time. Your files cannot be viewed by other companies. A lot of people feel that if they share a server, their Web site will function slower, but this is completely incorrect, and their information will be downloaded just as fast and viewed just as if it was on the server by itself. Web host providers have shared hosting just to fill up the server space, since there aren’t any advantages to you or them to let any hard disk space be empty.


When you are looking into low cost web hosting services, there are some things to consider…

You should be cognizant of the terms of use and the acceptable use policy of that inexpensive web host. You can get a wonderful deal since the affordable Web hosting industry has a lot of competition, however if the host’s price is too low for what it offers compared to other hosts, then don’t choose them. Extra research is required to find a low cost Web host: read the testimonials about the host on this site, use the search engines to learn information about them, see how long the business has been around. Go to the support pages and find out if you feel alright with the amount of support that this host gives. Even though it is low cost, it is suggested that most likely you can find the same specifications – or you might actually find better specifications – without spending more money. Well, for our hard earned dollars, it is much better if it is cheaper!

Advice on locating inexpensive Web hosting

Generally, there is a possibility than you can get good and affordable Web hosting. Put in the keys words “inexpensive Web hosting”. Be certain to view the reviews and shop comparatively.

Google Chrome 14 Review : The best Web browser keeps getting better

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Google Chrome 14 Review : The best Web browser keeps getting better

Google’s Chrome 14 is another step into the lead for the best Web browser of them all.

It’s odd. When Firefox moved into its accelerated development path, Firefox really didn’t get much better. In fact, it’s been getting less stable. Google’s Chrome Web browser though just keeps getting better with every new release. Chrome 14, in my opinion, is now clearly the best Web browser for any operating system available today.

Why? Well, look at all the raw numbers. To see how Chrome 14 ranked, I put it up against the latest releases of Firefox and IE 9 on a Windows 7 box.

When it comes to Web standards compatibility, Chrome 14 is a winner. On the Acid 3 compatibility test, which checks out how well a browser complies with Web standards such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, and Extensible Markup Language (XML), Chrome had a perfect score. Firefox 6 had a score of 97 and IE had a 95.

On the recently, August 23rd, updated HTML5 Test, which checks to see how compliant the Web browser is with the HTML5 Web page standard, Chrome is king of the mountain again with a score of Firefox showed a significant improvement. This time, it came in with 341 points out of a possible 450. Firefox 6.02 came in second with 313 and. IE 9.0.8 came in a distant last with 141. Anyone who tells you that IE is HTML5 compliant is trying to sell you Windows. It’s not. It’s not even close.

Moving on to performance, I use Chrome 14 on all my systems. That means I use it on various Linux desktop distributions; Chrome OS on a Samsung Chromebook, Mac OS Snow Leopard and Lion and Windows XP and 7 PCs. It runs fast on all of them.

For performance benchmarking, though I use my Gateway DX4710 running Windows 7 SP1. This PC is powered by a 2.5-GHz Intel Core 2 Quad processor and has 6GBs of RAM and an Intel GMA (Graphics Media Accelerator) 3100 for graphics. It’s hooked to the Internet via a Netgear Gigabit Ethernet switch, which, in turn, is hooked up to a 60Mbps (Megabit per second) cable Internet connection.


The first benchmark was Kraken 1.0. This is Mozilla’s take on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark In Kraken, lower scores are better. Chrome 14 beat its last version, Chrome 13 and all other comers with a score of 4578.5millisecondss (ms). Chrome 13 had a score 4927.7ms.; Firefox took second with a score of 7588.2ms.; and IE came in last with a wretched 17,051.9ms.

With Peacekeeper, another JavaScript-performance benchmark, where higher scores are better, IE wins with a score of 8,343. Chrome comes in second with 7,663 and Firefox comes in a distant last with 4,588 points.

According to Google’s own JavaScript test V8 Benchmark Suite, where higher scores are better, Chrome 14 takes first with 7,591. The others aren’t even competitive. Firefox flops with a showing of 3,614 and IE does even worse with 2,193.

Finally, on SunSpider 0.9.1, the oldest of the JavaScript Web benchmark tests, where lower results are better, Chrome wins again with a score of 249.9ms Here the results are much more competitive. IE 9 is hot on its tail with a score of 252.6ms. and Firefox shows well with 301.2ms.

The results? Chrome is more standard compliant and faster than its closest competitors. Chrome has more than just that going for it though. This latest release includes some nice minor fixes and some very interesting major features.

Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast. (Gallery)

The fix I think most people will like is that print preview is now not only included, it works automatically. That’s the good news. The bad news is it doesn’t work well for Chrome on Macs. The feature, which is powered by Chrome’s built-in PDF reader, worked sporadically for me on both my Snow Leopard and Lion systems.

While that was annoying, it was nice to see the feature work perfectly on my Linux and Windows systems. Mac users may be mollified to find that Chrome 14 does work with Lion’s overlay scrollbars. You can also use the hot-key combo of Ctrl+Shift+F to activate basic support for Lion’s full-screen mode.

The two important new features aren’t going to be important to you in the short run, but it may be a different story in the long run.

The first, Web Audio application programming interface (API) lets developers create interesting sounds effects for games and applications. With it, programmers can add 3D dynamically positioned sounds sources and mix multiple sound sources. The results can be quite interesting. Try and see for yourself. I can see some very interesting games and musical applications coming out of this.

A far more significant feature is that Chrome 14 now supports C and C++ applications in Google’sNative Client SDK (software developer kit). Native client lets developers create local applications that run locally within Chrome.

What that means isn’t, as some people will have it, that Google is trying to redefine the Web. No, but what Google is doing, as has been doing ever since they introduced Chrome OS, is to redefine the desktop. What’s important about Native Client is that instead of just running applications off the Web, you’ll be able to run local applications at your machine’s full speed instead of at your Internet’s speed. In addition, since Native Clients run within the Chrome security sandbox, they’re much safer than most applications.

Put Native Client applications together with Google’s support for HTML5 local data storage for its applications and it’s clear than ever that Google wants Chrome to be just not your browser, but your operating system as well. At this time, there are only a handful of Native Client applications and those are only available via the Chrome Web Store, but I see big things coming here.

Indeed, I see big things coming for Chrome in general. It’s not only faster and more fully featured than ever, it’s also becoming more popular by the day. Indeed, in some South American countries, Chrome is already the number one Web browser. At this rate, I can see the day when it’s the number one Web browser in the world.

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Getting started with web space and web site hosting

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Opting for a good web space providing service is highly an individual decision based on own sole needs. Site hosting hosting is what jobs your website into the World Wide Web, from where anyone can access to it round the clock. In other remarks, without laying your site onto a web hosting service, you won’t get the visibility you want.

Small business owners will most likely go through a web space company rather than investing in purchasing their own servers, which is very costly and troublesome. On top of the expense what is implicated with having your own server is that you need to have a commanding educational background to be able to deal with the technical elevations of implementing your own server, or having your own technical computer employees on palm to deal with the procedures.

Wild lime site hosting has all the answers for those who are looking for a genuine webspace services.

Standout features:

Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited e-mail accounts
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited domains
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
Anytime Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Phone and E-mail technical support
Free Advertisement credits from firms like Google, Yahoo etc.
Many more…


Hosting packages:

Wild lime web hosting offers 1-month, 3-months, 6-months and 1 year package.

Support and service:

A good web space company should provide an excellent customer service as wild lime web hosting company does. They guarantee that you will be able to reach a real person who speaks English and can provide best solution to fix your issues in lowest time possible. They also offer an “anytime money back guarantee” policy where you can request for refund if not satisfied with the quality and service.

For me, Wild Lime hosting is a great  web space and site hosting service for businesses, ecommerce or VPS domain hosting, reseller and personal use with all the tools you need for a successful website.

Getting the Best Cheap Web Hosting

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After you’ve decided to create your web site for your business or personal reasons, you should begin looking for the best cheap web hosting companies out there. You can begin browsing the internet for such companies because there you will find boundless places that will offer these services to you. The idea is to not only find the cheapest web hosting company, but to also look for the best. Make sure they are going to offer you all of the services you desire. You need to also thoroughly check out the cheap web hosting business as well. You can do this by typing in their business name into Google and the Better Business Bureau. There are also web sites like Rip Off Report, that will give you some insight on the cheap web hosting business you are looking to interact with.

When looking on Google, you can find the best cheap web hosting companies by typing in their business name and the word scam, rip off or other phrases of that sort. That will bring up comments about the company with those keyword phrases. If you find anything from that, then you know to stay away. It is difficult to tell whether or not you should work with a cheap web hosting company based on what you find because sometimes, they will have good and bad reports about them – so which to believe?

It is up to you to decide on whether to work with the cheap web hosting company or not. Go with your business instinct and ask lots of questions. You should also check to see when the comments were made and about what. If you see any derogatory comments about the hosting company within your search, research it out. Obviously large hosting companies will have some unsatisfied customers due to the amount of customers they have, however they should not have a huge negative response. If you only find negative information about a hosting company then you should run in the other direction.

When getting the best cheap web hosting companies, you will need to check out what they can offer you for the prices that they state. A lot of these cheap web hosting businesses will offer you low payments of a couple of dollars monthly. Make sure you aren’t getting a cheap rate for a cheap service. Just because you are getting a cheap web hosting company doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality. See how they can benefit your site and if they can properly maintain it. It’s your website, so make sure you’re getting the best cheap web hosting company in the market. So shop around and find a great company to host your site.