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Know Your Tech-Speak; Linux Dedicated Servers

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There is something to be said about using either shared web hosting solutions or those that are dedicated to a single platform, either Windows based or Linux based. These two represent the most popular solutions on the internet for consumers and businesses to get online and distinct themselves on the information super highway. The former is more popular because of the fact that it is shared, which means within the pipeline, there are a few users, and in some cases, a few hundred and even a few thousand users sharing the server bandwidth.

This is great when you are a simple consumer using the server for more leisure and casual reasons but when you are using the internet as a platform to extend your business, then you need to get a dedicated server. While more expensive, it is a dedicated server with customisable host names and more bandwidth to support your needs. This article will peek a little at the Linux dedicated server and tell you why they are great solutions for your business and in some cases, even personal needs. The reason why shared web hosting is so much more cost effective is because of the reason above – they use one single server in a location that can host tens of thousands of websites all over the world.

Because of volume, the cost goes down; but there are detriments to this, which include things like a shared bandwidth, meaning you will experience slowdowns and technical problems that are universal. With a dedicated Linux server, you will be guaranteed a larger bandwidth and your own personal space online. This is because your website is being handled by one single dedicated server, and because of the resource focus to keeping your website running, there is a higher level of reliability when compared to using shared hosting.

The equipment behind these servers are usually the best in the business, with high end servers being a feature common to Linux dedicated servers, so it is always a good idea to in that direction. You do not want to be caught in a position where you a riding on the back of a technologically inferior server that cannot deliver the power and speed that your website and business demands. With Linux servers, you know you are getting pre-configures and cutting edge equipment. The network connections are usually way above the consumer T3 connections; with gigabyte level bandwidths not uncommon with some Linux servers.

They will also provide you with custom software and a team to support the server, in case of any difficulties and issues with your web site. If you are looking for performance and piece of mind, the general advice is to go for a Windows based or Linux dedicated server. With so many issues already reported with shared servers, you know that this is the direction you need to provide your website with the resources that it needs. So know your tech speak and be aware of emerging technologies in web hosting, and make the right choice.

Things You Did Not Know About Best Cheap Web Hosting

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When you are about to launch a personal web site, the first thing you need to worry about is the web hosting provider. You will definitely find dozens or even hundreds of cheap web hosting providers that will offer you various web-hosting services. The problem is when you want to find the best cheap web hosting services. Depending on your needs you will be able to choose the right web hosting provider. If you have in mind to launch a small personal site or one for a small business, the cheap web hosting services will be OK for you.

Be smart

The best cheap hosting usually is the one on shared servers, and it is commonly known as virtual hosting. The advantage is that you can place small site among with other major sites, without anyone virtually knowing it. In addition, if you are a beginner, with shared web hosting services, you will not have to pay for networking hardware, a dedicated server, and web site development. This won’t be necessary if you are just launching a small web site.

Also, the best cheap web hosting providers allow you to share these resources with other sites of the same size. Once you do that, because all the costs will be shared, you will be able to save money on a monthly basis. Yet, the best solution is to choose the web site hosting providers that offer dedicated servers. This is quite important if you want to avoid server downtimes, caused by another web site. So, if you want to keep your web site operable all the time, the dedicated server is the best solution.

Get great services at low costs

The best cheap web hosting providers will be able to offer customer support online 24 hours a day seven days a week. Moreover, because the web hosting services are getting cheaper and cheaper, with some proper research, you will be able to find web site hosting providers that will also offer other benefits besides the small cost. The amount of traffic they offer, the domain names or the space you are provided for your web site must be the guidelines in finding the best cheap web hosting services.

Stay safe

Before accepting any offer for cheap web site hosting provider, make sure that they offer good technical support. Don’t put your web site into the hands of a web hosting company without a proven track record, you need to be aware that every minute your site is down (and you may even not know it), you could be losing hundreds of dollars in online income. The best cheap web hosting services will certainly do not allow this to happen.

Budget Web Hosting: What You Need to Know

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Budget web hosting is something that everyone is looking for these days. With the prices of web hosting ranging from very low to very high, how can you tell which is the right web hosting plan for you?

Web hosting services are as different as night and day. Selecting the one that will give you all that you need to accomplish your online plans is important. It is a complex operation to move multiple websites. If you can avoid it, of course you want to. Finding out after you sign on the dotted line and plunk down the cash that your web hosting plan won’t support your expansion or your future goals isn’t much fun.

How do you select the right plan for web hosting? How do you make sure that budget webhosting is going to serve you well? Budget web hosting plans are available for nearly every kind of website. Even if you have more than one domain you can sometimes get add on domain rights and use a budget plan in order to get good web hosting. The budget web hosts of today aren’t the hit and miss, too much down time plans that they used to be. Most are reliable good hosting. Many however offer you a few restrictions that you should be aware of.

Like anything else, comparison shopping is the key to getting good budget web hosting. Find several web hosts who have the kind of pricing that you’re interested in paying and then compare notes. Generally there are not a great many real differences but some will be just a little better than others.

Don’t let the price be your final guide. In the long haul, service and support is going to be as important to you as the price. Great support is worth spending a dollar or two more each month for your web hosting. Ask questions. Some of the comparisons you will definitely want to make and questions you will want to ask of your prospective host are:

What is your down time percentage?

How much web space do you offer?

Am I permitted multiple domains on the same server?

How many emails do I get?

What kind of support turnaround time do you offer?

Is your support for pay or free service?

What are the bandwidth restrictions?

May I speak with your other customers?(Ask for references. NOT testimonials, actual references of people that you may speak to, or at the very least, find out if there are actual people under those testimonials that you might email. A testimonial is an easy thing to write or have written)

At the end of the day, service is an important part of your web hosting package, even for budget webhosting. Find out what you can depend on and then choose the budget web host that will give you the best range of services as well as the broadest range of support.

All You Need to Know About Linux VPS Hosting

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Linux servers are fast and on demand transfer the allocation of disk space and bandwidth to particular VPS account. Another advantage of Linux VPS solutions is that there is no effect of any user’s operation on other virtual servers. This makes your account and websites even more secure.

Linux VPShosting also has major efficiency benefits are resources can be efficiently allocated to different clients. Within a VPS, the administrator or reseller can also sub delegate resources which further allows hosting multiple websites from single server. These resources are controlled by the administrator through a control panel.

However, before finalizing your choice on VPS hosting, or for that matter shared or dedicated hosting, it is necessary to know some technical requirements. It could also be helpful to choose the right resources for your website and cut unnecessary cost. One of the main factors depends on traffic to your site in any given day, or the number of visitors at any given time. Hosting can also vary depending on the disk size, speed and types of information hosted on your website.


A generic rule, but not always applicable, is to base your hosting choice as detailed below:

0 – 300 visitors a day = Shared Hosting

300 – 5000 visitors a day = VPS

5000+ visitors = Dedicated server

Beyond these, one should also need to know some characteristic before choosing any VPS plan:

Number of CPUs


Total disk space

Disk Space Allotted

Amount of Bandwidth

IP Address

Administrative Panel Management

Backup servers

Choosing Linux VPS gives same benefits similar to a dedicated server but with a lower cost. A VPS system offers simple resource management, multi-tenancy and much more. It gives the equal priority, and arguably better managed priorities, to all applications as that of Windows hosting.

A Linux VPS is a vastly effective form of hosting with a range of features, security and flexibility enabling customers to get the most out of the money paid.


About Giga Tux:

GigaTux is a hosting company with a primary focus on offering our users an excellent service. GigaTux was launched in February 2007 in the UK. Each one of these locations are hand picked to provide very impressive connectivity, with a very low latency, high bandwidth connection. This website is hosted on a GigaTux server in London, UK using our Virtual Private Server product.

Know your Web Hosting ? Windows vs. Linux

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If you have been scouring internet for a Web Hosting Company for your website then you must have read about Linux servers and Windows server. By now, you must have deduced that world is divided in to two camps – Windows and Linux. Any discussion on which is better always starts a war among the devotees. Thankfully, most of these debates and wars are fought on internet forums and chat rooms which spares the world of real blood shed. But make no mistake, divide is loud and clear. But here we will not favor anyone platform but present to you the pros ands cons between both and how you can choose a platform which suits your requirements. Let us first declare right now that both are very widely used, competent and stable platforms capable of hosting largest of the websites.


Usability: Windows platform is easier to use owing to its easy to use and understand interface. Linux based Apache servers are on the other hand bit more difficult to understand and certainly not suitable for novices. But everything said and done, as an end user who will opt for shared hosting, you will be interacting through control panel such as cPanel or Plesk so interfaces are not much of a problem. If you decide to buy a dedicated server or VPS then ease of use can be a deal breaker.

Security: Windows web server called IIS has a very well designed security model which is lot better than Apache. But, IIS has been hit hard by many vulnerabilities which make it imperative to install patches and service release regularly. Apache though does not have such bugs but with release of newer versions, security and other problems will surface.

Efficiency: IIS have notched up its performance in recent years and has even bettered Apache. For static pages, the performances of both servers are at par. There is no clear winner here.

Hardware Requirements: Both platforms require almost similar configuration of hardware. What matters is that configuration. As an administrator you should not run needless programs and function in windows.

Server Farms: MS has a superior load balancing technology which means that IIS has many options available. In fact, advance Windows 2000 clustering make disaster recovery much simpler in Windows.

Stability: Both platforms are very stable. Only time you may need to reboot IIS is when patches and serve releases have to be installed.

Customization: IIS suffers from the lack of .htaccess type feature. IIS though, has a ISAPI filters.

Cost: Windows costs more than Linux based servers but prices even out when you take in to account higher salaries for Linux administrators and programmers.

The choice of platform depends on your budget, experience, knowledge, preference and usage.

We All Know What Web Hosting Is, Right?

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What is Web Hosting?

Technology moves so quickly, many of us feel like an ostrich with our head buried in the sand. Often we find that what was new yesterday is suddenly old news today and trying to keep up with the technological advances with concerns to the web hosting industry can be mind-boggling for the common individual.

If you have worked in an occupation that did not move swiftly along with the Internet, your knowledge of even the basics can now be considered illiterate. Now, more than ever before people are utilizing the Internet to advertise themselves and their businesses on the World Wide Web.

In order to establish your own web page on the Internet, it is important to understand some very important terms. The first and most important term to getting your website on the Internet is “web hosting“.

Who or What is a Web Hosting Server

A web host is a company or an individual that owns a server that is connected to the internet 24 hours per day, seven days per week and who is willing to sell you a space on that server for a certain number of dollars. The ideal web host is online 99.9% of the time, however, many cannot fulfill this goal. There is a broad range of what hosting services can and will do, so research is a large key to successfully finding the correct server for your intentions.

How Do I Find the Best Web Hosting Server for My Needs?

There are many types of web hosting. It is very important to review, outline and determine exactly what your personal needs in a web hosting company are prior to establishing any type of business relationship. It is also extremely important to research each web hosting company thoroughly to insure that they are capable of providing the type of services you need for a price you can afford. There are many different ways to research a web hosting company.

You can take the time to contact each company personally and inquire as to the parameters of their services; hoping that they will honestly tell you the pros and cons of their business. However, you could access an independent Internet review company that specializes in web hosting and compare their findings with your needs.

What Do You Need To Know When Looking For Php Hosting?

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What is PHP hosting? PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and it is one of the computer languages widely used by programmers. Hence, PHP hosting is a server that allows you create your very own webpage. PHP language is well known as a very simple programming language and this is the reason why a lot of people are using this language to host webs. However, there are several essential considerations that have to be taken into account in order to get the best deal out of it.

Cost can be said as the most important factor when it comes to such hosting. In fact there are free hosting services available nowadays but it is not recommended to choose them. They are lacking with a lot of important features and trust me, you will regret signing up for it. What you can do here is to look for hosting companies that offer good price. There are so many companies out there and the prices are quite low due to competition. Spend some time surveying for the cheapest price with satisfactory service.

It is also important for you to get hosts that provide sufficient bandwidth. Bandwidth is important to make your web functions properly. Bandwidth is the amount of data that is allowed to be delivered within a period of time hence it is best to get hosts that offer large bandwidth. If your web is lacking of bandwidth, the information cannot be sent and it makes your web respond in a very slow pace.

Another significant consideration is the amount of databases provided. It is true that most of the hosts do not have any limit on that but it is best to clarify with them. By the time your database reaches its limit, you cannot add any further details into your database and that is going to bring you lots of trouble.

Everything You Want to Know About Reseller Hosting

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Web hosting is necessary for all types of web sites which want to make a presence on the internet. Hosting of websites is offered by many companies at competent prices. One can opt for any company for having one’s website hosted on the internet by comparing the services and the prices of the different companies. Website hosting can broadly be classified into shared website hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting. All three vary in terms of the services and the price at which web hosting is offered.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting can be defined as that type of website hosting in which a web host buys bulk plan from a cheap hosting company. The web host then sub divides the bulk plan into smaller plans and then resells the smaller plans to individual users. The reseller can sell space and bandwidth from a rented dedicated server. Alternatively, the reseller can get permission to sell space and bandwidth from shared server. This type of hosting is the most inexpensive method by which websites can be hosted on the internet.

Classification of the reseller

The reseller or the reseller host can be classified according to the role played. A reseller host can act as an agent for a company. In this case the customers buy a plan directly from the web hosting company. The plans however have been advertised by the reseller host who gets a commission on the basis of the sales made.

The reseller host in case of reseller hosting can act as a marketer for the web hosting company. He advertises the hosting plans which people buy from him. However, once the hosting plan has been sold, the customers have contact with the web hosting company and not the reseller.

The reseller can work on his own by purchasing large bandwidth and space from the web hosting company. He then sells small spaces and bandwidth to customers and also offers them complete support. In this case the reseller actually acts as a web hosting company.

Who provides services in reseller hosting?

The basic services in reseller hosting are provided by the actual website hosting company. It is the company that manages the network infrastructure and all hardware. The hosting company maintains the servers and updates them whenever necessary. Also all types of customer complaints are actually handled by the web hosting company and not the reseller.

The reseller in case of reseller hosting does not require extensive knowledge about the technical aspects of providing website hosting services to the customers. The basic purpose of the reseller is to interact with the customers using a web interface. The reseller can set up and manage the different customers but cannot do anything beyond that.


Web Site Hosting Companies: All You Wanted To Know About Them

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For anyone, who wants to have his/her own website, availing the services of a web site hosting company is essential. A website hosting company is one that allows a website owner to host his site on its server. By hosting or storing the web pages of the website, the web hosting company allows it to be a part of the World Wide Web.

Web hosting companies offer two types of hosting services-Dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting. Dedicated web hosting is one where the site owner gets an independent server to host his site. It offers large website space, great bandwidth, and superior server uptime and support. Mostly large enterprises or those who need large web space, go for dedicated web hosting. Shared web hosting, on the other hand, is one where several site owners share a common server. Though cheap, it has some disadvantages like poor server support, slow uploading and downloading speed, lack of control and privacy. However, shared web hosting allows small scale business owners and new websites an affordable option to host their sites.

To ensure that the website enjoys distinct identity and the website owner has complete control and autonomy over his site, the website hosting company gives the site a domain name. Web domain name can be anything depending on the nature and type of one’s business. For instance, if the website is offers products or provides professional services, the web domain name can be .nameofthecompany.com, and if it belongs to an educational institution or university, the domain name would be .nameoftheinstitute.edu. The web domain name allows the site owner to get website traffic as well. People are able to reach a particular site only when they type its URL.

There are thousands of web site hosting companies in India. When looking for one to host your website, make sure it is genuine and offers high quality web hosting services. It is advisable to choose the web hosting company India that offers unlimited website space, bandwidth, superior server uptime, server back up and support, and 24/7 technical assistance in case of server breakdown or failure at competitive rates.

One such web hosting company India that offers all this and much more is Manashosting. It is a renowned web hosting company that caters to the web hosting needs of small and mid-sized business owners by offering cheap web hosting.

To know in detail about it, you may visit manashosting.com.

What You Really Need to Know About a Dedicated Windows Hosting?

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Dedicated windows hosting involves the utilize of 2 matters to host a website and everything that accompanies it for your business concern. The first one names server, the 2nd the platform used for the software and protocols that make up the back stage process for your web page. These 2 matters together produce a powerful force that has the ability to leave you by everymatter you want to produce a secure and working site.

There ar two kinds of web hosting the first is shared. That is the highest common. It essentially takes sharing server place with lots or 100′s of different web sites. The bandwidth, storage space and memory are all split ‘tween the companies using that certain server. For nearly all webhosting providers that is more than plenty.

The 2nd sort of hosting is dedicated hosting. This entails the server storage, RAM and monthly traffic come with the server are all for a 1 businesses apply. It normally goes with a dedicated IP address. These types of hosts are high-ticket but deserve it if there is a require for the space, memory and monthly bandwidth.

There are a list of various platforms that may go used when it moves seeing the software application programs that ar getting to be operate on or function the hosting server. The server is just a specified pc, in many cases it doesn’t need anything expensive to go run as a hosting server still you do desire to think the running system utilized on this equipment because it shapes various agents.

It controls stability, scalability, and in many types what will be interfaced with it. It as well regards serving speed. Programs include Windows, UNIX and Linux. Of these Windows is going to be the easiest in regards to user interfaces, and the ability to interface. 1 reason is that Windows is made for usability on the clients end. The majority of people looking at dedicated hosting services take dedicated windows hosting as an upper consideration.

There’re an amount of things to think of if it arrives to determining if a dedicated server is worth the financial investing. It’s not for everyone. It may also mean large changes for your business sector. The claim for a dedicated hosting server normally signifies you are on the right path, winning clients, business sector, bandwidth and hopefully profit on the way.

The internet is always becoming contributing recent and different communications protocols, languages, interfaces, and characteristics. Websites at present don’t seem complete without video, RSS feeds, wireless device adaptability, downloadable productions, servicing and characteristics. The net is planned for the public on the go and Windows system is universally accepted by 99% of software system application programs and protocols published.

If taking a big step such as choosing a dedicated hosting server and everything that accompanies it. It’s main to keep in brain that you must go by a name you rely and a production you have in which you have got faith. You need to be capable to make the product or servicing and move with it. The like goes for the web hosting provider you pick out to address the host. You will desire a service provider that is running to offer you with dedicated windows hosting to put up everything you and your developing business sector demands. They should be tried, good and fair in all aspects of job.

1 of the most tested webhosting companies is inmotion hosting which I mainly advocate. inmotion hosting offers the cheapest deal and offers great solvents for you if you would wish to turn for an capital serving, support and dependableness.