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How To Create A Successful Reseller Advisory Board

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Whether you call them resellers, channel partners or VARs, if your business model and success is contingent on retaining and attracting resellers (resellers is my naming convention for the purposes of this article) you doubtless know that they are a very vocal group. To a lesser or larger degree, you are reliant on resellers for selling your products and maybe implementation services, too. From a bottom line standpoint you’re giving up margin. Additionally, to a certain degree, you’re also relinquishing your products’ branding since your resellers may frequently be the only face your company has to the customer and prospect.

Cutting through the clutter of your reseller feedback and complaints (and, let’s face it -sometimes whining), is no easy task. There is no science to evaluating and managing all these communications from your channel and it’s hard to make any truly sound business decisions based on a potentially qualitative but somewhat nebulous set of feedback. For instance, your sales managers may give you isolated, anecdotal examples of what a couple of channel partners (or maybe even just one key channel partner) are hearing from your customers. Remember: at the end of the day, whether you sell direct or through a channel partner, the customers who buy your products are YOUR customers.

A Reseller Advisory Board can be an invaluable springboard for tapping those closest to the sale on what your customers and prospects are saying about your products, getting critical advice on upcoming releases or strategic business decisions as well as enhancing channel relations.

You may already have a Reseller Advisory Board or are thinking about creating one. From my own personal corporate experience in highly-dependent reseller revenue models, there is a right way to getting the maximum desired results and some noteworthy traps to avoid.

At this point, it is important to note that a Customer Advisory Board is a very different animal than a Reseller Advisory Board. Most notable is that a customer rarely has a hidden agenda in the way that a reseller might. If conducted correctly, a Customer Advisory Board will almost always be a productive exercise with honest, actionable feedback. Reseller Advisory Boards can provide the same gains to your company’s external knowledge set but are far more susceptible to pitfalls.

Avoid these pitfalls when establishing your Reseller Advisory board:

Picking/electing too many of your more “popular” resellers for your Advisory Board: Don’t default to your most vocal resellers or those that make up your classic 80/20 revenue production. Likewise, don’t be tempted to solicit resellers that you know will give you “nod” feedback. Mix up the audience. Change the advisory board members every year. A caveat; you may want to retain one or two key resellers who have continually participated and provided meaningful feedback.

Pick reseller partners who follow the rules of engagement (register leads, pay you on time, and don’t have an overly aggressive personal agenda). Make the appointment to the Board somewhat official (without legal obligations).

A “soft” agenda: Your Reseller Advisory Board meetings should not be a dog-and-pony show. Carefully consider the issues you and your partners are facing together. Be honest – if a product release is seriously compromised, the agenda should address that. Ask them for their opinion on how to proceed. The right agenda and invited company participants is key.

Real life example: One of my most embarrassing moments at a Reseller Advisory Board was when I held a senior marketing position with a b company. I was asked to present our marketing past and future initiatives and key learning. I had doubts from the get-go about the real value of my presenting the content that the Executive team asked me to craft. My presentation contained defensible statistics on increased leads we were providing for our resellers. My PPT slides, data points and statistics had been vetted by our Executive Management prior to the Advisory Board meeting. After the fact, I knew that I had good reason to trust my intuition. On the day of the meeting it was evident that not every reseller in the room was getting more leads. What was clearly missing from our discussion/agenda was a discussion about our sales department’s somewhat arbitrary lead distribution methods. Lesson learned.

Resellers have their own agendas. It’s understood. They are independent businesses that have a synergistic relationship with your company that can create fuzzy lines. Their focus is on their own bottom lines, not yours. A successful Reseller Advisory Board should mitigate personal agendas as much as possible and be mediated according to a fixed agenda that creates maximum objective feedback on the business critical initiatives that affect both the company and the reseller channel.

An unprofessionally organized meeting: For any Reseller Advisory Board to deliver on expectations for both the company and the advisory board members it is important to follow some basic rules. Establish the frequency of the meetings (whether quarterly or twice a year) and stick to it! Notify the advisory board members well in advance of the day, time, and location of the next meeting. Hold the meeting in a professional setting – that could be your company’s office or an off-site meeting facility either near your offices or remotely if the members require a mutually convenient geographic location.

Do use A/V presentations and provide the advisory board members with a hard copy of the presentations. Designate someone within your company to take minutes! Conduct the meeting with respect for everyone’s time and moderate effectively so that the meeting doesn’t go off topic or one person is hogging too much “air time.” Politely, but firmly, divert the conversation if it is devolving into a whine session or if your reseller board members are becoming antagonistic with each other.

Irregular meeting schedule: Nothing reduces the credibility of a Reseller Advisory Board more than postponing or cancelling regularly scheduled meetings. I reiterate: establish the frequency of the meetings and stick to it!

Being unaware of the perceptions of the rest of your channel: Be very upfront in reseller communications that you have, or are establishing a Reseller Advisory Board. Many resellers may be suspicious about why they weren’t chosen or what is being discussed in these meetings. Negate any mistrust by outlining for all of your resellers the goals of the Reseller Advisory Board.

Feedback not communicated to the rest of your reseller channel/company: Not everything that is discussed during the Reseller Advisory Board meetings needs to be communicated to the outside world. Parse the meeting notes for relevant topics and board member feedback that translates into actionable items for your company. Communicate that information to your reseller community through follow up group reseller conference calls or web casts.

A Reseller Advisory Board requires commitment and forethought. Managed correctly, it can provide your company with a productive avenue to increased reseller engagement and partnership. Engaged resellers ultimately mean more focus on your products and more focus equates to more sales.

Novell Certification-a gateway to a successful Linux career

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To attain a stable and well settled career, you require an IT certification which is in demand now and expected to be demand in future as well. Getting a college degree in IT can get you a job for sure; however, now-a-days employers are looking for a substantial valid proof for hiring IT professionals. IT certifications like, Novell certifications, not only ensures that one is confident enough to work in a particular platform and can actually undertake the responsibilities attached, but also validates that you are the correct person for that coveted job role.

Globally recognized Novell certifications have attained immense popularity with various groups, such as organizations, students and aspiring IT professionals. Achieving a Novell certification is simple and it provides an extra edge in one’s resume. Hence, it is beneficial for the beginners and also supports those who have already found a place in IT industry. 

Why Choose Novell Certifications?

Novell certifications and Novell training courses are globally recognized. These courses also interests IT aspirants. Employers value and consider Novell certifications as a tangible proof to select candidates for few particular positions and job roles.


How Novell trainings are significant for organizations?

As an organization, you may implement several cost cutting strategies, however cannot cut back on one thing which is, IT training for employees. By increasing proficiency, minimizing downtime and reducing outside support costs, effective IT trainings and Novell certifications significantly assists in overall asset management, in an organization. Novell platform are utilized in many organizations these days, hence Novell training and certification holds strong impact for organizations.    

What are the benefits of Novell training?

Minimize Downtime – When the professionals are well trained in Novell certifications, they acquire the right skills to efficiently handle issues and hence reduce the overall downtime.
Maximize product value- To get the most from the IT investments, by using the advance features of the IT products to the fullest.
Innovations – Deployment is easy with attaining best IT trainings and resources.

Novell Certifications

Novell Certified Linux Desktop Administrator (CLDA): It certifies that the IT professionals’ holding this certification manages the everyday administration of installed SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.


Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA): Considered as an entry-level Linux certification that delivers basic SUSE Linux Enterprise administration knowledge required to achieve better career as a system administrator. It provides the basis to the next level of Linux certification.       


Novell Certified Linux Professional (CLP): In a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environment, this certification shows an experienced and master level knowledge of a professional.


Novell Certified Linux Engineer (CLE): This is an advance level Linux certification, based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server; it delivers engineer-level skills for managers or architects of enterprise networks. It validates knowledge to plan, design and manage a secure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environment.

Successful Web Sites – Sensible Suggestions about Creating Websites

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Have you been are you world wide web understanding? For anybody who is, then simply that you are employing web-sites normally including will need the ones you have also. Assuming you have recently been longing for just a method which you could get your web site that allows you to turn out to be portion of the internets town, any dream is certainly feasible. Here are several valuable strategies which might help to make typically the problematic chore any walk around the block in the playground.

The initial step is usually pinpointing a worthwhile specific niche market for use on your web page. You unfortunately have done a site together with identified a lot of products in ways that you simply can’t enlighten what the idea relates to. You cannot be described as a jack in all trades if you would like satisfy your current people; and so make a category you will are experts in.

Once creating websites, avoid this includes dark background objects together with divider reports. Both equally of those work as important strategy to obtain degeneration. If you have some sort of plastic wall membrane papers inside your site, the actual potential consumer can spot the wrecking as opposed to the unit you might be offering. The backdrop colorings likewise make it challenging you just read sites consequently producing you impatient and even sometimes steer apart.

An additional important things to protect yourself from is normally by using brilliant starting web sites. They are really tasteful, and plenty of are seeking for a site that will point the theifs to information rapid. Bringing all the individuals because of the distance prior to when these get through to whatever these people seek is going to annoy individuals, for this reason leading to your course-plotting to opponent sites. Users along with minimal online connections can also be not able to connection ones own slow repowering website bringing on sub-floor lots of likely people.

Immediately after creating websites, it will be lacking quality to set automated recharging movies, video lessons or perhaps any other thing that will greet the actual go to utilizing obnoxious audio with the exception that for anybody who is during the movies marketplace or even almost every other niches where by website visitors is attempting precisely the same. Those subject matter may frighten any purchasers apart. As long as they need to be right now there, turn down ones own speaker systems and really should definitely not weight on auto-pilot.

Make sure that to produce very good valuables to your shoppers. For anybody who is not capable of producing a good world wide web clone on your client, you are spend anyone to conduct the duty on your behalf. Any clientele are actually often enthusiastic about exactly what is with the page on their behalf hence the need to fulfill these so that they can returning later.

Last of all, develop websites that give simple and easy the navigation. Webpages this have you to definitely lifeless ceases as well as have zero user-friendly deal with screens that might get people in piece to another one lacking suffering from a challenging progression always appeal to massive website traffic.

Successful Internet Businesses Need Great Web Hosting

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For your Internet business to run successfully and smoothly you need to use great web hosting companies. I have used numerous hosting services over the years in running online businesses and the key is to find the companies that offer reliable hosting and good support. I can tell you it is not a good feeling to see your website go down for a product launch due to high traffic usage.

I would like to share my favourite web hosting companies that I currently use or have done research on that offer great service and value. Hopefully it will save you some of the hassles I have been through with unreliable services. One thing to note though, no hosting company is perfect and there are definitely some that are better than others.

Web Hosting Companies Tyrone Recommends

Hostmonster is one of the web hosting companies I have been using since the very beginning. I haven’t had any issues with their web hosting and they have great customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I also use this service for my client websites as well.

Lunar Pages offers unlimited bandwidth and currently has a Spring special starting at .95 for 12/24 month hosting packages. It’s a great offer and this service is extremely reliable.

Hostgator offers unlimited domains for under . A very popular hosting service that has a 45 day money back guarantee and can help you build your website choosing from over 4,500 templates.

Bluehost is a highly regarded web hosting company in the industry. It’s very reliable and I highly recommend this service.

Superb Hosting offers dedicated hosting services for as low as per month. This web hosting service is highly recommended for Internet businesses with serious traffic.

If you have any feedback on these services and would like to share your experiences about these hosting companies, please comment below.