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Budget Web Hosting: Shared Or Managed Web Hosts?

10.11.2014 (6:59 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

Online businesses simply cannot do without web hosting and though they may or may not be making a lot of money out of their endeavors many an online business would prefer using budget web hosting so as to minimize costs and maximize profits. The importance of finding a good web host is as high as is the case when creating a good website, and so before you start looking for budget web hosting you need to keep in mind certain important factors.

Perfect Uptime

You must be sure that the budget web hosting service that you choose is reliable and will promise you almost perfect uptime. It will of course require that you research different options which will help you avoid problems in the future and you also will need to find out just what managed web hosting is all about.

Besides managed web hosting there is need to understand just what share web hosting is; especially when your needs are centered on finding budget web hosting. Shared web hosting services will be more up your street than managed web hosting because the former is cheaper and therefore chances that it will fall in line with your budget and needs are greater.

When you opt for shared web hosting you will however, even if it is a budget web hosting service, mean that you have to share the server with other users and security as well as traffic will not be as good as when choosing a managed web hosting service. However, it is more suited as a budget web hosting service and therefore more likely to fit in with your plans and monetary constraints.

There are however some pretty good managed web hosting services as well that are also able to provide you with budget web hosting and which also come with many useful features for bargain prices. Such web hosting services will guarantee perfect uptime and will provide you with protection against spam and viruses and you will also get the chance to have as many e-mail accounts as you want things that are vital to proper functioning of your website.

It is up to you to find a web hosting solution that meets a number of parameters including matching your needs gives reliable service, is a budget web hosting plan and offers excellent support as well as backup features. Ideally, a budget web hosting service that provides all or most of these features would make a good choice when it concerns hosting your website and if the host enjoys a good reputation and has years of experience behind them; then you can safely entrust your hosting to such a provider.

Are Managed Dedicated Server Services Right for You?

20.03.2014 (11:58 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

If you’re considering switching to a dedicated server or you’re having difficulties managing your dedicated server, consider opting for managed dedicated server services. Managed services are ideal for businesses that are in need of a dedicated server, but don’t have the time, resources or skills to devote to managing it themselves.

Managed dedicated servers offer many benefits. You have all of the advantages of a dedicated server such as adequate bandwidth, reliability, stability and security. Yet with managed services, there’s no need for any technical knowledge at all to maintain your website. With managed web hosting, the provider takes care of technical issues involving your dedicated server website, including installation and maintenance of equipment and software.

Although you can sign up for managed dedicated server services that leave you in charge and in control of administrative tasks involved with your website, it’s not necessary. Managed services can include handling administrative functions, as well. Usually each managed service client is assigned a single representative who is responsible for serving their needs, providing the added benefit of personalized customer support and service.

By contrast, with unmanaged dedicated server services, the customer is responsible for installing and managing the server. This usually involves a substantial amount of time, and technical expertise is required. 

Many businesses start out with managed dedicated server services when they’re ready to upgrade to a dedicated server. It’s possible to acquire the technical know-how to manage a dedicated server independently over time, and managed services can be downgraded to unmanaged services. However, managed services offer so many benefits, many businesses opt to stick with managed services long term. They feel the cost saving isn’t worth the time, effort and expense it takes to manage their server independently.

There is one potential benefit to unmanaged dedicated web hosting besides cost savings. For some, the flexibility and freedom offered by unmanaged hosting is an advantage.

If you have the technical skills and time to carry out ongoing server maintenance including security and software upgrades, altering configurations and adding patches, unmanaged dedicated web hosting may be right for you. However, don’t overlook all costs associated with unmanaged services. You’ll be responsible for software licenses as well as the storage and physical maintenance of the server. Equipment and utility costs are two other sources of expense to consider. While it may seem that managed dedicated server services are more costly, oftentimes this isn’t the case.


Selecting the right kind of managed web hosting provider

04.03.2013 (3:06 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

Managed web hosting has become quite popular in recent times and it is one of the best plans if you don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of setting and running a hosting account. In fact it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that managed web hosting is the ideal solution for businesses where there is lack of time, people or skills to manage a web hosting plan. Different web hosting plans such as dedicated hosting environment can be quite complicated and it is better to allow the web host to manage the account than recruiting your own people and making them manage and control the hosting account.

Taking a managed web hosting account does allow companies to save money since there are hardly any overhead or infrastructural costs from your end. But before you choose a managed web hosting account it is important to take this decision after careful inspection of the web hosting provider and seeing whether the hosting company fulfils all the hosting requirements or not. Some of the guidelines that you would need to keep in mind while selecting a managed web hosting provider would include the following:

A reliable web hosting provider: It goes without saying that a reliable and a dependable web hosting provider is of utmost importance and you need to figure out if the web host can be relied upon or not.

Technological requirements: A good web host will only be able to provide excellent managed web hosting service if the company possesses the right hardware and software. It therefore becomes important to check if the web host has desired technological infrastructure required to offer a good managed web hosting service.

Customer Service: Customer service is one of the paramount factors when deciding which web hosting company to choose. It especially comes into play where managed web hosting is concerned because here the complete responsibility lies with the web hosting provider who not only provides the service but also has to managed it well. It is important to find out if the web host is offering round the clock technical support or not.

Costing: Any service from any web hosting provider is dependent on the costing and you need to figure out how they have priced the service they are offering. If you are required to pay on monthly basis or on an annual basis and there should not be any kind of hidden costs too.

These are just some of the steps you can take to ensure if the managed web hosting provider is genuinely offering a good deal or not and is it worth taking a managed web hosting account.





Managed Dedicated Servers and Corporate Collocation

27.04.2012 (8:28 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

With so many people launching their own websites for business and commercial purposes, there is this greater need to utilize managed web hosting services as opposed to shared hosting services. Make no mistake about it; there are many benefits to using shared hosting services. The number one benefit is of course, its affordability. Since there are multiple users sharing the cost of web server maintenance, prices can be offered at very, very low rates.

However, subscribing to managed hosting services is a worthwhile investment to online entrepreneurs and ecommerce minded business people. There are more benefits to using a single web hosting service.

What is managed web hosting in the first place?

This type of Internet hosting goes by a number of names, like: managed web hosting, managed dedicated servers, managed hosting, dedicated hosting services, and dedicated servers. In this type, web developers or website owners usually have full and exclusive control of the server(s) that they are utilizing. This means that they have a controlled pulse on the server hardware, software and operating system that is active in their website(s).

In some instances, web developers can even opt for server administration as well; and the server company can provide technical support on a regular basis.

What are the advantages of using this type of Internet hosting?

As stated earlier, there are more advantages to using this type of Internet hosting. A couple of which includes:

1. You can choose your own operating system and operating system support. You can either choose a Linux system (or other open source operating systems such as CentOS, Debian, Fedroa Core,) Microsoft Windows SPLA Server, and Red Hat Enterprise. Having the liberty to choose the application means you can avail of operating systems that you are most familiar with, which practically saves you time in regards to learning the ropes of a new system. Aside from that, you can also choose which OS would actually fit your budget best. If you are a bit tight with the buck, you can always go for OS that is open source technology based, because these are usually offered for free.

You can also have add-on services or support systems like: application patches, OS kernel upgrades, system extensive vulnerability resolutions, and even upgrading on the latest security fixes.

2. If you are particularly pressed for time, you can easily outsource the managerial duties for this Internet type of hosting. You can very easily hire a 3rd party service provider to do: backups and restoration; database administration; DDos (distributed denial-of-service attack) protection and mitigation; disaster recovery; DNS hosting service; firewall services; intrusion detection; load balancing; monitoring duties in regards to the server; performance tuning; programming consultation; software installation and configuration; technical support; user management; and updates on the application, antivirus programs, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) hardware and the operating system itself.

3. Finally, since you are having exclusive control of the web server, you can use extreme security measures on your website(s.) This is particularly helpful to online based companies who rely on the gathering, storing and the encryption of large volumes of data. The Internet hosting company can very easily provide you anti-virus applications as well as scanning systems and firewall protection against possible hackers, spammers and worms.

What Is A Managed Server Provider?

20.10.2011 (5:32 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

In business, everything has to be digital, or else, your company would be left out. While it is necessary to have a network server, it is also highly recommended to have another trusted company to managed servers. If you are already decided to seek out managed server providers, here are some things to anticipate when working with them. Before choosing a managed server provider always look for the following things below:

Basically, you can save up space. Self-managed servers require in-house equipment that may occupy substantial amount of space. In contrast, managed server providers provide the necessary equipment. However, they would let you rent out some devices such as special routers and communication gears.

Primarily, having managed servers reduces the intensity of the complex work in maintaining it. It occupies certain period of time to maintain the server such as clearing up the bugs, and updating everything from software installation to file sorting. As a result, lesser time are allotted to; say for example, production department. Less time means you have plently of time to spare.


Managed server provider meets any unforeseen details of the client to increase the capability and performance of web hosting. It lessens the complexity posed to clients of tasks required in managed servers. Nevertheless, it takes the entire tedious job in web site and server administration.

Managed server provider supply all the necessary information needed by its client. It meets up all the benefits that its client may have and provides services even beyond its cost. It effectively utilizes the cost of web hosting and proves that it is the better option rather than purchasing in-house equipment.

One of the risks in putting up a website and managing server is security. Viruses may attack the server. Security is a major factor which can not be neglected so easily.

Therefore, it is better to invest in outsourcing managed server provider than in-house equipment because the former is more beneficial than the latter. So now you know what things you have to remember before choosing a managed server  provider because your money and time is very precious.

Flexible IT Managed Services for Excellent IT Infrastructure

05.09.2011 (5:32 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

Initially, managed services were by and large adopted by large enterprises but now small to medium enterprises are also opting to use them because of competitive pressures and operational concerns. Today, organisations from different verticals are very keen on using workplace management services, managed data centre and network and security support services rather than traditional outsourcing models.

In the coming days, we will see a rise in the popularity of managed infrastructure services. IT leaders will want to adopt and engage with a provider who has a flexible managed services model to in order to take full advantage of the convenience of using the best of breed technology and services, without losing control of IT.

Flexible Service Delivery Model

Through a partnership approach to their managed services program, organisations can focus on their core competencies; lower the cost of managing IT infrastructure through improved productivity and operational efficiencies with access to a dedicated team of highly qualified and talented professionals.

In this collaborative approach, both parties (organisation & IT managed services provider) share risks and responsibilities for better output. This model helps in rationalising headcount, whilst focusing on cost efficiencies within the organisation’s existing ways of working.

It is an investment that gives organisations the most advanced IT capabilities while allowing them to maintain as much or as little control over their IT operations and infrastructure as they wish.


IT Managed Services (IMS) consists of various service level offerings that provide proactive IT management and support. Companies can select from a range of IMS services designed to optimise their technology investment and maximise the productivity of their people and business.  The IT Managed Service offerings cover the entire array of IT outsourcing services including Data Centre & Network Management, Desktop & Server Management, IMAC, Virtualisation and cloud computing services.

Infrastructure Management Services gives organisations access to highly qualified support professionals to resolve issues related to desktop and laptop support, routers, switches, firewalls and wireless access points. Acting as a single point of contact for all IT based enquiries, the service logs all issues as incidents in a service management tool.

This model will provide effective and proven Infrastructure Management Services for organisations to reduce costs and improve on service delivery efficiencies. By adopting a flexible managed service provider, companies can manage the peaks and troughs of their business demands to meet future IT infrastructure requirements.

The other business benefits are: reduce total cost of ownership, pay less for a higher quality of service, better control and efficiencies of scale, gain access to best of breed tools & best practices, speedy transition and reduction of dependency on single individuals, shared service delivery platform, 99% -100% of SLA maintenance, and peace of mind.

A lot has changed and the market has gradually transformed from body shopping contracts or facility management services to a strategic process-oriented and flexible delivery model. The future will see a hybrid of offsite services delivery either through Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) or a combination of offsite remote management and onsite delivery.

More & more organisations are looking for a strategic partner, who can drive business growth and transformation, rather than remain a mere supplier of IT capacity. Many global organisations want more than an IT vendor. They seek a highly flexible, broadly capable partner with global reach to help them simplify, optimise and advance their technological investments.

You will see that Allied Worldwide’s IT managed services are designed to protect clients existing investments and intellectual capital by working with multiple platforms, delivery partners and their own teams. We base our solutions on ITIL-best practices and proven methodologies.

Why Choose A Cloud Hosting Environment Over Managed Server Hosting?

31.08.2011 (5:32 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

Keep this in mind when considering this question. In reality “managed server” and “cloud” are not mutually exclusive. There are providers who offer fully managed clouds that use very similar hardware as fully managed servers, with the main difference being the addition of virtualization software to improve the utilization and flexibility of a managed server without virtualization software.

Cloud can be just as secure as any managed server – it’s just a matter of the networking environment and degree of sharing allowed or prohibited.

Any company needing flexible resources, or using multiple managed servers to support their cloud infrastructure, stands a good chance of getting better utilization from their servers if they set up a cloud paradigm. This is especially true for any company interested in off-site backup or a warm or hot disaster recovery site since the savings are now multiplied across 2 server stacks.

As an example, a friends company moved their entire infrastructure to a virtualized server environment (the cloud) and reduced the number of physical servers from 28 to 2 – HUGE savings in physical resources and maintenance. Plus, they were able to set up a remote redundant cloud on servers without worrying about having identical hardware because the virtual server configuration is hardware-agnostic. Their recovery time in a live failover test was a matter of hours, instead of a matter of days.


And because any virtual server system (cloud) with more than one physical server can automatically fail over to another machine in the event of hardware failure, they actually find that it’s MORE stable in the cloud than with their previous server system. Their IT support staff can actually perform software and hardware upgrades during the day, without causing any downtime to the company, because all of their systems can seamlessly move over to one part of the cloud while the other is undergoing maintenance.

The one place that cloud servers struggle with performance wise can be with robust databases – sometimes it’s best to leave the database server on it’s own dedicated machine if query-intensive applications are running against it.

Overall, they have found the cloud to greatly IMPROVE their resiliency and stability, and because they still have it on dedicated hardware, it’s completely secure. They couldn’t get their IT folks to go back to a non-virtual managed server technology – or any of their C-level execs either, for that matter.

The converse argument is this …..

Cloud is vaporware – marketing, pure and simple. Nothing more.

The security issues associated with ‘cloud’ are identical to those associated with conventional hosting, not to mention a suite of new security and legal issues associated with deployment in the cloud. For example, if multiple copies exist, which is the legal original? If data is compromised in the cloud, and legal action is brought, which jurisdiction applies – where you live, where the server resides, where the corporate office resides, or where the contract specifies?

Cloud is a way for large suppliers – Microsoft, for example – to centralize control and impose standard, while consumers – you – save money by not haing to upgrade technology and infrastructure constantly. However, what assurance do you have that your data is not living on some out of warranty DL380 server with one bad drive in the RAID?

Yes, technology costs money, and qualified engineers – like me – also cost money, However control over the access to your critical data is more important than getting into the ‘next big thing’ and ‘being in the cloud. If you cannot afford to deploy multiple points of presence, then you probably should not be doing anything more than running a server that can manage your traffic and performing routine backups (and maybe even verifying them).

Cloud is – as it’s name implies – a mass of vapor that obscures an otherwise clear atmosphere.

The Benefits of Managed Server Hosting

27.05.2011 (5:34 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

The Benefits of Managed Server Hosting

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The Benefits of Managed Server Hosting

By: Kathryn Dawson
Posted: Nov 30, 2010

There are many reasons why managed server hosting is the best option for webmasters and other IT workers who control one or more websites. When you have websites, you need to look for ways to host them and keep them secure in a cost effective way. The best way to get the most value for money is through having a dedicated server that is managed by a professional company.

Having a dedicated server is one of the most secure ways you can host your websites. Being dedicated to you alone means that no one else has access to the server. This can result in faster loading times and reduced risk that something will go wrong with your own website as a result of a problem with someone else’s. Dedicated servers ensure that no bandwidth, hard drive space, memory or anything else related to your website hosting is shared with anyone else. If your site takes payments of any kind or customer information then this is the minimum lever of server security you should operate.

Not only does renting a dedicated server provide the security levels you need, but it also means your sites are managed by a professional company. This has a huge number of benefits too. Managed dedicated hosting means the company takes care of all maintenance, checks, hardware and upgrades and will alert you to any problems as quickly as possible. This can obviously result in plenty of time saved for you as well as expense. It is by far the most cost effective way to manage a server. The alternatives are colocation which is when you place your very own server into a data centre located nearby. Not only do you then have to take on all the costs of buying and operating your own server, you have to rent space in a data centre and ensure it is being managed if not by you then someone else. It is possible to choose a shared server option however this does not provide the same level of security and can be a risk.

With managed server hosting you don’t have to hire or train anyone to look after your server, you don’t have to stump up any additional costs for maintenance work or fixtures and fittings needed in the data centre itself. Part of your managed server package will be 24 hour technical support which means that any problems that occur will be rectified quickly, at any time of day or night. This keeps downtime of your sites to an absolute minimum. You will even be able to take this a step further and ensure you have extra monitoring of your network and websites. If something were to go wrong you would be alerted by phone, email or even text message so you could rapidly take action.

Although there is a monthly cost associated with managed server hosting, you save time and money on ongoing management of the server. In the long run this is the best way to host your websites and offers more benefits than choosing colocation or shared hosting. When you have a fully managed server you are free to concentrate on other aspects of your business such as driving it forward and seeking out ways to generate new income. When the server is managed you also get to benefit from an ongoing network monitor that means any problems can be raised immediately and you can be alerted of anything that needs your attention. Having instant alerts in this way is particularly important if your site receives high volumes of traffic or involves cash transactions. Customers and readers of a website will not return if they experience problems with the site or the site is down for any reason.

Kathryn Dawson – About the Author:

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for ConnetU, a team of on-site technicians, engineers and programmers providing managed server hosting around the UK, specialising in colocation and network monitor and fully managed server solutions. As you grow online ConnetU can advise and scale your hosting requirements and capabilities to a fully managed server if needed offering 24/7 on-site technicians and rapid downtime alerts.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/web-hosting-articles/the-benefits-of-managed-server-hosting-3762349.html


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Why You Should Choose Managed Servers Over Self-Managed Dedicated Hosting

15.03.2011 (5:37 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

Whether you are hosting one website or many, you need to decide whether you require managed hosting uk or not. The main difference is in cost, and the level of service.

Imagine your business hosts a few websites. Web security is foreign to you, as is a web server. Will a self managed server really do the job? With a self managed server, everything is down to you. You are heading for a whole world of pain if you don’t learn the art of server hosting fast.

The first advantage we mentioned for unmanaged dedicated servers is cost. For managed servers, you can either pay your current host to manage the server, or use a third party. This is certainly more advantageous than employing someone to do this full time. Typically you can pay for a high level of knowledge and peace of mind for the fraction of the cost of a full time employee. Although if you have IT techs employed, they can probably do the job for you.

Real peace of mind comes with managed hosting. I have lost count of how many times I have been disturbed in the middle of a night because an unmanaged dedicated server. Trust me, the last thing you want to be doing is fixing hardware on Xmas day. Managed hosting lets you relax, knowing these kind of faults are monitored and fixed for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

You can concentrate on the important things with a managed server. Keeping on top of the latest security updates and patches is a nightmare scenario. A server management company specialise in this kind of thing, so they are already two steps ahead and will be able to fix any potential problem much quicker for you.

Any company cannot afford business. It is absolutely inevitable that things will break. I can safely guarantee a server will break at the most inconvenient of times. You lose sales and business when your services are offline. With a managed server host, you know when things break they are going to get fixed, quickly.

Personally, I’d always go for a managed dedicated server, purely for an easy life. If you are running a business, you will never grow unless you learn to delegate. Sit down, chill and let the experts look after your server requirements.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Dedicated Server

09.02.2011 (5:32 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

Choosing between a managed dedicated server and an unmanaged dedicated server a decision that you should take seriously as it will affect you in the long term but will also affect how much you pay for your dedicated server hosting service. Managed dedicated servers aren’t offered by all web hosting providers, but those who do offer them are able to ensure that you receive a reliable web hosting service that you can count on; it is important to only consider hosting providers that will be able to offer you 24×7 support for your dedicated server as not only does this represent good value for money, but it also shows a web hosting provider’s commitment to its customers. Unmanaged dedicated servers are more common and they are cheaper than managed dedicated servers, but this isn’t something that you should fall for; if you do choose to go for an unmanaged dedicated server, it is important for you to ensure that you have the necessary skills to manage your dedicated server correctly – if you do something wrong that damages your server then you will have to foot the bill for the operating system reload.

How effective is managed dedicated server hosting?

Managed dedicated server can be very effective in all situations as it allows you to make the most of your web hosting provider’s support team, for example you can have them secure your dedicated server to a high level  – if you have them do it then you can be sure that it has been done to a high standard. Managed dedicated server can be highly effective as it means that you won’t have to worry about the management aspect of your dedicated server, when in most cases you have more important things to be worrying about and getting on with that aren’t related to your dedicated server; in most cases the support team employed by your web hosting provider are also on call to answer your queries 24×7, meaning that even if there is a problem it will be dealt with swiftly. Managed dedicated server may not always have a higher uptime rate than an unmanaged dedicated server of a similar specification, but managed dedicated server services can help when it comes to reliability; you can have your web hosting provider’s support team optimize your dedicated server for you to make it as reliable as possible.

How can I make the most of an unmanaged dedicated server?

Making the most of an unmanaged dedicated server as you need to be experienced if you wish to secure and optimize your dedicated server to a level that is similar to that of what your web hosting provider’s support team can achieve. Unmanaged dedicated servers do allow you to save some money over all because you don’t have to factor in the cost of support, and you can use this saving to pay for any additional extras for your dedicated server. If you feel that you would like to be able to manage your server in more than one way then you could always consider a control panel for your dedicated server; most hosting providers will be able to offer you either the cPanel or Plesk control panels, both of which will offer you a web interface that you can manage certain aspects of your dedicated server with – you will also be able to create and manage your own hosting accounts which may make management easier for some.

In conclusion, you should consider certain factors in both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers to help you find the best deal; however, the factors that you should consider with both forms of dedicated server hosting also hold the key to how secure and reliable your dedicated server will be. In either case you will find that dedicated servers need to be properly maintained to ensure that they remain secure and reliable, as an unmaintained dedicated server could easily become insecure and compromised which would then lead to further problems, including reliability issues.