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Yet Another Reason to Learn Linux – Linux Certifications

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There are four programs which offer certification for Linux Systems Administrators. These programs are offered by the Computing Technology Industry Association, the Linux Professional Institute, the Novell Corporation, and Red Hat, Inc. The first two are professional industry associations whose certification programs do not depend on any specific Linux distribution. Novell and Red Hat Linux certifications are closely associated with their popular Linux distributions. If you want to prepare for these two certifications you will definitely need access to their Linux version.

What do you have to do for Linux Certification? You must pass one or more extensive tests that demonstrate your prowess in dealing with the typical and some atypical problems faced by Linux systems administrators. We’ll take a closer look at the CompTIA Linux+” Certification, the one often recommended as the first certification for people new to Linux. This certification does not apply to any specific Linux version. The test is designed to validate the knowledge of individuals with a minimum of six to twelve months of practical Linux experience. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association, professionals achieving the CompTIA Linux+ certification can explain fundamental management of Linux systems from the command line, demonstrate knowledge of user administration, understand file permissions, software configurations, and management of Linux-based clients, server systems, and security. Many of these functions are available on Damn Small Linux.

The Linux+ certification is a basic, entry-level certification for Linux system administrators. It is intended for people with six-months experience installing, operating and maintaining Linux operating systems. To achieve Linux+ certification, candidates must pass the 98 question Linux+ exam which covers seven areas: Planning and Implementation; Installation; Configuration; Administration; System Maintenance; Troubleshooting; and Identify, Install and Maintain System Hardware. This multiple-choice exam costs about 2. It is a good starting point for people who want to continue with other Linux certifications including those from Novell and Red Hat.

Why would people start preparing Linux certification on a limited version of Linux? The answer is simple – certification is not to be taken lightly. Don’t make a major financial and time investment unless you know that you really want to be certified and that you possess the required skill set. You can easily find schools that promise you success in Linux certification and in any of their course offerings. But Linux certification may not be for you. Don’t make a major certification investment only to find that it wasn’t what you had in mind. Work your way through my tutorials including the suggestions for going further. Get your hands on several Linux books. I would start with books designed for learning Linux and for running Linux systems before working with Linux certification books.

Don’t be satisfied with running computer exercises in your mind, and nodding your head at the appropriate times. To succeed you must do the exercises on a computer running Linux. Since installation is a component of all Linux Certification exams don’t stint on installing several versions of Linux on your computer. An external USB hard drive is quite inexpensive. Try to make friends with someone who knows better than you how to do things. Ask a lot of questions. And good luck!

And while you’re working on your certifications take a look at some of Damn Small Linux’s other advantages in our final article in this series.

Cheap Web Hosting Companies Could Give You Help In Your Business! Learn How!

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In the previous years, a lot of people would like to establish a business website and try to sell the products online. This kind of operation of business actually has become one of the trends in the market. More and more people are expected to establish this kind of business and work at home to earn for a living.


However, there are a lot of things that people have to pay attention to when they are setting up this kind of website. They have to find suitable web hosting services. Of course, when choosing the web hosting plans, expensive ones may not be the best ones. People have to consider the need of the business website and select the web hosting plan which is the most cost-effective. As you know, cheap web hosting plans could also work well to provide the quality web hosting services. Therefore, we should not miss this kind of web hosting plan if we are looking for efficient web hosting services.


Among all the possible cheap web hosting services providers, how to find a good and reliable one? This is always a question in the mind of many people. They wish to have a set of criteria in mind so that they could get the best cheap web hosting service plan conveniently.



Well, if you are one of these people, you may refer to this article. Firstly, you should have a set of templates provided by the web hosting plan. This can save you a lot of money in outsourcing the design work of the website layout.


As you know, design of website can be complicated and many people do not know how to create a good and attractive layout of websites. Therefore, you can actually make use of the templates and make slight changes on the color of the fonts and the background image. Then, you would have a unique website.


Besides the templates, you should also see if you can have a shopping cart option in the control panel of the web hosting services. The cheap web hosting services which are design for eCommerce websites should have this option. You could include the shopping cart in the website so that your customers could shop in the website conveniently.


You have to see if there would be payment options provided as well. You need to receive money from your customers. And online payment such as credit card or Paypal would be good choices. If there are these payment items included in the web hosting plans, it would be good. If not, you would need to negotiate with those companies like Visa and MasterCard on your own and establish a merchant there. This would make things complicated and you would need to spend a lot of time, which is not something good for your business.


Therefore, you should not only judge the cheap web hosting services base on the price of the plans. You have to see if there are suitable features provided. Otherwise, you cannot have a good online eCommerce websites.

Are The Cheap Web Hosting Companies Reliable? Can I Trust Them? Learn Here

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When you are going to find web hosting service providers on the internet, you probably would be confused. You would find that there are many web hosting companies in the world of internet and it is almost impossible for you to read information of all web hosting companies.


And when you hear that you can actually have a plan by paying each month, you may doubt whether it is true. Yes, many people have this doubt in fact. They always think that web hosting plans are expensive and they never know that there are cheap web hosting plans in the world.


But the fact is that many web hosting companies, including the famous ones, offer cheap web hosting plans nowadays. These cheap plans are available to people who need to save money in purchasing the web hosting plans. And many businessmen actually find these plans useful in saving the regular expenses of the business.


If you want to find reliable web hosting companies which could provide you quality cheap web hosting plans, you may refer to some online forums. There are a lot of users of the cheap web hosting plans. They would provide you with a lot of articles or reviews talking about the services provided by different web hosting companies. With these reviews and articles, you would understand that cheap web hosting plans are actually reliable and this kind of plan is actually common in the web hosting world.


Of course, you have to identify between cheap plans and free plans. Free plans are usually worse than cheap plans indeed. In order to earn money, some of the web hosting companies could include a lot of hidden charges in the free plans. You could get the basic features for creating a website, but you would find these features extremely limited and you could hardly accommodate hundreds of visitors in your website at a time. And if you want to upgrade those features, you have to pay.


Moreover, some free plans could include pop-up advertisements in the websites. This would be included in the terms that you sign up before, so you have authorized the web host to put these annoying advertisements to your website. These things actually make people think that web hosting service plans at low cost are not of quality. Yes, this is surely a kind of misconception. And you should not stay away from cheap web hosting plans just because you have poor experience of using the free web hosting plans.


If you still have doubt about the quality of the cheap plans and you want to have a trial, you could actually purchase cheap plans which have money-back guarantee included. You are allowed to take back the money within a certain period of time if you find that the quality of service is not satisfying.


Therefore, give a chance for the cheap plans to work for you. These plans would surely be able to help you create a good website. Many people recognize these plans as good and they all trust the cheap plans indeed.

Want To Get The Best Web Hosting Plan? Learn How To Search For It!

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Do you have a web hosting plan in hand? If you have a website, you surely have purchase a web hosting plan. However, are you satisfied with the web hosting plan? If not, you should learn how to find the best web hosting plan. It is never too late for you to quit the existing plan and join a new one. As long as you are willing to work hard with the new plan, you could actually create a better website.

The first thing that you should consider when selecting the best web hosting plan is the experience of the web host. You may refer to some archive tools and see if the web hosting companies are experienced. With the archive information, you would be able to see the past of the web hosting company. If you could not find the names of those companies on the list, it is probably because the web hosting company is new to the market.

Usually, experienced web hosting companies are more reliable. As you know, the market of web hosting is full of competitors and it is difficult for poor web hosting companies to survive. Therefore, only the best web hosting companies could survive in the market for a decade or more. If you want to find the best web hosting company to work for your website, the age of it may be one of the criteria.

Another point that you could pay attention to is the Google PageRank or the Alexa Ranking. These rankings may sound meaningless to you. However, this is an indicator of the reliability of the web host. When Google or Alexa rank the website, they would pay attention to the web hosting company and include the reliability of the web hosting company into consideration. If the web host is actually small in scale, the ranking of your website would be low.

And some of the search engines actually would work in this way to ranking the websites in the results page as well. You know that there are millions of websites on the internet and many users would only pay attention to the first few pages of results page in the search engine. Therefore, finding the best web hosting company could give you a higher ranking in the search engine results page so that you could have more audience.

No doubt, you have to visit the website of those web hosting companies. If you see that the websites are not good in design, you actually would not be willing to purchase plans from it.

As you know, web hosting companies are important to help customers to create attractive websites. And if the websites of the web hosting companies are not attractive, how could they assist you to create attractive website?

Therefore, you should see if there are bugs of boring designs in the web hosting companies. If yes, the web hosting companies may not be the best web hosting company in the market so you should keep searching for the best one for your website.