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Linux Dedicated Servers

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The Linux dedicated server is just one of the main platforms that you can use as your web hosting option and there are several reasons why people actually choose and prefer this over most other options. One thing to consider is that when looking at the plethora of companies out there, you might be hard pressed to find one that does not have a Linux based server programme on their list of products and services, and there is a reason, or several reasons why this is so successful. This article will discuss a little on the Linux Dedicated Server.

Like most dedicated server solutions, this is one that allows you control over the amount of resources that you can virtually own on your web hosting platform. As mentioned in many other articles, the best kind of server is one that allows you your own personal and private space to track data back and forth. The whole reason why shared servers are not good is that they are prone to slowdowns and can lead to data loss and compromise of information that gets sent through the central server and so on and so forth. When you are considering servers for yourself, consider this as a premier choice.

One other good thing about the Linux servers is that they have a high level of customisability that allows you to tailor your virtual platform to your own needs. The good thing about the programming language of Linux is that it is universal to most needs, and that you are able to customise the solutions down to the code, to what you want the server to give you. This is why Linux servers are gaining more and more popularity with service providers and this is why you need to educate yourself on its benefits on how it can impact your business or online solutions.

The next thing you might want to consider is that most of the dedicated servers that handle this platform will almost surely have a technical engineer attached to it, which would be a great plus for anyone wanting a holistic solution to their web hosting. Most of the online server based companies will proffer a Linux based engineer to help with any of the nitty gritty software installation and interface issues, although the code language of Linux is air tight and can communicate with most common platforms.

With great options in automated software, you get the idea that there are no limits when it comes to the dedicated server, and you might want to heavily consider this as one of the options when you are trying out for your own web hosting shared solution. You can do much more research and gain more valuable feedback on this by visiting any of the tech forums or sites available online, and of course, you need to be able to know exactly what to do and what to look out for when it comes to choosing a Linux based server. In time you can be an expert too in this area.

Know Your Tech-Speak; Linux Dedicated Servers

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There is something to be said about using either shared web hosting solutions or those that are dedicated to a single platform, either Windows based or Linux based. These two represent the most popular solutions on the internet for consumers and businesses to get online and distinct themselves on the information super highway. The former is more popular because of the fact that it is shared, which means within the pipeline, there are a few users, and in some cases, a few hundred and even a few thousand users sharing the server bandwidth.

This is great when you are a simple consumer using the server for more leisure and casual reasons but when you are using the internet as a platform to extend your business, then you need to get a dedicated server. While more expensive, it is a dedicated server with customisable host names and more bandwidth to support your needs. This article will peek a little at the Linux dedicated server and tell you why they are great solutions for your business and in some cases, even personal needs. The reason why shared web hosting is so much more cost effective is because of the reason above – they use one single server in a location that can host tens of thousands of websites all over the world.

Because of volume, the cost goes down; but there are detriments to this, which include things like a shared bandwidth, meaning you will experience slowdowns and technical problems that are universal. With a dedicated Linux server, you will be guaranteed a larger bandwidth and your own personal space online. This is because your website is being handled by one single dedicated server, and because of the resource focus to keeping your website running, there is a higher level of reliability when compared to using shared hosting.

The equipment behind these servers are usually the best in the business, with high end servers being a feature common to Linux dedicated servers, so it is always a good idea to in that direction. You do not want to be caught in a position where you a riding on the back of a technologically inferior server that cannot deliver the power and speed that your website and business demands. With Linux servers, you know you are getting pre-configures and cutting edge equipment. The network connections are usually way above the consumer T3 connections; with gigabyte level bandwidths not uncommon with some Linux servers.

They will also provide you with custom software and a team to support the server, in case of any difficulties and issues with your web site. If you are looking for performance and piece of mind, the general advice is to go for a Windows based or Linux dedicated server. With so many issues already reported with shared servers, you know that this is the direction you need to provide your website with the resources that it needs. So know your tech speak and be aware of emerging technologies in web hosting, and make the right choice.

Have You Tried Windows Dedicated Servers?

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Web hosting solution being the need of almost all the business around the globe. People go for the different solutions as per the need. Dedicated Servers being the best of the solutions is opted by the big organizations and the online business expecting the highest of the security.

While choosing the server, server platform plays an important role for the decision. Linux was taken as the dominant platform for the Dedicated Servers, however this is not the case now a days. As microsoft services is spreading its wings with all the advanced technologies, you might need a Windows environment for your server to enjoy its features.

Tools and utilities like MS Office work conveniently on Windows, if you are looking out for the same you can take a note of this.

By opting for the Windows you can some special advantages and support:

MS SQL, MS Office, MS VB : With the Windows Dedicated Servers you will have a good support for the database built in MS Access or microsoft SQL, you will have a good support for the VB technology.

.Net Framework : .NET Framework is a Microsoft technology and you would get a fantastic compatibility with windows. Using these technology on your server makes it manadatory for you to choose a respective platform

Web Tools : Web tools such as Frontpage, Interdev is supported by windows at the best, no other platform supports it

Sharepoint Services : Information sharing is a concern where you should focus. You will get a good platform with windows called as SharePoint. You can access these services only if you have a server running Windows.

In short we can say that if you want to use any services related with the Microsoft, windows will be a good choice for you. Dedicated Server hosting with Windows has proven its results with effectiveness and with customer satisfaction also.

Key Comparisons of Linux Vs. Windows Servers

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For someone who is fairly new to web hosting, choosing the platform you are going to use for your server can be a difficult and even mind-boggling decision. Although there are several obscure choices still available, the most widely used Operating Systems (OSs) are the enterprise, or server, versions of Linux and Windows.
There seems to be a limitless source of information regarding hosting, but it seems that the waters have been muddied by many authors’ self-important personal opinions. This has resulted in some of the issues becoming rather unclear to intermediate users. Some technology bloggers have put quite a few hours, even years, into research on the subject, only to conclude that it really does not matter what server you decide to use. They claim that you should just make sure to choose a really good web host, instead of worrying about the type of server software they are running.
Are they right? Does it matter what kind of server hosts your site? Why? What is the difference between the two OSs, anyway?
Cost considerations
Microsoft manufactures and owns the rights to the entire Windows OS, from the recently retired XP to various flavors of Vista. Linux, on the other hand, is “open source” software and is usually free. What that means is that it can be more costly to install and run a Windows server, but this really would not affect you unless you are setting up the server personally – and if your eyes are glued to this article then it’s a safe assumption that you are not doing so.
What this article will do for you is give you the rundown on how to make the right decision about the web-hosting server you choose. The costs inherent in running a server do not always affect the price of the hosting package as you might suspect. The fact that a single Windows server would be more costly to set up and run doesn’t apply to a web-hosting firm that has installed several dozen or more. Getting the Window hosting package is usually a bit more expensive than the Linux hosting package, but not so much that you should disqualify it on price alone.
Make no assumptions
Individuals often assume that just because their PC operates on Windows, they should purchase a Windows hosting package. Not necessarily. Gaining access to your web account will usually be done through FTP or a control panel, and all servers support these methods. The most important difference in administrative site access is that some FTP commands are a bit different in Linux than in Windows and, of course, the FTP programs will usually be created for only one or the other.
Think about how you intend to put the server to use. Make your decision based on those facts. The web features that will run just fine on both platforms include PHP and the e-mail protocols, IMAP and POP. On the other hand, using ASP, Frontpage, the .Net environment, Access, Windows Streaming Media or other Microsoft technologies will likely require a Windows host. Linux offers only limited support, or none at all, when it comes to these technologies, meaning your “workaround cost” will be quite high and may lack the features you need.
Stability and growth
Different server platforms’ reliability and stability records have been raised in many discussions, some rather contentious. The focus of many anti-MS rants has been that Windows is not a secure environment and is only popular because it is the OS for the majority of home-based PCs. As the most commonly used system, Windows has flaws and people tend to spend a lot of time looking for them, as well as exploiting them for harm.
However, Linux may just be the most common server type out there and, surprisingly, the success rate for hackers has been higher than expected, although not as high as for Windows. After all is said and done, the platforms and their security boil down to systems administration and server company management. If security is the main focus for you, then be sure to take the time to investigate the company that is hosting your site. Make sure that they have a reputation that is corroborated by other companies, not just their own marketing materials. This way you will have fewer worries about the server you are using.
Too close to call?
When it comes to the performance of the two servers, there is not a huge difference. Linux has been known to perform faster than Windows on some “cookie cutter” hosts that install Windows in its default, “all in one” package. Linux distributors, using an open-source application with more flexibility, can implement “extensible” packages with greater customizability. In normal situations, the performance of the two is comparable, but if system functionality is most important to you, this may have an impact on your final decision. Which direction that will send you depends on what you wish to compare, as the OSs do have some different strengths and weaknesses.
It is arguably a better use of your time to look for a good host rather than a good server model or OS. Linux and Windows developers are always working on ways to improve both systems. At this point they seem to be roughly equivalent when it comes to the security, features and reliability expected by the average home and small business user. This is not likely to change for some time. You must base your decision on the factors most important to you and your business, and in this neck-and-neck horse race, a clear winner is impossible to call. Eventually you will just have to saddle up with one or the other, and hit the track.

Why Ventrilo Servers From Maxfrag is the Right Choice for You

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Ventrilo is a VoIP (Voice over IP) client application which allows real-time communication through hosted Ventrilo Servers. It works independently of other applications (e.g. Video Games) so you can go from program to program without losing contact with others. A Ventrilo server is great for competitive gaming clans as well as for conference calls with a number of clients. Ventrilo Server Hosting is available in multiple locations ensuring a low-latency voice chat environment that is stable anywhere in the world!

With your new Ventrilo Server, you will have immediate access to our custom control panel. You have full control over your server (with no codec restrictions) without having to follow a complicated set of instructions to get everything working properly.

With MaxFrag’s reputation on the line with every customer, MaxFrag Ventrilo Servers are hosted on the best world wide networks to provide only the best quality servers available. MaxFrag’s pricing is perhaps the lowest in the industry while maintaining top rank service quality. If you’ve had a Ventrilo Server with less than perfect quality and performance, feel free to test a MaxFrag free demo Ventrilo Servers.

Ventrilo Servers are an essential part of multiplayer games. Good examples are: World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike. The reason why MaxFrag is so successful in the ventrilo server market is because they cater to the needs of the gamers. Most of them are retired gamers themselves.

If you are looking for the best customer service, along with low prices and high quality, then MaxFrag is the right choice for you.

Go to www.maxfrag.net and try it today!

Master Reseller Unlimited Unmetered Reseller Hosting Windows Reseller Virtual Private Servers VPS

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Linux Alpha Master Reseller Hosting

Linux Alpha Master Reseller Hosting is the most popular form of cheap web hosting on the internet today. Linux operating systems and linux hosting technologies are generally open-source which has given rise to its prominence. Linux Alpha Master Reseller Hosting is extremely scalable so as your site grows it remains easy to manage. Generally if you are offering standard hosting or run standard sites like blog, forums etc… and willing to sell reseller hosting, master reseller hosting as well then you need Linux Alpha Master Reseller Hosting.


Linux Master Reseller Hosting

Linux Master Reseller Hosting is the most popular form of cheap web hosting on the internet today. Linux operating systems and linux hosting technologies are generally open-source which has given rise to its prominence. Linux Master Reseller Hosting is extremely scalable so as your site grows it remains easy to manage. Generally if you are offering standard hosting or run standard sites like blog, forums etc… and willing to sell reseller hosting as well then you need Linux Master Reseller Hosting.

Windows Master Reseller Hosting

Windows Master Reseller Hosting is based on the Windows operating system 2008. It is known for support of various programming frameworks, including Asp, ASP.net and TomCat . Windows Hosting also supports SQL Server (MSSQL) and Access, which can be used to build database driven websites. So if your site has pages ending in .asp or .aspx then you need 

Virtual Private Severs

Linux is the traditional VPS web hosting platform, that is extremely reliable and robust. Our most affordable and reliable fully managed VPS hosting packages are Linux based, with prices starting at only .99 per month! Available operating systems include: CentOS™, Debian™, Ubuntu™, Fedora™, & Gentoo™. Control panel software is optionally available on all Linux VPS hosting accounts, including; – CPanel™, DirectAdmin™, & Plesk™.


Advantages of Virtual Dedicated Servers

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When your website grows out of the facilities provided by shared hosting services, the next natural progression is towards using Virtual Private Servers (VPS), aka virtual dedicated servers. Virtual dedicated servers use a special kind of partitioning technology that successfully creates several ‘virtual’ servers out of a single physical server. Every web site that is hooked on to a virtual dedicated server has a completely separate server space. The server behaves as if it was dedicated only to that website. Through this technology, hosting companies are able to create multiple servers using a single physical server. This reduces costs while providing maximum benefit to clients.

Virtual dedicated servers offer a number of advantages to the websites they service. Through this service, a website has full root access to the server. That means, you can do any one of the number of activities to customize your server. You may install software, add and update packages, host multiple sites and change server configuration. At the same time, security is never compromised because other clients do not have access to your section of the server.

Virtual dedicated servers are very attractive to website owners because they are a happy via media between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Many websites, particularly fledgling e-commerce sites, may have outgrown shared hosting but may find dedicated hosting too expensive for their needs. In this case, virtual dedicated servers provide all the facilities at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual dedicated hosting is targeted at businesses and enterprises that are on their way up. They are meant to be used as an intermediary step towards a highly successful online business. Therefore, virtual dedicated servers always offer an easy option to upgrade services. Generally, you would require less than a minute to upgrade your hosting account so that your website would have more disk space, memory or other facilities. Virtual dedicated servers come with an easy-to-use control panel that offers a highly powerful tool box that allows you easy access to powerful features.

Virtual dedicated servers are not without a few disadvantages. Of course, these disadvantages are comparative. When compared with a dedicated server, virtual dedicated servers offer less security. However, the amount of protection that virtual dedicated servers provide is much more than that provided by shared hosting services. Only if your website requires 100% protection, should you consider replacing virtual dedicated servers with a physical dedicated server. Another disadvantage is the fact that it is possible for you to alter your website accidentally or even crashed the server unwittingly. Even so, most dedicated servers provide excellent backup facilities.

What is Virtual Dedicated Servers?

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As per the growing needs in the hosting industry, the need for making the Servers Secured is also an added task. This caused a new technology Virtual Technology to evaluate. If you think of the most secured hosting, Dedicated server hosting is the one which comes to your mind, however the cost associated with it is also some what larger than the other types of hosting, although there are affordable dedicated servers available now, people are looking for an option for the dedicated servers.

The technology which can fulfill all the needs of the people with the security and budget concerns is VDS technology, Virtual Dedicated Servers. VDS comes with more control than the shared hosting and it incorporates the power of Dedicated Servers. VDS is created by the virtualization software, which is responsible to create the isolated partitions on the Server, each partitions created acts as the dedicated servers itself. As a result you get powerful and a good security as good as the Dedicated servers, with the price which is not far from the shared hosting. Once the partitions are created , it is allotted with the storage space, RAM, data transfer. Each VDS will have its own operating system with the isolated web server instance and a root access for custom software installations. If at all any VDS on the same server crashes due to any reason, other VDS is not affected.

Comparing shared hosting with VDS, in shared hosting multiple websites are hosted on the same server and they use the same resources all together. There exists a risk factor in this, every operation in this is not at all secured, lets not reveal the shared hosting more. VDS is completely secured.

Virtual Dedicated Servers is the perfect alternative to the Shared hosting, and some of the people who think that dedicated servers is not there budget. However if you check the latest offers from the dedicated servers, many of the hosting companies have now reduced their rates for the dedicated servers and it is available in the affordable prices. You have both the options open now for the secured, safe and reliable hosting. If we compare the Virtual dedicated servers with Dedicated server, in the dedicated server you get extra satisfaction that you own a server and you are the only one on that server with the master root access. Highest of the security, reliability with the safest hosting platform makes the Dedicated server hosting.

Managed Dedicated Servers and Corporate Collocation

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With so many people launching their own websites for business and commercial purposes, there is this greater need to utilize managed web hosting services as opposed to shared hosting services. Make no mistake about it; there are many benefits to using shared hosting services. The number one benefit is of course, its affordability. Since there are multiple users sharing the cost of web server maintenance, prices can be offered at very, very low rates.

However, subscribing to managed hosting services is a worthwhile investment to online entrepreneurs and ecommerce minded business people. There are more benefits to using a single web hosting service.

What is managed web hosting in the first place?

This type of Internet hosting goes by a number of names, like: managed web hosting, managed dedicated servers, managed hosting, dedicated hosting services, and dedicated servers. In this type, web developers or website owners usually have full and exclusive control of the server(s) that they are utilizing. This means that they have a controlled pulse on the server hardware, software and operating system that is active in their website(s).

In some instances, web developers can even opt for server administration as well; and the server company can provide technical support on a regular basis.

What are the advantages of using this type of Internet hosting?

As stated earlier, there are more advantages to using this type of Internet hosting. A couple of which includes:

1. You can choose your own operating system and operating system support. You can either choose a Linux system (or other open source operating systems such as CentOS, Debian, Fedroa Core,) Microsoft Windows SPLA Server, and Red Hat Enterprise. Having the liberty to choose the application means you can avail of operating systems that you are most familiar with, which practically saves you time in regards to learning the ropes of a new system. Aside from that, you can also choose which OS would actually fit your budget best. If you are a bit tight with the buck, you can always go for OS that is open source technology based, because these are usually offered for free.

You can also have add-on services or support systems like: application patches, OS kernel upgrades, system extensive vulnerability resolutions, and even upgrading on the latest security fixes.

2. If you are particularly pressed for time, you can easily outsource the managerial duties for this Internet type of hosting. You can very easily hire a 3rd party service provider to do: backups and restoration; database administration; DDos (distributed denial-of-service attack) protection and mitigation; disaster recovery; DNS hosting service; firewall services; intrusion detection; load balancing; monitoring duties in regards to the server; performance tuning; programming consultation; software installation and configuration; technical support; user management; and updates on the application, antivirus programs, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) hardware and the operating system itself.

3. Finally, since you are having exclusive control of the web server, you can use extreme security measures on your website(s.) This is particularly helpful to online based companies who rely on the gathering, storing and the encryption of large volumes of data. The Internet hosting company can very easily provide you anti-virus applications as well as scanning systems and firewall protection against possible hackers, spammers and worms.

Instructions to Set Up Linux Dedicated Servers Effortlessly

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Installing your own dedicated server can be a demanding as well as gratifying experience. As far as server configurations are concerned, Linux is the best dedicated server for this purpose. The reasons for having a dedicated server are many. You may be launching a web page to create an online identity of your home business and looking for saving money on hosting costs. You may also seek a family web page to demonstrate to friends or family members, or simply want to gain knowledge of how the Internet actually functions.

The foremost task in setting up Linux dedicated servers is to acquire a static Internet Protocol (IP) or dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) service. An IP address is a series of numbers applied to distinguish a specific computer or domain name on the Internet. Generally, dynamic IP addresses are allocated to the computers on the networks of domestic Internet connections. They can alter with the passage of time. If you’re interested in installing a home server, you have to either go for a static IP or a dynamic DNS service. Getting a static IP from your Internet Service Provider is the most common one.

The second task in the line is to register your desired domain name. This name will be associated with your numerical IP address. You should assign a domain name that is easy to remember. The cyberspace is filled with countless domain name service providers. You can undertake a thorough research on the net to provide you the best deal suiting your needs.

Moving forward, select and download Linux from a distribution service. The number of Linux distributions is actually many bearing names such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Gentoo. Each distribution has finely distinctive characteristics that separate it from the rests. While Ubuntu underlines accessibility and its responsive community of users, Gentoo put stress on custom-made features. Red Hat gives extra more attention to its model supporting corporate structure. Whatever be the Linux distribution, the fundamental features remain the same for all. You can continue your pursuit to set up Linux dedicated servers by downloading a copy of your desired server edition (Ubuntu, Red Hat or Gentoo) and transferring it to a disc.

Set up your preferred variety of Linux. In case of Ubuntu, this is as straightforward as inserting the disc into your system and conforming to the on-screen instructions. However, distribution services such as Red Hat and Gentoo demand some more critical steps.

The succeeding task is to set up the server software program. What program you employ will deviate on the basis of what sort of server you want to generate, but in all likelihood you go for a web server. The most common software being used for a web server is Apache.  You can set up Apache by executing the appropriate command in your Linux terminal. However, the command may alter in case of a different Linux distribution.

As soon as the installation process is completed, you must be capable of viewing the default Apache homepage. If you have already got your domain name registered, you can straightway go to that. Setting up Linux dedicated servers culminates with the installation of the firewall. Your dedicated servers will require an effective firewall service to ensure safety.