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Cheap dedicated server in India

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Though opting for a shared server benefits you in terms of total cost and expenditure, there are a plenty of aspects that a shared server fails to look into. Such requirements which cannot be met by a shared server can be alternatively managed by a dedicated server. In this article we shall talk about dedicated server, more precisely Dedicated Server India.

India has long served as key hosting services for companies round the world. The term “Dedicated server hosting in India” has become a common buzzword in the world of IT, today. Due to its cost-efficiency and high service value, dedicated server India has become a top choice of many small and mid-level companies. Dedicated server India, infact cheap dedicated server India gives some important advantages of good quality as well as high performance server.

With the adoption of new technology and modern facilities, India provides the best form of service to its customers. The server provider is responsible for the security aspect of the important sites as well as sensitive data, besides the company is provided the complete web server for its use. Other factors such as disk space, quality bandwidth, RAM, etc. belongs to the company owning the dedicated server.

A dedicated server can be counted as the best kind of web hosting for people handling a big or resource intensive websites; in this case since you have the entire server completely to yourself you can get your large traffic website managed. Consequences would be increased customer satisfaction metrics as you shall be able ascertain clients a high uptime, this means that your website shall be more readily available; this factor turns out to be the reason why larger companies are opting for the same.

India ranks among the top dedicated server providers and more and more numbers of customers are opting for the cheap dedicated server in India. There are other kinds of hosting services other than dedicated server as well as shared server and opting for a hosting provider solely depends upon the business requirements of the customer.

It should be noted here that although dedicated web hosting service is quite costly, it has a large number of positive factors associated with it. A website associated with a dedicated server is known to be more dependable in comparison to the website using a shared web hosting server. Dedicated server is apparently gaining popularity with the increase in competition and the demand for more reliability.

What To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Shared Web Hosting Company In India?

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Thanks to shared web hosting companies in India for meeting web hosting needs of small and medium scale companies. By offering low-cost web hosting solutions, shared web hosting companies in India have helped various small businesses to become a part of the World Wide Web and thereby improve their business opportunities.

If you also wish to give your nascent business a favourable environment and opportunity to grow and expand, and are looking for a shared web hosting company, you must keep few important thing in mind when selecting the web hosting company.

First, look for the server speed and uptime offered by the web host in India. As there are several websites on a single server, you can’t expect superior server uptime and speed from shared web hosting, but make sure that your web pages are available for the web users all the time and are relatively quick to download.

Your website is the first impression that the web users would get about you. So, if you don’t want to create a bad image of your company, ensure that the shared web hosting India offers good server speed and uptime.

Second, ask the shared web hosting company India if it offers adequate server back up. You should not lose any data or files due to sudden server breakdown. Also, ask the web host in India if it would be there to assist you during any technical problem.

You would be sharing the server resources and IP address with other websites. It is therefore better to ask the shared web hosting company to assure you of secure and safe web hosting. It should ensure that there would ne no cheating, spamming, or any sort of fraudulent activity.

For reliable shared web hosting India, you may consider ManasHosting. It is a well-known web hosting company in Bangalore that offers secure and superior web hosting to businesses in India.

At ManasHosting, you would enjoy optimal website space and bandwidth, superior server support and uptime, 24/7 technical support, and much more at highly competitive rates. In addition to cheap shared web hosting India, this web host in India also offers dedicated web hosting.

Depending on your web hosting needs, you may go for windows dedicated server or Linux dedicated server and enjoy complete autonomy, greater flexibility, and enhanced security offered by ManasHosting.  

This web host also offers web designing services. You may avail their expert web designing services to give a professional look and feel to your website.

To know more about this shared web hosting India Company, various web hosting packages offered by this web hosting company, and more, you may log on to manashosting.com.

Web Hosting – Which is the Best Web Hosting Company in India?

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Who is your target audience?

If you plan to target local visitors, then you should host your site with a web hosting company in India because hosting your site out of India may decrease your website response to your Indian visitors by virtue of the distance between your visitors’ network and the hosting server network.

In other words, hosting server located in India should geographically provide faster response to the locals.

But honestly, India-based web hosting companies usually come with these 3 issues:

- Expensive at the price (compared to US-based companies)

- Poor customer support

- Low uptime

You must get ready for frequent future frustrations if you host with them.

On the other hand, if your online prospects come from anywhere in the world, I’d suggest that you pick up a US-based web hosting company.


US-based web hosts generally provide better customer support and website uptime of up to 99.99%. Best, they carry tons of features yet cost you almost the same price as you would pay for an India-based service with relatively lesser features.

However, your worldwide audience may compose of users living in India. They’ll probably experience slow loading of your website on their computers due to longer distance between their places of residence and your hosting server’s location.

But you can shorten the lag by picking a robust and established company in US.

Relying solely on one or two reviews may not land you with a quality service. I’d suggest that you do a more thorough researches and comparisons among the reviews and try out several services yourself for one or two months each before you confirm with one that you’re going to stick with over long-term.

You may not want to go through such tedious testing process because time is money. The easiest and fastest you can do – seek recommendation from your friends or someone you can trust.

That’ll make your life easier and begin hosting your website with a robust yet affordable service right from the start.

Best Web Hosting Company in India

I don’t use any of the services in India since I don’t live there. But according to some of my friends there, ZnetIndia is what they use for their local marketing. But most of them still prefer US-based services because they’re getting the best bang for the buck.

Of course, you can still go with US-based service even though you’re marketing to your local people. Again, you must find one distant reliable company that provides good response to your local audience.

Linux Hosting India ? Past, Present and Future of Web Hosting in India

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Healthy competition in a business is always an advantage for both the customer and the seller. The customer gets the best deal and the seller is always on the lookout for technological advancement which ranks their company at the top. There are innumerable web hosting companies in India which is giving healthy competition to one another. This is especially good for business organizations that are on the lookout for the same. Linux server is very popular among business community. Linux Hosting India offers affordable, reliable and superior support in this field.


Linux is an open source operating system based on the model of UNIX operating system. Linux is a leading server operating system. It can be installed in a wide range of computer hardware’s, mobile phones, video game consoles to mainframe and super computers. Linux is very cheap when compared to windows. In the case of web hosting servers Linux is an obvious preference due to its stability and durable approach.

Linux Server Hosting

Before hiring a company for hosting service, there is an important thing that you need to consider. The scripting language used in your website is the first thing that you need to consider. If your website is using languages like PHP, MySQL or Pearl, you must go for Linux server hosting. Linux Hosting India offers web hosting on Linux platform. Linux is basically an open source software product and thus is not bound by any high licensing fees. Thus it can be freely downloaded from the website.

Linux server can be easily converted into a windows server. But the same cannot be said about windows as it is very complicated. Linux is an operating system which is very much adaptive and flexible. Businesses run in a vibrant environment and many changes has to be made time and again. Linux is modifiable. You can make changes according to your requirements. The programmers and expert staff of Linux Hosting India provide state of the art service in web hosting.

One of the plus points of Linux server is that it is capable of handling large volumes of traffic to the website. It is also capable of hosting multiple sites. With Linux Hosting India customization can be done in real time. Linux works with some of the most popular scripting languages like PHP, MySQL and Pearl. Linux web hosting is the most economical form of hosting your website. The host or owner has to only bear the cost of distribution. Linux hosting is deemed to be the most secure form of web hosting. Linux gives us innumerable advantages when compared to other platforms used for web hosting. It provides compatibility, stability, security and very easy Linux conversion process.

Cheap Web Hosting Services in India

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Web hosting service can be defined as an Internet hosting service that permits the clients to launch their own Web sites on Internet which can be accessed through the World Wide Web. The files can be uploaded to a Web page through File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Personal Web site hosting service is generally free or less expensive, but business Web hosting is costlier and requires expertise. The Web hosting service is generally offered as a part of the general Internet access plan.


Some of the popular types of hosting services available for the clients are the following:

-         Free Web hosting

-         Shared hosting

-         Reseller Web hosting

-         Dedicated hosting

-         Managed hosting

-         Collocated hosting

-         Cloud hosting

-         Clustered hosting

-         Grid hosting and

-         Home server hosting


The quality of the Web hosting service is decided based on a number of factors. The most important among them is the service uptime. The Web hosting service uptime refers to the percent of time the host is approachable to the Internet. Ideally a hosting provider should guarantee 99.99 percent uptime, meaning the hosting provider is reliable if they are able to meet this requirement. Apart from this, the host should also be able to provide the necessary infrastructure and related services to the client.


While selecting the hosting service in India, you should look for a number of criteria such as the server capacity, backup facility, power backup, cooling systems, software support, security, etc. In India, there are several leading players offering affordable hosting services to businesses. They offer hosting service under different plans such as dedicated hosting, colocated hosting and shared hosting. The shared hosting plans are very cheap because you share one server with several other users.


Web hosting in India provides certain guarantees to the customers including the following:

-       the company owns servers and settles them in high quality data centers

-       they use only the dedicated connections to ensure enough bandwidth for all users

-       User information would be backed up at least in every 7 days and stored in an offsite server, according to the terms and conditions of the service.

-       The user can back up the data any time from the control panel whenever the user wishes to do so.


The cheap Web hosting service from India offers suitable Web hosting solution for anybody who is looking to establish a personal Web site or a small business Web site online as low as 3 dollar a month. The main reason for the lower cost is that the hosting providers of the low priced hosting divide the expenses among the large number of users, resulting every user to pay only a fraction of the total cost. These hosting service plans offer sufficient capacity, security and quality. All plans allow the user to mange the service from their email accounts to sub domains and SQL databases.


The cheap <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/2563357']);” href=”http://www.idswebhosting.com/”>Web hosting service</a> market has grown significantly in recent years, increasing the competition in the sector. For a customer, this could mean great opportunity to avail the best service at the least cost.

Linux Web hosting India, website hosting, web hosting services

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Web hosting has been talked about much and only a fool dealing in IT Solutions would be oblivious about the concept of web hosting. Even in this concept, there have been certain bifurcated and segregated forms that one has to take care of. One of these factions is Linux Web Hosting. There are certain facets of Linux Web Hosting that one ought to know which would make it clear as to why this form of hosting is considered to be very successful and convenient.       


This is the basic definition of the same and is being said again and again to make a newbie comprehend the reality. Well, there is the presence of an assortment of web hosting services and with the change of time, developments are taking place increasingly. Linux web hosting happens to be one of the most up to date services and plays a number of roles at one fell swoop. On one hand it does help the website to grow from a small business to a giant or big enterprise; on the other hand, it does render the website or the consumer loads of advantages over contenders and equals. Take this as a mere suggestion; implementation of the same depends on you only. When on earth both budget and necessary features are selected, the consumer must opt for Linux web hosting or Linux Host package, known for making chances of getting successful stronger.


If truth be told, there are copious numbers of benefits. Linux does happen to be the open source code software in addition to bringing forth scores of other benefits. It should be taken into consideration that Linux does not require the massive licensing payment unlike several other contemporary services. A number of other well-known operating systems are found to control a very big licensing charge compared with this. It is to be noted that this advantage of diminishing costs makes this sort of web hosting exceedingly appealing. More and more people are employing the same as a result. Linux can be downloaded at no cost and with no trouble.

Linux based web site, in addition, can be transformed to the window based web site whenever you like (any day) free of any disturbances. What is more, the web site can be changed back in its exclusive form without doubt. Well, it can be changed to any other type at what time the need of the user starts rising continually.


All these indicate that Linux Host happens to be the most economical sort of web hosting and user, thanks to the same, can gather a massive sum of money. He can save a considerable amount from the budget. Again, when there is any need to do scripting in languages like My SQL and PHP with Perl, Linux happens to be most rewarding and sensible option for a web site.


With the arguments and facts mentioned above, it should become quite evident that Linux Web Hosting does enjoy a certain edge over its contemporaries as there are certain benefits that flow in because of this. Trying it out would certainly prove to be a good choice.  


Linux Dedicated Cheap Web Hosting Servers Delhi India

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Reliable, Affordable and Business web hosting service is necessary element for online transaction companies. hosting are many type such as reseller hosting, virtual private server, free web hosting, collocation web hosting, managed dedicated servers and shared dedicated hosting etc.

When we want to run of website on Internet then we require a space on Internet. This space provided by web hosting company. Web hosting service provider offer many attractive package but these packages may be fraud. Actually we require cheap web hosting and dedicated servers.

Now most popular hosting servers are Linux dedicated hosting servers and windows hosting servers. When we select company to web hosting service we should be notice following features:-

Web space 100MB and 1500MB etc.

Bandwidth/Month such as 500MB, 1000MB, 2000MB, 3000MB and 5000MB etc.

Other features such as Install activation, secure c panel and web mail, .htaccess support, MySQL database, phphmydmin GUI, web logs and reports, anti virus protection, own SMTP sever, FTP accounts, multi language control panel and company charged according features.

Free Web Hosting: free cpanel hosting, free Linux hosting and other web hosting service offer only for advertisement supported and limited functionality.

Shared dedicated hosting: multiple users share same server such as cpanel hosting and plesk hosting.

Reseller Hosting: Linux or windows reseller hosting provides total control themselves clients. Reseller Hosting web hosting offer lot of unlimited features such as unlimited MySQL database, change password, unlimited FTP access, unlimited SMTP server, unlimited sub domains and many other features.

Virtual Private Server: this is also popular as Virtual Dedicated Server. In this technology a big server divided into multiple servers and each server can reboot independently.

In India has many companies those provide windows and Linux website hosting service. Some company offer low cost reseller hosting, free Linux hosting, banner exchange and ecommerce web hosting service solution.

The hosting services should be dedicated and reliable because all IT and other companies depend on online transactions. Now offshore outsourcing work is requirement for all countries and Time to time need information from whole world. Any query or important information can come from any where to company. If hosting company server down then lot of dolor amount will be destroy. So hosting companies responsibility increase round the clock.

Web Hosting Companies In India: What Makes Them Different From Millions Alike Them?

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If you search the net, you would be surprised to find that there are millions of web hosting companies across the world. All of them offer web hosting services to help interested people build and maintain their websites. But there is something that makes web hosting companies in India different from others. Web hosting companies India offer cheap web hosting services to cater to the web hosting needs of small and medium scale businesses.

One might argue that there are web hosting companies in other parts of the world as well that offer cheap hosting services. But, do they offer the same quality of service and guarantee customer satisfaction that web hosting companies in India do? Well, the answer is no. Cheap web hosting companies in India offer exceptionally high quality service such as server uptime, no server break downs, server back ups, optimal website space, great bandwidth, and much more.

All this is possible because web hosting companies in India have experienced and skilled professionals who work diligently to offer high quality web hosting services. They devise several ways to cut down their operational costs in order to bring down the cost of web hosting. To take just one example, cheap web hosting companies in India save costs on huge server rentals by having their own servers. Having and maintaining their own servers allows the cheap web hosting companies to offer better services as well.

Large and private servers allow the cheap web hosting companies to offer high server uptime and unlimited web space and bandwidth too. The clients are able to add unlimited content to their website and are able to enjoy huge traffic as the web users find their website relevant and useful.

Other than uptime server and unlimited bandwidth and website space, the cheap web hosting companies in India offer 24/7 technical assistance, great customer care support, and free templates, SEO tools, more E-mail Ids and much more.

There are quite a few web hosting companies in India that provide web designing as well. They ensure that their clients do not have to look elsewhere for web designing services. Such a web designing web hosting company India provides complete and comprehensive web development solutions.

If you wish to avail the services of one such company, consider Manashosting. A renowned web hosting company Bangalore, it offers the best, yet cheap web hosting services.

To know in detail about this web host in India, you may log on to manashosting.com

Linux Hosting India – Web Hosting at its Best

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Internet is booming from the very day it came into being. One of the advantages of internet in the business field is web hosting. Internet has made the world a global village. There are no boundaries. Once you have a website for your business you can expand your business horizon according to your imagination. Big organizations are going for managed web hosting. Linux server has become very popular among big organizations. Linux Hosting India provides top class service in this open source variation of UNIX operating System.

Linux Hosting

Linux is a leading server operating system. In simple words it can be defined as an open source system based on the model of UNIX operating system. Linux Hosting India is a pioneer in this field. Its strong knowledge in web hosting and dedicated server technologies, coupled with vast experience and round the clock customer support is its strength. Linux can be installed in a wide range of computer hardware’s, mobile phones, video game consoles to mainframe and super computers.

Linux vs. Windows

Even though windows have reined the operating system and web hosting field for long, big organizations are now switching to Linux. The most prevalent advantage of Linux over windows is its cost effectiveness. Linux is almost free to obtain, while windows product can be owned only after paying a hefty price. Moreover Microsoft licenses are allowed only for one computer, whereas Linux distribution can be installed on any number of computers.

Linux server can be easily converted into windows. Thus conversion to another server is hassle free. But with windows it is very complicated and time consuming. If your website is using languages like PHP, MySQL and Pearl, you must go for Linux server hosting. Linux is basically an open source software product and thus is not bound by any license fees. With Linux hosting India customization can be done in real time.

Linux is an operating system which is very adaptive and flexible when compared to windows. Linux offers several user interfaces to use from when compared to windows. Linux is more secured and reliable when compared to windows. With India Linux Hosting you get cheaper hosting fees, more reliable server with Linux, readily available free program with Linux, greater access and control of files and permissions. Linux provides ever evolving control panel for administrative utilities.

Linux based web hosting scales extremely well, so as your website grows and traffic towards your website increases, it remains easy to manage. Linux Hosting India hosting fulfills ones requirement for good web server and web serving, file serving, mailing and streaming. It is very much cost effective, reliable and secure. Linux Web hosting is deemed to be the most prominent form of web hosting on the internet.

Efficacy of a Data Center in India

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A data Center is a consolidated computerized place to provide communication connectivity and power supply facilities to the surrounding area that comprises of many industries and residences with usage of various other telecommunication devices. There are many data Centers in India located in various parts of the country.

A sophisticated data Center is utilized to control the below listed activities in household applications and business devices and machines.

Industries and workplaces rely on India data Centers for the continuity of their work and efficiency of their control systems and devices.
It is used to provide and accomplish telecommunication connections to its customers.
Usage of systematized devices in modern data Centers in India result in energy saving techniques and thus will be facilitating a better environmental condition.

There are many leading data Centers in India that are beneficial in setting up these ultra-modern telecommunication Centers throughout the country and work efficiently. Here are some of the prominent data Centers of the metropolitan cities of India.

Data Centers in Bangalore: BMTC Data Center in Wilson Garden, ISRO Data Center in Peenya Industrial Area, United Network Solutions in Hebbal, Karantaka Geospacial Data Center in Sarjapur, VSNL Data Center Bangalore, CISCO Data Center, Data Recovery Service Bangalore, etc.
Data Centers in Mumbai: Indian Data Center in Vakola, NetGains Technologies, Web Werks Data Center India, Reliance Data Center, CtrlS Data Centers in New Bombay, CoPar Systems in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, etc.
Data Centers in Hyderabad: Ascent Informatics and Soft Path Systems in Panjagutta, Global B2B Solutions, S V Web Enablers Pvt. Ltd in Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad, Crystalline IT Solutions in Secunderabad, etc.

All these data Centers have tower servers, virtual private servers, web hosting servers and dedicated servers to accomplish all the telecommunication activities in that area, office or industry. The configurations and the requirements of the data Centers may vary according to the type of service required by the customers at that particular place. Therefore data Centers in India are constructed accordingly to meet the consumers’ requirements.

An important and essential device of any Indian data Center is the protection equipment required for shutting down fire and other explosions at the time of management and controlling data structures. Spacious well equipped rooms for the placements of these devices are considered to be a primary requirement of any data Center to avoid any accidents in the workplace.

The other concerned issues of Indian data Centers are emission of hazardous green-house gases that impair the environmental conditions and the effective usage of energy and electricity. Creating awareness among common people to inculcate good energy saving acts in their daily activities is an important step taken up by these data Centers to keep everything intact and efficient.