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Choosing A Linux Host

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Choosing a Linux host provider can be one of the biggest decisions that you make with an online business or website. Given the current rate of unreliable hosting operations, it is difficult to find a reputable, professional Linux host that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. Finding a reliable host should be at the top of your priority list whether starting a new website, or growing an existing online presence. If your Linux hosting provider has even minutes of downtime, it can seriously affect your business. Because this is such an important decision, I have written this short tutorial on how to properly choose a Linux host provider, based on my years of experience as a freelance Linux server consultant.

The first and utmost consideration needs to be the reliability of a potential Linux hosting provider. Don’t be tricked into buying a Linux hosting account that is cheap, if the Linux hosting provider doesn’t have a stable network. Fortunately, the research on hosting reliability has already been done for you. Netcraft is the premier voice in network reliability surveys. Every month, Netcraft publishes a list of the top 50 Linux host providers with the best network reliability based on their tests. In addition, Netcraft also ranks the top hosting providers based on their network performance, which brings us to our next consideration.

Network performance is just as important as network reliability when selecting a hosting provider. If your hosting provider has a slow network, or intermittent network performance issues, you are going to lose customers and visitors to your website. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to browse a slow website, when you have high speed Internet access. Before you choose your Linux host provider, be sure and run a few network performance benchmarks at some of the Linux provider’s websites. The biggest tool to use for this is to search for the provider on Netcraft’s website- they’ve done all of the benchmarks for you!

Third, you need to consider the support available through your potential hosting provider. Some Linux hosts are overly expensive for what they are, and some Linux host providers (for instance, Rackspace) are worth the cost. What this all boils down to is support- how available is the hosting provider if there is an issue? Is their support phone number clearly posted on their website? Do they have a support ticket system that works? What are their guaranteed response times? All of these questions must be answered before you select a Linux host provider.

Finally, you can now look at what most people look at when selecting a Linux host- the final cost. Everything else being equal, feel free to browse around for the best bargain. This is the easiest step of choosing a Linux host provider, and perhaps the most fun as well (no one enjoys staring at uptime reports, network response time charts, and bandwidth speeds). Most of the time, you can also save some money by prepaying for several months to a year at a time.

Why Should You Host Your Application with a Linux Server

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A majority of users, even though they typically make use of technologies during any given day, are unsuspecting of the core web host devices. Most people don’t realize what server-side languages or scription are, nevermind how or why to use them.

If you decide on creating a website for your organization or company, you’ll need to run a solid web server to host your application. Despite the fact that you will be maintaining the code and files for your application, the network hosting provider will manage the server devices themselves. The application files, such as data and code, are written in coding languages that can be interpreted by a majority of computer systems. Currently the two most common platforms are Linux and MS Windows.

When choosing a web host platform for your web site, there are many aspects to consider. Some applications only run on certain systesms, or on languages supported on a specific system. Another important consideration is the costs.

Here are some of the advantages of using a Linux web server server:

When compatibility or portability is a priority, you need to be able to code once and install it on any platform. Linux allows you to develop code that will be portable on other platforms, such as Windows, as well. Additionally, many of the most typically used databases and applications run flawlessly in Linux. This also means tons of stability.
Cost – Linux software is totally free for developers to use or modify as they require. This is not just the operating software but all of the other applications that have been developed for it. This translates to entire suites of server applications that can be downloaded and put to use on the web server at no additional costs.
Linux has typically been known as a less simple operating system in comparison to Windows. In past years Linux has become much more simpler to use and support is thorough.
When it comes to security, nearly all Linux distributions are set. The software is typically maintained by a large number of open source programmers and is constantly being further developed.

Additionally, if you have applications or code written for the Windows platform, Linux should still be able to run your applications. As you can see there are many advantages to choosing a Linux server over a Microsoft Windows server, just make sure any current applications will be ready to run on a Linux server.

Web Host: a Webspace Provider Who Meets Your Significant Online Business Requirement

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Most of you may probably think that a web space stores HTML, videos and image in a web site and these are viewed by a web surfer. But a web space also includes more than just simple HTML files. Webspace provider makes sure that your website includes FrontPage Extensions, CGI programs, JavaScript files and email accounts, along with website log files and PHP files. FrontPage extensions support features such as e-mail processing, counters, data collection and data processing features. FrontPage extensions are script files that run on the web server and broaden the functionality of the software.

Web host play an essential part in your internet business. Whether it is home based or commercial business, your webspace provider (a.k.a.) has the perfect solution for storing or uploading company data on servers. Basically, a web hosting solution can be categorised into three types, co-located server hosting, dedicated hosting, and shared hosting. This categorisation helps company to determine the exact solution for their business.

Most middle-sized or large sized firms may choose dedicated hosting solutions for their hosting needs. The server is located offsite and is maintained by the webspace provider. Large-sized organisations would rather opt for Co-located server hosting. This type of hosting solution costs more as the firm needs to purchase more than one server for their use. Monitoring of the server is also required.

The best and most prevalent web hosting option is shared hosting. It is inexpensive and monitors a majority of small business sites. Here, Web host may also provide customers to develop their own ecommerce sites through design templates and other tools.

Every webspace provider also ensures to track the number of visitors who come and navigate through a particular web site. They do this with the help of log files.

Web host also include email accounts. These appear corporate email accounts that are important for the business, as customers contact for quotes or sales information via these emails.

Nowadays, as disk space is cheap, most web hosting companies are including hundreds of gigabytes of web storage. But it is important to have a right plan for your business requirements. If you are planning to host a large web site, only then you should look for a web hosting plan that offers hundred Gigabytes of storage capacity.

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Find the cheap yet amendable web host solution

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You would like to make sure that you consider all the aspects for your site successful and productive. For this to occur, you would need to be in constant communication with your web host provider to ensure accomplishment is not affected any time. You only need to pick the best web server to meet these specifications.

Hosting is the key to the success of a website. But to be successful it, you have to do research on the best hosting services provider available in the industry. If there are fewer loading, the attainment of your site can be affected. In addition, cheap hosting solution may not be able to offer the diverse needs of a successful website, which requires web content, videos, images, and graphics are loaded properly. Track the attainment of your site with the proper reports to help ensure the progress of your site regularly. Cheap hosting services often may also not support attainment-driven web servers for sites.

Therefore it is highly suggested that you looking for a web hosting company, which is not only known for offering coupons or discounts on their packages, but also for their safety and reliability features. Of course, you would not like to take any chances when it comes to attract potential customers to your site and increase your business even more. Make sure your site is not experiencing frequent downtimes that generally irritate the customers, who then make a change to other sites.

Lastly, you should always ensure that the performance of your site is not compromised with cheap hosting solution. Nevertheless, if you’re capable to discover a cheap yet amendable web host solution that offers all the features required for your site, you must not miss the opportunity.

Choosing a web hosting Service Company depends upon the audiences’ requirements and understanding. See to it that the hosting service provider’s site development software, functional platform, and other essential appearances match up with your needs. Go through the features for security being provided by the web hosting company. Companies looking for hosting companies should go through the service provider’s list and study painstakingly the hosting reviews available. You might be considering about the importance of hosting reviews, and how it can be helpful for you to selection of the best web hosting company. A web hosting review clearly tells the achievements of the hosting company and the manner in which they’ve succeeded the promises being done about their web host services. Like a hosting service lists would only generate the features of their hosting services and not explain about the functionality.

If you’re looking for the best web host & you have no idea regarding website hosting, I propose you do not find it by employing the search engine. Type at ‘cheapest web hosting’ or ‘best web hosting’ in Google & see how much hits you will get. Currently, there is an abundance of website hosts giving cheapest deals & promotions. Thus, how do you pick the best web hosting? The only method is to weed web hosts along with terrible service & performance.

If you already have use of services of any web hosting company do provide them the comments about your experience whether negative or positive. It would help other buyers take decision in an appropriate perspective. Hosting reviews are initial part but they also have assertive limitations as every member consists of a unique and specific needs and set of experiences. Although web hosting reviews are to be considered but you should entrust on your research and other aspects also.

The best hosting companies and the business hosting services, web host review

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Webhosting Join is a complete and outstanding directory of web hosting Service providers with reviews submitted by actual webmasters, administrators and Developers. In our directory you will find a set of the most prominent credible web hosting companies around the world or Internet market. Read thoroughly the best user reviews, check uptime details and performance reports of the web hosting companies so that you can make an informed choice of web hosting company for your website.

Need Perfect Web Hosting? Webhosting Join is a free of cost service providing the best web host user reviews and user ranking the best web hosting companies around the world. We Webhosting Join customer service, web hosting packages offer by the companies vs. pricing, hosting server reliability and up-time, hosting experience, free pre-installed scripts, overall ease of use, web hosts control panel options and overall features. Here also you will find the best web hosting companies on the internet with 24/7 support & live chat….

To find unbiased web hosting reviews about various hosts is becoming overwhelmingly complex these days mainly because there are hundreds of web hosting directories and all of these so-called web hosting guides claim to be experts in the field, this is exactly where WHJ (webhosting join) hosting directory comes into play. You might ask what separates us from the numerous other directories claiming to be the ultimate in the field? Well, the superiority of our hosting directory over other web services acting as hosting guides is justified by two primary reasons. The first reason is that hosting opinion, ratings and subsequent listing of a hosting provider is not carried out unless a hosting analysis procedure is conducted which derives accurate information by performing a thorough analysis on a lower threshold value of 100 customer’s opinions. Where does this data come from? The data is provided to us by our alliances from a wide-spread network of enterprises that carry out large-scale surveys to gather web hosting reviews of the clients who have expressed their web hosting reviews about different providers. The web hosting reviews data is updated regularly by our partners and consequently acts as a highly accurate information source for us. After this starts the real data mining phase of the reviews data in which it undergoes a rigorous analysis by our expert hosting staff which carefully scrutinizes each and every single aspect of customers hosting comments before arriving at any conclusion about the reviews and subsequent ranking of each host. Secondly, we also continue to receive additional feedback comprising web hosting reviews by our visitors who actually sign up with any provider from our website thereby sharing with us their hosting experience with the provider. This further confirms the information present with us about the image of the provider plus the web hosting reviews also serve to provide further information about the various functionalities inferred from the hosting reviews data such as client care services offered by the web hosting provider thereby becoming yet another crucial repository of information for us to revise the rankings as well as the reviews of the hosting providers listed on our site. This is a source of much satisfaction for our visitors as it guarantees them the highest level of accuracy of the hosting opinions about the different providers and they can browse our site to read our web hosting reviews with the peace of mind that there is a provider specifically suited to their personal web hosting requirements.

We Provide Independent customer rating of top web hosting companies. Our host rating system is totally based on the customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support. Web hosting join is the biggest searchable web hosting directory featuring complete information on all web hosting providers, their web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons, and unedited reviews by real customers.

Webhosting Join provides the details regarding : Web hosting reviews, hosting Coupons, Web hosting directory, Comparisons between webs hosts, Web Hosting Editorial reviews, Hosting plans directory, Advanced web host search, Find web host companies by pricelist and more.

Choosing a Good & Cheap Web Host

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The first thing people notice when shopping for hosting is the price. We all thing about saving some money, and shaving a few money off your monthly hosting initiative can help a lot.
However, you need to remember that market value is not everything. Some businesses provide very cheap hosting, but have very low bandwidth, web space, etc, or control panel is’nt user frendly have a lot of downtime etc…
When choosing a web host, you should be very careful. The principally step you should do, is analyze what exactly your needs are. Every site needs a different brand of hosting. If you just recently made  a blog or simple web site, you could probably get away with a shared hosting plan. However, if your site is larger, and it has a lot of traffic, you should get a premium hosting plan.

If you have a site that has many return users, you ought to need to look for hosting that has minimal downtime. However, if when chosing  a web host you are promised 100% uptime, you are being lied to. There is no such thing as 100% uptime. For those who do not know, “uptime” is the age your website is basically live and able to be accessed by people surfing the internet. It is nothing to worry about, as usually downtime lasts less than an hour, and is a really rare .
Though there are many methods on the web to help you when you are choosing a web host, the a large amount of valuable, in my opinion, is a nice forum. There are many webmaster related forums out there, filled with helpful people who are more as opposed to willing to help you out. There are as well a number of websites that are utterly devoted to provided that you with information to help you in the difficult process of choosing a web host.
For amateurs to web hosting, you should consult an web resource, or ask someone who has supplementary experience. It is hard to appreciated exactly what you need in a hosting company. For those amid just 1 to a few sites, a simple hosting procedures will suffice. However, if you own 10 or more websites, it may be worth it to purchase your own dedicated server.
You should always take your time when choosing a web host. The decision of what host to use is not one that should be made hastily. Hosting is vitally important to your website. If you have low top notch hosting that loads slowly and is at a slump often, it will be hard to convince people to end up with to your site. Return visitors are absolutely vital to your site. Whether your site is commercial or personal, you will be much more and more successful if you convince those to return to your site.

For an top notch resource on the best bang-for-buck web hosts out there, check out the  free hosting review website for a truthful listing of some great web hosts.

Can You Rely on a Free Web Host Provider?

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It should be noted that anything that is termed as free, it must have some merits and demerits behind it. Many free web host providers have been noticed across the globe and have been found to help only some groups of people, not all. This is because some customers are looking for those web hosting providers with a 99.9% network Uptime and most of the free web hosting providers do not have this. People are also searching for the very reliable web hosting providers with a 24/7 customer support, a money back guarantee policy, a legitimate and a reliable web hosting company. It should be noted that most of the free web hosting providers do not depict these qualities and thus many people avoid them.


It is advisable to look for a web hosting provider who will satisfy your needs 100%. Free web hosting providers are not available 24/7 for the easy reach by customers especially the times they have enquiries. This does not guarantee good service and it is better to try either a cheap or expensive one so that all the required services are provided without any problem. The kinds of people who rely on the free web hosting providers are those who are totally unable to afford even the cheapest web hosting providers around the world. It has been noted that very cheap web hosting web hosting providers do exist. Some charge a price of less than one dollar per month and this cannot be an excuse for using the free web hosting providers.


On the other hand, free web hosting providers can be beneficial to some people for example the students who want to learn the basics of web designing. These free web hosting providers are found on the internet and anyone can access them and do whatever he or she wants free of charge. Many students learn a lot and get to know the basics involved in web hosting when actually they could have paid to study the same. Non profit organizations for example, the Red Cross rely on these free web hosting providers and thus they find them beneficial.


Don’t Get Stuck with a Bad Host – Check Web Hosting Comparisons First

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When I first started my website, I quickly found the free providers (not to mention the ones available from my ISP) just weren’t cutting it. And whenever I’ve started looking at the long list of web hosting comparison sites, I’ve wound up thinking either “All these sites look way too technical,” or “None of these sites look any different from the next”!

That changed when I found the RateYourWebHosting.com, which offers user’s web hosting reviews for companies you may not have heard of, but who offer real distinctions from the pack. Like many sites which offer user reviews, this one has a distinct tone and style that do a great job making the reader feel welcome. Access to information is readily available, without having to register for accounts or wade through the advertisements and spam that clutter up so many other web site hosting review pages.

As an example, take the number one entry on their site, a web hosting company which is billed as “truly green.” Not only do these web site hosting reviews tell you the equipment they run on, the unique selling points of each provider, and the price of basic service – all points which I’ve been curious about since I started looking for places to host my website.

Unlike competitor web site hosting review sites which can be hard to read and don’t always really break down which web hosting sites they recommend for individual, corporate, and other sorts of use, I feel like by scrolling down the list of the top ten sites reviewed here I’ve really found some new sites which I would rely on to provide great customer support (which I would need, not being the most technologically minded person). On the other end of the spectrum, there are web hosting reviews which tell you about hands-off providers that sit back and let you manage every aspect of their site.

The layout of Rate Your Web Hosting is direct and uncluttered, and while it would be great to see more reviews (most web hosting comparisons and reviews are between just a handful of users) no doubt this excellent web site hosting reviews site will build over time as word of mouth catches on and folks realize how useful this site really is.

Perhaps the best thing about the site is that it’s not biased in any way I can find. There are negative and positive reviews of a number of sites, and the reviews themselves seem well-considered and well-written. After giving its readers a quick glance at the features of each site, this web site hosting comparisons uses independent criteria to give an overall rating, then gives you a link straight to the site so you can go navigate the website with an idea of how the providers might be spinning their services.

In addition to their straight-up website reviews, the site also gives you an opportunity to get tips about how to go about picking your idea site, and provides articles that describe these processes. In the search for the perfect website host, research is key, so having all these resources at your fingertips are a definite plus.

As I mentioned earlier, the site seems fairly new, so as it fills out it’s sure to add a lot of great content to its already impressive array of resources. Once this happens, RateYourWebHosting.com will be a powerhouse of web hosting comparisons that will allow anyone to find exactly what they need from their web hosting reviews site and more importantly, the perfect host for their site!

Tips and Considerations While Using a free web hosting services reviews to Host Your Web Site

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Near are many free hosting sites state to provide hosting to your a tangled web location exclusive of charge. Habitually they impose restrictions, either cost you featuring in spell, or else swap your on the house a tangled web pages outline by displaying banners, pop-ups, or else other form of advertisement. Whilst you look pro free web hosting services reviews from search engine, you ought to take letter with the aim of near are in addition many marketable hosting companies with the aim of advertise to offer free hosting services reviews. However, habitually they go with a catch, such to the same degree expenditure an undue amount to bad buy a domain given name or else other service. They are not really on the house in point of fact. The on the house on the house hosting tips to the same degree affirmed beneath yearn for display you how to locate a superior on the house a tangled web host and the things you need to consider whilst spread pro it.

How accomplish the on the house a tangled web hosts concoct money?

 The on the house a tangled web hosting companies often concoct money through other ways, such to the same degree putting pop-ups, banners or else other advertisement on your on the house a tangled web pages. Selected yearn for ask you to click on banners through their sign-up process or else featuring in control panel, or else completely make an exhibition of banners featuring in the column boss folio featuring in hopes you yearn for click their Ads. Selected create a center of attention visitors with on the house hosting services featuring in hopes you yearn for upgrade and throw away pro vanguard skin texture. Reliable free web hosting providers yearn for drive you emails with ads attached, or else can even be snapped up your email. One more draw near with the aim of is suitable widespread is requiring you to write down a reliable amount of “quality” stake on forum. Featuring in such a way this help them to create on the house content and therefore being able to display additional ads.

Are on the house a tangled web hosts trustworthy?

Understanding is with the aim of in the main they are a lesser amount of trustworthy, although near are still exceptions. If the on the house host is earning money from ads, banner or else other sources of takings promptly from their on the house service, so therefore additional likely they yearn for stay featuring in sphere. This in addition bases on the guess rebuff single abuse their a tangled web hosting head waiter by activities like hacking or else spam, which may well stay likely to happens to original on the house host with additional liberal policies of accepting users from anywhere. It is better to go for a very selective on the house host company which lone accepts quality sites.

Who ought to expenditure on the house a tangled web hosts?

On the house hosting is not apt pro businesses if you retain domain hosting from an ad-free host. Other reasons pro using on the house hosting websites can stay to discover the necessary skills of how to host your location, to build a individual website to display pictures to your contacts and private, to build a linking folio to one more a tangled web location of yours, or else to test original scripts on diverse a tangled web hosting environments.

How to locate superior free web hosting companies?

The superlative place to start with is a quality on the house a tangled web host directory – a a tangled web location which specializes featuring in citation lone on the house a tangled web hosting services. Superior directories yearn for add original in sequence and remove outdated hosts each week but near are in addition directories which almost in no way keep informed, resultant nearly everyone of their relations and data are outdated. The hindrance is on the house hosts swap habitually, it is not rare with the aim of selected completely fold up featuring in a lesser amount of than a time, making it hard to keep the on the house host directory up-to-date. Single recommended directory is “Free a tangled web Hosting” which has a detailed register of completed 600 on the house a tangled web hosting providers with ratings, user reviews, and a searchable file. The directory is updated habitually, and the vanguard on the house a tangled web hosting search has completed 40 options, serving you to locate the on the house package with diverse skin texture such to the same degree PHP, CGI, MySQL, SSI, ASP, FrontPage head waiter extensions, and even a cpanel. Other property to locate on the house a tangled web hosts include in sequence from freebies sites, search engines, forums…And the rest. Selected ISP yearn for in addition go with on the house a tangled web hosting service.

Tips pro ruling the best free web hosting provider

Single necessary rule is not to go for a on the house hosting prepare with additional skin texture than you need, and in addition accomplish selected make inquiries ahead of to consider it if the company is receiving revenue from the on the house hosting service to preserve sphere. To the same degree mentioned previously, better try to join a additional selective on the house host if likely. Check other sites hosted near to locate banned come again? Type of ads are running, and the head waiter break the speed limit. Read the vocabulary of Service and host skin texture to concoct really your location is known sufficient bandwidth, sufficient a tangled web liberty and column size limit, and slightly scripting options you might need. Refer to the on the house hosting directories pro the reviews and ratings to the same degree commented by other users. If you accomplish not retain your own domain given name, you yearn for need a on the house URL forwarding service so you can swap your host soon whilst obligatory.

Recommended free web host

It is not stress-free to suggest single to the same degree diverse population retain diverse priorities and the a tangled web hosting quality can vary from spell to spell. In addition selected population poverty on the house hosting with your own purchased domain given name, and others might not stay planning to bad buy a unique domain. Beneath are two widespread on the house a tangled web hosts, and their key skin texture. 1.GoDaddy – It is probably the biggest domain and a tangled web hosting providers featuring in US. Registration of dot com domain given name can stay to the same degree low to the same degree .99 and the domain renewal fee is in the main a lesser amount of than a time. Formerly you register a domain given name from GoDaddy you acquire 10GB of on the house a tangled web liberty. It in addition comes with a on the house location planner called Website Tonight with the aim of allow you to build a 5 folio website, a blog or else photo photograph album online exclusive of skills of HTML. 2. 50Webs – It offers 60MB a tangled web luggage compartment, ad lib bandwidth and POP3 email. You can upload your location column via a column manger or else FTP. Rebuff advertisement or else pop-ups yearn for stay revealed on your a tangled web pages. 50Webs provides on the house subdomain pro your location, or else you can turn over your own domain to it. You can expenditure it pro multiple domains and subdomains under the same hosting balance. If you are building a marketable or else ecommerce a tangled web location (for instance a internet shop), you need to locate a authority a tangled web hosting companies to the same degree on the house host providers in the main cannot accommodate your need. Try to check banned this location free web hosting services reviews which assessment and pick up superior a tangled web hosting companies each month pro your consideration.

10 Web Hosting Tips to Consider When Selecting a New Host

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The following are the tips one must keep in mind while choosing a new web host: -

1) One must make sure that the new web host plan offers the storage capabilities to handle all of the current website storage requirements. If the size of the website is 50MB, then one must check for the plan that offers at least that much space or more. In case one is not able to make estimates about the space required then he/she must ask his/her current host. Also this information can be found on control panel.

2) One must also check how does his/her current web host determine the amount of storage used for? It is necessary to check what one’s current and new host includes in the plan’s storage amount also one should check are one’s emails and log files counted towards his/her total storage, or the web files only?

3) Its necessary to know what operating system does one’s current hosting plan use? Windows or Unix? Mostly it makes no difference but in some cases it can make the difference between a working website and a broken website. In case one’s site is currently on a Windows server and the website uses ASP scripting, then its difficult to make things work well on a Unix server, as ASP is a Windows based programming language. So one should check immediately whether his/her hosting plan is on a Unix or Windows server.

4) Also its important to check if one’s your site currently use FrontPage? Before switching to new host one should check if the new host supports FrontPage and the prevailing version.

5) Another important issue to take care is the amount of bandwidth offered by the new host. One should check if the new hosting plan offers the same amount of bandwidth that the current host offers. This should be checked in advance to avoid unexpected high bills afterwards.

6) Make sure if the new web hosting plan gives the same amount of email accounts, auto responders and mail forwards that the current host provides.

7) Its necessary to check if one’s site uses a shopping cart that the current hosting plan provides? It is essential to have a suitable shopping cart replacement in case one desires to move the cart to the new host. So one must check that as well.

8) If one is using any scripts on his/her website, its important to check if one’s new hosting plan supports all of one’s scripts. One must make sure in advance if there is any need to make any modifications to scripts to get them working on the new server.

9) Don’t forget to set up the existing email accounts on the new server before transferring domain name to the new server.

10) In case user is just a beginner and even don’t know how to upload files, its necessary to check with the provider if he can do that with no extra charges. There are some hosts who offer such facility free of cost yet some don’t offer this facility because of liability issues.

It’s necessary to double check if the site looks and functions properly on the new server after completing the uploading process. Preview facility is provided in the form of preview link to see how the site looks and some hosts provide this facility before the domain name is transferred over. In case this preview facility is not available with the host, still there is a method to preview the site. One can modify his/her host’s file to preview the site. The host file tells the computer where to go to look for sites that are listed in that file and this works with any version of Windows. Here the file location can change but the file name remains the same. Below is the way to modify the host’s file:

The file HOSTS should be in the c: windowssystem32driversetc One can find a file named HOSTS.SAM (as in SAMPLE). That is OK; one can modify the HOSTS.SAM file as well and do a SAVE AS HOSTS.

In both the cases one should double click on the HOSTS file to open it. Thereafter one will be prompted by Windows to select an Application (Program) to use to VIEW the file.

Now scroll the list and select Notepad and then one should click on the OK button. The NOTEPAD program will now open, displaying the file HOSTS.

So, in order to tell computer that www.yourwebsite.com is at the address (replaced with the real IP) 12.345.678.90 one should add the following entry to the bottom of the hosts file:

12.345.678.90 www.yourdomain.com (As in the example).

Now one should click on FILE, slide down and click on SAVE AS. Then in the Save As one should type field, select ALL FILES. After completing that click on save. One warning will come which should be ignored i.e. the file already exists but that’s ok, then just one has to click YES.

Now one should close Notepad, by clicking on FILE, slide down to EXIT, and click.

Now when one will open the web browser, or try to ping the site, the system will go to the IP address one typed in the HOSTS file.

One should not forget to undo this when testing is finished else the computer will always want to go to that IP address whenever one want to go to that site.

After being satisfied with the site looks and functions, one can go to his/her registrar (where the domain name is registered) and modify the nameservers associated with one’s domain name to his/her new web host’s nameservers. In case one does not know his/her new host’s name servers, should confirm with them. However most hosts have that information listed somewhere on their website or in the email one first get after signing up for an account.

After the completion of domain nameserver modification it will take around 24-48 hours and the site will be displayed on the new server.

One must check his/her domain name and should see if the nameservers added are listed. If yes, the website transfer is complete to new web host. And after the confirmation is received one can cancel the old web hosting account.