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Getting New Web Hosting Service for your Web Site

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Due to Various inefficiencies of Old Web Hosting provider like poor technical support, down web server, inability of old provider to met with your requirements, expensive web hosting service, an Online Business owner decided to go for a new Web Hosting provider. Because of all above-mentioned and many more not in the list you would opt for new web hosting service. So the next step is to transfer your web site from current web host to new web host which can be done by following the under mentioned steps. Transferring of Schedule For transferring the old web hosting, planning should be done in advance, atleast one month before so as to ensure smooth transfer, as transferring in less than one month can led to inaccessibility of your web site.

Registering new web hosting service.

Once the above step is complete, user must go for a new web hosting service and must sign it accordingly within 24 hours so as to enable new account earliest.

Taking Files Backup.

As soon as you created a new web hosting account, you should take back up of all your web files for the new provider. Generally you already have all files of your web site on your local computer still it is beneficial to backup all your files from old web server. Further including HTML files, backup of any script file, database file and even of server logs file should be taken. Thereafter create a directory structure similar to directory structure on web server and then load the file in their respective directory.

Uploading of files

You will receive a notification email from your new web-hosting provider after the notification of your new web hosting account. Information needed to set up a website including FTP server information all will be provided within that email. With the help of that FTP information user can now FTP his new web-hosting server and can upload all his files. First the user should create a directory structure and then can upload all his files in their respective directories. User can also install any script file or databases if used in his website and also should setup his email accounts with the help of administration panel.

After finishing of uploading of all the files and installation of script files or databases temporary URL can be used to test the new site. This temporary URL can be obtained from through notification email from new web hosting provider.

Testing of new website

The new website can be tested online by using temporarily URL directory. As different web hosting server require different server environment to work, that’s why user needs to verify all the scripts like CGI, Perl if they are working as per the requirement or not. Further all the hyperlinks should be tested in the normal web pages so as to confirm that no broken links are there. Your website hosted on the old web hosting provider is continued to be operational, even when you are testing through the temporary URL directory. Transferring of domain name After finishing of testing new website on the temporary URL and verification of its perfect execution, next step is to contact the new domain name registrar so as to change the old domain name server to point the new DNS of the web hosting provider. There after the user will get DNS information through email after he finishes the successful registration with new web hosting provider and also would get the information from website of his new web hosting provider. The purpose of Domain name servers is to control how to resolve the domain name. Commonly the domain names are in following format:



Some domain name registrar requires the IP addresses of the DNS. In this case you have to provide the IP addresses of your new DNS. For example:



DNS record to change and propagate through all the WHOIS servers takes typically 24 to 72 hours. Whois tools such as whois.com can be use on Internet to monitor the status of DNS transfer. New DNS will be displayed once the transfer is complete. Even minor modifications are possible like the user can upload his own file or picture to the new web-hosting server. When the user checks his homepage through the normal domain name he can notice the new home page, which makes sure that transfer of DNS is successful. Final Testing Now, your website on the new web hosting provider is officially transferred and online. You should repeat all the tests to ensure it is fully functional.Thereafter you can go ahead to terminate your old web hosting account after the final confirmation is received.

Cheap Web Site Hosting – Locating The Best Website Hosting Offers

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Making use of internet you can pick the best web hosting company as per your business demands. Firstly, you must explore the web hosting directory. Nearly all companies are enlisted in this online directory with absolute information about services, plans and pricing.

Web hosting is the most vital aspect of any online business, irrespective of being small or big. Choosing the best company that provides cheap web hosting services is a tough job. Numerous companies give oral assurance of quality service in budgeted price, but the decision has to be done very carefully.

Make a comparison of the services provided by these companies and evaluate the price quoted. You should evaluate your business needs first prior to evaluating these companies. Consider all details and assess them with regard to the requirements of your business. The web hosting directory contains a list of cheap web hosting companies also as a distinct list.

If the cheap web host is able to deliver successfully on your requirements, then this is the perfect option for you. Make sure that his services include domain, marketing of the website and technical support. Support technicians must be reachable easily in case of emergencies; otherwise it can produce failure of your business.


Not only prices, but every company should also be weighed upon quality. Weigh up the amount of web space provided contrary to the amount paid. Once your business begins expanding, your requirement for space will increase. Any restriction will obstruct your success then. The chosen web hosting company should be able to meet the rising requirements of space.

Reliability is another important aspect of an efficient cheap web hosting company. A company is said to be reliable if it offers 99% of online presence certainly. This is the minimum requirement for the success of any online business, because there can be sudden breakdowns or problems with server, operating system or may be the hardware.

Good customer support desk is a key feature of a good web hosting company. There is nothing better than the live support service. Easy and round the clock access to support desk assures quality service.

For reselling options for your customers, the web hosting company must be check on its abilities also which comprise protection of password and internet options also. Make sure you check out the reviews before you confirm the web hosting company.

For a successful online business, the role of cheap web hosting company is very important. Hence, you should be very careful in your approach and think about everything wisely before making a decision.

Look through all available resources and pick the best web hosting company that caters well on your hosting needs. A faulty decision would bring your online business to an end.

The Best Web Site Hosting Companies

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There are several website hosting services available providing the space on which one can host his website. These average web site hosting companies will even help their users to set up their own email addresses and provide them the ability to run their own scripts and programs.

Some hosting companies which are considered better than these average companies even provides the facility to their users to use a nice Eye Candy control panel that helps them to manage their site. Some times they’ll even throw in a website statistics app as well. For most web site hosting companies that’s about it! As many web site hosting services are least interested in providing more service to the users for their money.

Many people are satisfied with this, as they don’t know that there’s a lot more for running an Internet business than simply hosting the site.

Most of the people are unknown and don’t know that there are several new companies out there offering way, way more than other companies. These companies serve best features with low cost. Thus the only thing required is that one needs to be well informed about good companies as well as should know the criterion to select an appropriate hosting company.

Features of a good hosting company

Following are some of the features that one needs to know if he is looking for a new web site hosting service or planning to transfer his web site.

He needs to look out for:

1) A web site hosting service that provides him facility to add new domains for a small fee without having to pay any additional monthly fee. Thus a user can host many domains and still pay one monthly fee, thus it leads to saving much money.


2) User always admire a web site hosting service that will help him to publish and manage his own newsletter so that he can regularly follow-up with his prospects and customers and thereby increase his sales. User should also look that if the company is giving him the option to publish a newsletter in both HTML and text format or not.

3) Users are in search of a web site hosting service that can set up an unlimited number of follow-up auto responders, so that they can automatically follow-up with their prospects and send them a series of emails one after the other whenever they want.

4) A web site hosting service should be the one that helps the user to personalize all his newsletters and follow-up emails. So that user can mention the name on the beginning of all his newsletters and emails with something like “Hi George” or “Hi Fem”. Most people know that personalizing emails has proven to increase response rates by as much as 40% – 50% in some cases.

5) A web site hosting service that helps one to set up his own affiliate program so that other website owners can promote one’s site or products and can earn commissions on the sales.

6) A web site hosting service that gives the user the option to track the results of all his advertising campaigns like banner ads, eZine ads, ads in pay per click engines. By the help of these features user will exactly get to know that how many visitors he is receiving from each source, and also how many sales he is receiving from each source. This information will help him to take better decisions as related to what to optimize and what to dump?

7) A web site hosting service that provides user the option to sell multiple items from his web site using a shopping cart that calculate things like taxes and shipping costs in real time.

8) A web site hosting service that facilitates the user to protect his download page if he wants to sell digital products like e-books or software from his site. Also a website should protect one’s members only site or signup page so that only genuine customers can download his products or sign up for his membership site. Thus avoiding fraud.

9) A web site hosting service that provide security from spam like providing the facility to set up junk mail filters so that any junk mail that one receives, is first filtered out before reaching the account.

10) A web site hosting service that contains built-in anti-virus software so that any virus containing emails that user receives will be automatically deleted.

11) A web site hosting service that offer good costumer support. Fast response is crucial in this field. A good web site hosting service responds his user within 24 hours.

Thus if one will consider the above features while selecting a web hosting company there are chances for proper growth of his business.

Finding The Right Professional web hosting services to your site

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Finding The Right Professional web hosting services to your site

For your website to be part of the Internet, it needs a name and address. The name is the domain name you register which is the address to your website. You get your address by buying web hosting from a website hosting service. It then installs your website on its server which is connected to the Internet. Now you’re part of the World Wide Web and surfers can find you. In this article, we’ll look at how to find the right professional website hosting service for your needs.

First, let’s look at the types of website hosting plans available. The most basic plan is known as shared website hosting. This means that a number of websites are hosted on the same server. However, if your site is extremely resourceful and intensive, you might choose a dedicated website hosting service. This is an expanded form of dedicated hosting in which your website hosting company manages your dedicated server for you.

So how do you go about choosing the ideal website hosting service for yourself where there are thousands of website design companies that offer professional web hosting services? First you have to determine the specific requirements of your website hosting. The first requirement is technical. It covers the server platform and hardware.

The server platform is the operating system the server runs and is either Windows or a Unix OS such as Linux. Each OS has its own set of features. Your choice depends on the type of website you’re planning. If you’re just going to use static web pages, then either is fine. But if you’re looking to incorporate dynamic content such as databases or shopping carts, you need to consider what type of server the scripts run on. For example, if you’re planning on using Microsoft applications such as MS Access, or SQL server, then you’ll need a server running Windows, all these technical issues can be discussed with professional web hosting services, most of these services are also offered by professional web hosting companies in the UK.

Then there are hardware requirements such as disk space and bandwidth. These determine the amount of data you can store on your website and the volume of data you can send and receive. These specifications can vary between different professional web hosting companies in the UK.
Similarly, your bandwidth requirement will depend on your anticipated site traffic. It’s wise to err on the side of caution as a data volume higher than that stipulated in your agreement can attract high surplus charges. An important related consideration is scalability. You should look for website hosting services that allow future seamless upgrading should your requirements grow in the future.

Next, there’s the matter of your actual operating needs. This concerns such matters as how many email accounts and sub domains you require. As a minimum you should go for hosting that offers 20 email addresses and 20 sub-domains. But these numbers can be much higher depending on your requirements. For example, some hosting plans allow unlimited domains. You should also make sure your website hosting services offers a control panel which gives a graphical interface to access configuration and statistics.

Finally there’s the matter of reliability, customer service and support. Your website hosting Service Company should be able to guarantee 99% server up time. And 24-7 technical support is essential.

So how do you go about looking for a website hosting services? First, you have to determine the technical requirements outlined above. Then look for established companies and make a shortlist. Next, check on forums and review sites for reviews and feedback on your short listed professional web hosting services companies. The length of time the firm has been in business is a good indicator of their level of professionalism and stability. Cost is important but it shouldn’t be your main criterion.

There are many professional web hosting companies in the UK for you to choose from. Often website design companies or web design and development companies will offer this service. It’s generally best to entrust website design companies which can provide all your web development needs. This results in efficiency and clear communication as you only have to deal with one website Design Company.

Best Blog Hosting Service? Decide Between Blogger Or WordPress for the Best Hosting Site

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The main benefit here is that if you have the best hosting site for your blog, you could have guaranteed clientele. You have higher chances of building high traffic and accumulate clicks that result to actual purchase. The question still begs though – which blog host out there could be beneficial?

First of all, not all online marketers are lucky enough to find a vendor who could provide his or her affiliates with their own blog site. If you are one of these affiliate marketers, you better take a look at these providers both contending for the title of the best blog hosting service provider:

Google Blogger 
Its claim to fame is being definitely one of the easiest and foremost blog site providers to learn and use. It is preferred by majority of beginning blog users, whether for creating personal online journals or for affiliate marketing. It has very simple features. For one, it has ready-made eye catching templates. You could post text, photos and videos from the web or your mobile phone with or without HTML commands.

On the other hand, it is regarded the best blog hosting service for a lot of people because it enables upgrades over time of usage. You could add other free features such as video clips, polls, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, newsreels, site counter, among others. In addition, what makes it an extremely popular blogging platform is that it is for free. From acquiring a blog site to your domain name, you can have it all for added cost.

Its setup requires only minutes. All you will need is a Google account, whether from Gmail.com or other free email service. Log in to blogger.com with such account, and create title for your blog and choose blog template. Then you can start creating your posts.

This one is considered to be the best blog hosting service provider for its highly optimized features for monetizing purposes of blogging. Major users of this provider include CNN, UK Prime Minister and B5Media Inc. It has quite a few plug-ins that are not present with the previous best hosting site. For one, a particular blog site has an entire segment accessible to paid members exclusively. This then presents you the opportunity to get close to affluent clientele.

You are also enabled to customize your site very uniquely as you do not have to solely rely on the pre-set templates provided by the site. This being said, you are in full control of the aesthetics and technical specs of your blog site. Then again, this kind of ‘online freedom’ is not for free. Its free version is known as the WordPress.com, which in turn does not allow ads with use of the likes of Google AdWords or Yahoo! Advertising Network.

Both these providers have proven their worth in terms of being the best hosting site in their own right. They clearly have their own pros and cons. They can both be monetized. Thus, it is now up to you to decide which one is the best blog hosting service provider that suits your needs and capability.

Martin Willson is an affiliate marketer who spends most of his time discovering new and profitable things about online marketing.

He believes that most “Gurus” tell people WHAT to do but not HOW to do them.

Learn how a true Affiliate Marketer Expert helped him earn his FIRST affiliate commission and why he recommends this simple Web Affiliate Program to newbies like him.


Getting started with web space and web site hosting

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Opting for a good web space providing service is highly an individual decision based on own sole needs. Site hosting hosting is what jobs your website into the World Wide Web, from where anyone can access to it round the clock. In other remarks, without laying your site onto a web hosting service, you won’t get the visibility you want.

Small business owners will most likely go through a web space company rather than investing in purchasing their own servers, which is very costly and troublesome. On top of the expense what is implicated with having your own server is that you need to have a commanding educational background to be able to deal with the technical elevations of implementing your own server, or having your own technical computer employees on palm to deal with the procedures.

Wild lime site hosting has all the answers for those who are looking for a genuine webspace services.

Standout features:

Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited e-mail accounts
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited domains
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
Anytime Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Phone and E-mail technical support
Free Advertisement credits from firms like Google, Yahoo etc.
Many more…


Hosting packages:

Wild lime web hosting offers 1-month, 3-months, 6-months and 1 year package.

Support and service:

A good web space company should provide an excellent customer service as wild lime web hosting company does. They guarantee that you will be able to reach a real person who speaks English and can provide best solution to fix your issues in lowest time possible. They also offer an “anytime money back guarantee” policy where you can request for refund if not satisfied with the quality and service.

For me, Wild Lime hosting is a great  web space and site hosting service for businesses, ecommerce or VPS domain hosting, reseller and personal use with all the tools you need for a successful website.

Tips and Considerations While Using a free web hosting services reviews to Host Your Web Site

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Near are many free hosting sites state to provide hosting to your a tangled web location exclusive of charge. Habitually they impose restrictions, either cost you featuring in spell, or else swap your on the house a tangled web pages outline by displaying banners, pop-ups, or else other form of advertisement. Whilst you look pro free web hosting services reviews from search engine, you ought to take letter with the aim of near are in addition many marketable hosting companies with the aim of advertise to offer free hosting services reviews. However, habitually they go with a catch, such to the same degree expenditure an undue amount to bad buy a domain given name or else other service. They are not really on the house in point of fact. The on the house on the house hosting tips to the same degree affirmed beneath yearn for display you how to locate a superior on the house a tangled web host and the things you need to consider whilst spread pro it.

How accomplish the on the house a tangled web hosts concoct money?

 The on the house a tangled web hosting companies often concoct money through other ways, such to the same degree putting pop-ups, banners or else other advertisement on your on the house a tangled web pages. Selected yearn for ask you to click on banners through their sign-up process or else featuring in control panel, or else completely make an exhibition of banners featuring in the column boss folio featuring in hopes you yearn for click their Ads. Selected create a center of attention visitors with on the house hosting services featuring in hopes you yearn for upgrade and throw away pro vanguard skin texture. Reliable free web hosting providers yearn for drive you emails with ads attached, or else can even be snapped up your email. One more draw near with the aim of is suitable widespread is requiring you to write down a reliable amount of “quality” stake on forum. Featuring in such a way this help them to create on the house content and therefore being able to display additional ads.

Are on the house a tangled web hosts trustworthy?

Understanding is with the aim of in the main they are a lesser amount of trustworthy, although near are still exceptions. If the on the house host is earning money from ads, banner or else other sources of takings promptly from their on the house service, so therefore additional likely they yearn for stay featuring in sphere. This in addition bases on the guess rebuff single abuse their a tangled web hosting head waiter by activities like hacking or else spam, which may well stay likely to happens to original on the house host with additional liberal policies of accepting users from anywhere. It is better to go for a very selective on the house host company which lone accepts quality sites.

Who ought to expenditure on the house a tangled web hosts?

On the house hosting is not apt pro businesses if you retain domain hosting from an ad-free host. Other reasons pro using on the house hosting websites can stay to discover the necessary skills of how to host your location, to build a individual website to display pictures to your contacts and private, to build a linking folio to one more a tangled web location of yours, or else to test original scripts on diverse a tangled web hosting environments.

How to locate superior free web hosting companies?

The superlative place to start with is a quality on the house a tangled web host directory – a a tangled web location which specializes featuring in citation lone on the house a tangled web hosting services. Superior directories yearn for add original in sequence and remove outdated hosts each week but near are in addition directories which almost in no way keep informed, resultant nearly everyone of their relations and data are outdated. The hindrance is on the house hosts swap habitually, it is not rare with the aim of selected completely fold up featuring in a lesser amount of than a time, making it hard to keep the on the house host directory up-to-date. Single recommended directory is “Free a tangled web Hosting” which has a detailed register of completed 600 on the house a tangled web hosting providers with ratings, user reviews, and a searchable file. The directory is updated habitually, and the vanguard on the house a tangled web hosting search has completed 40 options, serving you to locate the on the house package with diverse skin texture such to the same degree PHP, CGI, MySQL, SSI, ASP, FrontPage head waiter extensions, and even a cpanel. Other property to locate on the house a tangled web hosts include in sequence from freebies sites, search engines, forums…And the rest. Selected ISP yearn for in addition go with on the house a tangled web hosting service.

Tips pro ruling the best free web hosting provider

Single necessary rule is not to go for a on the house hosting prepare with additional skin texture than you need, and in addition accomplish selected make inquiries ahead of to consider it if the company is receiving revenue from the on the house hosting service to preserve sphere. To the same degree mentioned previously, better try to join a additional selective on the house host if likely. Check other sites hosted near to locate banned come again? Type of ads are running, and the head waiter break the speed limit. Read the vocabulary of Service and host skin texture to concoct really your location is known sufficient bandwidth, sufficient a tangled web liberty and column size limit, and slightly scripting options you might need. Refer to the on the house hosting directories pro the reviews and ratings to the same degree commented by other users. If you accomplish not retain your own domain given name, you yearn for need a on the house URL forwarding service so you can swap your host soon whilst obligatory.

Recommended free web host

It is not stress-free to suggest single to the same degree diverse population retain diverse priorities and the a tangled web hosting quality can vary from spell to spell. In addition selected population poverty on the house hosting with your own purchased domain given name, and others might not stay planning to bad buy a unique domain. Beneath are two widespread on the house a tangled web hosts, and their key skin texture. 1.GoDaddy – It is probably the biggest domain and a tangled web hosting providers featuring in US. Registration of dot com domain given name can stay to the same degree low to the same degree .99 and the domain renewal fee is in the main a lesser amount of than a time. Formerly you register a domain given name from GoDaddy you acquire 10GB of on the house a tangled web liberty. It in addition comes with a on the house location planner called Website Tonight with the aim of allow you to build a 5 folio website, a blog or else photo photograph album online exclusive of skills of HTML. 2. 50Webs – It offers 60MB a tangled web luggage compartment, ad lib bandwidth and POP3 email. You can upload your location column via a column manger or else FTP. Rebuff advertisement or else pop-ups yearn for stay revealed on your a tangled web pages. 50Webs provides on the house subdomain pro your location, or else you can turn over your own domain to it. You can expenditure it pro multiple domains and subdomains under the same hosting balance. If you are building a marketable or else ecommerce a tangled web location (for instance a internet shop), you need to locate a authority a tangled web hosting companies to the same degree on the house host providers in the main cannot accommodate your need. Try to check banned this location free web hosting services reviews which assessment and pick up superior a tangled web hosting companies each month pro your consideration.

Cheap Web Site Hosting: Avail It To Grow Your Small Scale Business

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If you own a small or a mid-sized business, it is advisable to build an e-commerce website. An e-commerce website would help you target a large number of audiences and inform them about your products or services in a quick and cost-effective manner. By following Internet marketing techniques like search engine optimisation, you can ensure that your e-commerce website generates good sales leads.

You must be thinking if you can afford to build an e-commerce website or not. Well, there are several cheap website hosting companies in India that help small businesses in hosting their sites. They offer complete web hosting services like cheap website domain registration, shared web hosting India, as well as, dedicated web hosting, unlimited bandwidth space, and uptime server support at cheap rates. So, you can have an online presence without worrying about your limited resources.

There are quite a few cheap web hosting companies in India that offer professional website designing services too. Web design plays an important role in determining the success of any online business. If the web site design is attractive, it enjoys more web traffic. Cheap web hosting companies India therefore ensure that their client’s website has outstanding web design and stands out from others on the web.  

If you are looking for one such cheap website hosting Company India that can offer you both, web site hosting and web designing, you may consider Manashosting. Based in Bangalore, it is the cheapest web hosting company in India that has been offering cheap web site hosting and superior web designing services to businesses of all types and sizes for many years.

Though cheap, the web hosting services provided by Manashosting are the best. It offers free web site domain registration, unlimited bandwidth space, superior and uptime server support, Linux and Windows dedicated server, shared web hosting, reseller space packages, free templates, SEO tools, large e-mail space, 24/7 technical support, and much more.

Plus, Manashosting has a team of talented web designers who use the latest web designing tools for creating professional and persuasive websites that meet the web designing needs and requirements of their clients.

So, don’t think more. Just avail the cheapest web hosting services provided by this company and grow your business.

To know more about this cheapest web hosting India Company, the web hosting packages available, and more, please visit them at manashosting.com.

The Perks Of Buying A Reseller Web Hosting Account For Your Site

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Any way that you can save money, when it comes to your business, is something you should certainly put your focus on. Chances are, for an online businesses marketing purpose, you have more than one website. This is why it can be advantageous to purchase reseller web hosting services. For those who own multiple websites, reseller hosting is a much more cost efficient way to handle your hosting needs than dedicated servers.

There are tons of companies at your disposal, so to find Windows reseller web hosting in the UK or elsewhere, you just need to do a quick web search. What exactly reseller hosting is, is something you might be wondering. A company who provides this form of web hosting purchases resources from other companies, at discounted rates, when they can provide to you, at a discounted rate as well.

When you need hosting for a lot of different sites, it is easy to see how this could save you a lot of money over time. The type of account you need will vary depending upon the primary platform one uses in terms of operating systems for daily functions. Available to meet pretty much any need are cPanel reseller hosting, Linxus reseller hosting, and Windows reseller hosting options. With all the security, functionality, and customization included with dedicated server hosting, these are affordable alternatives.

Through the purchase of reseller hosting accounts, you are essentially getting those discounts passed down to you. Saving you a significant amount of money, this will reduce the amount you have to spend monthly and annually on web hosting services. In today’s economy, news like this is music to any business owners ears. Check out reseller hosting services if you are looking for ways to reduce your operating costs a bit, without sacrificing quality.

You get, for a fraction of the cost, all the security and functionality you need when you purchase Windows reseller web hosting or Linux reseller web hosting services. You can customize your hosting options to meet the needs of your business as many reseller companies offer specially tailored packages. And why not save some money at the same time?

This has also become a popular avenue of making a bit of money, as you can choose to be on the selling end of reseller hosting. You can purchase, for significantly reduced prices, resources from already existing web hosting companies and then sell them to a targeted market of customers that you have carefully cultivated over time.

You get all the functionality and services offered by the source company, and as you learn your market, you can create personally tailored packages to provide further utility to your customers. This is a great way for those interested in setting up a web hosting company to get started as it doesn’t require the financial outlay that starting a traditional web hosting company requires.

Using X Site Pro 2 to Create Websites

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With the X Site Pro 2, you will never have the need to hire a freelance web designer or programmer to do your website for you. Even if you have 0 technical skills, you can still create impressive websites in minutes with this amazing software.


Ease of Use

One of the best things a lot of users love about the X Site Pro 2 is that it’s user-friendly. You do not need to know HTML or any programming language to work your way around the software. You simply need to read the options before you and you can start creating website with ease. This is far better than popular software like Frontapage and Dreamweaver which can take you a lot of time to learn and are quite complicated to use. If you want a simple application that can create the website you need, then this software if for you.


Customization made easy

One of the things that you need in a web creator is the power to customize. With the X Site Pro 2 you can easily change the color, layout, and content of your website with so much ease. It also offers 30 navigational menu designs that you choose from. You can easily blend in text colours with your theme style and banner.


Add pages with easy

Updating a website can be an arduous task for some people. But that changed with the X Site Pro 2. Even if you are not a web designer, you can easily add new pages to your website with ease. You can also track changes and tweak your pages anytime you wish in minutes.


Ads integration

If you are looking to monetize your website, this software is a definite must-have. You can use it with Google Adsense and you can easily change the looks of your ads to compliment your site’s design and color. You can also use Amazon integration to your site so you can place Amazon product links, recommended products and other related links.


For E-commerce

If you intend to build an online store, you can use Paypal integration features of this software. You can easily create Buy Now buttons so you can direct your buyers to Paypal’s shopping cart for their convenience. You can also add other payment schemes with Paypal set up.



There are a number of wizards that allows you to add content to your site with just a few clicks of the mouse. There is an auto wizard where you can embed sound files to your site. Since Youtube is big right now, you can also integrate videos to your site using the video wizard. Other wizards you can use with this software are for forms, RSS feed and widgets.